On Rats

By lordlumbar

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This was two or 3 year old document I decided to publish that ended up serving as the skeleton framework for The Menace Below. As you may or may not be able to tell, some entries might not make sense, errors, abrupt ending etc. as I never found the momentum to finish it up. I decided to upload it because, fuck it, I spent quite a while on it, and it's different enough from TMB that people might still have gotten some enjoyment from it. I swear I'll finish Part 3, hopefully by next month, but I hope to write some other stuff in the mean time. Enjoy.

It began completely unnoticed. Life was normal: the markets were brimming with activity, children played tag in the streets, and mothers chatted about the goings on of the town whilst knitting together. A noticeable increase in rat infestations had created a slight worry in the towns people of a bad omen, but as far the exterminator and cats were concerned this was nothing but a bounty. I had been assigned from the head of the guard to look into what may have caused the sudden burst in rodents, but as far as I could tell they had just been more 'active' in this season than expected. Still, they expected an answer to which I responded with perhaps it was to do with the deforestation currently underway pushing them into the town as a new habitat. Pleased with this, no more investigation was required. Then came the rain. A slight drizzle had fallen upon the town which slowly picked up into a downpour. Very strangely, the rain was warm and slightly sweet, enticing children to play around in it and catch it with their mouths. Worringly, the rain had persisted for days, once more prodding my superior into pushing me for an answer. At this point it was clear there was some sort of supernatural phenomena at hand, and I requested a handful of guards investigate the surrounding area for monsters that may be hexing our lands. The guards and I circled a large perimeter in the heavy downpour, day and night finding no monsters. However what we found was very concerning; carved in trees, signs, and rocks was a symbol of three lines crossing each other forming a triangle. Reporting this to the captain, I received a worrying look and a demand for a definitive answer. Guards were posted at all times to watch the streets, and people were not permitted to leave their homes at least until the rain had cleared up. The rain did not stop. Days and nights got shorter, but dawn and dusk had stretched out to make up for it, resulting in chaotic sleep cycles. This persisted for weeks and being cooped up into rat infested homes, diseases began to wrack the citizens. People felt cold, huddling together for warmth claiming that blankets and the remaining firewood were not enough. Others felt so lazy they could barely even pull themselves out of their beds and some had even slept for days. Few had even gone mad and believed all of this was completely normal, trying to go to the empty markets to purchase trinkets and fruits from strange traveling merchants who weathered the storm. The strange triangle symbol had begun to appear all over the town alongside dark shapes seen running across the rooftops and alleyways at night. Guards occasionally disappeared screaming off the streets and the now mad captain ordered a full scale attack on an enemy no one had seen. He rallied most of guards that remained and marched off into the night, never to be seen again. The handful of guards left in the morning to defend the town had lost hope, collecting their families and fleeing the town. Dawn or dusk I could not tell, but I had prepared to leave immediately. Disturbingly, it seemed almost as if the rats had been trying to stop me. They came in packs to steal my spare clothes, chew up my leather armour, cut my shortbow, and gnawed on the food I prepared for travel. Grabbing whatever the rats had not already taken from me, I ran into the streets. At the outskirts of the town, I turned back to look at the once proud town and was met with a sight of ultimate horror. From beyond my lantern were a dozen pairs of red eyes peering at me. From the rooftops, some from a manhole, others around the corners of alleyways. Then down the block, the cobblestone street slowly began to bulge. The mound spilled open, releasing dozens upon dozens of creatures into the streets. They broke into homes, set fire to buildings in a violet blaze, and larger forms smashed straight through stone walls. I ran as fast and as far as I could, distant chittering laughter stalking me the whole trip to the nearest city of Mariens; an estimated three days by foot.

By some miracle or for some nefarious purpose, I had successfully escaped. I was hysterical. Exhausted, terrified, starving and likely tainted by some foul magick: I gibbered about rats, rain, and ruin publicly in the streets for anyone to listen. After enough pitying and fearful looks from passersby, the guards had me arrested for disturbing the peace and they dragged me to a jail cell. I testified about the events that occurred; swarms of giant rats, things burrowing underground, destroying walls and using purple fire to attack the inhabitants. I was met with laughter. The guards assumed I was talking about large mice, who were weak, hardly magically capable, and never even attacked hamlets. They believed if some creature like that existed, such a threat would already have been well documented and there would be warnings sent across by The Order. I was judged to be insane, found the presence of demonic energy within my body, and I was sentenced to death. I laid in my jail cell for three days praying until the night prior to my execution. I was desperate for some divine intervention, hope that the just Chief Goddess would rescue me from all I had endured. That night I was met with a visitor of no holy cause. The noise of whirring disrupted what I hoped would be my last peaceful slumber as the wall behind me began crumbling. Through a newly created hole about 5' tall, I was face to face with my personal nightmare. Piercing red eyes, a long skinny tail, clad in a dark, revealing robe, hood, and mask. Before I could scream for the guards, she reached out with her hand and a spell was cast, silencing me. She then dragged me out of the cell kicking, trying to scream and rendered me unconscious by smothering. The last thing I remember was that same chittering laughter before being dragged below the earth.

