By spurged

>Your face burned, not sure about anything in your current situation

>It was bad enough that you had somehow got isekaid into another world

>it was even worse that you had wandered through a forest for two days without food

>Or that you had been captured by what very clearly were slavers

>But was your current predicament quickly degenerating out of control?

>you couldn't really be sure

>While you had been somewhat relieved by the visage of your captures, you were still put off a touch by their inhuman appearance

>It wasn't that bad, but it was incredibly strange to be accosted by a band of easily seven foot muscle-girls with horns, wings, and armored tails ending in blades

>Things got even stranger when, upon finally arriving back at the slave markets you were met with even more oddity

>More of 'them'

>or at least, more monsterous looking women

>outside of a few that looked somewhat intimidating, most of them looked reasonably welcoming

>though you didn't like the way they'd look at you

>But none of that mattered anymore

>more specifically not after J'adza, the leader of the band that had captured you, had caught you reading

>after that, you fate had apparently been sealed

>unlike the other captured men that they had with them, you weren't allowed to be sold

>apparently you now belonged to J'adza

>a decision that led to a few fistfights between her a few of her band

>It was innocent enough, if not absurd and weird

>you weren't wanted for hard labor

>she didn't want you to help with her business of man catching

>you weren't wanted for domestic needs

>she only had a rather simple apartment which so far seemed almost unlived in

>And as far you could tell, human flesh certainly wasn't on the menu

>though, maybe not literally

>her eyes did tend to linger with a hungry look…

>but if that was a consideration, she never said so

>instead you were kept, specifically for one task

>at least for now

<"S-ee d-duh-dick?"

>the large woman snorted, making an amused face as she shot you a look

>one of her large, toned arms holding you close on her lap while she held your makeshift book

"Stay focused,"

>Immediately the large woman shot you a warning look

>you couldn't help but cower a little, despite that she had yet to truly do anything to you

>She was easily seven feet tall, nothing but toned muscle, and had a oddly antagonistic feel about her

>Mostly in her eyes

>or was the just how she was looking at you at times?

>she was rather scary

>despite how sweet her face looked anyways

<"See dick…,"

>She trailed off, a frown coming to her face as her eyebrows knit together


>why did she want to know how to read?

>you had no idea

>All you knew was that you were stuck with J'adza

>stuck running through what was a boot-leg, secondhand hooked on phonics course

>at least you were getting paid and had a place to live

>though you were starting to feel weird about J'adza's demanded arrangements

>Her, sleeping on what was essentially an overly large couch in what was a livingroom of her apartment

>you were sent to the only real bedroom it had

>an overly ornate room, the only room that wasn't particularly bare either

>there were rugs, beautiful furniture, and then the center piece

>the bed

>it had to be king sized and was doffed with what felt like silk sheets

>something about all of that and her refusal to let you sleep on the couch made you incredibly uneasy

>as well as embarrassed to a degree

>you weren't some delicate flower, you could handle sleeping on old couch


>you couldn't help but grin, general approval playing out on your features

"Thats good, yeah."

>a toothy grin played out on the large woman's face, her short and messy hair shifting as she pulled you closer on her lap

>immediately your face burned as you tried to not look her too directly in the eyes

>Her soft, glimmering purple eyes

>you couldn't help the shiver that ran up your spine

<"What's wrong?"

>her grin went from toothy and playful to something more reserved as her eyes took on a predatory look

>Her bony, segmented tail , now sheathed, slowly coiling its way around your stomach

<"Oh. Right,"

>her voice took on a husky, needy tone

>reflexively you swallowed

>you were just her slave that was teaching her to read

>nothing else, right?

>She couldn't… right?

>sudden images of her roughly and violently taking you down to the hilt while perched on top of you

>Easily pulling off full and complete strokes as her hips hammered down on your own

>her eyes glimmering while demanding more and more from you

>you shivered again

>that couldn't happen, could it?

>she did give you looks

>and 'your' bed…

<"Do I get a reward for my hard work?"

>you grit your teeth, swallowing again as you began to feel nervous

"M-maybe once you finish the whole book,"

>it was all you could think of on a moments notice, without saying no

>Not that you necessarily wanted to but…

>what other choice did you have?

>a determined look played on her face as she gave you an almost adversarial look

<"I will get that reward Anon. I'm going to read this entire book by my self."

