scarred prey 1

By primitivo

You are at work. Manning the front desk of a specialized clinic, taking calls, greeting customers, making appointments and other mind numbing tasks for you don't want to end up on the street, sucking off randy dudes behind the local 7-Eleven. You barely even remember how you ended up at this table, but you guess that's what you get for not having any idea or plan about what you wanted to do or be during your childhood days. Not like you had any chance at a bright future in the first place. The household you have been born into... was unpleasant and gave you barely a fighting chance at life. Still the hours are good and you get paid to basically sit on your arse the whole time and deal with a few customers.

"Are you alright?" asks the woman in front of you.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, I just zoned out for a moment" you reply.

You look down at your scarred hands resting on the keyboard. Your little finger on the left is missing.

"Are you sure you are okay? You don't look fine at all." she probes.

You look up the fussy woman, ready to give her a piece of mind, but you see genuine concern in her eyes.

"Ma'am I assure you I'm good" you answer as you start to work those keys and move the mouse around.

"So how does the 19th of September sound for a first consultation? At 11 AM?"

"Yes that sounds lovely." she says and types a note in her smartphone.

You wish her a good day and open the window for todays appointments on your screen, while you lean back in your chair and sigh. This reaction is nothing new. Your mind wanders as you take in your surroundings. Your boss must make good money with this being a private clinic and all. Inadvertently one of your fingers starts to sweep over your table. Out of the 19th century and made out of the finest mahogany you've been told by your boss. You gotta give it to her. She certainly knows how to furnish the interior.

You turn you head to the left as the white, windowed door to the nitty-gritty of the clinic opens and see Stacy the slut heading for the exit, with her newest boy toy in her arm and a beaming smile on her face. Jesus Christ, that whore comes here like four or five times a year and each time with a different guy she managed to pick from god knows where. Your gaze is fixed on her delicious thighs and her outrageous butt as she struts toward the exit and you can't help yourself, but to offer a silent prayer to the man who invented mini jeans.

The sliding doors close, you snort and let your gaze wander around the lobby taking a look at the other customers waiting in their chairs. A multitude of emotions on the faces staring at phonescreens, magazines or just absent-minded in the air. Some were here with their man, some alone. A few people are fiddling with their fingers or squirm around uncomfortably in their chair. There's also a young couple and two sets of rather angry, impatient looking parents. You've seen this scene a worrying amount of times during your work here. The boy wears a pale, defeated visage as he holds the girls hand, her eyes red and puffy, probably from crying. She catches you staring and you dejectedly return your gaze to the computer screen at your side.

Again the door on you left opens, the doc enters the lobby and walks to your table. She takes a glance at your screen and ponders for a brief moment, making sure to lean over to you and press her ample breasts into you shoulder for the 5th time this day alone.

Her stoic voice mutters "Hey there, everything good? Who's next?"

You gave a slight nod towards the two teenagers "The newest case of too young and foolish."

A long, quiet sigh escapes her lips.

"You would think that sex ed would do more to prevent situations like this." she mutters, barely audible.

She looks up and makes her way to the youngsters. They exchange a few words and she returns into the inner clinic with the resignated couple in tow. You lean back again and look out the window, as you listen to the defeated footsteps, followed by the sound of a door closing. Only a few more hours till the end of the shift arrives and you can be back at your apartment with ice cold vodka. Or so you thought. A bone shaking thunder strikes. You feel the air in your lungs vibrate, you get goosebumps and something else, very primal and deep inside you shakes. The computer screen goes black and judging by the confused look of the others in the lobby, you assume the same happened to their phones. You don't bother to check yours as you stand up and walk to the window, just like a few other customers.

Outside you see the slut again, who was about to enter her boy toys car in the parking lot. They also look quite startled. You think you have something in your eye and you give them a good rub. Floating, purple marbles start to materialize everywhere outside in random patterns. They continue to grow into deep purple spheres of different sizes, their surface rippling like the water in a pond during heavy rain. Clouds started to gather. Seeing them unsettles you and you feel yourself getting restless. The spheres don't explode or move, they just hover a few centimeters above the ground, emitting a dark, hypnotizing soot. "What the fuck have the Chinese done this time." you mutter to yourself.

And then monsters. Outlandish, somewhat human monsters started to walk, fly, slither or pour out of the purple spheres. Every single one of them is female and has the tantalizing features of a stunning human woman, with strangely attractive bestial parts of their bodies clashing beautifully with their erotic human sections. You see avian, reptile, canine and all kinds features on them. Some even mythical. But what is more concering is the shit eating grin every one of them bears. The kind of grin a starving wolf would have, if he was presented with a lamb on a silver platter.

The first of the monsters started to run or fly off into different directions as more and more poured out of the portals. Lord have mercy. This is a fucking invasion you think to yourself as you hear screaming outside. All hell breaks loose in the lobby, as most of them started to scramble for the exit in a panic and some others running deeper inside the clinic to probably hide. One fat lady just cowered under a chair with her hands over her head, like this was some goddamn Saturday-morning cartoon. You continue to just stand there at the window, with your deer in the headlights syndrome. Your mind is screaming at you to RUN YOU FUCKING RETARD, but you stay glued in your spot like the retard you are. A bunch of the monsters stop dead in their tracks and turn towards the clinic. One of them looks like she came out of hell.