Skaven Civilization

Underneath the world as we know it, there is an endless terror growing. It is treated as a myth by almost all, and my superiors granted my request to investigate this rumour not out of intrigue but as a joke. However my investigations have reigned true, and vermin who were once treated as a mere annoyance have become fearsome, uncountable creatures threatening to overrun all that we hold dear and drag us into the depths of their ever-expanding subterranean empire!


Very likely to be cousins of the already established Large Mouse, the Skaven are monsters that are best described as opportunistic. They are cowardly, yet clever creatures who will grab any attempt to benefit themselves but many are quick to submit at any hint of aggression. How submissive they are is inversely proportionally to their strength, so while a slave may service the aggressor on command alone, you may need to tug on the tail of a Clanrat or wrestle with a Stormvermin to get them to do your bidding. Should a man show submission to a Skaven, she is guaranteed to take advantage regardless of position, leading even slaves to try and dominate the man. What one must beware however, is their ingenuity. The Skaven scheme constantly, and devise insane plans to capture men, or sabotage their peers. Within a harem of Skaven each girl is constantly struggling for the attention of the husband and no girl ever sits at the bottom for long. In a week one slave might get incredibly little attention from the husband but this is never because she can’t get it; rather it’s because she’s planning something. She could be trying to garner sympathy from the husband by looking sad, working harder to obtain something to give her an edge over the others, or setting a grand scheme that will get the others away from the husband for some alone time. The harem is also completely grounded around the husband and if anything would threaten the husband’s health or happiness, the harem will actually work together for his sake. Despite the fact that they openly form harems around the man, they are very possessive and each will try to keep him to herself despite the near impossibility of it.

<You no-step closer! Today me-me-day!


Agreements are almost never acted on and truces are broken faster than the time it takes to negotiate them. Honour does not exist here and the concept of true loyalty is reserved only to their husbands and their “goddess.” The Skaven are divided into a soft caste system where there are five positions one can sit at: slave, Clanrats and men, Stormvermin, a special caste and one for their revered Greyseers. Men hold an unusual position as they are treated as property by higher caste Skaven, yet are highly protected and loved by all, and are even the dominant ones in many relationships.

<Me say you get man-thing IF extras! Away. No-no, mine-MINE!

Despite the name, slave is less of a forced servitude and more of a natural position for the majority of the Skaven. Most Skaven aren’t strong in comparison to higher level Skaven, thus they are submissive, but still derive masochistic joy from being commanded and punished by their overseers. Slaves work almost nonstop, but to them this isn’t a bad thing. It means they get more time under someone else’s command, and their boundless energy never tires. Sex is often also considered work in rare cases, as some Skaven lairs have facilities where the demonic energy released from their poor spirit energy conversion is harvested in a special facilities designed to charge Darkstone for machinery.

<Whip please, Master-lord!

Clanrats are a step above slaves but fall below Stormvermin in terms of strength and dominance. Some Clanrats prefer being submissive to their husband or leader and others are more dominant or even a bit defiant. Clanrats operate less manual labour and more often take jobs such as merchants, machine operators, lower tier guards and slave wranglers. They are less energetic than their submissive cousin, but stronger and take the most risks of any caste, making them the most frequent schemers.

<Gas globe go here, trap-wire here there. Slaves follow token trigger, man-thing mine!

While all castes take part in battles, Stormvermin are the closest to a military caste, as they are physically stronger than both Clanrats and slaves, more aggressive, and take sadistic joy in subjugating their peers and husband. Stormvermin are for the most part content with their position, and often don’t need to scheme, as their intimidating presence, raw strength and authority as a higher caste gives them free reign to bully their inferiors and grab a husband for themselves. One flaw however, is that they have often have a powerful hubris that is exploited through challenges and are often taken down a peg by the lesser Skaven working together and setting up a trap to humiliate their superiors.

<You command me, thing?! Look-seems I must bring you down a notch~!

The special caste is generally reserved for specialist Skaven, typically from the four major clans of Skryre, Moulder, Eshin, and Pestilens, but also include Warlords and Albino Stormvermin.

The Greyseers are the magical caste of the Skaven, born with white fur and horns, they are considered worthy of holy worship as they bear the closest resemblance to their “goddess” the Horned Rat. They are powerful casters and are incredibly ambitious, many seeking to rise to the top as their clan's leader and eventually among the Council of Thirteen, the most powerful Skaven clans.

Types of Skaven

The common Skaven is shaped in the form of a woman ranging from young girl to muscle-bound woman depending on their position. They have beautiful bodies designed to encourage breeding, possess brown or black fur and powerful, dexterous, hairless tails that can be used to pick up or sweep objects. Lesser Skaven tend to use their tails to wrap around the husband’s member and pleasure him or hold down his limbs as a group, while Stormvermin are quite often strong enough to pick up or pin down a man using their tail alone so that they may have their way with him. The senses of the Skaven are also incredibly keen, with eyes that can see perfectly in the dark, ears that can hear the lightest footstep and a nose that can detect the scent of a man from several dozen meters away. No one can hide from a Skaven search without the usage of strong magic or an incredibly well prepared hiding spot, it’s even rumoured that they can smell fear. However these strengths come at the cost of being incredibly sensitive. Due to this, they avoid sunlight, recoil from loud noises and avoid certain smells, particularly men marked by multiple or stronger Skaven. The nose, ears and tail are physically sensitive and can be rubbed or tugged on to relax, scare, or arouse the victim depending on the circumstances. Their bodies are also subject to incredible change, not just from rising in status, but from being exposed to different types of monster mana. These changes can range from changing in size, strength, colour, and even growing new body parts depending on the source of mana and intensity of exposure.

