The farrier

By spurged

>your grinder growled softly as it bit into the horn

>pulling and wearing away at the badly formed and treated hoof-horn

>the keratine itself more or less atomizing in seconds as you peeled away at it

>It was some of the worst you had ever seen


>internal abscesses

>White line cracks

>Completely unbalanced

>how the girl had been able to even walk in was a complete mystery

>by all acounts, she should have needed a wheelchair

>and you had seen her walk in

>It wasn't as if the entourage who had brought her had carried her

>A Satyr, a Minotaur, and even a Baphomet

>the three of them had taken off, promising to snag food for her as well

>but only if she let you trim her up

>How had she even walked into the boutique?

>the three hadn't helped her

>and her feet…

>you pulled the grinder away, setting it down on your desk as you looked up at the girl

>she admittedly was a mess, although not undesirable

>Mamono magick

>even in their worst states Mamono were still desirable goddesses of the feminine form

>her hair was unwashed and messy

>her clothes loose, baggy sweats

>her horns were clearly very unkempt

>and possibly the reason for most of this, her chest was rather… normal

>Large, if she was a human woman

>but she wasnt, she was very obviously a holstaur

>your chest hurt as your heart pounded heavily

>was she depressed over her appearance?

>upset that she wasn't typical?

>Had her friends brought her as an intervention?

"Okay, I'm going to begin a finer sweep over your feet, so please try not to move too much. Okay?"


>gently you took your cutting knife and began to tactfully whittle away at the keratin

>immediately she winced and you stopped, shooting her a worried look

>your eyes locked to her inner claw-toe, inspecting for any wayward mark you may have made

>looking for blood

>you hadn't made a mistake, had you?

>or were her feet in such bad shape that merely working on it hurt?

"Sorry did I cut y-"

<"N-no. Y-you're hands are… t-they're cold."

>you bit your lip, looking away with a slight touch of embarrassment

>you were better than that

>more professional than that


<"N-n-no. Dont. It's…. I like it. Y-you touching me."

>you grimaced as you heard the words and your eyes continued your evaluation of her claws

"You might not say that in a bit,"


"Well your feet… your feet are the worst I've ever seen."

>a pained half-sob escaped the girl

>instantly you felt like you had been punched in the gut

>it didn't chnage the fact that you'd likely have to cut all the way down though

>that she'd likely have to regrow most of the horn

"I-It's okay, we can fix it. I-I promise,"

>your voice cracked

"Sorry. I-its just… This is definitely going to leave you sore and hurting for a bit."

>it was true

>you were going to have to cut away quite a bit of keratin

>enough that you'd likely need to send her off wearing a plastic boot to protect her foot, if not feet

<"I… i-it's okay."

"Still, I'd prefer not for my clients to be in pain if I can…,"

<"I-it's my own fault."

"I don't want to hurt you,"

>you muttered as a response, horn knife still in hand

<"I-I can handle being hurt!"

>she blurted out, eyeing you almost angrily

"Maybe, but that doesnt change the fact that I don't want to hurt you."

>slowly nyou began to mottle away at the keratin

>slowly cutting away at the excess and malformed bits

>doing your best to help rebalance as well as cut out the bad bits that simply needed to be regrown

"You seem like a nice girl an-"

<"Y-you think I'm nice?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

>the holstaur balked, before shooting you a frown

<"I-I'm a mess a-and!"

>she grab at her chest, emphasizing it almost violently

<"L-look at this! I-I'm a disgrace!"

>your face burned at the display

>While she was small for a Holstaur…

"Y-your more than your appearance,"

>you went back to your work, trying to not think about what you had just saw

>your knife working away at her toe

<"You sound like my Dad,"

"Sounds like a smart guy,"

>you muttered back, only to catch her frowning at you again

>you couldn't help but grin

<"So what, are you saying I'm desirable regardless of how I look?"

>you swallowed, anxiety taking you as you stumbled into a mess of a situation

>though your grin didn't abandon you

"I am a man,"

>her frown deepened as her eyes seemed to pour over you, annoyance blooming across her face

<"S-so if I demanded that you go on a date with me…?"

