A Househusband's Reality, Chapter 2

By mantistobogganmd

My eyes feel so heavy. The sun is peeking through the shades, bringing me out of what little slumber there was. Shit, I never get enough sleep. Say I did, would it help? I got eight hours of sleep regularly over the last couple of weeks, but there was little energy in me. It’s the kind of tired sleep can never fix. I don’t know, must be depression or something. Someone could say it’d be best not just wander around the house and do something to keep busy so this feeling doesn’t linger. But fuck, I can’t find it in me for that kind of shit anymore.

There’s a noise of clothing being shifted around, with drawers opening, then closing. I sit up a bit, and see Valerie’s gathering her work clothes for the day. She’s still nude, her body fully visible to me. Those breasts, that ass, those biceps, the abs, that scar I left there. Shit, that knife slash is still visible, after all these years.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”


“Sleep alright?”

“As good as I could.”

Valerie walks up to me, and lifts me out of bed. She grunts a bit as she does this, it was definitely easier for her when we were younger, even though I was a bit heavier. Still, it’s not that difficult. She’s holding me bridal style as she looks down at me. There’s that animalistic grin, again.

“How about a shower together before breakfast?”

“Yeah, I think that’d be nice.”

I couldn’t care less right now, but once again, what exactly would happen if I said no? We head into the bathroom, I’m still being carried. She stands me up, and gives my ass a hard smack as I walk in.

“Alright Johnny, let’s get at it.”

As we shower, we’re hugging and kissing, more or less meant to be a sensual thing. Just like last night when we fucked, I’m just going through the motions of it. Following her lead, I let her do her thing as I try to reciprocate, acting like I want to. Her paws slowly trail their way down my back, and her right paw stops at the large scars she left when she clawed at me. Can’t blame her for that. To be fair, I did slash her with my combat knife. But when it happened, fuck, was it painful. Imagine four curved, giant blades digging into your flesh, and then dragged up and cutting it open. Whenever we get like this, she likes to touch the scars. And not just touch, but grip at it tight and scratch at it a little. She seems to enjoy she gave me that mark in retaliation. Let me be clear, as bad as it seems, it was not in a sadistic sense. Valerie, and Hellhounds in general, saw such things as a playful fight for asserting dominance over their man.

She grips the spot a bit too hard, and I feel the claws dig deeper into my skin, “Fuck, Val.”

“Oh shit, I’m sorry honey. You know how I can get. Sometimes I get to into it when think back to when we ‘sparred’ and-”

My head turns away from her with that comment, the ‘sparring’ was just a brutal means of fight sex when we first were put together.

She turns my head back to face her, “Here, let’s see if I can be a bit more gentle.”

Then, her paw makes it way down to my crotch as she attempts to grab at my dick, but I attempt to push her away as I swat her off. “Just… damn it, I want to shower in peace.”

I turn as I free myself from the hug, and my back to her as I continue to clean myself. Valerie doesn’t back down, and starts to press up against me. Definitely not as aggressive as before, but I’m not feeling it.

Making it known, I attempt to jerk away. “Val, just back off, alright?”

The attempt is futile, as her paws wrap around me.

“John, I mean it, I’m sorry.”

“Fuck you.”

“Aw, don’t be that way.”

“I’m not asking for the world, I want to shower in peace. Can you contain yourself for five minutes and not rip me apart?”

The paws don’t leave, much to my dismay.

“John, I know it’s coming up tomorrow, but I just want to make you feel-”

“Feel what?”

“If you’d let me finish, I was saying I want to make you feel happy.”

My eyes start feeling puffy, and my voice begins to falter, “It’s not working. Now let the fuck go of me and leave me alone.”


I’m starting to cry, I can feel the tears trickle down my face with the water from the shower. I mutter, “Let me go already.”

The request isn’t obliged. Valerie holds me tighter as the tears start to pour. Her paws trail over me once more, and now make their way to my hands. They wrap around my finger, and she doesn’t say anything while more tears flow. This goes on for a few minutes, standing together and hugging as I cry in the shower. Finally, the tears stop. I feel better. Crying from time-to-time helps, but only for a very short while.