<N-naaaa~ leave ears alone!

A dozen or so times a year, a lucky clan is chosen by the Horned Rat to be granted a Rat Mother. Rat Mothers are a variation of Skaven who have been granted incredible fertility from birth, and are celebrated for their ability to produce and take care of children. Rat Mothers lack a number of the Skaven's positive traits such as supreme nimbleness, they aren't particularly strong like Stormvermin, nor can they cast magic. However they have soft, plush bodies perfect for her many children to rest upon, warm fur, wide hips to ease the birthing process, excellent memory to keep track of all her young, and large breasts always filled with milk to feed her own horde. The male of the Rat Mother's choice is granted protection from the other Skaven by the Horned Rat to ensure that he can regularly impregnate the Rat Mother, and assist in caring for the children when she is pregnant. Rat Mothers generally become impregnated every thirteen times the couple have sex, serve gestation periods of about thirteen weeks, usually bearing twins, triplets and occasionally quadruplets at the time of birth. Rat Mothers are always monogamous, and are probably the only Skaven that seem to be passive, and genuinely compassionate to those other than their husbands and children. According to the rantings of the Plague Priests, the number of Rat Mothers being born each year is steadily going up, and the rate will rise the more the Skaven expand and conquer.

<Come forth, husband. The mischief wishes to see you~!

Born with horns and lustrous grey or white fur, the Greyseers are incredibly powerful mages who almost always occupy the highest ranking positions of society. Despite their high ranking and power, they aren’t particularly aggressive and while prideful, they will decline challenges if they believe they won't win, unlike Stormvermin who will almost always accept without much forethought. Often times Greyseers will boast their husbands to other Skaven and perform romantic and erotic acts in public as a means of showing off. This also serves to encourage the other lower Skaven to work harder and eventually earn husbands themselves. They are incredibly possessive however, and despite their mana being enough to monopolize their husband they refuse to let any other monsters, Skaven or otherwise interact with him too much. Using their powerful skills of magic, they can cast all sorts of spells from shooting electricity to paralyze troublesome heroes, to physically weakening enemy armies to make it easier for the Skaven to collect, to arousing her own minions into a frenzy. Greyseers are particularly interested in human wizards, and should a male one of considerable power be present on the battlefield she will use her powers to the furthest extent to ensure he doesn't escape and that the lower Skaven don't touch him. From there she will take him to her personal quarters where he will have intense sex with her captor, and they will eventually receive the Horned Rat's blessing as a couple. Should a female caster be on the field, the Greyseer will challenge her to a magical duel. Should the caster accept and the Greyseer find her opponent strong enough for consideration, they will engage in a battle between magicians. Once the caster is weak enough or the Greyseer is about to lose, the Greyseer will order her underlings to capture her, where she will be overwhelmed by the verminous horde and carried underground to a temple of the Horned Rat and forced to undergo a ritual, transforming her into a Greyseer.

<Make way! Gr-r-reatest, most beautiful pair coming through!

Darkstone and Skaven Mana

Skaven conversion of spirit energy into demonic energy is incredibly inefficient by monster standards. Rather than turning most of their husband's spirit energy directly into demonic energy within the body, most of it is released into their surroundings. While other monsters have similar phenomena, the Skaven release it in much higher volumes. Since most of their energy leaves their system, they are often even more lascivious towards their husbands than most monsters to make up for the loss in energy. Over time, the raw demonic energy flowing through the surroundings will begin to crystallize in high concentrations underground creating eerie, deep violet glowing crystals referred to as "Darkstone." Darkstone is a magical resource that is best summarized as pure, condensed demonic energy. It is used by the Skaven for a wide variety of uses ranging from currency, to fueling their powerful yet shoddy machinery, to alchemical reagents, to weapons, to even mutations of their own kind. Within the nest-lairs this terrible material is harvested and placed around to dimly light the surroundings for their sensitive eyes and husbands. Darkstone can also be consumed, strengthening the consumer’s magical potential but exposure has other effects on those who are not magically innate. The effects vary depending on situations but for many slaves it often makes them energetic and in some rarer occasions it can also grow them to the strength of a higher caste. When used without being consumed or broken, Darkstone loses the mana stored in it and must be recharged. Depending on the source of mana used to charge or create it, Darkstone can take on a variety of different properties. It is not exclusively produced by Skaven mana and can even be found beneath large Mamono nations, however the Skaven were the first to discover it through their constant digging deep below the surface. Since the Skaven live deep underground and release incredible amounts of demonic energy, Darkstone is abundant and frequently mined for their own nefarious plans.

<Yes-yes! Faster-mine more Darkstone, sooner more no-furs!