>her lips were a line as she brandished the homemade 'book' of Dick and Jane you had slapped together

>her eyes predatory as the barest hint of a conspiratorial smile turned up the edges

>her bony, segmented tail squeezing at you gently in a strange monsterous hug

<"Do you know what I want?"

>you did your best to not react, not to show any kind of change to your face as you fought to hold it flat

>While it was apparent by the tension, what is she was joking?

>or what if she was merely probing for something?

>you were a slave

>And you knew nothing about your new home

>What even was she allowed to do to you?

>with you?

>were you complete chattel?

>or were you more akin to an indentured servant?

>you had to be careful, just in case


>images of her holding you in a chokehold as her free hand gripped at you, pumping at your cock violently as her tail held you in plac-

>you cleared your throat quickly

"A… cake?"

>her purple eyes glared into your soul as you fought to not wilt

>What was she after?

>She couldn't possibly want to have her way with you, could she?

<"Not quite but…,"

>she trailed off

>one of her large hands touching at one of your knees before moving up slightly to give your thigh a squeeze

<"You know Anon, I… I know I ask a lot of you with this but I have done quite a lot for you."

>purple eyes bore down on you, your face burning as you couldn't look away

>Despite the oddity of a giant, muscular supermodel with horn there was something about seemed overwhelming normal

>Something absurdly normal

>like the weird monster country that appeared to be matriarchal

>or at least, dominated by the monster-women in most respects

"I uh…,"

<"And I could ask so much more of you, you know?"

>Her tail tightened on your torso, her hand giving your thigh another squeeze

<"I'm rather restrained when compared to what other girls do with their men."

>their men?

>you swallowed again, trying and failing to look away from her

>was she propositioning you for sex?

>or threatening to force you to do manual labor?

>to break you down for not being a good enough slave for her?

>her other free hand slide across your back, causing gooseflesh to break out across your body

>Slowly it dipped lower, one of her large hands suddenly groping at your rear

>instantly your face burned and you finally found it within yourself to break sight with her purple eyes

<"But you're mine. I own you, you know that, dont you?"

>gently she gave your rear a squeeze as she pressed you closer to her body

>her chin setting on top of your head with ease as she took a deep breath

<"So should I ask for something from you…,"

>she trailed off, her voice taking an almost wistful tone

>an pang of guilt bloomed in you for a moment

>before you remembered that you were a slave, property

>and you still had no idea what she wanted

>though she did seem to be implying she wanted you



>but you couldn't

>You were a slave and there wasn't likely going to be a good ending for you

>even if things so far hadn't been so bad

>it wasn't as if she wanted to have you as her husband

>and if social conventions didn't allow for that, a secret lover

>if anything this would be a fling

>or worse

>you frowned for a moment, still looking away from your large owner


>she sighed heavily, her breath tickling at the top of your head

<"You are handsome you know. And…,"

>she paused, taking a solid amount of time to mull something over

>as if debating something

>as if trying to decide on something


>you bit yourself, unsure what to do

>This wasn't like her at all

>at the most you just got intense looks while conversation between the two of you was usually rather quick

>brief and with nothing unnecessary

>Nothing emotional, clingy, or typical of what you knew from human women

>something that was concerning at first but quickly became a comfort

>but this…


<"I… w-when I was a l-little girl,"

>her voice cracked uncharacteristically

>your stomach dropped out at this

>J'adza was never unsure

>never nervous

>She was always cool and overly confident

<"My… My mother told me about how she had captured and taken my father."

>you grit your teeth, feeling your blush even at your ears

>'taken' ringing loudly in those same reddened ears

>She couldn't possibly mea-

<"H-he was a scholar and after he accepted his fate… e-eventually they fell into a routine, like… well like couples do."

>Oh God

>oh fuck

>this was it

>She was going to try and fuck you


>but why draw this parallel with the two of you, and her parents?

>Was she allowed to have sex with her own slave?

>And what if she was allowed to?

>would you simply be tossed aside once you weren't interesting anymore?