“You got it all out of your system?”

I nod.

“Alright. That’s good. Now you haven’t been holding them back, right?””

I don’t respond.

“John, we talked about this. It’s perfectly normal for you to cry.”

“I don’t want people seeing it.”

“It doesn’t matter what people think, it’s not healthy to hold back your tears.”

“Alright, I won’t.”

It’s just too easy for her to say this sort of shit. It’s unhealthy to avoid crying, but hell, she’s not the one getting emasculated. There’s another pause. These moments of silence are the worst. They’ve become more frequent in our relationship around the anniversary as the years went on. It starts happening the day of, but has been persisting to a few days and up to a week prior. Valerie’s noticed it, and has been trying to find a way to work around them. When our agent from the Institute visits, it’s something Valerie talks about frequently. I usually say little in said meetings, don’t wanna talk with those people.

Valerie speaks again, idle shit to avoid the silent spell. “Looking forward to dinner with our friends later?”

Another nod.

“Having some drinks and chatting with the guys?”

Just nodding now to whatever she says. Valerie takes the opportunity to spin me around to face her.

“Maybe do a bit more than shake your head around for me? Can’t talk to people with head movements.”

I chuckle, “I think I can.”

“There we go, look who’s coming around!”

And there’s her smile, the sensitive and caring one. Don’t get me wrong, the animalistic-rapey one can be hot for me when I’m in the mood. But sometimes, I just don’t want to be put in my place, and the usual smile means it time for sex no matter what. This smile, it’s one where Valerie feels satisfied she was able to make me feel better. Especially now, she knows how I can get, and improving my mood is very tough. Even just for a moment, this feeling right now is what I yearn for all the time. If only there was a way I could explain this to her, I don’t even think I fully understand what I want.

She tries to get touchy down there, and starts to rub my dick. “Still willing to get back in the mood?”

“I don’t know, maybe another time.”

“Alrighty then. How about we head out of the shower? We aren’t plants.”

“Sure. Pancakes for breakfast?”

“Fuck yeah!”

We get out of the shower and dress up. I head downstairs and start on making breakfast. The kids should be up soon, so I’ve gotta get it done quick. They’re growing, sure, but even Erica wolfs down tons of food. That means more to cook. I swear I need bigger portions every passing day, it takes longer every single time. Why is that? Is it some sort of mental trick that cooking seems to be taking longer? Maybe there’s no point in questioning these sort of things. Just something that becomes a part of reality, you deal with it.

Down comes the wife, fully-unformed and badge donned. “Damn, that looks good.”

“Thanks, I try.”

Immediately, she grabs some pancakes as I continue cooking. She tops it off with plenty of butter, syrup. All that unhealthy food, yet she keeps that form. Then, I hear feet rumbling from upstairs.

“I woke up first, Tammy.”

“Yeah, but I got out of my room first, Sarah. Maybe you wouldn’t be late if you stopped texting boys.”

“You little shit!”

“Ow! Mom, Dad, Sarah hit me!”

For God’s sake, why now? One day is all I want where they aren’t all at each others throat and I have to fix it. This is bullshit.

“Both of you get in here!”

From their mother’s command, they march forward. Still in pajamas and- ah, fucking hell Sarah. Even her pajamas are skimpy. If only it were up to me. Valerie currently has them standing front and center, sizing them up before presenting her. Of course, little Erica squeaks by and I serve her food. Just too sweet.

“You two know the rules; before you head off to school, wrestle it out.”

Great, just what I wanted to hear. That was usually my wife’s go-to for having Tammy and Sarah deal with their issues with each other. There’s never usually a winner, but it’s more of the exercise itself. Valerie told me it was the best way to hash out there issues, a means of getting rid of aggression in Hellhounds. I wasn’t a fan, I’m the one who has to deal with the aftermath of it usually. Shit breaks, y’know? I’m the one that cleans it up when it’s all done. I start to hear furniture being moved aside for them to wrestle in the living room. Then comes the grunting, the slamming, the yelling. Valerie loves to be the ref for this stuff. Not to pit them against each other, because they usually end up laughing and hugging after.