Skaven fur collects the owner's mana like a sponge and is used to mark property and men as theirs by rubbing it against themselves. The stronger the Skaven, the stronger the mana that soaks into the object, and men marked by Skaven have a certain threshold to how many Skaven they can be marked by until other Skaven become dissuaded. Greyseers, Warlords and Rat Ogres for example, are usually strong enough that they can a keep a single man to themselves with the occasional exception, Stormvermin typically form a harem of three of four, while Clanrats regularly go up to eight and slave harems often have thirteen or more. No matter which spot the husband lays in, he will regularly face chaos between the insane plans of the Greyseers, the aggressive competition between Stormvermin, constant scheming of Clanrats, and endless attention from the horde of slaves. Due to the Skaven’s poor intake of demonic energy and the formation of Darkstone preventing the natural erosion of demonic energy, lands the Skaven tunnel beneath almost always become Demon Realms in a short span of time whether they stay or not. Demon Realms created by the Skaven are almost always Dark Demon Realms, but carry some unique characteristics. The first is that rat populations explode on the surface and their teeth gain werewolf-like characteristics which will monsterize human females if bitten enough. Along the surface hordes of vicious rats patrol the landscape in search of human invaders where men are knocked over and carried on a bed of rats into the clutches of the Skaven and women are gnawed on until they become Skaven.

The Horned Rat

The Skaven’s religion revolves around a powerful being with great horns, white fur, and an irresistibly alluring body. She is revered as the mother of all Skaven and is said to be an image of fertility itself, and the Skaven who see her beauty in full are guaranteed to conceive a child should they have sex with their husband soon after. She is of immense power in her domain of the Skaven Under-Empire, where her holy symbols and the sacred number of thirteen is present everywhere. She regularly acts when called upon (though not always in the way wanted) and performs miracles for the rat-folk, acting as an invisible power among the under-cities and nest-lairs. Two blind plague-priests that are able see the Horned Rat and relay her will to the Skaven when they aren't tending to their husband. However this image does not seem to properly manifest her powers, as neither of the priests have yet to conceive of a child without her being fully summoned. The Horned Rat can be physically brought into the world through an incredibly difficult to perform ritual, which many clans eagerly attempt and few succeed.

<The Great Goddess demands tribute-sacrifice!

<Five carts of Darkstone, a choir of plague monks and two unmarked man-things for the ritual!

Her divine status is something I personally question for a couple of reasons. First is that she gets very personal with the Skaven, often assisting in or messing with the schemes of the Skaven and playing pranks constantly, yet titles herself as the "Goddess of Fertility" and is unknown by most other monsters despite having such a broad and sought after aspect as her dominion. The second is that she has a physical embodiment she can’t reach at will while other gods can do as they wish. The third is that she doesn't like other monsters nor the Demon Lord, yet seems to oblige and assist the Demon Lord on occasion. According to distant reports, Lilim have been known to occasionally be born with animal-like features: given the immense power, horns and white fur, I have reason to believe she is less a "goddess" and more likely a Lilim that appears to be trapped in some sort of metaphysical state: one that the Skaven are working towards pulling her out of. Her personality from what I can tell resembles that of a teenager going through a rebellious phase, and the Demon Lord occasionally has to reign her in. She's petty, immature and destructive; especially if one of her 'grand schemes' falls apart. Should her chaotic nature be simply a phase it could take decades (or even longer given the lifespan of Lilim), and the Skaven would be utterly uncountable by then under her rule. Whether or not she actually birthed the Skaven, created them by other means or altered Large Mice into their current form is unknown.

<How DARE the man-things resist the glory of the Horned Rat's children! They heh-hide on the surface thinking that makes them above-above us, safe, but we-we of the Horned Rat will pull them down to the depths of pleasure!

The Black Hunger

Since most of their demonic energy leaves their body and what's left is rapidly consumed by their hyperactive nature, the Skaven sex drive is insane and the man in the centre is most likely to spend most of his time sating the harem's insatiable hunger. Like most monsters, they have an intense desire to bear many children, and have sex multiple times daily in their quest to achieve motherhood, but to the Skaven it's almost seen as a duty. The Skaven have more difficulty than the average monster to get pregnant, but due to their rapid maturation, aggression, large harem sizes and the existence of Rat Mothers, they are still an exponential threat.

Relationships with Others

Normally, monsters see each other as sisters, comrades, or fellow members of the Demon Lord's army. The Skaven are not normal. The Skaven are without a doubt the most arrogant species of monster. They see themselves as the most beautiful, loving, and powerful creatures who deserve the best and all the other monsters are two bit competitors. While they aren't bloodthirsty and don't actually wish for the other monsters to disappear, they are very territorial and are often an irritation or hindrance to the monsters they make contact with. A few monster species in particular have some interesting relationships with some of the clans. Skryre has an intense rivalry with the gremlins, Eshin learned many of their techniques from the Kunoichi and on rare occasions are hired for “assassinations” by other species, Pestilens often clashes with the Lizardmen in dense jungles, Moulder occasionally trades experimental data with Liches, and Mors often battles with the Greenskins for fun and disputes lands with the Dwarves. The Sabbath regularly trade with the Skaven, trading every type of alchemical reagent and ingredient that can be found on the surface in exchange for Darkstone, which the Skaven happily oblige at a marked up rate.

