Alchy and the Hound

By superego

>Be single anon

>Work at a liquor store

>It's been a couple months since DOTR happened

>After the first few weeks of craziness things have finally settled down to relative normalcy

>Got a bunch of new regulars that come through the store now

>Most have been perusing your wine section, although a few gals have expanded over to spirits and beer

>There's one kinda-short dog girl with ashen skin and orange-black eyes that seems to come in nearly every shift you work

>At first she seemed a little lost on what she wanted to buy, but after chit-chatting about favorite drinks you brought her over to the whiskeys

>Now every time she comes in she gets a different brand of whiskey, more often than not something you've recommended

>Tonight she saw that you set aside a bottle of Elijah Craig Cask Strength

>Spendy bottle, but you could swing it. How she could afford it though was another question, which you did ask

<"I work security for the St. Thomas More Church on Summit Avenue!"

>She then waved her paw dismissively as if you were about to voice an objection

<"I know, I know, it's a weird job for a Hellhound, but Sister Beth was adamant to hire me on after we talked a bit at the job fair, she mentioned something about the 'rich lore of church grims', but I havent had much of a chance to read up about that in your world's history."

>You hadn't heard about that either, but you weren't the religious type to begin with

>After a lil more chit-chat, she made her purchase and left, and you finished up closing procedure, bought your bottle, and headed home

>With the churchy stuff still in mind, and feeling like a horror movie, you decided to watch The Exorcist after a couple drinks

>Coulda been the eeriness of the movie, but you couldn't help but feel like you were being watched

>You just pushed it out of your mind, took a sip of bourbon, and glanced at the empty spot next to you on the couch

>You sigh and take a bigger drink

>Maybe someday


>Oh, your glass is empty, time to pour another one

>You don't remember passing out that night, but when you woke up you were comfortably tucked into bed

>Which was pretty odd, usually when you get trashed you just crash on the couch

>Eh, no matter, it's another day

>You grab your flask off the nightstand, take a swig, and sigh

>One day at a time, Anon, one day at a time

>Been a month and change since that Hellhound regular started coming in

>You eventually learned that her name was Maeve, thanks to your new co-worker

>She was some odd purple cat girl named Grace that seemed to be friends with the security-dog

>Maeve was coming more often now, partially to talk to Grace, shop, or for some reason, just to talk to you

>You'd humor her, but you would only talk about superficial interests for the most part

>She'd try to get a lil more personal with info, but you kept most things close to your chest

>After what happened years ago, you learned the hard way not to open up too much to women

>Doesn't matter if a portion of them now are more monsterous and from another world, women were still women

>That's why you loved whiskey, you knew exactly what it was going to do to you every time

>Speaking of, you managed to get a couple bottles of Eagle Rare squirrel'd away for 'that' upcoming day, only half a week away now

>Grace had noticed you put in time off for 'that' day and the day after, and tried asking why

>Along with getting Maeve to pester you about it for some reason

>You kept telling them personal business, your mood turning more sour as the date grew closer, but on the day before 'that' day, your boss let it slip to Grace

>She must have texted Maeve about it immediately, because she came in at her usual time to chit-chat with a big grin on her face and walked right up to you

<"Hey Anon! I heard it's your birthday tomorrow! Do you got any big plans?"

>You let out a huff, scowled at her, and told her that was none of her fucking business

>She took a step back and looked somewhat hurt, Grace somehow appearing right behind her and looking concerned before speaking

<"Anon, you haven't been your usual self lately…what's wrong?"

>You bit your tongue so you wouldn't snap, took a breath, and said that they didn't actually know you, and to back off

>With that, you were already fed up with the day, and told your boss you were heading home early

>He didn't argue, he knew a little of your history, and said he'd see you in a couple days

>You just hoped he'd keep his mouth shut about it around the girls

>On the way home you started berating yourself about how you acted to Maeve, and Grace by extension

>Only to remind yourself why you did the things you did with some bad memories from when you were young and dumb

>When you finally got home, you were upset but not surprised to see your friend Dale's car in your driveway, with smoke rising up from the backyard

>You walked into the backyard and found Dale at your firepit, tending to the crackling fire, and asked why he was there

>"Same reason every year, Anon, no one wants you to do something stupid when you get drunk."