>her voice died out as the question strangled itself in her throat

>shock and worry playing over her face as she uttered it

>you face burned as you were cornered

>sure you had lonely girls hit on you before

>but that was different

>none of them were really your type

>not to mention most of them hadn't been serious

"I uh…w-well,"

>your face burned

>your eyes refusing to meet with hers

>as your cutting knife likewise refused to continue

"I… uh, a-are you sure about me?"

>you had to admit you were suddenly nervous

>you could tell her outburst was serious, which likely meant what was driving it was too

>Did she think you were attractive?

>She had to have

>and you knew what 'dating' usually meant when it came to Mamono

>her eyes dug into you

"I'm not that great, it's not like I could really afford to do anything fancy o-"

<"You have a pulse and you smell nice."

>you snorted, eyeing her with annoyance as you fought yourself not to grin


>you muttered softly

>her ears twitched as a glum look played over her face

<"S-sorry I didn't mean-"

"It's fine. So what did you… what were you thinking?"

>slowly you took the knife to hoof-horn and went back to work

>whittling away at it

>serum dripped from the cuts, indicating the bad condition of her hoof

>the keratin had separated internally

>while this was bad

>it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been

>the serum was proof it was healing already

<"I'm not… I don't really get out much really."

>you nodded as you continued your work

>admittedly you had guessed as much as you had noticed how she was dressed

>Not that that mattered

>Mamono or not, you did have a weird love of "mom lingere"

>sweats and a messy look

"We could go to the movies maybe? It doesn't have to be a big deal,"


>a nervous look played over her face for a moment before she began to take on a defeated look instead

<"I don't know… I- I don't follow things-"

>she stopped, hissing loudly as she tugged her foot back and away from you and instantly you froze

>teeth gritting as you looked to her in a panic

"S-sorry, did I nick you?"

<"N-no. It's just… its sore."

>you relaxed, gently tugging her foot back into place as you slowly went back to work on it

"Well, if you don't want to do a movie-"

<"Y-you think I’m a loser, don’t you?”

>she bit her lip and you found yourself once again stopping as you locked eyes with her

>her eyes starting to well up

“I don’t think that at all.”

>slowly her gaze softened as she looked away from you

>the two of you falling into an awkward silence as you resumed your work

“This isn’t a trick to get me to go to your house for a ‘date’ is it?”

>she balked, a shocked look playing over her features

<”N-no, I- I mean… I just… I don’t really do much to be honest…,”

“Well, is there anything you might want to do?”

>the two of you looked at each other for a moment, as each of you mulled it over


>that was a mistake

>you weren’t exactly ready to get married, to just commit that quickly

>Sure she was cute and seemed decent enough, but you didn’t even know her name


“I-I’d prefer to date first, N-not that you aren’t lovely, I ju-”

<”Y-you think I’m lovely?”

>Her large ears twitched excitedly as she eyed you with suspicion, though her face steadily turned red

<”Y-you better not be joking.”

“I’m not.”

>you spat out quickly, your own face burning

“What uh… what did you have in mind t-though? Date wise, I mean?”

>were you actually going to do this?

>Even with the sudden prevalence of Mamono, the idea of asking a girl out while at work made you feel odd and dirty

>but in a good way

>and you still didn’t even know her name

>did this make you a chad?

>were you a big deal now?

<”I-Ice cream.”

>for the next few minutes the two of you had chatted

>more or less learning a bit more about each other while you worked on her hooves

>one needed a anti-bacterial powder and bandage, while the other ended up with a wooden block glued to the bottom of one of her toes

>it wasn’t long after you finished that the two of you nervously exchanged numbers with plans to get ice cream the next day

>then the trouble began

>shortly after Clover had exited the shop to pile into the car with help from her Satyr friend

<”And what are you intentions with Clover, huh?”

>The tiny Baphomet stared up at you, scowling

>while the Minotaur tried to look tough behind her

“W-well we were just gonna get ice cr-”

>her scowl deepened

<”You aren’t going to take off right?”

<”And then Alp?”

>the Mino added, giving you a look you didn’t like

>you weren’t gay


>the two of them shared a look before turning back to you

“You don’t sound so sure,”

>the Mino muttered, and you immediately frowned

“I wont!”