Human men are treasured as husbands by the Skaven just like any other monster, but are also viewed as prey and trophies. They see the surface as another world where they don’t belong, and the men they desperately covet must be brought back underground. This leads to them digging massive networks of tunnels towards and underneath human civilizations where they will eventually emerge from below, dragging everyone and everything back down with them. Men captured are made husbands by whoever has claimed them, women are usually made to work in the Darkstone mines where if the slaves don't monsterize her for being what they perceive as a weaker being, the intense Skaven mana from exposure to Darkstone will inevitably turn them into their very captors. The treatment of men varies wildly with Skaven society, and can be dependant on clan, status of the harem, and the type of Skaven. Monster-friendly human civilizations are ignored, as by the time the Skaven make their way to a supposed easy target, most men are already claimed and the inhabitants don't take kindly to outsiders rudely making a huge commotion and stealing romantic candidates, leading to missions which cost more time and resources than their worth. The Demon Lord also personally expressed her discontent with their actions, threatening to punish the Horned Rat if these assaults were to continue.

Skaven Clans

Skaven are divided into clans with each typically lead by either a grey seer or warlord. The leader has dictatorial control over the clan and are usually head strategists and tacticians, targeting human civilizations to capture men and appease the furred hordes. The clans themselves are constantly in a power struggle, as the stronger a clan is, the easier it is for it to attack a human civilization and take its men for themselves while the weaker a clan is means less competition. Four major clans stand as the most powerful and produce unique products or services which are often sold off to other clans. These are Clan Skryre; the producers of technology, Clan Pestilens; the most religiously fanatic clan, Clan Eshin; skilled assassins and spies, and Clan Moulder; the masters over Skaven life.

Clan Skryre

<Gremlin-things weak! Their toys are feeble-weak! Skryre will show the fool-fools!

One of the wealthiest of the clans, Skryre invents and produces the Skaven’s most powerful weaponry. This power comes at a cost however, as despite Skaven ingenuity their machines are almost as likely to destroy themselves as decimate their enemy due to the magically unstable power of Darkstone. Usually it ends in whatever machine blowing up in a purple burst of energy, disorienting and sending the victims into a lust-filled frenzy. Skryre also has an intense competition with the Gremlins, constantly trying to invent something better than their technological competitors in a pride fueled rivalry. When conflicts between Skryre and surface dwelling monsters break out, if a single gremlin is on the field, Skryre tech is guaranteed to lose as a gremlin’s ability to make machinery malfunction is exponentially stronger against the unstable war machines of the Skaven, often resulting in a humiliating defeat and promise to return. Some of Skryre’s inventions include:

The Ratling Gun: When man invented the firearm, the Demon Lord looked at it and made her own to compete. At the same time, Clan Skryre was watching both of them from a manhole and announced “Me-ME do better than stupid-dumb over-things!” and proceeded scamper away and invent the ratling gun. The ratling gun is a very heavy, highly mechanical firearm that can fire an incredible amount of Darkstone bullets in a short span of time. The bullets explode into a burst of demonic energy upon contact, sapping the target's spirit energy and strength to fight. Due to Darkstone’s intense magical properties, it passes through magical wards and shields without issue, however it is incredibly unstable and often shatters or explodes in contact with regular armour. This makes it an ideal weapon when attacking magical academies, as the robes and spells of the magically adept are useless against the high velocity, rapid fire capability of Skryre’s mechanically clicking monster.

<Nyahaha! Flee faster, things! Faster than bullets!

The Darkfire Thrower: Fire is one of the basest fears for almost all life, and Skryre makes some terrifying weapons. Using a special mixture of powdered Darkstone charged with ignis mana and various other alchemical ingredients and oils, a slimy, flammable, substance is created. When ignited, the substance glows bright purple, and the smallest amount will burn for several minutes, heating up whatever the sticky substance was stuck to. On the battlefield it is unleashed through a hose and ignited, gushing across the field and sowing chaos among the enemy ranks. Those coated in the substance are left unharmed, at least physically; when hit the target becomes unbearably hot, particularly their equipment, and they are forced discard their armour and weapons immediately if they don't burn and melt off on their own. This harmlessly disarms their opponents making them easy targets for the vermin to capture. Women struck by the darkfire often monsterize shortly afterwards due to the intense exposure of demonic energy.

<Fvoosh! Fvoosh! Still not as hot as me!

Darklock Jezzail: What better example of Skaven cowardice than picking your enemy off from afar? The jezzail is a long barreled musket which shoots two stage bullets using Darkstone cartridges. Upon the lack of success of the ratling gun against armoured heroes, the Skaven realized Darkstone alone won’t carry them to victory. Instead, they started to work with demon silver. A bullet made out of demon silver will allow it to pass through armour but not magical wards, a Darkstone bullet passes through magic but not armour. As a compromise the bullet is made of demon silver but is covered by a Darkstone “shell.” The shell protects the bullet from magic while upon striking armour, the Darkstone shatters and the demon silver passes through, leaving the target a writhing mess. While effective at taking out commanders and heroes, it is a weapon which means the Skaven user can’t immediately enjoy the spoils of war. To ensure the user can still obtain a husband despite the lack of presence on the battlefield, prior to the assault the operator will spend a whole week rubbing one or two bullets into her fur, soaking it in her mana so she can mark one target of her choice as hers.

