Untitled Bicorn story

By spurged

>you weren't sure what to think or feel

>It was just another event in a long line of odd events that know shaped everything

>It had started simply enough

>the provisional govt had demanded you take in a refugee from the other realm

>No big deal

>it wasnt as if you didnt have a spare bedroom

>When a rather large horned horse woman showed up, you did what you could

>shrugged and looked to your wife, who also shrugged

>neither of you minded her helping out with the house chores

>or the fact that your kids were ecstatic to have 'real' horsy rides

>though your wife did get a bit jealous when the kids demanded Sarah read them bedtime stories that one time…

>neither of you minded the sudden live in babysitter

>or the fact that your wife's clingy and needier nature was being met by her new best friend

>Sure the furniture was taking a beating

>and the sudden cost of a bathroom renovation was soul crushing but…

>the two of you had to admit that you both began to have issues imagining yourselves without Sarah

>Between the three of you, the house was often perfectly clean

>the date nights were a blessing

>and the kids clearly loved her

>It wasn't until the more recent events that you began to feel awkward or even concerned about everything

>as if, maybe, the Mamono provisional govt had somehow tricked you

>it had really started when the lot of you were at church and the deacon, somehow, had forgotten Sarah's name

"Anon, where's your other wife?"

>it was awkward, embarrassing even

>but still, no harm and all of you had laughed about it

>Though the kids had gotten upset

>they had demanded that Sarah get to be their mom too

>eventually the odd nickname stuck, and everyone in your little town knew her as your 'other wife'

>you chest felt weird as odd emotions bloomed in you while the large horse woman told your kids that she loved them too

>and that look she shot you and your wife

>then there was the way she had begun to insinuate herself into you and your wife's personal time

>Late night movie after the kids were put to bed?

>she was on your left, eating up most of the couch with her large body while your wife sat to your right

>both of them touching and grabbing at you

>sometimes even holding your hands

>eventually this gave way to just Sarah sitting with you during movies you wife couldn't stand

>something that made you feel absurdly guilty

>Then there was the odd behavior from your wife

>her weird sudden want to know if you ever thought about other women

>mamono in particular

>it was hard, but you had done well so far to not answer or find a means of escape

>you couldn't just lie, and how would she react knowing you often found yourself thinking of Sarah

>you weren't going to compromise your marriage, but you often found yourself thinking of the dual horned centaur

>that and your wife

>sometimes thinking about both of them, begging you to hurry up and get in bed

>that they both needed you

>it wasn't until your wife had gotten strange about the closet door that you had begun to truly suspect that something odd was happening

>time to engage in nuptial responsibilities?

>the closet would be uncharacteristically left open, just a crack

>that and her odd demand that the two of you go out of your ways to reposition into odd ways on the bed

>positions that would give the closet a solid look at what was happening

>not to mention that Sarah always seemed to disappear out of the house before such responsibilities were met…

>your wife wasn't letting her watch the two of you, was she?

>it seemed unbelievable

>crazy even

>but everytime, the horse woman would disappear and the closet would be left open just a crack…

>Eventually, it became too much

>you couldn't stand it anymore

>the guilt, the feeling of being watched, the feeling of being used, and the absurd sexual tension that never ended

>you had waited and sent the kids with your wife so you could confront her on your own

>desperate to know and confirm that you were in fact crazy, rather than the alternative

>Mamono didn't bother with married men

>but some of this made you worried, this was above and beyond the typical mamono friendliness

>despite how you felt, you wouldn't betray your wife

"So what is this?"

>you asked suddenly, eyeing her while she sat on the couch with her large body watching a cooking show

<"Well, they're making a desert cake fro-"

"N-no. I mean: What is all of this?"

>you waved your arms around, indicating most of the house

"What are you after Sarah?"

<"What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean. The dates, the kids, the closet. Hell, you practically tried to kiss me the other night,"

>she had

>granted, it was after numerous glasses of wine

>and she had only gone in for something on your cheek

>but still…

>your suspicions and worry couldn't be contained anymore

>Sarah shot you a frown, confusion playing over her face

<"Am I… not allowed to kiss you?"

"No! We aren't married an-"


>Immediately Sarah's face become one of realization, as if she didn't know that the two you weren't actually married

<"I see. So Miranda simply forgot to tell you or maybe she was too embarrassed."


<"Well, you see Anon, some Mamono engage in polygyny,"

>you frowned, not really sure where this was going or if it was some kind of trick

<"But I'm a Bicorn."

"Okay, what does that have to do with anything?"

>immediately she gave you a grin that caused you to shiver

>it was the same kind that your wife gave you before she had demanded you put a baby in her

<"Bicorn exclusively seek out polygynist pairings."

>your frown deepened

>had Miranda known?

>she had to have

>hell, she was the one who kept leaving the closet open and…

"A-and Miranda is aware of all of this?"

<"Oh yes. And as far as my culture is concerned, we are practically married. All three of us."

>again with the smile

>you swallowed hard, fighting not to choke as your gut roiled and you felt yourself stir

>you were just a man, but then again the rational part of your mind began to scream trap at the top of its metaphorical lungs

"I uh… you stay out here and w-when Miranda gets bac-"

>you began to motion to the bedroom

<"Oh of course. It's okay dear, you can wait in the bedroom if it makes you feel better. This has got to be a certain level of shock, but once she gets home will fix this."

