MGE Inferkit AI Session 1 Summary

By hotdogmanthing

I used the Inferkit AI like I was playing a game. This is a ‘summary’ of what happened since most of it was nonsense. The first sentence I wrote was: I woke up in the world of the Monstergirl Encyclopedia and the first monster I see is a Kobold.

>I headpat the kobold.

The kobold snores, after falling asleep.

>I pick up and carry the sleeping kobold.

Before I could bring the kobold to my tent, a horde of goblins appeared.

>I chased the goblins off.

The goblins ran off after I captured the biggest one. The goblin horde vowed to return. The biggest goblin is now sitting in my lap.

>I convinced the kobold and goblin to become my wives.

The kobold accepts and the goblin runs inside the tent.

>I check on the goblin.

As I enter she is naked on my bedroll. She looks seductively at me. I am followed by the kobold.

>I make sweet love to the kobold and the goblin.

As I make love to them the kobold becomes extremely excited at the idea of being a wife and a mother. The goblin is still a little upset that I defeated her and her horde, but forgives me.

>I wake up and cuddle with my kobold wife and my goblin wife.

As we cuddle I think about becoming a father. Then I say "Maid" for some reason.

>I cook breakfast for my kobold wife and my goblin wife.

As I leave the tent, I see that breakfast has already been made for us.

>I ask who is there and if they're a maid.

A Kikimora appears and tells me that my kobold wife is the princess of dog monstergirls. Making me a prince.

>I flirt with the Kikimora.

The Kikimora ignores my advances to check on my kobold wife. She then asks me to find a daemon, because a special book told her so.

>I agree to find a daemon only if the kikimora joins my harem.

The kikimora agrees and we quickly make love to seal the deal. Then, my three wives and I eat breakfast together.

>My wives and I go to find a daemon.

Three weeks pass and I meet my former fiancee (that also ended up in this world for some reason). My wives don't take too kindly to her. And I'm forced to cum inside each of my wives as my ex watches. I also encounter the goblin horde again, but they run when they realize I'm married to their former boss.

>I asked my Kikimora wife about the daemon.

She tells me that the daemon lives in Sproutly Village. A place that grows fertility enhancing fruits.

>We go to Sproutly Village.

My wives confront me about us not having sex enough.

>I make love to all three of my wives.

The day after absolutely dominated and impregnated all three of my wives. I met a Paladin named Thomas from Greenthorne. He asks me what is the best way to seduce a monster.

>I tell Thomas to just be himself.

He seems satisfied with that answer as he immediately goes to talk to a little girl. At first I'm horrified but then she sprouts goat horns and teleports away with Thomas.

>I found the daemon that's in Sproutly Village.

The daemon turns out to be a demoness and describes herself as a doppelkommunist.

>I killed her. There shall be no communism.

The entirety of Sproutly Village gets pissed at me for killing a doppelkommunist. The militia corners me, but I'm saved by Thomas and his baphomet wife. My wives and I get transported to the Dog Castle.

>I met my kobold wife's family and my Kikimora wife's family.

I am praised by my kobold queen mother-in-law for slaying the daemon and getting her daughter pregnant. The king is currently quelling other doppelkommunists elsewhere. My Kikimora wife's family had served the royal family for generations. They welcomed me with open arms and praised my Kikimora wife for marrying into said royalty. My goblin wife is a little jealous, but I cheer her up by giving her a pounding.

>I moved to a palace in the countryside with my wives.

All three of my wives were very pregnant. Any day now I could see the birth of my newborn children. Our family was happy as we prepared to raise our children. Everything was going great. Suddenly a knock came from the front door.

>I open the door.

Thomas, his wife, and a few members of the Sabbath were standing outside. They explain that they just finished killing off some doppelkommunists and that they want my family to care for a baphomet girl that got injured during an attack. She was even smaller than Thomas's wife.

>I agree to take care of her, but plan to add her to my harem.

Thomas thanks me and I take the baphomet inside. She meets my wives and immediately presses her ears to their pregnant bellies. This cute reaction endeared her to my wives.

>I flirt with the baphomet.

The second after my words slip out of my mouth, the baphomet girl is already on top of me. She proclaimed that she would be a great addition to this family and would be a wonderful mother.

>I make love to the baphomet girl.

The baphomet girl proclaimed her newfound love for me and her desire to get pregnant while she bounced on my cock. I cum inside her as she calls me 'Daddy'. My other wives tease me about this.

>My wives and I prepare our home for children.

My kikimora wife gave birth first. She birthed a blond haired baby girl. Then, my goblin wife gave birth. She had twin baby girls. And finally, my kobold wife gave birth to a baby boy. My wives took turns breastfeeding our babies. My baphomet wife and I are working on getting her pregnant. As tiring as it is to care for four wives and four newborns, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The End of Session 1.

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