“That’s it, Tam-Tam! Arm around the leg!”

I don’t pay attention to it, but can still hear the slamming. And there’s a crash, something glass broke. I’ll have to take care of that later, I bet. I look over at Erica, still sweet as can be. Her tail is happily wagging as she’s munching on the pancakes. Jesus, I gave her a lot and she’s mowing down like it’s nothing.

“There you go Sarah! Headlock, headlock!”

I chuckle to myself, Erica’s going to be that way soon. Speak of the devil, she comes up to me.

“Daddy, may I have more pancakes, please?”

“You sure sweetie? You had a lot!”

“Yes, please! I’m still hungry.”

I chuckle a little, “Alright, here you go.”

“Thank you, daddy!”

She goes off for seconds, and there’s not even that many pancakes left. God damn it, I need more mix and eggs. It just never ends, I swear to God, it never ends. Better make it quick, sounds like the wrestling is going to wrap up soon. More eggs, more mix, rushing to mix the batter. I glance over at Erica, and she isn’t eating. Now, she’s just looking at me. Shit, she has to know something’s wrong. Ah, I hear the laughing now, and the hugging is probably happening too. I actually enjoy seeing them make up after wrestling, but I can’t see that right now. There’s still more pancakes to cook, and then the dishes to clean. Valerie, Sarah, and Tammy come in, all happy and giddy. They give me quick thanks, with Valerie a quick kiss, as they grab their pancakes.

They sit and chat about their plans for the day. Mom’s got a big day planned, looking good for a promotion with her new achievements. Sarah’s moving forward with that kid she met, Jason. He’s nice, I like him, but he’s quiet and timid. Seems spineless, in some ways. Tammy’s bragging about how she thinks she might catch up to Mark soon. The only person not really conversing is Erica. She’s looking at me. As I now clean the dishes, I glance and see she’s staring at me. Valerie has been trying to take her attention off of that by talking to her, but Erica is only giving one word responses as she keeps her focus. She’s quite perceptive for a child, I’ll give her that.

Now, the dishes are done, finally. Time to eat. I grab another plate, pour myself a glass of milk and… wait. Where the fuck are the rest of the pancakes? Are you kidding me? Did they eat the rest of the God damn pancakes? There’s none left. They must’ve eaten the rest. Fuck it, I’ll make more for myself. Where the mix, the cabinet, right? Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me. There’s no mix left either. I just wanted pancakes, that’s all I wanted. I made them, couldn’t even have any for myself. I slowly walk over to the table, everyone but Erica is chatting with each other. I sit at the end of the table, and then everyone gets a bit quieter.

“Something wrong, honey?”

“There’s no pancakes left.”

“Shoot, I’m sorry.”

Tammy and Sarah apologize too, but it’s quick and insincere. God, this is frustrating sometimes. A plate slides in front of me. I look over, and it’s Erica. There’s no way she could have thought ahead on that.

“Here you go, daddy.”

I smiled, “I thought you said you could handle seconds!”

“I know! But… you didn’t get to eat yet.”

“That’s so thoughtful for you to do that for your dad, Erica.”

It’s too much sometimes how sweet this kid is. I’m compelled to show some genuine gratitude for this kindness. Getting up from my seat, I go over to Erica and hug her. She hugs me back, but then the hug begins to linger, and my eyes start to feel puffy. She looks up at me as I continue to hold onto her. Valerie, seeing the situation becoming awkward for Erica and possibly me unraveling a bit, gets up to intervene.

Her paws grasp my arms, and she says “It’s alright John, just get to your pancakes.”

She tugs at my arms more, and then I release Erica. Like I said, she’s perceptive for a girl her age. She’s just looking at me, giving me this sad look like she understands I’m unhappy and how tough this time of year is for me. Obviously, seeing something is wrong with me doesn’t require omnipotence. Sarah and Tammy look worried too. I’m usually only like this the day of, and it’s much more manageable. Something about this year, the intensity is awful.