"Uh… yeah."

>what the fuck?

>was it true?

>could it be?

>it had to be, but part of you strained against it

>unsure and confused about it all

>how could you be married without even knowing it, let alone to more than one woman?

>slowly you shut the door and threw yourself on the bed as you tried to puzzle it all out

>did you actually have two wives?

>your eyes darted between your wife and not 'wife'

>both of them shot you back embarrassed and incredulous looks in return

>Miranda's face was bright red

>Sarah simply look alittle confused

>Both of them sat on the bed, staring back at you as you sat on a storage truck against the wall

>what the fuck

"You can't be serious."

<"I-it's not like that hun, it just sort of happened and well…,"

>Miranda trailed off before eyeing Sarah, who shot her a smile and nodded to her enthusiastically

<"Y-you did say you wouldn't mind having more than one wif-"

"That was a joke!"

>you couldn't help the exasperation in your voice, or the heavily blush coming to your face

<"Well I for one think I make a good second wife,"

>you eyes snapped to Sarah, brow furrowing

>she couldn't be serious

<"the house is spotless, the kids are happy, the two of you have time for… intimate things and,"

>her tone became softer and more excited

<"I know you love spending time with me and are attracted to me."

>you looked away, shame blooming in you

>it wasn't just that someone said it out loud, it was because it was in front of Miranda of all people

>every guy had a random woman he'd see or was aware of who would draw his eye

>but you knew better and your religion demanded better

"T-that's no-"

<"I love the same terrible movies you do,"

<"She does,"

<"And we have the same sense of humor,"

<"It's just horrible."

<"The kid's love me,"

<"Honestly I'm a bit jealous…,"

<"And I love how you do that thing with your hips w-"


>the two of them were even worse than just Sarah by herself

>your hands found your face, a groan escaping you

>how were you supposed to deal with this?

>Miranda was apparently entirely supported this

>Why that was, completely escaping you

>Was she into some weird kinky shit?

>I mean, it wasn't so bad but still

>there were easier ways to get off…

>Hell, the two of them had apparently decided it was the way to proceed if it was some kind of weird shared kink

>Maybe you were going about this all wrong

>Maybe all you really needed to do was get back to the start of the problem

>that you had apparently married the horned centaur

"L-look. How about we start with why you think we're married?"

>your eyes locked with the Bicorn, who seemed to deflate a touch

>a slightly pained look coming to her face

>something your wife noticed and immediately went to offer her a touch of comfort

>one of her hands touching gently at her lower back as she offered her an apologetic look

<"W-well, we held hands and I've seen you naked."

>your eyes bulged, frowning

>you honestly would have laughed if you weren't so stressed

>So Miranda had been staging a show

>it had to be a weird kink then

"That doesn't make us married."

<"Anon, you know their culture is different. She's still adjusting and we need to be accommodating."

>Miranda frowned at you, chastising you like you were a child

>why did you need to be lectured?

>you weren't the one having a horse-woman watching the two of you fuck while she did god only knows in the closet

"And that includes making you a cuck?"

>You weren't wrong

>if you were married, eventually you'd have sex

>it was inevitable

>Did Miranda actually want that?

>you fucking Sarah while she presumably watched on from the closet?

>This time Sarah reached out and gently tapped at her shoulder, offering her her own apologetic look

<"It's okay. I know polygyny can be a big hurdle for some people and my culture is kind o-"

"Sarah. No. Even if that's how your people do things, that still isn't enough. Right?"

>you couldn't help the worried tone edging into your voice

"Like… W-we need to have a ceremony and it has to be public,"

>the two women shared a ecstatic look and you felt your blood pressure skyrocket


>that is not what you meant


>Miranda flashed you a bright smile hopping up from the bed

>Sarah burst into tears while smiling even more brightly at you

<"I- oh Anon!"

<"Y-you two stay here, I'll call the pastor and see if-"

>You drowned out the rest of your wife's pronouncement, catching only the word 'pastor'

>your mind locked and shifted as your eyes popped

"Yes! You call the pastor, right now! We need to talk to him about this, right this second!"

>Sarah let out a squeal, hoping off the the bed and following out after your wife as she began to hunt for her cellphone

>At last, reason would return to your house

>and everything would return to normal

>you had been elated

>but slowly, this eroded in an instant

>The Pastor had handwaved things once he realized you weren't interested in having a wedding

>something that had, to a degree shocked you

>was everyone going Mamono?

>polygyny, in your church?

>instead the youth pastor's wife had been shoved into the office room you, your wife, and Sarah found yourselves in

>Mia was a nice girl, a Kobold

>and apparently the church's new marriage counselor

>And honestly, was one of the reasons you and Miranda hadn't minded taking in Sarah

>Or at least didn't bother with throwing a fit about it

>but now….

>you wanted to through a fit, so to speak

<"So let's start at the top,"

>Mia began, holding up a digit on her paw

<"The three of us are married, by Mamono rites."

>Sarah started as she sat fully on a nearby couch

<"But Anon doesn't seem to want to acknowledge this,"

>Miranda added on and you felt yourself frown as you crossed you arms

>Mia shooting you a surprised and shocked look

<"Anon, thats pretty serious… I-is something wrong at home o-"

"No! That's not…,"

>you groaned, rolling your eyes

"Look. At no point was it ever discussed that this-"

>you waved a hand at the two women

"was going to be a thing."