>You shrugged and said you were gonna grab some whiskey from in the house, and asked if he wanted any

>"Of course. Grab your guitar too, I brought my harmonicas."

>Oh goody, you were actually excited about that

>Minutes later you were sipping some Eagle Rare from a low-ball glass, while Dale was looking for the right-tuned harmonica from his kit

>Once he gave the go ahead, you started playing

"I hurt myself, today…"

>A little more than halfway through the next song, you noticed headlights briefly shine on the trees in your backyard

>Someone pulled into your driveway

>Moments later you found out who, as your friend Kenny joined you and Dale at the fire, with his guitar slung over his shoulder

>He also had some nervous looking gal with pig ears in tow, she was carrying an odd box and a set of what looked like bongos

>When you finished the song you gave him a stern sour look, and he raised his hands defensively, the pig girl cowering a little closer behind him

>"Hey… So uh, Dale messaged me, asked me to swing by so we can jam and keep you company."

>He stepped slightly to the side and gestured to the pig girl

>"This is Beth… she's uh, she's not bad at drumm-"

<"We brought you whiskey!"

>Damn girl was practially quivering in nervousness

>You glanced at her, and back at Kenny

>"It's uh, High West…"

>You nodded in approval

"Okay, ya'll can stay."

>Kenny let out a relieved sigh, and pulled one of the lawn chairs closer to the fire, and got his guitar ready

>Beth set the box she was carrying down next to him, putting the bongos down by her feet

>You passed the bottle of Eagle Rare around for everyone to get a drink, and poured yourself another glass once it got back to you

>Dale picked out a different harmonica from his kit, and you went into another song

>Turns out the box Beth had was another type of drum, and Kenny didn't lie, she could hold a beat

>A couple more songs passed and you were in a comfortable groove, your whiskey buzz fueling your jam

>You once again noticed a flash of headlights on the trees, and glanced at both Dale and Kenny

>They simply shrugged, and when you finally finished a song you looked back towards the house

>You immediately frowned when you saw the hellhound and your purple-cat co-worker

>Grace slowly walked up with a bagged-up bottle in hand, but Maeve hung back, keeping her distance

<"Anon, boss man wanted us to come by and che-"

"Yeah, uh huh, sure. What do you want?"

<"…We're just worried… Maeve and I brought that bottle of Hibiki you've been eyeing up…"

>Fuck, that is good whiskey, too

"….Fine. Pull up some lawn chairs."

>Grace went to sit next to Dale, and of course, Maeve sat next to you, muttering something that you could barely hear

"What was that?"

>She shifted nervously, and spoke louder

<"I said you've got the voice of an angel…"

>Dale and Kenny froze as soon as she said that, and the tension in the air was thick enough to choke on

>You sighed, and mentally chastised yourself

>She doesn't know, just take the fucking compliment

>You downed your glass of whiskey and poured another


>You took another gulp of whiskey, and glanced back Beth

"You're gonna want your bongos for this next one. Dale, Kenny?"

>They gestured that they were ready, and so you started to play

"Ohhhhh Life, it's bigger, it's bigger than you, and you are not me…"

>You finish up the song, as well as your glass of whiskey, and drink a little water

>Don't want to get too fucked up too quickly now

>You pass the bottle of Eagle Rare around again, and it had a single shot left when it got back to you

>With shrug you finish off the bottle, and immediately crack open the bottle that Kenny brought over, first filling your glass before passing it to Maeve

>The hellhound seemed nervous for some reason, and took a rather impressive swig from the bottle

>As she passed the bottle along to Kenny, she whispered something to Kenny, and he simply nodded and smirked

>He set the bottle down, and started to tap a countdown beat on his guitar, before going into a recognizable riff, with Beth taking over the beat

>You fill in a suitable low riff to accompany him, but your eyes are glued to the black doggirl as she swayed to the beat, her orange-black orbs locked to yours