>you couldn't imagine any woman would interested in a piece of property

>they wanted someone who could provide for them

>but then again, you didn't know anything about your new country

>or its oddly female-monster run society

<"E-eventually though he got sick and… w-well, he ended up teaching her how to read b-because she wanted to read to him while….,"

>slowly J'adza's hand let your thigh

>it moved upwards, quickly pressing flat on your chest above your heart

>the two of you sat there in silence for a solid two mintues

>J'adza merely feeling your panicked heartbeats through your shirt

>Slowly you found yourself turning to look her in the face

>her large elfin ears were twitching

>her face beet red

>an absurd and worrying demure look playing over the large woman's face

>she couldn't be serious, could she?

<"T-that's why I wanted you to… a-and the way you smell,"

>you frowned instantly

>how did you smell anyways?

>She only, apparently, liked you because you smelled a certain way?

>was this a monster thing?

<"W-when I can read a proper book,"

>she suddenly grabbed at the 'book' from the nearby table

>brandishing it

<"Not like this."

>her purple eyes begining to tear up as she suddenly looked you directly in the eyes

<"I want… I want you. W-what my mother had. I- I want th-at kind of…,"

>she bit her bottom lip, looking conflicted as her blushed appeared to deepen

>was she serious?

>this wasn't an act?


>her eyes locked to yours in an instant, as if desperate for your input

>your own blush deepening

>your mind a swirl of absent thoughts and off point observations of the large woman

"You're just a soft romantic, aren't you?"

>instantly she flinched as she broke eye contact with you

>embarrassment clear and apparent on her face

<"N-no… I-I'm everything a proper- I mean-,"

>an uncharacteristic whimper escaped her

<"I-I'm strong! I don't… P-please don't tell anyone."

>slowly she pulled you fully into her side

>her arms and tail helping with the embrace

>her head yet again finding the top of yours as she rested her chin there

>she was serious

>you felt your blush deepen enough to feel lightheaded

"I… I won't J'adza. But if you actually feel a certain way about me…I want you to tell me. I won't tell anyone if its… un-"

>you paused, unsure what word to use


>that didn't seem right


>that couldn't possibly be right



>she sighed heavily, giving you a squeeze in her embrace

<"I'm not… overly emotional or anything, I just, that is-"

>she spat out quickly, her tone almost worried

>something that oddly made you rather anxious

>She was normally so strong, so sure

>again the unsureness made you anxious

>as well as picked at your need to do what you could to take care of her

>You had to

>you were a man

>And as far as the society you found yourself stuck in

>presumably hers

>even if you were just property

"I'll teach you how to read, don't worry about it."

>gently you reached up and touched at the side of her face

>her eyes going glassy as she smiled down at you

>a slow nod as her eyes stayed locked with yours as relief played over her features

>It had been a week of on and off signals from the large, muscular woman

>until finally, she had to go back to her job

>something that had severely unnerved you as the usally stoic and strong woman sudden became an anxious mess before leaving

>you had been forbidden from leaving the apartment without a cologne she had bought you

>She had demanded, harshly, that you were to introduce yourself as her property or at the very least with her name attached to yours

>Were human men such a massive commodity in monster lands that someone would try to steal someone's human slave?

>you had no idea

>And lastly, she had effectively begged you to be home when she got back

>something that had made your chest hurt with a sad ache

>did she actually think you'd try and run off?

>Well, at first you had considered it but…

>where would you even go

>and besides that, there was her and her 'feelings'

>but after considering how J'adza consistent and earnest with you, you couldn't help but wonder if her feelings towards you were genuine

>at the very least, her want of you was

>But could something like that last without any kind of romance?

>assuming her feelings weren't real and she was just trying to get you into bed…

>but you had begun to doubt that worried idea entirely

>the way she'd clam up, turn red, and suddenly lose the ability to be any means of stoic when talking about how she felt

>if she was genuine, you'd have to give in to her

>there was just something about her and how absurdly cute that was that you couldn't consider anything else

>you sighed, stirring and turning over dinner in the pot on the 'magical' stove

>the last few days you had simply been eating sandwhichs or snacks, nothing significant

>but today you were cooking a proper meal

>Not for yourself, but almost entirely because today J'adza was supposed to be coming back

>Not that you were trying to impress her or anything

>it wasn't as if you were slowly falling into an odd behavior of being some kind of man-wife

>not at all

>you sighed again, turning over the cut of beef in what was slowly becoming a demiglace sauce

>aromatic bits of carrots and onions pungently filled the air as you stirred it all in the pot

>would she appreciate dinner?