>immediately both women took on a pained look

>which instantly made you regret it, but you knew you had to push on

>someone would understand

>someone, somewhere would still be using sane and sensible standards about things

"T-thats not what I mean. I mean a three way marriage. At no point was this brought up and at no point was I asked about this."

>Mia frowned, her large dog-like ears twitching

<"A-anon… Sarah's a Mamono,"

"I've noticed."

<"N-no. Thats… look. Marriage and how we Mamono achieve that is… well it's different."

>Mia looked between the three of you, her face now sporting a rather heavily blush

>You didn't need this

>You already knew about how Mia and her Husband had 'met'

>you knew how Mamono operated, at least you were fairly certain you did

>it wasn't as if Sarah had ever pinned you down and…

"We haven't had sex. Never. At no point di-"

<"W-we've held hands! I've seen you naked even!"

>Sarah practically shouted out, throwing her front half off the couch and standing suddenly

>tears forming in her eyes

<"W-we are married Anon."

>you swallowed, your own face burning as you shot a look to Miranda

>You somewhat understood the significance of hold-hands to these odd psuedo-succubi

>but the nakedness and how that embarrassed you was all Sarah's fault

>Why she had even let gotten to the point of letting her watch…

>your gut turned, the odd pang and sensation that felt terrible

>Did it count as being unfaithful?

>if not for you, for Miranda…?

<"Thats… that's very serious Anon,"

>Mia muttered, looking pained by the revelation herself

>Miranda simply shot you a dirty look

>You couldn't help but flinch at it and shut your eyes

>your stomach roiling as your chest began to hurt

"Look… I just… make this make sense."

<"Okay then, I think…,"

>Mia trialed off, looking between Miranda and Sarah

>Finally her eyes fell on you as her ears twitched

<"Miranda, would you mind stepping out for just a bit? I think I know what the issue is…,"

>you sucked on your teeth harshly

>did she though?

>Slowly Miranda got up and left, the air in the room seeming to grow tense

<"Now… the two of you,"

>Mia motioned to you and Sarah, waving her paws together

<"get closer together, I want you two to hold hands for this."

>Mia couldn't be serious

>could she?

>She was a church counselor but…

>could she really be okay with with this?

>it was still, basically infidelity

>and then… polygyny…

>you swallowed, the same odd feeling in your stomach and chest coming back

>Was this wrong?

>Your wife, the pastor, the counselor…

>Slowly, Sarah stood more fully from the couch and clopped over to you

>her hand held out as she looked at you expectantly

>Slowly you reached out blindly as you began to look away

>embarrassment and shame flooding you

>gently you felt Sarah take your hand in hers, fingers interlacing as she stood next to you

<"There we go,"

>Mia stated with a grin

<"Now… one at a time, I want each of you to talk about how you feel about another and this situation."

>you swallowed, eyes bulging as you looked at Mia with worry

>oh hell no

<"Anon, let's start with you."

"I uh… t-that is,"

<"Don't be shy, it's okay. Just start with how you feel about Sarah."

>you grit your teeth, sweat beginning to bead on your forehead

>an ache blooming in your chest as your stomach dropped out

"I uh….,"

>you paused, biting yourself painfully

>an awkward silence took hold

>and slowly a minute passed

>then three

<"T-that's okay, it's okay to be embarrassed about how you feel. Sarah lets start with you instead."

>you heard the Bicorn sigh before clearing her throat

<"W-well, I… A-anon please look at me,"

>Sarah demanded, her voice trembling

>you dont know why, but you moved to look at her

>you eyes meeting hers, her own threatening tears

<"I knew it had to be you the first day that we met, b-but I wasn't really sure until a month or so later when me and Miranda started talking about having kids a-and…,"

>you grit your teeth, the ache in your chest seeming to grow

<"I know I… w-we don't really show that much affection b-but I am crazy about you. A-and after discussing th-things with Miranda further a-and we moved forward with things I… I was just so scared about coming out of the closet a-and,"

>you swallowed hard, eyes popping out at the poor choice of words

<"Miranda was supposed to tell you b-but s-she mu-ust have… S-so I figured I-I'd just wait till the next t-time and surprise y-you,"

>tears welled up heavily as she sniffed loudly, some slipping through as they began to run freely down her face

<"B-but it's been two we-eeks since you two had sex!"

>Sarah's face twisted into one of anguish as the ugly crying began

<"Two weeks?!"


>Sarah snuffled loudly as your forehead began to wrinkle, not necessarily liking where this was going

<"Human women really are something else,"

>Mia muttered flatly, looking disturbed

>Quickly Sarah grabbed a kleenex from her desk and blew her nose

<"I just… w-we are married Anon, things are just going slowly f-for the big part b-but it hurts that you're being so insensitive about my culture and feelings…,"

>your throat felt dry as you felt a certain level of shock

>they were scheming together and the next time you and Miranda were going to…

"Wait a minute, what do you mean? A-about your feelings I mean?"


"You've never… I mean, you've never told me that you love me."

<"Yes I have!"

>outrage came across the horned centaur's face as she stared down at you in your chair

>her own hand squeezing yours roughly

<"I told you and Miranda, I've been telling the two of you for the last few months a-"


>It wasn't

>it couldn't be

>sure she'd pronounce that she 'loved' you and Miranda every now again

>but she couldn't have possibly meant romantically

>Did she?

