Troll Greentext

By pkace04

>Be Troll

>Raised with kindness, but treated by others in contempt and misunderstandings.

>Forced alone due to group mentality, you reside alone tending to your garden.

>The only solace afforded to you after years of social stigma.

>As you lay the seeds of life for new flowers to bloom, a human girl, no older than four, leans forward to smell the flowers.

>"Pretty flowers miss! They smell nice too!"

>Dressed in a small white Sunday blouse, the child does a little twirl with her hands behind her back.

>"Why thank you little one. Would you like one?"

>A smile as bright as the sun grew on the girl's face. However, after looking at the garden, the little girl shook her head.

>"No thank you! The flowers are happier when they're surrounded by friends in this pretty garden!"

>The innocence of youth ebbed from every corner of the little lass being, causing your heart to flutter in delight.

>"You're so sweet, young child."

>Appreciative of her kind words, you reach out with your hand to gently pat the lass on her head.

>"HEY! Don't you dare touch my girl with your ugly hands!"

>With a painful smack, the little girl's mother slaps the top of your hand away from the child.

>Though the attack was unprovoked, the mother looked down at you with disgust and anger. A sight was all too familiar to you.

>"Trying to touch my daughter with your dirt-covered, freakishly big hands!"

>Grabbing her daughter's arm, the mother pulled the child away, leaving you to clutch your hand as it stung from the painful slap.

>Though the mother's words hurt more than the physical pain inflicted.

>You take a moment to look at your own hands.

>Twice as big as any man's hands that you've seen, they're indeed large and calloused from tending your beautiful garden.

>You try to convince yourself that it's okay as you've heard the worst insults hurled at you.

>In your attempts to make light of the mother's stinging words, you recall more and more of the awful things said about you.

>Before you knew it, your vision began to blur as tears flowed out.

>In an attempt to clutch your face in preparation for the tears to come, you're quickly reminded that the very hands you would use to cover your face were the cause of your misery.

>You lay on your knees on the ground, defeated as you cried with only the flowers below to swallow your tears.

>A week passed by. Your at your garden once more as the pain from before eventually subsided.

>It was a little more painful to be here though as you're quickly reminded of the week before.

>Lost in thought, you have quickly pulled away from reminiscing those horrid thoughts when you felt a tug on your skirt.

>Looking down, it was the girl from before. Wearing a comically large straw hat and blue overalls over her sunflower-printed shirt.

>Behind her with her other hand, she carried a bouquet of flowers that ranged from roses to lilies.

>"Hello pretty lady."

>The little gal smiled once more, though you found it difficult to smile back. You instinctively look around for the childs mother.

>"Mommy wanted to apologize about what she said to you before...but she said it was too awkward to apologize in person."

>Eventually managing to smile back at the lass, you shook your head at her before kneeling down to see her face-to-face.

>"It's alright young one. I'm used to it."

>The girl shook her head vigorously before moving the bouquet of flowers forward to present them to you.

>"No it's not okay! Mommy was scared because she heard monsters were scary. But you're not scary miss! No one scary can grow these pretty flowers!"

>Relief hit you from the generous words of the little girl. However, you can't help but feel that her innocence makes her ignorant of the reason why you're in pain.

>"Yes, I did grow these flowers. But look at my hands little one. They're nearly bigger than your head and covered in rough patches..."

>Presenting your hands to the girl, she looked at them as the feeling of unease came back. Just as you felt the need to cry once more, the little lass put the bouquet of flowers down.

>"Miss, we match!"

>Confusion took place of your sadness as the girl smiled at you. How could you and this little girl possibly match?!

>Looking absolutely tiny in comparison to your hands, the little girl presents her hands to you, covered in cuts and bandages.


>Covered in cuts and bandages, you look back at the bouquet of flowers the girl presented to you.

>They didn't seem like flowers grown in a flower shop. Nay, they were plucked out by hand.

>"Little one...did you get these flowers by hand...for me?"

>Nodding feverishly, the little girl smiled with her teeth in full view.

>"I don't have money to buy flowers, so I went to find ones instead!"

>Though crudely made, the bouquet of flowers the girl made for you was the nicest thing you've ever received in a long time.

>Picking it up, you clutch it with both hands carefully and held it close to your heart.

>Then, you felt something small and gentle on top of your head.

>"Hehe! The flowers on your head are cute too! And they smell pretty!"

>Without delay, the tears came flowing back to once again haze your vision.

>These tears, however, were tears of joy...

>Reflexively, you reached out with your own hand to try and return the gesture.

>As your hands get closer, you get visions of your last attempt stopping you midway.

>You felt a strong appreciation for the lasses gesture, thinking that a heartfelt thank you would be more appropriate.

>Then, you felt two tiny hands grasping your hand.


>Looking in front of you, the little girl pulled your large hands and placed your palm on top of her head moving it around.

>"You wanted to do it too right?"

>Emotions ran high as the girl's kindness chips away at the pain in your heart.

>With a gentle embrace, you pulled the gal in for a much-needed hug.

>While you cried out to let your pain ebb away, the little girl hugs you back.

>Giving you head pats until the end.

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