>she hadn't ever made you do anything before but…

>you couldn't just lay around in her house just eating all of her food and doing nothing for her

>especially if she really was honest about how she felt

>Sure she was kind of scary and very easily could probably break you in half

>but she was still a cute girl

>and she had more or less said she liked you

>you were obligated to do something nice for her

>just behind you, you heard the door jostle

>nearly causing you to throw the wooden spoon you were holding

>you stared at the door

>heart in your throat at a possibility of 'would' be's

>was someone trying to break in?

>a drunken idiot trying the wrong door after getting lost in the apartment block?

>Maybe it might be those knights the others who were captured had mentioned a-

>the door jostled again, only to swing free as J'adza stumbled in

>her arms full of cloth sacks and various items

>your eyes locked to her purple ones as the two of you stood there awkwardly for a moment

>Slowly she sniffed at the air experimentally


>you choked for a moment, as your eyes mechanically scanned at the loose items in her hands

>Clothes that were too small for her, some kind of rug with wooden slats on the ends, and a few books

>the mere presence of the books making your face burn

>she was serious about this

>about wanting to read

>and only so she could read to her would be man

>to you

>what was in the sacks was any guess

"I uh… it's not quite done yet but… get washed up?"

>you couldn't help suddenly feeling naked, embarrassed almost by her sudden arrival and that she caught you doing something domestic for her

>and even worse, you kind of liked it

>would it be so bad to be a house-husband?

>slowly a blush painted over her face as she gave you a nod and headed off into the the restroom

>in seconds you could hear her going about using the restroom

>the sounds of a magically powered shower kicking on provided a nice level of white noise

>And what were the two of you going to do after she read a book?

>you swallowed, turning back to take care of dinner again

>would she want to fully move forward with things?

>to truly making you her man?

>images and lewd thoughts permeated through your mind as you minded the food

>One in particular of her holding your head in place as she forced your face into her hungry and dripping sex

>her voice thick with need while making demands of you

>her eyes smoldering down at you from her mountainous breasts wh-


>you practically jumped out of your skin, a slight yelp escaping you

>as you whirled about, face burning as your lewd thoughts held over to a guilty sensation in you

>Your eyes met with hers yet again, a quick glance

>her face was cherry red and her eyes had the odd demure look in them again

>before you fully took in what it was that you were seeing

>Pale flesh was segregated from her usually exposed tan skin

>her muscles slick with water and dripping

>as was the rest of her nude form

>of which you quickly found your eyes locking to her snatch

>or more specifically the light amount of bush there that was still wet with the water from her shower

>your mouth watered as you felt yourself stir

<"I uh… I forgot to take the dirty clothes to the cleaner before I left and you don-"


>you continued to stare on

>it didn't look like anything you had seen before

>if anything the hair looked smooth and soft

>and you knew what lay beneath definitely was soft

>what little you could just barely see seemed flushed and pink, as if she was blushing even there


"I… y-yeah?"

<"Look me in the face."

>she demanded, her usual self controlled and strong tone coming back

>slowly, painfully you pried your eyes away from her exposed body

>delaying for only a second on her rather full chest

>until you met her eyes

>your own face burning as hotly as her own

>though, for whatever reason she was better composed than you

<"Not till after I can read a proper book,"

>she offered and you suddenly felt a bit faint

>as well as disappointed, a bit anyways

>what even constituted a proper book?

>likely she meant something with chapters that would take at least a good number of days to read

>like one of the books she had brought home with her

>was she planning on using them soon?

>wanting to attempt a reading

>purple eyes roved over your body for a moment, before a playful look played out on her face

<"at least for… all the way, anyways."

>you swallowed


>Did she mea-

<"Get on your knees."

>your pusle quickened as you felt yourself stir


<"Its been several days, I just finished work and,"

>she paused, biting her bottom lip in thought

>it wasn't supposed to be seductive

>but your heart still raced at it

<"Anon I have needs and you are mine. We just wont… you know? at least until I can read a proper book."

>her ears twitched as she gave you a rather hungrily look

>a predatory one that made your skin breakout in gooseflesh

>you had to know

>you had to ask

"Is that why you have those boo-"

<"Get on your knees and I'll tell you."