>you practically shouted in response

<”Thats better,”

>You grumbled before parsing out what any of it meant

“Wait, what do you mean?”

>the two of them shared a look again, though this was far less conspiratorial and more like what you’d expect a doctor to adopt before giving bad news

<”There… was a guy she was sweet on and uh…,”

>the baph trailed off, looking to the Mino for help

<”He ran off to join those orderite weirdos right?”


>your brow furrowed as you absorbed this

<”Apparently he uh.. well you know,”

>the Mino held up her rather rough looking fists and bumped them together a couple times

>you really had no idea

>but you knew what him Alping meant

“Right, okay. But-”

<”Just don’t hurt her, okay?”

>you balked, realizing what this actually was about

“I- I won’t.”

>she had been depressed?

>it wasn’t unheard of

>especially considering that a guy she had had her eyes on had gotten away

>you knew for some Mamono it was devistating

>life ruining even

>she had had about five months worth of growth on her hooves…

>had she been holed up and broken up about this for that long?

>you were two hours late for your date, but it wasn’t your fault

<”I-I can’t Anon,”

>you weren’t sure what to do, not like there really was anything

>while it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities, you doubted this was a trick to keep you in her house

>she did seem believably upset

<”I look… it’s just…,”

>the two of you looked to her feet, her hooves

>they were rather rough looking now that they had had a day to heal

>now no longer raw looking, they had begun to scab where you had had to cut all the way down to fully remove the hoof horn

>And while she had still been limping, her gait was significantly improved

>you honestly couldn’t help but be proud of your work

>despite how she felt about it currently

“I-I know it’s kind of rough but-”

<”I- I look horrible,”

>she muttered out and you couldn’t help but cringe slightly


<”N-no, thats not…,”

>she bit her bottom lip, eyes starting to well up

<”M-maybe I’m not… I just…,”

>you couldn’t let this gone on

>at least not in the direction it was going

>she clearly wasn’t over what had happened

>or the consequences of what her reneging on life in general had done

>outside of her hooves and what it had done to them, you honestly may have liked the sweatclothes asthetic she had going on

>and her messy hair

>hopefully she’d keep it

“Clover, what if… If I go get ice cream will you pick out a movie?”


>the two of you locked eyes over the gallon of ice cream

>You had settled on one of the Mamono fruit flavored ones

>something reasonably non-offensive

>even better, the display case said it was perfect for dating couples

>you still werent sure why no one else seemed to like pistachio

>but that didn't matter, you had apparently found the perfect ice cream

>it was smooth, oddly warming, and made you feel rather content

>As had Clover, who had seemed a lot more relaxed

<"I just… I don't get it Anon."

>she muttered as she took another spoonful of ice cream before looking back to the tv

<"Were they actually on a mission from God?"

>the end credits of the only good 'musical' movie danced across the television set

>on a lark, for the fifth movie of the night after some pizza, you had picked it out

>the only human movie the two of you had watched so far

>she had for the most part seemed to have enjoyed it

>you frowned, unsure how to broach it

>there definitely was a rather large culture gap there


>Did Mamono not have giant delusional societal nuisances?

>That couldn't be, cheshires existed

"It's complicated."

>you settled on an answer

>Maybe playful rogues weren't a big thing on the other side of the portal

>Slowly a box popped up on the television and your heart sank instantly as you realized what it was

>especially as her eyes locked to it

<"Oh! there's a sequel should w-"


>you almost shouted as you practically jumped for the remote, snatching it up

>a worried look playing across her face

"We should… maybe watch something else?"

<"Is it that bad?"

"Oh yeah,"

<"Alright then. W-would a horror movie be okay? I tend to like those a bit more, I hope you don't mind?"

>your eyebrows jumped

>you hadn't expected that

"No, not at all."

>gently you handed her the remote, curious as to what she would put on

>was she a horror junkie?

"This isn't a ploy to get me to cuddle up close so you can keep me safe, is it?"

>you grinned as you asked

>unable to prevent yourself from teasing her

<"Anon if you don't stop I might make good on what you were worried about,"

>you blushed, her threat ringing in your ears as you began to parse over emotions and a touch of anxiety that had mixed itself in

>you weren't ready to get married

>at least not really

>you had a decent job that paid well

>your own place and more

>but with a girl that you had a burgeoning crush for?