<You’ll pay for that shot tenfold, man-thing~! Stand still!

Thing Catcher: Originally a commission by Clan Moulder for a tool to catch specimens for experimentation, but has become popular in battle for plucking men off the field and bringing them back to their lairs. A thing catcher is a long pole with a trigger on one end and a charged Darkstone device on the other. When activated, the Darkstone creates a bubble at the very end of the pole which prevents anything from coming into or out of the field and removes almost all of the weight of the target, allowing the Skaven to haul their quarry home. While the field can hold the average human soldier no problem, it is not invincible and heroes or stronger Mamono can break out if given enough time or if they are not sufficiently weakened. Luckily for the Skaven, they can put together teams with multiple catchers, allowing them to combine their staffs to easily move stronger targets.

<Got-got one!

Dark Lightning Cannon: Sometimes the Skaven find it difficult to penetrate the grounds of heavily fortified positions safely, and for such occasions a more blunt approach may be needed. Mounted atop a ramshackle mobile platform, a large chunk of Darkstone charged with raiju or thunderbird energy is used to fire intense charges of electricity capable of destroying walls or incapacitating and paralyzing any poor soul who the Skaven decided to target with such a device. When fired, a purple cloud of hissing energy rapidly crosses the field and upon contact it obliterates wood and melts solid rock and metal into a purple slag. Those on the other side are left unharmed, ripe for Skaven capture. Upon striking a creature, the target is infused with such an intense amount of demonic energy that humans monsterize or incubize instantly and face a paralysis that lasts for a couple of hours. Monsters struck are also faced with paralysis and the intense demonic energy often leaves them incredibly aroused but unable to act. However should a Raiju or Thunderbird be struck they usually experience an instantaneous, powerful orgasm that leaves them on the ground, but in rare cases they may be become temporarily "supercharged". Such cases tend to end poorly for the Skaven. This has lead to a couple incidents where Raiju and Thunderbirds have intentionally instigated fights with Skaven to try and get struck by artificial lightning.

<A fortress is like a nut; the shell must be shattered in order to access the delicious contents hiding away within.

Poisonwind Globes: When the enemy comes in large numbers or with too much armour, sometimes it is best to attack the enemy from inside. When Darkstone is charged with sylph mana and pulverized, a thick pink gas heavy with demonic energy is produced. The gas heavily clouds vision, corrodes armour, dulls weapons and when inhaled, heightens arousal and sensitivity the longer the victim is stuck in the cloud, eventually reaching the point that rational thought becomes nigh impossible and begins to feel as if they are melting until some Skaven desperately scrambles through the gas to catch their quarry and grant relief, as they are in the exact same predicament. The gas is carried in delicately crafted glass globes made from special gnome sand so that when thrown, the glass shatters into harmless dust rather than sharp shards. Often times these are dropped by accident, so the thrower must wear protective gear to ensure she can keep doing the job rather than throw oneself into the enemy. Skaven caught in the gas are not spared its effects, however, and sometimes when the battle is about to end or already over, friendly fire “incidents” occur.

<Heh-heh. Breeeath it in! Good smell, yes-yes?

Clan Pestilens

<Spread-spread most wondrous contagion! Make them slow, make them weak, ease our attack from beneath their feet!

No clan is more devoted to the Horned Rat than Clan Pestilens, a horde of fanatical Skaven who concoct diseases to spread to the human realms and are filled with insane vigour and determination. Their diseases are designed to be incredibly infections and heavily weaken the defenses of human civilizations which catch the eyes of the Skaven. These diseases can do anything ranging from inducing incredible lethargy to prevent capable soldiers from fighting and civilians from fleeing, to growing demonic energy in the body causing slow monsterization, to leaving the people completely apathetic to the idea of a monster invasion. Infection has proven to be an effective strategy causing many towns and cities toppling easily once the Skaven march in, but have also cost Pestilens some popularity with the other clans, as the Skaven too are often vulnerable to their own creations. In many cases experiments and carriers have gotten loose to other clans, causing whole nest-lairs and under-cities to find their production come to a halt as their inhabitants do nothing but laze around and have sex with their husbands. Beyond spreading contagion, the plague monks and plague priests are the servants of the Horned Rat, preaching her word to the Skaven and performing rites and rituals of the Horned Rat for various purposes. Some are designed to improve the odds of married husband and Skaven conceiving a child, some are to ensure that all goes to plan in battle, and some are just an excuse for the plague monks and plague priests to go and have sex with their husbands. The monks and priests themselves have been exposed to so many magical diseases and blessed by the Horned Rat, leading them to become immune to the ill effects they would otherwise have. Instead the diseases' effects can be altered by a priest to become boons for those faithful to the Horned Rat, such as heightened sensitivity similarly to the effect of pleasure runes, growth of certain 'assets', improved vigour, and the list goes on. Note that this only applies to those who are members of the Horned Rat's clergy and their husbands, regular Skaven still suffer the usual effects. Occasionally the Horned Rat likes to remove this immunity from married individuals purely for entertainment, forcing the victim to fall into the care of their spouse. Unlike the Church of the Fallen God, the devout followers of the Horned Rat are filled with furious zeal, and the preachers deliver fiery speeches that rile the Skaven into action. Often this attitude is carried to the bedroom, where the monk or priest will animalistically shake her hips upon the target of her affection.