>Small flames started to lick out from her eyes, catching you off guard at first, but her voice immediatly took all of your attention

<"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't you love to love her?…"


>You played through a few more songs that night, before the whiskey began to take its toll on you

>Maeve was surprisingly easy to harmonize with, and you couldn't help but notice the flames in her eyes growing, as she not-so-subtly scooched closer and closer to you after each song

>Everyone agreed to end the songs for the night, with Dale, Kenny, and Beth deciding to camp out and watch the fire

>Grace decided she was going to stick by Dale, and was chatting him up while the other two set up a tent

>Maeve began to gently tug you back to your house, and you were just drunk enough to go with the flow of it all

>She paused at your back door for a moment, only to shake her head and open the door

"Somethin' wrong?"

<"No, just feels weird, it's the first time I haven't had to use the spare key…"


<"Nevermind, let's get you some more water."

>She gently lead you towards the kitchen, and you sat at the island, watching the hellhound grab a glass from your cupboard and fill it from the tap

>Your brain was a bit too foggy to register what felt off about what was going on, but you gave Maeve a thanks when she set the glass in front of you

>You took a swig, and she sighed

<"Anon, I know you're going to hate me for asking, but I need to know… what happened to you? Who… who hurt you?"

>You followed with an exhausted sigh, and got up, heading towards one of the cupboards and immediately grabbing one of your whiskeys you squirrled away

>You knew it was the whiskey making you more agreeable, but if you're going to relive that memory, you'll need more

>Maeve grabbed your shoulder

<"I don't want to see you slowly kill yourself like this! Can you tell me withou-?"

"Woman, do 'not' fuckin' try to tame me, ya hear?! I'll tell ya, but it's the only way I wanna tell it."

>The hellhound let go, but oddly enough the flames in her eyes grew again, adding more light to the small kitchen

<"…Okay… but at least have some more water."


>And so you sat back down, took a swig from the bottle, and began to tell her about your college years, and your high-school sweetheart that followed you

>You refused to utter her name, just referring to her as your ex

>This seemed to bother Maeve, but she kept quiet as you told her everything

>How you both met in high school and became an item

>The proposal after graduation

>When you both chose the same college music classes to stay together, but chose different minors

>The day you moved into a dorm house with her, and met your roommates

>The first fight after her beginning week in women's studies

>Then the pregnancy

>How everything seemed fine as you both planned for the new addition

>How you thought the tension you felt was due to the anxiety of having a child

>The weirdness that you started to notice between her and your roommate

>The eventual nasty argument, and the fallout that happened

>At this point you were drinking more whiskey than water, your words slurring as you broke down

>How she suddenly moved out with no notice, along with your roommate

>The anger and anxiety that followed, only for everything to come crashing down with one letter weeks later

>You paused to breathe, and took a long drink of whiskey

>Maeve uncomfortably shifted, and took the opportunity to speak

<"With what I've learned since I crossed over to here… I'm guessing the child wasn't yours?…"

>You set the bottle down, and started to laugh

>You couldn't help it, honestly

>Poor, naiive Maeve

"Nono, she was carryin' my baby boy… the letter was a bill, from a fuckin' abortion clinic…"

>With that, you upended the bottle and took a chug, and another, before setting it back down

>Your laughing slowly turned to sobs, as you laid your head down on the island countertop

"She killed my boy Maeve… she just up and killed him…"

>You felt a low building rumble before you heard it, and turned to face the source of it

>Mave was taking slow, deliberate breaths, her claws digging slightly into the countertop

>You only realized she was growling before the volume increased to a surprising ferocity

>You felt more awe than fright, as you could practically feel the violent rage rolling off of her

>Then with a sudden deep breath and slow exhale, the hellhound returned to her more-restrained self

<"…May I have some of your whiskey, please?"

