Three Explosions

By tercio

> President Felonia Von Pantsuit was going to savor this moment

> those accursed "Demon Realms" were finally going to obey her

> everyone was

> those relics on the Join Chiefs who had resigned in protest

> her advisers who had insisted that this was political suicide

> her miserable excuse for a husband who warned her it was probably literal suicide

> screw them all

> she finally had the power she had craved for so long

> she WOULD be given the respect she was due

> or else there would be consequences

> she just needed to make a few examples...

> say the three biggest and most independent demon realms in the country?

> her mouth split into a cruel grin as she pressed the button


> slimes were oozing around in panic everywhere

> parents huddled in basements while trying keep up a brave front for their children

> some couples were desperately fucking one last time

> all hope seemed lost

> until the queen spoke to her people with a hundred voices:


> as one thousands of slimes and their husbands threw their hands in the air and willed their mana to their queen

> they freely gave her their hope, their love, and their faith in her

> for a brief moment that humble mutant slime was the most powerful monster in the world

> she reached out towards the rocket with the power of a god and did something that would only occur to a slime

> she ate it

> her core boiled as she contained and purified the force of the explosion, screaming in agony as the power of the nuclear fire contested and then fused with her mana

> in the end her iron determination to protect everyone won out

> she collapsed with a wry smile on her face once it was over

> she could feel a new power flowing through her as her core changed and began to exhibit the distinctive effervescence of a bubble slime

> given what she had just purified she was probably going to stink for weeks


> Pharaoh stood on the solar barge surrounded by her greatest servants

> even beaten and humbled Apophis stood awkwardly apart from the others with the man whose pleas and sincere love had convinced Pharaoh to spare her

> she would need all of their help, the ritual they were attempting was strictly the stuff of legend

> Pharaoh was secretly terrified even if she didn't dare show it

> her beloved somehow knew and surreptitiously gave her hand a gentle squeeze

> she loved him so much

> she resolved that this would work no matter what

> forget the gods, she would do this for him and their future children

> the gathering magic let her see the mortal super weapon as it screamed towards New Ptkheka

> it was time

> Pharaoh drew the magic to herself and commanded it

> the incredible energy reached out and merged with the weapon just as it air burst

> everyone on the solar barge was temporarily blinded by the apocalyptic release of energy

> when she finally came to her senses Pharaoh saw a strange woman standing on the deck

> the stranger had golden brown skin, ram horns, and falcon wings

> she radiated power and had a presence beyond that of even Pharaoh herself

> even the look of absolute confusion on her face couldn't disguise her incredibly regal bearing

> Pharaoh choked back tears of joy and fell to her knees in obeisance

> "Lady Amun-Ra! Your humble servants welcome you back to life!"

> a new sun HAD been born

> just not quite the way the designers of the atomic device intended


> the electromechanical monster girl was very confused

> she couldn't remember how she had come to this place or who she was

> she did have the sense that there was something important she was supposed to do

> but she simply could not remember what it was

> wandering aimlessly she was drawn to the sound of voices

> there, in middle of the forest, were several women around a table drinking tea and eating treats

> "Hello Miss Airforce, we've been expecting you!" the fluffy bunny girl cheerfully greeted her

< "How do you know my name?"

> "It's printed on your chest silly." a woman in a large top hat remarked

> the girl looked down and sure enough, printed right on the front of her metal dress was "LGM-30 MINUTEMAN US AIRFORCE"

< "Is that right? I don't remember my name."

> "Why should you? You never need to address yourself do you?"

< "I think I should know my own name."

> "Unless you wanted to talk to yourself of course." the Hatter continued thoughtfully

> "Oh dear, you should never do that. Talking to yourself is quite mad." smirked a purple cat girl

> "Quite mad." a sleepy mouse girl agreed before nodding off again

> the girl's head was spinning

< "Be that as it may, I think there's something I'm supposed to do..."

> the strange women looked at her expectantly as the girl thought very hard for a moment

< "I think I'm supposed to explode?"

> "Oh, that's no big deal. The queen explodes at us all the time." the Hatter rolled her eyes

< "I don't think that's it..."

> the bunny girl tittered, "There is another kind of explosion."

> all of the women put on very smug expressions at that and gave each other knowing looks

> then they all leered at the electromechanical girl, making her blush furiously

< "I'm quite certain that's not it!"

> despite her protest the suggestion made her tingle with excitement as strange feelings flooded into her

> "Well then maybe you should talk to the queen. She might know what you're supposed to do."

> "Oh yes, the queen knows everything."

> "She's always telling us so."

> the girl wasn't paying very close attention anymore, these feelings were quite distracting

< "Er, yes. Good idea. I'll be right off then."

> "Don't you want some directions?"

< "Oh, no, no. I'll be fine. Should be pretty obvious. I'm leaving now."

> the girl suddenly very desperately wanted to be alone and fled the clearing

> her designers would have been extremely disappointed at the explosion which resulted later

> the girl however was very satisfied

> although afterwards she couldn't help but think that it might be even better with a husband...

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