Clan Eshin

<Captain-thing big problem to Skittersqueak... Good man-thing: muscle-strong, short hair, good fighter. Deal with him as you wish.

For the longest time the Skaven have been completely unknown and all the while they had been eyeing us like a wolf with meat dangled before it. Missing persons, shapes in the night, and a symbol of 3 sticks crossing being marked everywhere, all are signs of Clan Eshin, the Skaven clan dedicated to intelligence and assassination. When the Skaven are in need of more men or plan to attack, members of Clan Eshin are hired to investigate possible surface locations and mark them for the Skaven to tunnel towards. Oftentimes the scouts spot people they like and are permitted to take men of their choice back, with compensation for extras. The three stick symbol is carved or built around and inside target city to mark it. The Skaven do this as a symbol of placing it under the Horned Rat's domain and as a warning to the monsters that know of the Skaven to stay out. However other monster infiltrators that recognize the symbol are pushed into either work harder into getting their choice of husband, lay in wait to take advantage of the ensuing chaos, or scramble to their superiors to organize an attacking force before the Skaven arrive. The latter however, rarely succeeds as Clan Eshin also keeps an eye on forces of humans and monsters neighbouring their targets and sends saboteurs to halt mobilization or reinforcements. The other aspect of Clan Eshin's work is assassination. When plotting attacks on human civilizations, high ranking soldiers, heroes, commanders and the sort are often occasionally requested to be dealt with so that the attack goes as unimpeded as possible. Clan Eshin learned its skill of assassination from the Kunoichi, making them adept at slinking through shadows, seeking out a target and subduing him with incredible pleasure before whisking him off underground. Notably, Eshin's assassins are most often hired when they already have a husband. This is because the most important targets for assassination are also often the most sought after from the requesting clan, and put in requests to kidnap rather than 'assassinate' the targets. This has not stopped unmarried assassins from listening in on requests or paying the original assassin to take the job instead though. Humans aren't the only target for 'assassination' either, as the Skaven are an envious breed and will also hire Eshin assassins to do things such as render a warlord unconscious via tranquilizer to miss an event or meeting, sabotage equipment, or set traps to stop an entire harem so the client may steal the man for herself. The most sinister of their actions however, is their ability to mask the existence of the Skaven. Clan Eshin actively destroys written records regarding the sighting of the vermin, and utilizing the Polymorph spell they infiltrate societies so that they may spread baseless and unbelievable rumours regarding the Skaven so that any actual sighting of them is treated as a silly wives' tale. The polymorph spell also allows them disguise as children, so when they carve the symbol of the Horned Rat into houses or signs they are viewed as kids trying to scare each other about the "mythical" Skaven. Clan Eshin also sets up perimeters around cities that are being sieged to prevent witnesses from revealing the Skaven as an actual threat. Thanks to their disinformation however, the incredibly few that do manage to escape are met with ridicule. Eshin has also taken notes from the eastern Tanuki and even take their methods one step further. Using polymorph, they enter sieged cities as robed merchants, selling vast quantities of "black corn" and "black rice," to the population. The multiplying rats destroy the local crops and food stores, carts of supplies are harrassed and scared off, and disease has rendered the workforce incapable. Eshin then comes in, offering masses of corn and rice to the starving people for prices even the homeless could easily afford. Such food is thickly packed with demonic energy, corrupting the population. In such desperate times however, not even the church is willing to investigate these suspicious characters.

Clan Moulder

<You want man-thing yes-yes? You need be big-strong! Follow me, I can arrange that, and more...

Masters over life and death, Moulder is the clan which performs experiments on other Skaven for fun and profit. Moulder has created and continues to invent many new types of Skaven monstrosities. While also creating monsters, Moulder also handles healing the wounded and dabbles in necromancy for those Skaven inevitably lost in battle. Moulder also handles the capture and charging of Darkstone with mana from a wide variety of monsters. When inquired on how they charge Darkstone, the vermin simply grinned and laughed, even ones who weren't part of the conversation. It is at this clan which I am held captive, and it is here that captives are treated the most inhumanely. Conditions are not particularly uncomfortable, but my “pen” is neighboured side-by-side to a pack of wolfrats eyeing me hungrily through a hole in the wall, a rat ogre thudding against the opposite wall and it sounded as if there was something digging below me a few days prior. Members of Clan Moulder appear to be the most sadistic of all Skaven clans, utilizing whips, stockades, leashes and more, often to control their creations, but also for fun. Clan Moulder also produces vast quantities of Skavenbrew, an alchemical concoction filled with demonic energy that makes the imbiber become much more energetic to the point of being incredibly jittery and induces an arousal so strong that even the meekest of Umi-Osho become aggressive. Skavenbrew also has an incredibly high alcohol concentration, which has lead to an interesting scenario of Clan Moulder dens becoming hidden speakeasies to those willing to venture into Skaven territory; Oni and satyroses in particular. Most Skavenbrew however is used to entertain Clan Moulder's creations as the high libido, alcohol, and excess energy prevents them from planning proper escapes as well as turning them into rabid, unstoppable forces on the battlefield. Interestingly, A handful of Skaven "subspecies" they've created are listed below:

Wolfrats are a subspecies created through experiments where they charged Darkstone with the mana from captured werewolves and exposed slaves to large amounts of it. The results were that the subjects' fur grew thicker, muscle mass and sexual features were expanded, and became somewhat rebellious, more aggressive, and even less sociable towards non-Wolfrat Skaven. They are however, much more sociable with other Wolfrats and are a little less selfish, instead they are more motivated to benefit the packs they form than just themselves, but still retain some wish for personal gain over the others. Their sense of smell has been strengthened, and packs share a communal husband who they take turns ravaging. Most Skaven can mix and match for the make up of a harem, but Wolfrats strongly stick to other wolfrats and a pack is almost always formed first and the husband is chosen afterwards. They are usually fielded for skirmishing or search parties to seek out humans in hiding spots, or to catch straggling humans fleeing. Just like werewolves, if a Wolfrat claws or bites a human female, she is incredibly likely to transform into another Wolfrat, either joining the pack that monsterized her or attacking other females to form her own. Unlike Werewolves however, transformed females generally don't become much more docile which may be due to how vice-laden and selfish the Skaven are.

<Rrrrr... Leave pack territorryyy...

Rat Ogres are yet another experiment performed similarly to Wolfrats, except using the mana of stronger, larger bodied monsters such as Oni, Ogres, Trolls, Cyclopes, and supposedly a couple of cases included Dragons. The results in most cases were pronounced sexual features, incredible muscle growth which creates changes in size, and exhibition of behaviours and minor physical traits from the source of the mana. For example if the mana was taken from an Oni, the Skaven may start to sprout horn stubs, obtain a minor discolouration of the skin and drink prodigious amounts of Skavenbrew. However for all this strength there is an unintended side effect in almost all cases: a reduction of inhibition. This makes them much more prone to impulse and nearly incapable of effectively scheming, turning them into wild brutes where their intellect can only be utilized in the heat of the moment. It's very easy for a Rat Ogre to fall for another Skaven's scheme, but even harder for said scheme to stop one, and many of the traps designed to humiliate other Skaven by reducing them into an aroused mess will only push a Rat Ogre into a destructive frenzy. They are very possessive; more so than regular Skaven and often have their arms draped over their husbands shoulders wherever they go as if he was an oversized doll. While they are always gentle around the person deemed their husband, he is still to remain cautious as unintended damage to the surroundings happen regularly. As an anomaly they are the only strong Skaven that more easily submit, likely due to concern for their surroundings or perhaps because they were often lowly slaves before they underwent the transformation. This peaceful nature goes out the window once they are unleashed on the battlefield, however; they become immediately aggressive once they are out of the confined spaces of the tunnels, hopped up on Skavenbrew they trample straight through enemy ranks and grabbing whichever soldier happens to catch their fancy while the rest of the army grabs at those knocked over from her charge. There are also elites of the Rat Ogres equipped with gadgets from Clan Skryre which also exist. Even more devastating however, is the rare variant referred to as the "Bonebreaker", which needs very little explanation.

<Hhh... husband...

I’ve never been a particularly expressive religious man, especially with the blatant corruption on display by the Order, but never before have I seen such a need for Divine Intervention than when I laid my eyes upon the terror that is the Hellpit Abomination. Three large torsos seated upon what can only be described as a massive rat’s body with furry spider legs, dragon claws and other miscellaneous parts from other creatures. The bodies constantly grope at each other and bicker endlessly in disagreement on every topic, but mostly regarding sex from what sort of man they want, to what is the best way to please or be pleased by their husband. The man they choose as husband will literally change hands on a constant basis as the three will argue over whose turn it is enjoy his company. No matter which body the husband has sex with, all will feel great pleasure but the individual who has him will feel it the most intensely. The creature can tear down walls with little effort, be equipped with rudimentary Darkstone weapons, and rampage through entire armies without hindrance. Thanks to the larger doses of foreign mana, the bodies seem to each inherit some of the stronger traits of other monsters, such as incredible regeneration with corruptive blood, one head may breathe fire while another may have a penchant for advanced magic. This also affects their personalities as well, making some kind (or rather less selfish) or even cowardly despite their powerful form. Hellpit Abominations enjoy having their smooth tails rubbed, however see the act itself as demeaning and will try to whip whoever tries to interact with the smooth appendage; usually Clan Moulder clanrats who are feeling mischievous. A husband (who escapes their grasp) while they sleep can do so freely, hearing the comfortable purrs of the trio until they fully awaken to punish him for his transgression. Somewhere on the main body's underside, there is a hidden vagina that if pleasured, will leave all three bodies stunned and incoherent. To the Hellpit Abomination, that is a most shameful place and will do anything in their power to protect it even from her husband.

<No! My turn!

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