Valerie guides me back to my chair, and sits me down. “There we go, you just finish your pancakes, I’ll take care of the vase that fell when the girls were wrestling.” She pats my back, a bit then walks off. Then, she yells “Oh fuck me, wait a minute. I gotta leave for work. The chief is expecting me to be the head of all that anti-Paladin operation shit. You know how Ushi-Onis get with this stuff.”

I start eating the pancakes, not sure how to feel about having to fix up the mess that was kind of her fault. Her works takes priority, but she told me ‘Family comes first.’ I’ve honestly yet to see it. I get it, it’s not easy work, and it’s basically me making free money. But there’s sort of a lack of giving at home, but how can you talk to these things to a Hellhound. She’s understanding, but it’s just her personality. She wants to be the one who wears the pants and I have to accept it and… shit, where are my balls when I think about shit.

As I’m eating my pancakes, Valerie interrupts it by standing me up. She gives me a kiss, then a hug. She takes the opportunity to whisper some things to me during this hug.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s a shit time for you. I can take care of it when I get home. I’ll make it up to you, promise”

“It’s fine, I’m not doing anything else today. I’ll take you up on that offer to keep it even.”

“Hey, mom, me and Tammy could-”

Valerie breaks away from the hug, “Hell no, you’re about to be late for school, all three of you.”

“But me and Sarah broke-”

“Girls, you can take care of it after school if your dad doesn't get to it.”

To my surprise, that response seems to frustrate Sarah a bit. I mean, yeah, she’s a rebellious teen, but she isn’t heartless. Sympathetic to my plight, but it’s something no one seems to want to talk about.

“Mom, it’s almost that time of the year for dad. He should-”

“Sarah, enough. All three of you, get your shit. You guys need to clear out and get in the car before you’re late to school.”

There’s no argument there. Once their mother says something, that’s it. It’s the final word, and backtalk leads to punishment. I’ve tried similar tactics, and the girls usually didn’t take it all that seriously. I’ve sat myself back down, getting back to eating. The pancakes were cold, soggy from the syrup. Hell, I couldn’t touch them for a while since I was making all the damn food and have to sit through all this crap. Can’t blame Erica, she’s just a little girl and she was nice enough to give it to me. The girls all yell out there goodbyes as they gather their things and rush out. Valerie hangs back a moment before heading off to work.

“Sure you’re okay? Still up for drinks with everyone later tonight?”


“John, worst comes to worst, I’ll tell Chief Nagata I need to spend some time making sure you’re alright.”

“Val, don’t do that. No matter what, stay at work. That bust you did was big, and I know a promotion is around the corner.”

“You positive?”

“I’m one hundred and ten percent positive.”

“If you change your mind, call me. I joke about her being an Ushi-Oni, she’s still an understanding woman about this sort of stuff, she’s got a husband who’s in the program.”

“I’m sure, so just head to work and I’ll be fine here.”

“Alright, love you.”

She’s about to leave, then stops.



“Forgetting something.”

Yeah, yeah, you know it wasn’t me forgetting. If I say it, she’ll leave. May as well get this over with.

“I love you too.”

“Alright then, I’ll see you after work.”

And finally, the door slams shut. I can be such an ass to her sometimes. It’s gotta be that resentment building up in me. I still love her. It might not seem like it, but I do. Hell, she’s done a lot for me. Things could have been much, much, much worse for me if it weren’t for her intervention. I don’t even want to think about it, I should be eating. I look down at the pancakes before me. They’re just not appetizing. I barely touched them, they’re getting cold, they’re still soggy. Should I make something else? Eggs aren’t that hard to cook. But I don’t feel hungry, so why bother?