>Mamono were built different, literally

>maybe it wouldn't be so bad

>or was she just making idle threats?

>slowly your eyes snapped to the television as she navigated menus, your internal debate raging in you silently

>a mix of Mamono horror and Human horror splashed through the menu

>as well as Mamono "horror" romance films

>slowly the cursor fell on Evil Dead, though something about it nagged at you

>Why did Bruce Campbell look… wrong?

>part of an indicator showed that she had watched possibly half of it so far

<"I don't remember…,"

>she muttered nearly silently before clicking on it

>quickly she directed it to restart from the beginning

>Instantly the room was filled with loud moans, wailing, and wet slapping of flesh

>Instantly the screen cut to a band of Demons in what appeared to be a basement as they surrounded what looked to be a hapless man

>the one currently riding him hopped off, one of the other demons taking center as the camera began to focus on her

>The camera angled up at one of them, her face taking on an almost terrifying and ominous appearance as her red eyes glared down

<"I'll swallow your soul!"

>instantly you looked over at Clover who looked horrified as she struggled with the remote

<"No no no no!"

>her thumb slamming into the keys haphazardly as she began to panic

>the man in the film wailed loudly, the Demoness very clearly sucking his "soul"

>instantly the Holstaur was up, ambling across the room as her hands grasped desperately as cables

>plugs were ripped free from the outlet as she collapsed near the wall

>the room filled with silence outside of her heavy and distressed breathing

>a pained sob filled the room as she sat there across from you

<"P-please don't… I just… I was-"

>she looked at you, tears on her face as she eyed you with worry

"It's okay, I…,"

>you bit yourself, wanting to regret what you were about to do as you stood up and approached Clover

>your hand held out to help her up

"I get lonely too sometimes."

>Clover simply sniffed loudly, looking away from you

<"Just say it,"

>you brow wrinkled in confusion

>say what?

<"Just I'm weird already, that I'm unlikeable, that yo-"


"You're not unlikeable."

>you stated flatly, your chest hurting

>you had to admit you did have a burgeoning crush on her

>but could you openly admit that?

>a deep infatuation at first hoof trimming?

>you weren't sure


>it was just too sappy though…

"I wouldn't have come over if…I-I think you're cute a-and this a first date… right?"

>she looked at you for a moment, teary eyes filled with a mix of worry and embarrassment

<"But I messed it up, I-"

"A-and what if things workout? W-what if…,"

>you trailed off as recent images filled your mind

>in particular Clover proclaiming loudly that she'd swallow your soul before moving t-

"W-what if this just becomes a funny story for later on dow-"

<"I'd die of embarrassment before telling our kids something like this,"

"Our kids?"

>you couldn't help but quip back, a playful grin splitting your face as hers turned beet red

<"N-no, t-thats not… W-what I mean is-"

"You didn't pick out names already, did you?"

>you asked teasingly, chasing after it

>you did like her, at least enough to agree to a date

>and it wasn’t like there really were bad Mamono

>besides, if she was embarrassed she couldn’t be feeling depressed and wallowing in self-pity, right?

>Clover immediately took on a pouting look

>eyeing you with a mix of annoyance as she began to wipe at her face


>she didn't

>did she?

>your own face began to burn as you continued to hold your hand out to her, your chest suddenly thudding heavily

"Y-you did?"

<"I-I'm a Mamono Anon, I… I have wants."

>you swallowed nervously

"H-how many?"

>a nervous look played over her face for a moment before she considered your hand

>her own hand snaking out quickly and grabbing at yours as she pulled you down and close to her

>her face taking on a nervous look as she eyed you

<"Do you really think I'm cute?"

>her ears twitched

>you shivered as you fumbled in her grip, awkwardly kneeling next to her

>your mind reeled, realizing the ‘danger’ you were in

“H-how many?”

<”J-just maybe… s-seven or so,”

>just seven?

>was she being honest, or low-balling you because she was more of a ‘traditionalist’ Mamono?