>your mind struggled, trying to think rapidly on all of the times this had happened

"I… Sarah that's not… I mean, you've never really said how you feel about me, directly, and only to me."

>It was true

>The only things that came to mind were times when Miranda was with you

>And while a polygynist would likely love everyone in their household

>Sarah had never sai-

<"Just the other day I told you that I loved spending time with you, t-that o-our little dates were something I look forward to a-and,"

>Sarah sniffled loudly, a forlorn look coming to her face

>you swallowed as a new kind of guilt made your chest ache

>you didn't think she was being literal about the word 'date'

>hell, you had assumed it was in the same area that you and your buddies would use it in joking manners

>or how you and Miranda would use it on occasion, like the 'date' the two of you had when taking the youngest to the doctor

>It had just been another terrible B movie on the couch but…

>had it really meant that much to her?


>you sighed heavily

"L-look, I'm… I didn't realize and… it seems like a lot has gone awry here but…I don't.. can't,"

>Sarah's eyes bore into yours, pleading to a degree

>the guilty feeling inside you making your chest ache as you stared back

>could you really say no and hurt her?

>could you hurt Miranda as well?

>Were you wrong about this?

>Everyone around you didn't seem to mind or view it as odd

>were you making a mistake?

"Its not… Sarah, I just feel that it's cheating."

>you blurted out

>The two women stared at you, somewhat shocked

<"Well, I uh… that certain is a significant issue."

>Mia muttered, looking a bit flustered

>you had to push, nothing else was getting through

"Its not like you aren't lovely, I just… I feel like I'd be betraying Mira-"

<"But she's fine with it, s-she wants this too, just like I do. We both want you Anon."

"But my fait-"

<"Polygyny is legal now Anon, and it isn't forbidden by the church."

>you couldn't help but shoot Mia a look

>While it was technically true, that wasn't exactly a good enough reason

>Not to mention how just thinking about it made you feel in regards to Miranda

>even if she was all for it, you weren't sure you could go through with it

>Then again the pastor's wife was a literal demon

>and what if she suddenly wasnt okay with it?

>all you would have done was opened a box of pain for each woman and yourself

>you had never felt like you needed more than one woman

>and while you often would joke with Miranda about getting another wife…

>you bit yourself, trying to order your thoughts

"My background, my upbringing…, I can't just… it'd be hard to move beyond that."

>you motioned with your free hand, trying to give Sarah an apologetic look

>her large, horsey ears drooping though her hurt expression was slowly going away

<"But w-we can work on that, right?"

"I uh…,"

>you trailed off, the ache in your chest returning

>Mia nodded to you slowly

>Sarah looked at you pleadingly

>And as you moved slightly to more fully look at Sarah, you caught sight of Miranda eyeing you

>What if you were wrong?

>you couldn't help but feel like you were making a mistake

>but were you?

>What was the worse that could happen from how things currently were?

>Under the Maou divorce was basically illegal

>'rape' or surprise marriage or surprise sex was legal now…

>and the worst that had happened so far was already dealt with in terms of feeding and caring for your Bicorn guest

>Or was she actually your wife?

"L-lets just work on being direct and clear for now…?"

>Sarah grinned, though the expression was far more somber than you had typically seen on her

<"I can work with that, at least for now."

>For now

>maybe you could talk sense into them

>and if not, you were certainly going to have to do your best to endure as long as you could

>at least then you'd know if Miranda was actually for it or not

>You had made a terrible mistake

>and now, you weren't sure what to think or feel

>You had figured you'd have time to endure things and find another solution, maybe a month or two

>something to save your marriage and your conscience

>but fate had other plans

>you had gotten a week

>and now, you were tied down to your bed

>a gag shoved into your mouth

>Slowly Miranda marched into your room, wearing nothing but black lingere

>all of it biting into the thicker parts of her body just right

>something that relieved and excited you when you saw it, despite your current situation

>quickly she snagged at the doorknob to the closet before tossing it open


>Miranda waved her arms and fresh wings about dramatically, while Sarah stood there in the closet looking embarrassed

>The Bicorn was wearing her own lingere, this set being cream colored and made specifically for her proportions and form

>cream colored silk contrasted with her black furred legs and just like Miranda bit into the softer parts of her body

>elating and titillating you, despite the odd shock of embarrassment it gave you

>The Bicorn shared a worried yet excited look with the new Succubus before slowly trotting out and towards the bed

<"You have no one to blame except for yourself for this Anon,"

>Miranda began standing next to her 'sister', crossing her arms beneath her chest as she shot you a playful look

<"We both gave you ample opportunities and you sti-"

>Sarah grasped at Miranda's shoulder, shooting you an apologetic look

<"N-no. It's okay, he's just… he's overly devoted is all. We shouldn't blame him for that."

<"B-but he's been denying you this whole time an-"

<"It was kind of hot."

>Sarah admitted, shooting you a smoldering look

>oh fuck

<"Watching him put his hands on you and make you moan an- and…,"

>The large woman shuddered, hands going to her hips where her human flesh met horse

<"The only relief…,"

>her fingers played at the front of cream colored centaur-front-panties

>Her face slowly turning beet red

<"It's borderline abusive."