>your breath came out ragged as you stared up at the nearly seven foot tall woman

>anxiety welling up in you as your mind raced at the prospect of what was about to happen

>you began to shake, hands trembling a touch as you slowly turned off the stove and shot her a look as you moved from the kitchen to the small livingroom

>anxiously you kneeled next to the couch, mind racing as the mountainous woman eyed you with need

<"I'll be gentle, I promise. Its just… I'm kind of stressed from work and I need to unwind and… you don't mind me being selfish like this right?"

>did you?

>you had practically fantasized about this and so many other things when it became apparently that there was something going on

>but this exact scenario?

>Maybe if she was in a wife beater, worn out jeans, with a beer in hand while demanding oral from you from her lazy-boy after you had spent all day keeping the house…

>What the fuck was wrong with you?

>You weren’t really ever into muscle girls

>let alone bigger girls

>were you actually into the odd female led situations you kept fantasizing about?

>maybe it was just J’adza?

>maybe it was because the fantasies were more in line with the odd backwardness that J'adza made you want to conform to


>you struggled to find the proper words for a moment as she began to approach you

>should you tell her that you fantasized about this?

>wanted her to be a bit selfish?

>that you felt like you were falling for her even?

>was there really anything you could say?

>through it all though, there was one thing you needed to know

>had to know

"J'adza, I'm…. a-are you serious about this? About me?"

>It wasn’t much, and you couldn’t assure beyond her word but…

>at the very least just hearing that she was sure would be enough

>So far all you had was her honeyed words, smoldering looks, and now a request to eat her out

>but you were a slave, property

>and that was disposable, replacable

>a surprised look played out over her face for a moment, then confusion

>then one of worry

>Quickly the large woman made her way to you

>instead of sitting on the couch, she reached down and grabbed you up

>hefting you into her arms with ease as she maneuvered your body

>dampness and what little water that still clung to her wetting your clothes

>her ample chest laying against your own and hips as she held you close in a bridal carry

>and just as quick, she sat down on the couch

>eyes boring into you

<”What’s gotten into you? What do you mean?”

>her voice carried worry in it, but also a odd almost maternal maturity in how sure it was

>a tone that made it sound like she could fix anything as she clearly began to think the situation over

>slowly an inquisitive look came to her face

<”Or is it that…would having sex with me be so terrible?”

>you choked, unable to restrain yourself as you shot her a shocked look

>That wasn’t the issue at all

>hell, half the time it was all you could possibly think about

>it dominated most of your fantasies currently

>the only issue that did come to mind, was whether she was serious about this

>whether she actually loved you

>or was at least infatuated enough to give this a real and proper try

>whether she was ready to put up with whatever social backlash might happen on taking a slave for a husband

>that once everything was said and done, that you wouldn’t be kicked to the curb

>or was taking on a captured human slave as a husband common in monster society?

“N-no. It’s just…do you,”

>you paused, clearly becoming embarrassed by the situation

>her being naked was bad enough, but having to explain how you felt…

>could you even get into this right now?

>the absurdly heavy subject

>and what if she did care for you that way?

>want you?

>simply asking outright might hurt her if she did

“You’ll keep me, right?”

>her eyes went wide, while a wry grin played out on her face

>her arms squeezing you closer as her breasts spilled across most of your body

<”Is that why you made dinner?”

“N-no. I just… I wanted to do something nice sinc-”

<”I’m going to keep you, you don’t have to worry about that. Okay?”

>you looked away, unsure how to broach this further

>did she actually understand what you were getting at?

>Despite her rough and tough exterior, you were certain that if she truly was genuine and with how sensitive she was about romantic things…

>maybe you could try to get her to say it in some other way?

>while 'keeping you' definitely checked that box, you were just property

>Did she actually want property?

"And not… because I made dinner?"

>you’d have to pry other ways

>this got you a grin from the large woman, her eyes seeming to glimmer at you

<"It certainly doesn't hurt. Did you really cook just because you wanted to do something nice for me?"