>your mind raced back to images of the royals and even one of your neighbors

>Jim already had twelve kids and another on the way

>the Maou herself was on her thirty-fourth kid…

>would it really be that bad if she was?

“W-we’d need to get married first,”

>you mumbled out, hoping it would re-orientate her thinking as your face burned even hotter now

>this was a first date

>Mamono or not, it was a bit early for that

>wasn’t it?

<”B-but this is our first… w-we hardly know each other!”

>her ears twitched as she looked away from you, her own face turning an even darker red

>that wasn’t exactly what you had meant at all

>but at least she was thinking along the vein as you

>you could live with her thinking you were over-ready

“L-look, thats… I- do you want to continue our date? I.. do like you, alright?”

>Clover’s eyes grew wide as she held onto your hand from her spot on the floor

>you had said it

>it wasn’t necessarily untrue

>she was cute

>and there was just something about her that made you want to be around her

>if at the very least to just make her smile

>Was this from weird Mamono magic, or simply because you were a man?

<”B-but you hardly know me, y-you might-”

“Then lets keep going out, l-lets hang out and-”

<”Y-you don’t care that I ruined our date?”

“I’ve heard of worse…,”

>you had

>the guy who met his wife in a drunken fistfight

>she had won

>Or the guy wh-

>Clover tugged you closer to her, there on the floor next to her and the entertainment system in her livingroom

>her eyes pouring into yours as she seemed to be looking for something in you

<”I-I know Miriam had talked to you, d-did they… did they put you up to this?”


<”Did they-”

“No. They were… they wanted to make sure I wasn’t just leading you on, I guess…,”

>uncertainty played over her face for a moment before she took on a determined look

<”I- D-do you actually like me, a-at least a little? Do you actually think… I’m cute?”

>her eyes looked into yours pleadingly

>not as if you needed much convincing to admit your growing infatuation

“Yeah, I… I do.”

>quickly she looked away from you as her large ears twitched, her grip on your arm tightening somewhat

>your heart thudding loudly in your chest

>clearly she was considering something as her lips pursed

<”C-could you help me over to the couch?”

>gently you grasped at her arm, shifting as you went to stand and pull her up with you

>Slowly she stood up, although it was unsure as she seemed to wobble for a moment

>her eyes locked to yours and you found yourself holding your breath

<”Anon, are you… do you really like me?”


>you couldn’t help but smile as you held onto her arms, your own eyes pouring back into hers

“Would you be okay with… y’know, another date?”

<”y-yeah. Y-you don’t think I’m weird for the… t-that movie t-”

“I-I get lonely too sometimes, it’s…”

>you trailed off, lost for words as your face felt hot enough to cook with

>her own face reflected something similar, although her expression…

>was she thinking about you watching such stuff an-


>her expression changed as she bit her bottom lip as she continued to stare at you alittle too hard

>she was

>she had to be

<”Do you want to k-keep watching? N-normal movies, I mean…,”

>You were panting

>as was Clover

>the televison was blaring something

>the two of you had stopped watching midway through a weird erotic Mamono remake of reAnimator

>Dr. West moaning loudly as a headless lich road him into oblivion

>the two of you had barely made it beyond the intro before she was ontop of you on the couch

>Her lips smacked loudly as they pulled away from yours

>the last thirty minutes had been a haze of want as her ample body pressed down on you

>her fingers in your hair

>as her overly soft lips pressed to yours over and over hungrily


>did this make her your girlfriend?

>you were pretty certain it did

>just holding hands was a big deal

>making out on a couch while she occasionally thrust her hips against yours…

>she was definitely your girlfriend now

>you were pretty certain anyways



>your mind was a haze

<”T-tell me I’m pretty again,”

>her demand was softly spoken, as if she was afraid to hear it

“Y-youre gorgeous,”

>you shivered as you felt her shift ontop of you, her hips grinding againt your own as her lips crashed against yours

>you couldn’t help but feel a complete hatred for your pants

>mostly because they separated you from her

>you had to feel her

>needed to

>part of your mind tried to fight against this though, reminding you that it was too early to get ‘married’

>sure it was too early

>sure you barely knew her

>and just going on this date was a huge risk but…

>Something about her was just right

>you needed this

>you needed her

>and desperately you wanted to just give in

>to just surrender to her every want and desire

>it was what you were for

>why you were born

>wasn’t it?