>Miranda spat out, shooting you an angry look

<"But it was so hot and I came so hard…,"

>Sarah whispered to her, eyes locking with yours

<"C-could the two of you do that o-"


>This time Miranda gave her an annoyed look, her own face beginning to burn

<"W-what?! I- I'm a Bicorn, i-its not a secret."

<"Well, that's not… it doesnt matter, we're going to fix this tonight!"

<"O-okay. yeah."

>Sarah shot you a nervous look before taking on a determined look

<"And if you need anything, you know where I'll be. Okay?"

>Sarah simply nodded as Miranda headed off for the closet, shutting it quietly behind her

>you swallowed hard

>sweat beading on your forehead

>you couldn't

>you didn't want to


>not entirely anyways

>The cream colored cloth on her darker colored fur and the ivory color of her skin…

>you sighed

>trying as you might to drive aware the sudden burst of inappropriate feelings

>the shameful want for a woman that wasn't your wife

>at least outside of Mamono standards

>you groaned as you heard her hooves clack softly on the floor as she moved close

>instantly you shut your eyes, grimacing at what was going to happen

>the bed shifted as she began to set her weight on it

>you grit your teeth, preparing for the worst

>Trying your best to will your dick to not respond no matter what

>moments passed

>instead nothing happened

>slowly you opened your eyes

>Sarah simply stared down at you, smiling softly

>slowly she reached out and grabbed at your gag, working it off of you

<"There we go…,"

>you swallowed again, anxiety welling up in you as you had no where to look other than the lingere covered bicorn

<"It's okay Anon, just relax."

"You're going to rap-"

<"Oh no. W-well, not yet but…,"

>She bit lower lip, which caused you to choke as you were suddenly reminded of how pretty she was

>and how alluring that worried face looked


>you had to remain strong, you couldn't give in

<"Lets just… we'll talk for now. Okay?"

>you didn't like it

>couldn't trust it

>but the cotton rope binding you down to the bed didn't give you much of a choice

"What… about?"

>Sarah's eyes glimmered for a moment while eyeing you excitedly

<"A-about this… a-and us. I know this isn't exactly what either of us wanted-"

"You dont say."

<"But I… j-just let me at least… I don't know."

>the bicorn sighed, cupping your jaw as she stared down into your face

>her expression almost becoming motherly

<"I guess I want to try and beg our case again? Would that be okay?"

>it wouldn't hurt, and itd be a nice delay

>could you escape this?

>maybe, but it didn't seem likely

"It's not like Im going anywhere Sarah,"

>you couldn't help the defeated and annoyed tone in your voice

>you twitched your arm, the rope going taut on your wrist

<"Oh don't be like that. Please?"

>her hand traced at your jaw as the other slipped to your chest

>her eyes showing concern and worry

<"Look, how much do you know about Mamono mana?"


>your eyes drew out towards the closet

>Apparently not that much

>Miranda hadn't been exposed enough as far as you knew

>And yet, now she had horns and a desire to drain you of cum

>and an even deeper, darker set of wants that were now fully bubbling up to the surface

>Or were those new?

>The result of the mana corrupting her?

<"Well then, let me explain a few things…,"

>Sarah gave you a grin that made your skin break out into gooseflesh

>it was sinister and sweet at the same time, though you didn't feel threatened at all

<"The mana's corruption, well… it's kind of like getting drunk. It takes whats already there a-"

"Are you saying Miranda's been after something like this for years?"

>that couldn't be true

>you would have noticed

>there would have been signs

<"I don't know. But things wouldn't have gotten to this point if she didn't want it. But like I was saying, it takes what's already there and enhances it."

>you swallowed, not sure what to feel about any of it

>you married a cuckoldress

<"E-everyone has things they like that they might not be willing to say out loud… besides, o-once I moved in this was bound to happen."

"So you're saying this was… inevitable?"

<"N-not exactly."

>Sarah took on a worried look, eyeing you as she touched at your chest and face a bit more

<"We mamono, we uh… well it's, that is…,"

>immediately the horned horse woman stumbled

>but you could more or less figure where this was going

"You emit mana, don't you?"

<"I-I'm sorry, b-but its all working out for all three of us, isn't it?"

>you frowned involuntarily

<"I'm getting a lovely family and handsome man and Miranda gets a sister and to enjoy one of the bes-"

"And I get to feel guilty and get raped?"

>Sarah took on her own frown as well as looking conflicted

<"Hush. Stop that now, we're going to enjoy ourselves and I'm… I-I'm going to get you to admit t-that youre my husband."

"You aren't going to bre-"

>her hand found your face, pressing down on your lips as she shot you a look

<"Its not going to be like that,"

>slowly she touched at your bindings, working them loose one by one

<"There wont be any wearing down, or breaking you in,"

>Slowly her horsey ears twitched as her face began to turn red

<"I'm just… we'll talk. Properly. A-and watch one of our movies and I know I'll get you to admit that you're my husband."

>you couldn't help but blush at the tone she was taking

>it wasn't like before

>there was a need that was more than physical there

>something that made your chest ache while also exciting you

>could you even do this?