She is colored in onyx. Her skin in an unsaturated, dark grey and her furry bits in black. Her long, black, wild mane waving in the wind, whith wolf-like ears adorning her head, twitching every now and then. Not even Michelangelo could carve a face this beautiful, but her predatory eyes make you shudder, because they actually look like the gates of hell. Sanguine iris surrounded by black sclera. And on top that they are on fire. Her eyes actually emit flames. Human legs and arms end in black furred paws, bearing claws of concerning size. A big, black, bushy tail excitingly sweeping the air behind her. She is big. Bigger than any man you've ever seen. With a muscular physique, clearly showing everyone that in close quarters, any kind of physical resistence would be foolish. A huge bosom on her chest, like its sitting on a throne and wide hips only a fertility goddess could have. Seeing her forces surpressed memories to break the surface of your mind. Shivers run down your spine.

She and the other monsters are staring at the parking lot, where the slut desperately tries to pull her man towards their car. Looks like you are not the only retard around here. The group of monsters start to make their way towards the two poor fellows, the lupine beastwoman leading. Stacy's screams get louder as they approach and pulls at her guy like someone just stole the syringe out of a drugies hands, but he continues to mimic a statue. With one final leap the wolf out of hell jumps high in the air and with a flip lands on the car, crushing the roof beneath her like it was made out of cardboard. The car alarm goes off, violently protesting its new shape, but is quickly silenced again, as the hellspawn drives her fist into the dashboard. She kneels down and with one swift motion swept the slut of her feet, holding her by her jaw and muffling the screeching. Her brows furrow as she pulls Stacy closer and she sniffs, like she is searching for something. You see a wet puddle growing under Stacy.

If emotions weren't boiling before, then they are certainly right now, especially on the hellspawn. Her expression changed from bewilderment, worry and curiosity to a twisted visage of blood boiling rage. The flames her eyes emit more than doubled in size. She yells something to the other monsters and suddenly you feel like, that even Klaus Schwabs wet dream world would be more preferable to be in right now than being here, as the gazes of the other monsters shift to the textbook definition of furious hatred. Stacy's boy toy is seized by some woman with the lower body of a dark horse and with two horns on top of her head. The scene reminds you of a child picking up its action figure. One of the monsters floats up to the hellwoman. She is ghostly pale with a tinge of violet, wears a tattered cloak and is holding a tome. There is an unnatural beauty in the way she moves. They exchange a few heated words, while the ghostwoman flips through the pages.

The beast from hell redirects her gaze back to the slut and puts her down, but still holds onto her with her right paw. As she looms over the now cowering Stacy she snarls something, the shaking sorry pile of human below her nods and points toward the clinic at pretty much the exact spot you stand right now. The hellspawn lunges out and delivers a punch straight in Stacy's face, who hits the ground like a sack of bricks. You think she was holding back, but the sound of that punch still sounded like god slammed his car door. The centaur woman picks the post facial surgery victim off the ground and now with the boy toy and the slut safely secured storms off. A trail of blood drops from Stacy's nose trailing behind them.

The helldog huffs, turns her gaze at the clinic and you lock eyes. Oh fuck. You stomach drops into the abyss and your heart freezes for a moment. Your mind is going nuclear and is hitting every single button and switch, desperately trying to get you to move. If Satan had a monster he was afraid off and checked under the bed every night to make sure he would live to see the next day, it would be this one right here, right now. You can feel the heat she is radiating through the glass. She turns around, grabs the car she totaled a few moments ago and proceeds to lift it over her head without breaking a sweat. Fucking hell. She locks eyes with you again and gestures with her head to the side sharply. You thoughts are racing. Is she really planning to thr- the car was in the air and some synapses in your cerebellum finally kicked hard enough. You dive with all your might to the side, back to your table, but you are too late.

With an ear shattering crash the car find its way into the lobby and hits you in your left side. Bits of glass, wood and dry wall rain upon you as you hit the ground and curl up on the floor. The wreckage hits the opposite wall with a slight thud and all you hear in the following, deafening silence is the quiet sobbing of the fat lady still trying to hide under the chairs. You try to lift yourself off the ground, only to be stopped by a sharp pain in your left arm. You try to flex the muscles again and the searing pain greets you anew. On closer inspection, your arm just kinda dangles there and you feel the throbbing sting in your forearm. Great. Shoulder dislocated and arm broken. You don't even notice the blood flowing down your face or your impaired vision. The old, reliable adrenaline pulsating once more through your body as it numbs your mind to the pain. You can hear your ears ringing and your heart thumping.

You grab the desk with your good arm, hoist yourself up and peek over the table to see your impending doom already standing in the newest entrance of the clinic. Holy shit. She isn't just big, she is HUGE. More than two heads taller than you and the heat she is emitting is unbearable. Wet spots on your clothes start to form from all the sweat. She waits a moment to take in the lobby and quickly finds you holding position behind your desk. You think this is all just a bad dream. Surely you just fell asleep at your desk and the doc is going to wake you up by shoving her boobs into your back again and giving you a mug of coffee. She is trembling with rage as she starts to move towards you. You scramble back, away from death, but there is only a wall behind you to greet you. Your desk made of expensive, tropical timber is split in half as she brings her titanic, muscular leg down on it. Splinters of wood hit you and your blood freezes in your veins.

"YOU. KILL. UNBORN!?" the hellspawn howls as she opens her paw and reaches for you with her six paw like fingers. Time slows down as you look at the straining muscles in her arm. Her ears flattened, her tail straight and puffed up like a feather duster. You see her fangs and can hear them grinding in rage. She could probably grab your head and crush it like an oversized raspberry. You once heard that eyes are the window to ones soul. And the only thing you see in hers is righteous fury, scorching pain and ever burning flames. With a wrathful executioner straight from hell in front of you, ready to grab and pull you into the deepest and darkest corner of the underworld, you do what every man would do in this situation. All strength leaves your body and you faint.

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I'm working on the next part.


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