>she muttered, fighting to catch her breath before she dove back in for another bout of heavy kisses

>her tongue probed at your lips

>tracing them

>tasting them

>before finalling pushing past and batting at yours

>She was large and flat and overly smooth

>you felt yourself beginning to melt in her grasp as her tongue began to work yours over


<"Y-you'll belong to me,"

>the statement hung in the air while Clover laid ontop of you

>you heart thudding loudly as your blood rushed

>you could barely manage to nod as you let out an affirmative hum

>you couldn't move

>well, not really

>you were too comfortable, and your body felt as if your muscles had turned to jelly

>save one

>though that one felt like it was suddenly made of titanium

<"S-say it,"

>she pleaded softly

>her voice slightly pained

>her hips ground themselves down against you and again you hated the very concept of pants

<"P-please Anon,"

"I'll... I want to belong to you."

>you corrected yourself

>Sure, eventually would be nice

>but she was currently ontop of you

>kissing you

>grinding her hips down against yours and driving you insane

>So what if it was just the first date?

>Most guys didn't even get to wait that long

<”You will,”

>there was a hunger in her voice as it came out in a husky and needful way

>her hips shifted against yours and you found yourself fighting to stifle a moan at the sensation


>maybe the first date was more than enough

>you could live with her being your first and last at this point

>sure the two of you barely knew anything about each other…

>But then again, if this is what you’d get out of it you could live with practically anything that you might not like about her

>though, try as you might it was hard to imagine anything

<”Y-you will, won’t you?”

>you swallowed as she muttered out the question, almost too low to hear

>her face one of worry

>you chest hurt immediately and your body reacted involuntarily

>your arms holding onto her tightly as your hands found her back

>slowly you began to rub

>your eyes looking up into hers, hoping to see any kind of improvement

“W-we could just…,”

>you face burned as you spat out the first thing that came to mind

>Clover simply gave you a look

>her eyes seeming to smolder with want while also giving you a disapproving look with the rest of her face

>She wanted to too

>she had to

<”N-not until… Mom would… A-anon,”


>you managed, hazy and unsure of what was about to happen

<”W-we’re going on a date tomorrow,”

>her demand did little to shake you, instead it made you feel excited

>and quite happy

>this was great

<”you need to meet my parents.”

>you had been nervous at first

>but most of that evaporated as you had put eyes on them

>the two of them seemed almost reminiscent of your own parents

>and oddly, you and Clover

>at least in how the lot of you looked and seemed to be interacting with each other

>As soon as she had begun to fuss over the smaller and thinner looking man’s shirt while he placidly tried to explain that it was too late, you immediately felt most of your worries disappear

>While it was true that the two of you had more or less decided to get married after one bad date and a chance meeting…

>remembering that her Mother was a Mamono and actually putting eyes on her parents did set you at ease quite a bit

>they’d understand


>if anything any kind of push back would just be to tell the two of you to take a few months to really be sure

>like three or four at the most

>you face burned as you sat down

>Clover herself now fussing over you as she reached over from her spot next to you to try and fix your shirt

>messily she tried to work on straightening out the wrinkles on your shirt, but it was a fruitless endeavor

>slowly her father shot you a look from across the table, one that was definitely rather sympathetic

“So you’re Anon?”

“Yes, that’s… yeah.”

>you fumble, feeling awkward

>immediately Clover’s mother shots you a reassuring smile

<”It’s okay, just relax.”


>you couldn’t help but let out a slightly nervous laugh

>the reality of it all crashing down on you for a moment

>you wanted to get married to a girl who you had just met the other day after a heavy make-out session on her couch

>a girl who had just been on a depressive streak after a her prior boyfriend took off to chase down a guy because he Alped

>None of this would be a good idea if Clover was human

>even still, it still gave you a bit of pause as you thought it over


>So you’d demand the two of you wait for a month or so and then go for it…


>your eyes caught Clover’s as she gave you a soft smile and you swallowed hard

>She was a Mamono, if she decided ‘yes’, it would likely mean ‘yes’ for you even if you didn’t necessarily agree

>God that would be so hot if she did that and kept the sweats o-

“So what do you do for work Anon?”