"But Miranda-"

<"S-she'll just have to get over us not having sex just yet,"

>you felt yourself making a face you couldn't place

>While that may have possibly been a concern, it certainly wasn't what you were thinking of

>Even through all of this and the insanity of it all

>you were still devoted to Miranda

>even if she was a cuckquean and wanted you to fuck Sarah

>Not that Sarah wasn't desirable but…

>you couldn't let this continue

"No. I mea-"

<"T-that too. I know. Y-you love her and… just, just give me this one date okay? Once it's over I know you'll be willing to admit it, that you're my husband. T-that you do love me too."

>your face burned as you looked away, her hands now working on your ankles

>Sarah had become more than indispensable

>Much like when you and Miranda had dated in college, you tended to notice her absence in seconds

>and it worried and made you anxious

>made you yearn for her to appear

>that something wasn't complete when you felt that way

>With Miranda you had easily acknowledged it meant that you loved her

>But Sarah…

>You couldn't

>You belonged to Miranda

>Even if she was currently in the closet waiting for the sounds of you fucking Sarah's brains out

>Your ankles were freed and you found yourself looking into Sarah's eyes

<"Now c'mon, you get your butt on that couch."

>you swallowed unsure what it was that she was going to try

>Obviously she wanted to watch another bad B movie with you

>but how could she convince you to just give in?

>Alternatively it wouldn't hurt to just give in but…

>It wasn't as if Miranda seemed to care anymore

>maybe she never did

>an idea that made you feel odd and somehow dirty

>But how would you feel about yourself if you did give in?

>It seemed like everyone around you didn't mind at all

>but could you live with it?

>you swallowed, thinking deeper on it

>Hooves clicked and clacked across the floor and drew your attention as Sarah neared the closet and gave it a slight knock

<"D-do you need help?"

>came a muffled question

<"Oh no. Not… W-we're going to watch a movie first."

<"A movie?"

<"W-well you know how men are. I… h-he needs to get in the mood, yknow?"

>What the fuck?

>your movie time Sarah never really got you hot and bothered

>What even was there about B movies to get horny about anyways?

<"Okay, just… gimme a signal when you get back."

>your eyes bulged as they locked to the closet and you began to wonder what the hell Miranda was doing

>sure you could imagine typical sex weirdo stuff

>but for two hours and possibly more?

>You couldn't help but be surprised

>The kids were gone, apparently banished to a friends house for the night

>and Sarah had apparently snagged the next instalment of Tritania

>A zipangu rip off of godzilla

>you still loved it, as did Sarah

>it was cheesy and terrible

>and unlike most Mamono movies, it didn't devolve into a "romance" film

>sure there were subplots and various characters kissing but at no point was there ever really any nudity

>most of your apprehension melted away as the movie began to start and the large woman handed you a bowl of popcorn

>the couch groaned as she piled on, pressing close to you and wrapping her arms around your waist and touching at the bowl

>as the images flicked across the screen you felt her press closer

>her barely contained chest brushing against your arm as her lips found your ear

<"Isn't this great Anon?"

>you swallowed, hand mid grab at the popcorn


>you were getting distracted

<"Just relax, okay? Now, let me just…,"

>A hand touched at your thigh and you felt yourself tense up in response

<"beg my case."

>lips seared against your neck, but only for a second

>her hand leaving your thigh only to grab her own handful of popcorn which was then offered to you

>her eyes smoldering as she offered it to you

<"It isn't just that you're so great as a man Anon, its…,"

>she trailed off, biting her lower lip which caused your blood pressure to rise

<"You make me feel like I… I just feel like I should be doing everything I can to be the best wife I can,"

>you tried to focus on the movie even as you felt color rising to your cheeks

<"Th-hat I should be willing to have as many kids as you want a-"

"But Miranda-"

>a hand cupped your jaw, forcing you to look straight on into her face

>her nose practically touching yours

<"We aren't talking about her right now, we're talking about you and me."

>you shivered, you skin feeling hot as you tried to look away

>only for her to hold your head tight in her grip

<"I want you to come home and be excited that I have date night like this set up and ready for you,"

>her tongue peeked out from her mouth for a second as she licked at her lips

>her ears twitching as a lewd look played over her face

<"I want you to keep me in bed fo-"

>immediately Sarah stopped frowning at you visciously only for you to realize that you had a goofy grin plastered on your face

>you couldn't help it

>You only had a queen-sized bed

>she'd never fit

>then there was Miranda who'd splay out, limbs shooting out whichever way possible

>even with a King sized bed things would be a rather cra-

<"You think that's funny?"

>her voice dripped with a touch of annoyance while oddly husky and needy, though no venom was there

<"Judging what I can do with this body, like you have any idea."

>her hand dropped from your jaw and snagged at her bra

>it pulled away slightly, revealing perfect porcelain skin and just the hint of a pink areola

>you choked, face burning further

"It's not like that, the bed-"

<"I could show you Anon, show you what I can do on that bed with this body. You might be shocked,"

>you swallowed, hands beginning to shake

>you couldn't do this

>you had to stay strong and not give in

<"I'll show you, if only you bother to tell me what I want. Just tell me,"

>She pressed closer, her breath on your lips as her voice dropped to a near whisper

<"That you,"

>a hand snaked down and grasped at you, which pulled a light moan out of you

>only for embarrassment and a touch of shame to pool in you

>you hadn't even noticed that you were hard, but Sarah apparently had

<"Are our husband."

