Dormouse Greentext

By pkace04

>Be me.

>The odd duck of a group of guys.

>Regularly picked on for being the only guy in the group to date someone shorter than himself.

>These guys like their women all big and strong.

>They say that dominating women are hot, but really I think they just want to be spoiled.

>I on the other hand feel more compelled to spoil someone instead, especially one in need.

>With that in mind, I had a chance to do so when I met a Dormouse named Ensai that had been divorced by her husband a few years ago.

>I met her at the daycare I worked at when her daughter became fixated on me, calling me papa and monopolizing me anytime naptime came around.

>Apparently, her husband filed a divorce, so she’s been alone since. I’m not sure about the details of how or why he divorced her, but she didn’t seem too bothered by it.

>Despite that, I couldn’t help but butt into her affairs and give her words of encouragement.

> “Come on, everyone else is awake already. Don’t you want to make some macaroni art with the others Tammy?”

> “..on…on’t wanna…”

>As stubborn as always I see…

>“Tell you what, why don’t we make something together then? Doesn’t that sound fun?”

>I learned that by doing things together with her, I was able to get to her wake up a little bit and even interact with the other kids in the daycare.


>Since this daycare welcomes all species and makes adjustments to make the children’s stay here as natural and safe as possible, there are certain things teachers are allowed and not allowed to do here to accommodate for their specialized behavior.


> “There she goes again! I swear, it’s almost like you’re her father!”

>Clinging onto my back, Tammy always clings to me whenever I have to go somewhere. My fellow coworkers make fun of me for it, but it’s mostly lighthearted gestures thankfully.

> “Ahaha. I don’t have what it takes to be a father just yet…”

>As time flew by, I grew closer and closer to Ensai. Encouraged by my fellow coworkers, I managed to ask her out on a date at a local restaurant.

>“Ehehe. Tammy would always beg her father to stay rather than work a lot. I’m sorry if her clingy habit’s been a burden on you…”

>“Oh! Don’t worry about it. It’s my job to make the kids stay there as comfortable and fun as possible, that includes Tammy too”

>As I say that, Tammy, who was clinging to her mother's right arm woke up.

>“nnnady…daddy too…”


>Next thing I knew, Ensai and I sat close to each other with Tammy right in the middle, holding onto my left arm while holding onto her mother’s right arm before falling asleep.

>We both looked at each other, blushing from embarrassment before the waiter came with our food.

>“Here’s your food, sorry for the wait you two. We’ll try to keep quiet so we don’t wake your daughter up.”

>Before I even had the chance to correct the waiter, she left and gave us a knowing wink. I thought I was the only one embarrassed by the misunderstanding but…

>“..suu…sure was embarrassing huh?”

>Ensai was blushing but seemed happy about the mishap.

>And quite frankly, I was too.

>Since then, we’ve gone out on several more dates after. Though, since Tammy would cry and complain whenever either of us wasn’t around, we’d always have to take her with us.

>Aside from that little issue, as Ensai and I got closer and closer to one another on our dates, it feels like she was becoming more and more distant at the same time.

>At one point, it took Tammy crying her eyes out for Ensai to get close to me.

>Did I do something wrong? Am I being too clingy?

>I’ve heard that there are people that feel suffocated by overly clingy people.

>I don’t think I’ve been that clingy, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

>Just as doubt started to settle in, Ensai invited me to her home.

>It was the one place she could leave Tammy in without her being too needy and wanting either me or Ensai to be around with.

>For our date, Ensai insisted we watched movies while sitting on the couch together.

>Compared to the places we went, this was pretty relaxing.

>Hell, it was so relaxing that at some point in one of the movies we were watching, Ensai had fallen asleep and laid face down on my lap.

>Or so I thought…

>*Hic!* “...why…”

>My lap started to feel wet. Her arms were shaking, her whole body was quivering. Her tail was swinging around before she sprang back up. Her ears standing straight up.

> “W-WHY?! Why are you being so nice to me!”


>“Wait a minute…did I do something wrong?!”

>“NO! Y-you didn’t do-*Sniff* anything wrong!”

>Whatever was troubling her, she was really bothered by it. The most I’ve seen her act up until this point was lightly laughing out loud.

>“A-aren’t I useless though?! I know I am because my previous husband said so!”

>Her ex?

>“He hated how I kept dragging him down! I like you…I really do! But the closer I get to you, the more I’ll be dragging you down too!”

>So that’s what’s been bothering her…

>“Th-that’s not how I feel about you at all!”

>Without thinking, I grabbed her by her shoulders. She managed to calm down and stopped crying while looking up at me.

>“I…I love taking care of you! From holding hands to cuddling! Singing lullabies together to keep Tammy asleep to the peaceful days we have together!”

>While I had the chance, I wiped the tears from her face. After that, I did my best to smile to calm her down.

>“The time I spend with you isn’t a burden at all. There’s not a single time I’ve ever thought that. I’ll always make time for you, no matter what time of the day or night you need me.”

>“B-but he said I was being greedy! ThatI wa-wa-”

>“He’s not with you anymore! Instead of focusing on him, focus on me!”


>“Yo…you want me to focus…on you…”

>She seemed…oddly happy about what I just said…


>“YES! I…I need you in my life Ensai! And…I promise that I’ll give my all to you! I’ll spoil you with all the love and attention I can muster!

>I could’ve sworn I saw her eyes shine.

>“Every person in this world deserves to feel needed. And I need you Ensai…and Tammy too of course. I need both of you in my life. That way, I can be a father like I always wanted to be. Together with my needy wife and daughter. It’s why I work at daycare too actually, to feel needed.”

>A soft giggle came out from Ensai before she smiled and puckered her lips. She leaned forward, expecting me to do the same.

>“Haha…this soon already huh?”

>Following her lead, we kissed each other…

>Each other…


>I sit up from my dimly lit bed.

>Was I dreaming…yes…I was dreaming about…

>“Hhnnngg…honey…what’s wrong?”

>I turn to face my beautiful wife of six years.

>As she pulled the bedsheets away from her, I saw the faint glimmer of the marriage ring I gave her.

>On her arms was the product of our first love, our three-year-old daughter Nimu. Tammy’s here as well, sleeping between Ensai and I. staying the same old clingy daughter even though she’s already ten years old.

>“It’s nothing Ensai. I just had a dream is all…”

>“A dream? It wasn’t anything unpleasant was it?”

>“No, I was dreaming about the first time I met you and Tammy…so it was a very pleasant dream…”

>With a soft, mischievous smile, Ensai gently laid Nimu next to Tammy, with Tammy briefly waking up to hug Nimu before going back to sleep.


>“This is your fault dear…”

>I forgot that Ensai wears a pretty revealing nightgown to bed. Wearing nothing under said nightgown, she beckoned me to come.

>“Why don’t you tell me about your dream while we make love hmm?”

>“But…the kids…”

>“They’ll be fine. They’re heavy sleepers dear. If you’re that worried, just try to keep yourself quiet. Or if you can’t do that…”

>She licked her lips seductively.

>“You could always kiss me to stay quiet…”

>“There’s no winning with you is there? You’re so needy…”

>Getting on top of her, we reminisced about the time we met while making love.

>The funny thing about having a Dormouse wife…I’ve never been to her home world.

>But…I’m already plenty happy here with my loving wife and kids…

>Yes…my own ‘Wonderland’.

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