>you swallowed again, mouth going dry as you banished your thoughts and redirected your attention

“I uh… I work at a boutique, I’m a farrier an-”


>Clover’s mother exclaimed loudly, looking at you with surprise

>Clover grabbed gently at your hand beneath the table, although there wasn’t any sign or show of worry in it or on her face

>if anything it was something more like just wanting to touch you

<”W-would you, I-I know it’s terribly rude right before dinner but-”

“Sure, it’d be no problem.”

>Clover’s father looked exasperated, shooting his wife a look before looking at you for some kind of sympathy

>Thankfully the rest of dinner and more had gone swimmingly

>Was it because you were a Farrier?

>Because Clover was completely crazy about you already?

>or the fact that you had gone and made a new wrap for Clover’s hooves that more or less hide what they were or why she had it

>you had wanted her to feel every bit as pretty as she actually was

>but you honestly had no idea what it was that had made the two of them like you

>Maybe it was because like what you had gotten an impression of when seeing them, they saw similarly right back at the two of you

>You and Clover were basically left alone together as her parents had driven off after more or less saying ‘go for it’

>Her hand found yours, fingers interlacing with yours as she pressed close and the two of you watched their car drive off



<”I… t-tell me I’m pretty and… I want to go home with you, I want to… I want to finalize this.”

>Clover stared at you as the two of you stood awkwardly in her kitchen

>a bottle of the finest gas station wine having been already divided up for the two of you

>her face was a mix of anxiety and desire

<”S-should you move in o-or…?”

“I only have an apartment s-”


>her eyes met with yours as her face began to turn red

>her lips pulling into a odd soft smile as her eyes began to trace over your body

<”Do you want to… I-in the livingroom o-or should we-”

“W-we have all night,”

>you spat out, your own face burning as you looked away and took a rather big sip of your drink

>the possibility of simply going room to room…

>You knew that ‘all night’ was also a possibility

>and both were likely to happen


>the only questions you had really was if you’d survive

>and if she’d want to take the lead or-


>your eyes locked and you took another nervous sip

>gently she set down her own glass

>her eyes taking on an almost predatory look

<”G-get in my bed,”

>you swallowed hard, your eyes going wide


<”No. Y-you aren’t talking me out of this, I’m going to fuc-”

“The shower.”

>you blurted out, face burning as you found yourself looking away from her

>it had come to you completely at random

>but something about the idea of the water streaming down the two of you

>moreso it had everything to do with seeing her wet, especially her hair than really anything else

>were you a pervert?


<”W-well… okay,”

>she muttered in a tone that sent shivers down your spine and only served to cause you to rustle in anticipation

>the rest of it all was a blur until Clover had smacked you

>water dripping down both of your forms as you looked up at her expectantly

>instant her expression became anxious and pained

>her fingers grasping at your head as she tried to pull away from you

>but you wouldn’t, couldn’t let her

>one hand was wrapped tightly on the base of her tail while the other held fast to her hip for stability



<”D-don’t its… its weird,”

>you eyed her belly again as a smirk played across your face

>All you had done was lick at your belly

>straying alittle too close to her belly button

>did it really feel so weird for her?

>All you had wanted was to worship her lovely and shapely form

>your tongue peeked from your mouth as you shot her a mischevious look

>your hand tightening your grip on her tail, which earned you a throaty moan from her

>Quickly she shivered, eyeing you now with a mix of annoyance and a touch of fear

<”D-don’t you-”

>you stuck out your tongue, grin splitting your face

<”A-Anon no~ P-please~”

>you had suffered a couple more reactionary slaps to the head as you had worked on teasing her bellybutton with your tongue

>earning squeals and bits of struggling until she finally snapped and pulled your head away and shoved her crotch into your face

>thick hair tickled at your nose as you struggled, only to lock eyes with Clover as she looked down at you with a crazed look


>maybe you shouldn’t have teased her so much

>her hips bucked and you found your mouth lining up to her sex

>her nub quick against your tastebuds

>her eyes seeming to glow as your new predicament took hold

<”L-l-lick me,”