>you found yourself looking away, embarrassment blooming in you

"I just… you've been gone, working, and I'm not doing anything but laying around the house an-"

>J'adza's grip shifted on you

>lips crashing on yours as her bare breasts smothered against your body

>a low moan rumbled out of the large woman as her tongue pressed tentatively at your lips

>your body responded, faster than you could realize what was happening

>your suddenly turgid length pressed into her side as she held you close and tight

>your mouth opened itself for her and in an instant her tongue began to wrestle with hers

>would it really be so bad to just give in without knowing completely?


>but your heart wouldn't be happy with it

>you had to know

>Another moan pulled itself deep out of her, causing you to shudder in her grip

>and just as quickly as the kiss had come, it was gone

>purple eyes stealing into yours hungrily as J'adza panted

>you had to admit, you felt out of breath as well



<"Would you want to still…,"

>she trailed off, her eyes dancing downward and you felt yourself blush hot as a frown took your face

“Are you serious?!”

>you spat out quickly as the feeling from the moment immediately dissipated

>replaced entirely for you in an instant with annoyance

>a roguish grin broke out on her face

>one that made you want to either yell at her or kiss her

<”I-I’ll make it worth your while. Please?”

>you held your frown

>slowly the large woman cupped at your crotch, giving you a pleading look as her lips stayed curled in a smile

<”Please? I’ll really make it worthwhile just…,”

>she gave you an expiremental squeeze, eyeing you needfully

>you shuddered in response, pulse quickening as your traitorous body responded

<”Not all the way. Not until-”


>you face was burning, mind going hazy as want started to cloud your thinking

>the next ten minutes was nothing but silence

>well, relatively

>aside from throaty moans, incoherent half-uttered words, and the slick and wet sounds

>nothing else filled the air

>you worked diligently, hands grasping at her thick and muscular thighs which on occasion squeezed at your head

>you pants felt tight, you cock aching painfully

>you tasted at her, lapping and probing hungrily

>as if you might starve if you stopped

>pausing only to change your point of attention to assault her further

>to see what kind of sounds you could pull out of her

>it wasn’t until you found her nub is when you began to hear something you hadn’t before

<”N-no! A~non~!”

>her legs closed in suddenly, threatening to crush you as she began to tremble

>but you couldn’t stop

>not yet

>not while you were able to reduce her to this

>Something that gave you a rather perverse enjoyment

>outside of talking about anything romantic, you could break her down

>turn her into a mewling and soft mess

>You traced your tongue across her, pulling a shudder out of her as well as a few interesting gasps that only served to make your cock twitch

<”P-please~ N-o~! I-its too mu-ch~ S-stop~!!”

>her hands came down as she tried to grab at you, which you did your best to avoid

>her fingers only managing to touch at your hair as you moved to drop lower and just out of reach

>all while doing your best to keep up your assault

>The large woman gave another, more violent shudder before going limp as a breathless wail filled the air

>you kept lapping, tasting her for good measure before her hands grasped at you and pulled you away from her dripping sex


>she muttered while pulling you up and setting you on her chest, holding you close like a oversized doll

>your face nestled between her large breasts


>she sighed loudly, shivering

<”Just… gimme a minute,”

>J'adza's minute quickly turned into a solid, grueling twenty

>your ministrations apparently having been too much for her to handle

>though she had refused to admit or even acknowledge such

>you were quickly losing hope on her claim of making things worth your while

>that was until she had thrown you down onto the couch before unceremoniously working your pants off of you

>her purple eyes glistening and shining with an intensity that made you worried

>she wasted no time in tossing them aside

>or in using her large form to grab up your thighs and heft you with ease up to her waiting mouth

>part of you was worried that she might drop you

>another part of you didn't care as her hot breath washed over your aching cock

>her lips found you and you shivered as she grasped at you

>her large and roughly hewn hand pulling a whimper out of you as she slowly began to place kisses along your length

>you trembled at the sensation, almost beginning to feel overwhelmed by it all


>you whispered out, face burning as you found yourself looking away

>weirdly enough feeling embarrassed by the situation

>Your face was still slick with her honey, but something about this just seemed… too far

>too much to look her in the eyes over

>Her lips connected to the undersize of your length, a light smack filling the air as you shuddered

<"I know…,"

>her response to you came out breathy, half whispered

<"I want it too, but-"

>she kissed at you again, causing you to moan as her tongue had peeked out to quickly lap at you

<"O-once I'm able to read for you. I want… I need to be able to prove I'm good enough for you."