>you shivered as you began to tremble

>Sarah's hand now fully grasping and groping at you

>her eyes burning into yours as unseen images flashed away on the nearby television

"W-we shouldn't,"

<"But I'm your wife,"


<"I'm entitled to this,"

>The Bicorn gave you a gentle squeeze, barely drawing out a stifled, strangled sound from you

>Everything considered, should you persist in resisting?

>Sarah pressed close, lips practically touching yours as your face began to burn

>slowly her tongue came out as she grabbed a handful of your hair and forced you to hold still as her tongue began to trace at your lips

>you fought to hold your breath, your mind drifiting off as you felt her methodically taste at you

>was it nearly ten minutes? Less? More?

>you weren't sure

>but however long it was, your pants were undone as her cool skin made contact with your throbbing and hot erection

>Her tongue, simultaneously, workrf its way into your mouth and pulled a moan out of you

>you shivered again as the sensation began to overwhelm you

>quickly Sarah pulled away

>a line of shared spit joining the two of you as she shot you a hungry look

>Slowly her hand began to warm on your stiff cock as she began to pump

<"You see Anon, I'm a Mamono and-"

>her thumb glanced across the underside of your glans, causing you to twitch involuntarily and cry out

<"I wouldn't even consider doing this if you didn't belong to me."

>her lips locked to yours again as the air in your lungs suddenly escaped

>her hand now working desperately on your now throbbing cock

>you twitched, whimpering into the kiss as you were slowly overwhelmed

>slowly something began to build deep inside you

>your toes splaying out as the muscles in your legs began to tense up painfully tight

>And in an instant

>again the kiss was broken, as Sarah's eyes caught yours

>and her hand pulled away from you, grasping at your pants instead as you throbbed and ached

<"Now, are you going to be a good boy and get in bed, or should we break in this couch?"

>you needed release

>you lungs ached

>your face burned

>part of you wanted to just give in right here on the couch

>you needed it more than anything

>Carnal needs requiring you to grab up fistfuls of her hair while shoving your tongue in her mouth and slamming your hips against hers

>choking her while doing your damnest to pump her womb full

>forcing her to bare yo-

<"Oh finally."

>you swallowed as your eyes broke line of sight with Sarah, only to catch Miranda standing in your bedroom door

>Sarah shot her a disapproving look, though quickly sighed before grasping roughly at your cock and causing you to hiss loudly

<"It's still my turn, y-you can join in once I'm done."

>Anxiety and confusion bloomed in your chest as your wife moved across the room and threw herself down on a nearby beanbag that the kids tended to use

<"D-don't mind me, I'm just… well I might touch a little bit, but I'll mostly just watch."

>Sarah nodded to the Succubus who quickly began to shimmy her panties off and work on taking on a more comfortable position on the beanbag

>your face burned as you began to feel a bit dizzy

>Gently Sarah grasped at your chin and forced you to look at her, pulling your eyes away from your nearby wife

>Slowly she resumed pumping your cock in her hand, gripping just the right way on your head as she pressed close again for another heavy kiss

>her tongue invading hungrily for a second before she pulled again and eyeing you with need

>A wet sound filled the air as you heard Miranda let out an odd sound

>Sarah's grip on your head though remained steadfast, forcing you to look dead on into her eyes

<"L-look at me, only at me right now. Tell me you're going to give me your cum, that you're my husband or I'm going to stop right now,"

>You heard a whimper from your wife that only made your cock harden as excitement and guilt blossomed in you

"I… I-"

>you choked, fighting against your instincts and a lost cause

<"Tell me right now."


<"Give me a proper answer Anon,"

>you swallowed, Sarah loosening her grip on your head

>immediately you found yourself looking for Miranda

>only to lock eyes with your wife as she shot you a needful look

>her fingers delving into herself as her face burned and juices ran rampantly on her thighs

<"A-anon, please~ you h-hav-"

<"Hush, let him make his own decisions."

>Sarah chided suddenly, shooting Miranda a look

<"He has to want this,"

>Sarah pressed close again, her tongue tasting at your mouth

<"He has to tell us that he wants this. That he wants us…,"

>you shivered, face burning as you watched your wife begin to work her fingers into herself

>the soft, wet squelching and whimpering from her driving you cock to ache painfully


>you wife murmured and you found yourself looking away from her in embarrassment, eyes catching Sarah's

>her eyes gleamed mischievously

<"Or are you too overwhelmed to speak?"

>it was certainly one way of putting it

>you had no idea how to feel about this

>how to react


>your cock twitched and previous thoughts of breeding the Bicorn flooded back for just a moment

>her moaning loudly as she grasped at you

>or you holding tightly to her tail and using it to pull her back and impale her large beastly rear onto your cock

>you couldn't help the odd, singular question the bubbled to the front of your mind of if it was possible for her to become doubly pregnant

>was it?

>that didn't seem right

>though, she did have two functioning wombs just waiting and begging for your cum

<"You wont mind, will you? You do belong to us…,"

>Sarah grabbed at your cock, squeezing it roughly and pulling a pained moan out of you

>her free hand dropped to her centaur-front-panties, peeling away the cream colored cloth

>a trail of thick, viscous juices linking the cover to her glistening sex

>you felt your mouth water, eyes drawn to her smooth and needful body

"F-fuck me,"

>you muttered, suddenly realizing that you were likely to have both of these women running a train on you every night for the foreseeable future

<"Yes dear."