>her voice was strangled and unsure as her face burned

<”M-make me yours,”

>she muttered just barely above the sound of the shower

>obediently, you gave in to her instructions

>your tongue delving deep as it found its place while her soft, fur like hair tickled at your nose

>instantly she shuddered against you, letting out a low moan that sounded suspiciously like a moo

>you tasted at her, working your tongue against and in her sex

>all of this earning you moans and whimpers that made your blood boil with need as she trembled and shivered


>her hands tugged at your hair, trying to pull you away

>to which you relented and let her without any kind of a fight

>her chest heaved as water dripped from her

>her eyes burning into you

<”G-get in my bed now, I can’t… S-stop teasing me.”

>you simply nodded, slightly worried about what was about to happen

>sure you were turned on

>but you had heard stories about teasing alittle too much

>had you gone too far?

>well, you weren’t currently being slammed in the show while your toes curled so…

>Slowly you did as you were told as you exited the shower

>toweled off for some reason

>and tossed yourself on to what was soon be the only place you’d get to sleep

>Hooves clacked on the tiled bathroom floor before following after you

>her breathing more haggard as if she had just finished chasing after you

>water dripped down on you and the bed as she loomed over you

>her plump and full body blocking out everything else in the world as she pressed close

>you shivered excitedly as her lips crashed against yours

>her smooth, flat tongue forcing its way into your mouth as her hands found your shoulders

>you could help but feel yourself twitch in anticipation as she clambered ontop of you

>her warm and thick thighs and legs hugging at your sides

>slowly she lined herself up before easing herself down onto you, inch by inch impaling herself on your length

>the two of you let out pleased moans at the same time

>your length feeling as if it was melting inside of her hungry and hot folds

<A-anon, I need… I-I want…,”

>After the third orgasm you had just checked out on doing anything more than holding onto your new wife and moan

>you could barely function as the pleasure overwhelmed you

>as well as Clover’s demand

>It wasn’t as if you had much of a choice in the matter at this point

>not that you minded about that but…

>didn’t Mamono have a slight fertility issue?

>chances were, you’d have to do this constantly

>practically daily

>and possibly for over a year straight before anything could possibly take

>if not more

>And if current events were any prediction of the future, would you even be able to survive?

>if your hips didn’t dislocate, you’d definitely dehydrate

>you groaned suddenly as Clover changed her mode of attack, her hips dropping down on you as she stopped riding you and was simply working your length in and out of herself

>her fingers laced through your hair as she forced your face in between her sweat covered breasts

<”Y-you have to!”

>you shuddered and let out a pained moan as her hot folds suddenly clamped down on you

>the first time you had cum it had been as if her body had begged for it

>now it was demanding it

>without any mercy or hesitation

>Lightning shot through you as your body reacted, giving in

>surrendering to her without question as you cock throbbed

>quickly pleasure flashed through you so quickly it was almost painful and you whimpered

<”J-just one more, p~lease! Pl~ease!”

>you shuddered as you felt yourself begin to cum for the fourth time

>you cock throbbed painfully as you began to unload and fill her womb for the last time for the day

>your vision going fuzzy and as you began to feel weak and fully used up

>just drained



>you went limp in her grasp, panting as you finished

<”Ohhh~ G-good~”

>you shivered as her fingers wound themselves through your hair as she slowly peeled you from her sweat covered breasts

>her eyes pouring over your face, appearing to glow almost as she looked at you with an expression you couldn’t quite place

>her face was flush as her bovine like ears twitched, her hair a mess

>it was definitely a mix of want and satisfaction and something else

>contentment maybe?


>your heart thudded heavily in your chest and all you could think about for a moment was getting her to look at you this way again

>to just get her to look at you with the same look in her eyes regardless of the context

<”Y-you have to keep me, you know. You can’t ru-”

“Just tell me you love me and let me take care of you,”

>you mumbled out, struggling to catch your breath as your muscles began to tell you about how tired they were

>Clover’s ears twitched as she made a pleased face momentarily before her lips crashed with yours

>hungrily tasting at you as her tongue probed for yours

>her tongue batted at yours slowly, a low moan coming from her for a moment before she pulled away

<”I… I love you, please take care of me.”

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