I get up, take the plate of food, and into the trash the pancakes go. Now, let’s see, what did they break again? I walk into the living room, the furniture still disheveled. Must be too hard to move it back. Now where’s the stuff they shattered? Here we go, a vase. That’s probably the third one broken this month. The stuff isn’t easy to clean, and I usually don’t get help. Hell, I was surprised Tammy and Sarah offered. They usually would assume I’d take care of it, and no sorries or thank yous after. Grab the big chunks, and the vacuum, where’s the vacuum? Probably downstairs.

Now, I head into the basement, and this whole space is sort of Valerie’s work out area. She gets most of her stuff done in the off-hours at work, but frequently does her thing here. Looking it over, the bench press, the weights, this brings me back a bit. I was actually quite an athlete in school. Hell, I remember my drill sergeant even complimented me on my looks once. Was meant to be an insult, but I didn’t think of it like that back then. Man, I was in shape. I was a Green Beret, for God’s sake. I look over at the weights, why haven’t I ever tried using these? Valerie didn’t say I couldn’t touch them, she’s even talked about me maybe doing something more intensive than jogging a few times a week. She’s been talking about hobbies and shit like that, why not this?.

I don’t know, she’d take issue, I fear. I almost stepped on her toes once when I talked to her about going to a firing range at her work. Just to shoot again, haven’t shot in decades. She told me the girls would flirt to fuck with her and I’d ‘raise red flags’ touching guns. That last part, she emphasized it a lot. She told me it was for my sake, so HBC and the Institute don’t take evasive action or some scary bullshit jargin. I tried to push back, it escalated into a fight, and well, I didn’t win that one. I don’t think I win any of them. Giving the weights one last look, I sigh and walk upstairs with the vacuum. Those days are behind me, best not to live in the past and move on.

Now, the vacuum’s set up, and now it’s time to vacuum. Such a simple task; back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. The problem is, you gotta be thorough. Lots of monster girls don’t bother with shoes since many have padded or hooved feed. That means you need to be thorough cleaning up sharp bits and pieces. Wow, did it spread. They must’ve really been going at it for the vase to spread this far. I finally get to the last bit, and that’s that. Done. I sit on the couch, and then it’s that time to wonder what I’ll do in my spare time before everyone comes home. TV? TV.

I flip it on, basic shit. A regular male anchor and a harpy female anchor. Husband and wife team, nice couple. They’re talking about issues with men and monster girls having relationship issues and how to work them out. Interesting, been seeing more stories like that.

The male anchor says “...and if talking doesn’t work, there’s always having a good time in the bedroom. Believe me, my wife can attest to that.”

The harpy laughs in response, “Oh Chet, stop it! We’re still on air!”

“Now Heather, there’s nothing wrong with expressing our love in public. And that’s one of the Institute’s recommended ways to keep your relationship strong and healthy.’

“Absolutely, Chet. The Institute for Human-Mamono relations says that increasing your discussion on intercourse can keep couples happy! I’m feeling it working right now.”

Is this all they’re going to report on, them wanting to fuck each other. God, TV’s shittier than it was before that portal opened.

“And on that topic, The Institute is going to increase its efforts for any former Paladin male to be incorporated into a healthy mamono relationship.”

“Poor guys, they really don’t know what they’re missing.” Then he looks at her, God it’s so obvious they want to do it right there on camera. “You know Heather, I think they’re going to have a change in heart when they’re in that program.”

Heather’s beaming too, the hot and bothered kind. “Oh, I agree. There’s so much to experience.”

Right before they go at it, Chet says “Hey, can we take five? I think we should do some ‘experiencing’ right now.”

The feed cuts to something else, bullshit irrelevant story. I shut the TV off, then toss the remote aside. They’re selling a web of lies about that fucking institute. Yeah, those men are ‘extremists,’ but I’ve been there. It’s something no one should go through. I hate thinking about it every time. And it’s only going to get worse when tomorrow comes. It’s all I can think about. I sit on the couch in silence, and stew upon these thoughts as I do frequently when I’m home alone. Good chance this is what I’ll be doing until the girls get home again. It’s relentless how horrid it feels this year. I hope it passes, please God, let it pass.

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