>Sarah shot you a grin and you heard Miranda let out an overly pleased moan

>all you could do was swallow, shivering as she began to line your cock up

<"That's the plan."

>she muttered as she began to slowly press down onto you, your legs splayed wide to fit around her front-waist

>pressure and friction eventually gave way and your cock was enveloped in a boiling, wet furnace that began to immediately massage at you

>Sarah gasped loudly, grabbing at you with worry as she began to shudder

>Miranda let out a strangled wail, the sounds of her fingers and more becoming harder to ignore

>the torrent of quick, wet shlicking and the sounds of her honey dripping freely on the floor made all of it unbearable

<"O~h fuck!"

>you heard your succubus wife whimper

>you groaned, only to feel Sarah's lips lock to yours as she griped your body tightly

>you barely realized it, but you were completely pinned to the couch

>unable to move and completely at the large woman's mercy

>a shudder ripped through her, her hot innards shifting as they began to try and milk you

>You struggled to breath but didn't care as Sarah slowly continued to 'ride' you

>her larger form pressing down, impaling herself on you rhythmically as she held you close

>You couldn't help but tremble at the sensation

>It wasn't just that there was more muscle behind it, making it more intense than anything you had had experienced before

>it was that Mamono really were built different

>you moaned, almost painfully, into the kiss that she continued to refuse to break

>the intensity of it and the sensation driving you ever closer to filling her hungry womb

>An absent thought filled your mind as the pleasure began to take you

>Would Miranda be this way as well?

>She had changed

>The magic, molding and reshaping her into a Mamono

>would her body be so needful and ready for you?

>She was your wife and you knew ever inch of her, but would it be different as a Mamono?

>It would have to be

>She was a succubus now

>the likelihood that she would now be like her namesake scared and excited you

>lips broke from yours as you felt what was could only be rope being pulled through your navel

>you shook, voice strangling in your throat as you felt a torrent rush out of you and into Sarah

>your wife

>quickly she left out a yelp, grasping at her hips as her eyes cast downward

>a thick pool of both of your juices dripping out of her snatch and forming on you beneath her

>Miranda let out a low moan, pulling your dazed attention as you looked over only to catch her with an overly pleased look as she trembled before collapsing into the beanbag

>a set of her fingers still gripping tightly at her dripping sex

>You sighed, feeling worn and tired

>you had finally gotten the kids to bed

>both of the newborns were finally down for the count

>the older baby sleeping soundly in her mock stable-bassinette, her half-brother equally sound next to her

>the dishwasher and washing machines hummed and thrummed away, filling the house with a domestic white noise that was comforting

>you sighed again as you made your way to your bedroom, a slight touch of stress coming to mind

>you didn't need this right now, you didn't want it

>but it was wednesday

>but you didn't care, you wanted off schedule

>you wanted to just relax

>as soon as you hit the door, a grumpy look came to your face

<"There he is,"

>Miranda shot you a cruel smile, eyes glimmering as she stood up from the oversized bed

<"Were the kids too much?"

>Sarah asked, shifting on her part of the bed as she shot you her own implicative smile

"No, not really."

>you answered as you moved across the room and flopped down on the bed

<"Well, it's wednesday."

>Miranda ventured and you couldn't help but let out a groan

>you were tired

>you didn't have it in yourself to dispense seven creampies between the two of them

>even with a core-spine, you doubted it'd be enough

>you did love them but a man had his limits

"Can we… I just want to relax, lets do that please?"

>Miranda shot Sarah a look as the two of them crowded in on you

>each of them pawing at you gently, Miranda putting herself back on the bed and pressing into your side

>Sarah, likewise moved to press her larger body against yours on the opposite side

<"Poor thing, are we wearing you out?"

>you frowned from your spot on the bed

>you couldnt see it, but you knew they were sharing a look and grinning at each other

>they were terrible

>but you couldn't help but be completely wrapped up in your feelings for them

"Just need to rest is all."


>Miranda let out in mock-annoyance, you could practically hear her smile in her voice

<"But you have to put us to bed too."

>you grinned, knowing where this was going

>another weird nightly ritual the two of them had begun demanding from you

>Something you had fallen into

>something that you had also begun to crave and need


>you murmured, sitting up as you shot a look between the two of them

>you moved, pressing close as your arms wrapped around Miranda

>her elfin ears twitching as her face began to redden

>gently you kissed her, the scent of her filling your nose for moment as the two of you held each other close

>Something sweet and spicy

>as the two of you began to part, you felt Sarah's hands grasping at you as she pulled you into her own embrace

>her lips locked to yours, greedy as always

>the scent of something floral invading before her grip on you loosed and you were let free


>Actual annoyance filled Miranda's voice and you couldn't help but crack a rueful grin

>a blush coming to your own face

>right, of course

>the rest of the 'ritual'

>otherwise the two of them would pester you about being unable to sleep all night

"I love you Miranda,"

>your wife grinned, wings flapping as her tail began to bounce about behind her

"And I love you Sarah."

>your other wife gave a softer, sweeter smile as she touched at your shoulder

>before shooting Miranda a rather leading look

"Can I go to bed now?"

<"I dunno,"

>your bicorn started

<"I think you need to try and put us to bed again,"

>your succubus followed

>All you could do was groan before dropping back onto the bed, a grin plastered on your face

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