>you bit yourself, your heart aching as your face burned somehow even hotter

>So she did want to keep you as some kind of slave-husband

>apparently just as her father had been


>was this normal?

>it was, apparently, for her family

>but what about wider monster society?

>and how did it work?

>Would there be a ceremony of some kind, or would it be a 'given' since you were property?

>you wanted to know more, but asking J'adza often seemed out of the question on the possibility of hurting her feelings and your own embarrassment

>and asking someone outside of the apartment…

>you didn't like how some of the monsters in town looked at you

>you only wanted J'adza to look at you like that

>to shoot you that predatory gaze that made your pulse race

>you wanted to be hers

"J-just take me please, I know that you-"

>you spat out before cutting yourself off

>frowning as you realized what you had just started to say

>The large woman paused, one of her large hands moving to grab at one of your hands

>fingers interlacing with your own

>you shifted, eyes needing to look into hers

>Her bright purple eyes caught yours and you felt yourself blush as she gripped your hand in her own

>calloused, muscled

>something about it making you feel safe and protected

>as well as excited at the prospect of being her own personal pleasure toy

<"Are you sure?"

>you shivered, fingers entwined with hers as her tail snaked out and seemed to dance excitedly behind her

<"Its… I-if you get sick,"

"I'll still work on teaching you how to read,"

>you offered, almost imagining you could feel her pulse through her hand

"I just-"

<"I… I want it too. But… are you sure?"

>her face was full of worry as well as want

>gently, you squeezed at her larger hand in your smaller and softer one

>her eyes poured into yours as a foolish feeling bloomed in you

>you had to know

>you heart demanded it

>at least before you gave in to risk the unknown of it all

"Tell me… tell me that you love me,"

>Immediately J'adza's eyes went wide as her face flushed a dark red

>elfin ears twitching


"I just, I want to hear you say it is all,"

>you couldn't help but feel completely ridiculous

>Whatever it was about J'adza, everything about her made you feel like the lesser sex

>and now you were effectively begging her for reassurance that she was serious about you

<"Anon, w-what is this actually about?"

>her grip on you relaxed, letting you hang a bit more loosely in her one arm

>her eyes carrying worry as well as curiosity

<"Is… have I done something wrong?"

>you grit your teeth, breaking eye contact with her

>damn it

>this was exactly what you had been trying to avoid

>fuck it

>in for a penny, in for a pound

"I… want to hear you say it. I'm supposed to be yours, as in a husband, right? I know it's stupid, but just say it. A-at least once."

>J'adza stared at you intermintently, before looking away

>her face flushed and red, ears twitching

>only to glance at you again

>and again

>and again

>slowly you felt yourself beginning to frown

>at least a little

>it did at least make you want to kiss her

>to hold her

>to tell her it was okay and that you knew how she felt

>even if you hadn't actually been sure till just now

>The rest of you just wanted to hear her say it aloud


>Her eyes caught yours again, her features uncharacteristically nervous

<"Y-you know… I… I do,"

"You do what?"

>you couldn't help your tone as you just spat out the response

>it was flat a bit, colder than you had honestly intended

>instantly J'adza shut her eyes suddenly, a pained look coming to her face

"Just say it,"

>you half begged

"Just tell me you love me,"

>Slowly purple eyes met yours as an embarrassed and seemingly overwhelmed look took hold

<"I… a-anon, y-you-"

"You don't have to play tough you know,"

>you sighed, a slight smile beginning to worm its way onto you face

"You can be gentle and soft when it's just us,"

>this only earned you J'adza trying to look away, now more clearly embarrassed

>and in an instant, you knew you had to dig at this

>to push, maybe even gently tease her about it

>at least until she gave in


>purple eyes met yours again, her face still fully flushed as her ears danced about

"I know you feel like you need to put on the front when you’re with me,”

>Did she?

>you weren’t entirely sure, but with how she acted anytime romance came up…

>a slight look of annoyance played out on her face for a moment, as if you had meant it in an insulting way

“to be strong and… just, J’adza I won’t think less of you for being vulnerable with me but if you won’t, I don’t know if-”

<”I love you.”

>it was quick, clear, and more than you had bargained for

>instantly you were being manhandled about as lips crashed into yours

>and for the first time since all of this started, you finally knew how you felt about all of this

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