>You silently passed the bottle to her, and she took a respectable swig, setting the bottle down between you

>With a sudden speed you could barely register, Maeve had you on your feet and wrapped in a hug

>She squeezed you so tightly, you thought she'd never let go, and soon found your arms wrapped around her

>You stayed lost in the moment, holding tightly onto one another as you began to weep, and let years of bottled up emotions pour out

>Sometime during this you made your way from the kitchen to the living room couch, Maeve's grasp never wavering

>You soon found yourself wept-out and exhausted, with the hellhound tearfully mumbling softly in your ear

<"You don't have to be alone anymore Anon… I won't let those evils torment you any longer, I'm here… I'll always be here…"

>You squeezed back tighter, and soon felt more relaxed in her embrace, her soft mumbling turning to a hummed tune

<"One time, to know that it's real… One time, to know how it feels, that's all…"


>You aren't sure when you passed out last night

>What you do know, as you wake up bleary-eyed, is that you're bundled up on the couch with a pillow under your head

>Maeve was out of sight, but you heard her humming along with sizzling coming from the kitchen, so you had an idea what she was up to

>Surprisingly, you didn't have as bad of a headache as you thought, but you were definitely parched

>Thankfully, the hellhound left a glass of water on the coffee table for you, which you quickly guzzled down

>A few moments passed before the sizzling stopped, with Maeve appearing shortly after, a plate filled with bacon, eggs, and toast for two in her paws

>She gave you a soft smile while you sat up and made room, the hound setting your meal on the coffee table and taking a seat next to you

<"Good morning sleepy-head… how are you feeling?"

>You grab a slice of toast, sliding a fried egg and some bacon on top of it

>A few moments passed as you thought of last night, and Maeve in general

>You know, maybe it's not a bad idea

>The hellhound let out a surprised squeak as you wrapped and arm around her waist, and scooched her closer to you

"Pretty damn good to be honest. You?"

>Maeve wrapped her arm around your waist, squeezing closer, and snagged a couple slices of bacon from the plate

<"Absolutely wonderful~"

>The two of you finished breakfast in cozy silence, with Maeve resting her head on your shoulder, a content sigh escaping her lips now and then

>You still had some lingering, albeit quickly fading reservations about opening up to the hellhound

>But as you cuddled closer to her, everything just felt… right

>More than right, but you were hestitant to label it as fate, even if your mind kept coming back to that conclusion

>You felt Maeve give you a squeeze, and she nuzzled closer to you

<"Hey… Happy Birthday~"

>You squeezed her back

"Thanks… so, what do you wanna do?"

>The black dog let out a short laugh

<"Seriously? It's your birthday, dummy. I do have some ideas~ … but what do you wanna do?"

>You leaned back to think

>Usually you just drank a fuck ton of whiskey and slept the day away, only getting up to have a bonfire and drink more whiskey

>You technically already had the bonfire, thanks to Dale…

>…it's simple, but it just sounds like the best idea

"Honestly? Hot wings, whiskey, and movies, right here on the couch."

<"Clothing optional?"

>Her blunt and serious tone threw you off for just a second

>The grin that grew on her face along with the flames in her eyes spurting to life got to you, and you started to chuckle

"Sure, why not?"

>After the two of you planned out what movies and accompanying whiskies to enjoy for the day, it was on to ordering wings

>You went with your go to, the pizza place Kenny owned, Chubby's

>Maeve offered to pay, but only had a few bucks in her pocket

>However, she did say it was her payday, and was soon on the phone with her nun friend, Sister Beth (who's full name you found out was Elizabeth, so you just called her Sister Liz)

>Thankfully, she was meeting a friend for lunch in the next town over, and offered to bring Maeve's check with, so a trip down to the Twin Cities church was not neccessary

>With you feeling more refreshed after breakfast, you offered to drive out

>The car ride there ended up being an interesting time, as you learned a litte more about Maeve's personal life

>Apparently the hellhound had done the equivalent of security work on the other side of the portal, first being a bouncer for a few taverns, and eventually the equivalent of an MP for one of the Lilim's training camps

>You also found out her world had a number of missing people from your world residing in it, having found their way there one way or another

>Maeve even told you of a pair of musician brothers that had formed a band with a few mamono, whom she heard many of your world's songs from, namely her favorite, Rhiannon, while doing her bouncer job

>Before she could tell you more though, you had arrived at the cafe

>Sister Liz was easy enough to find, as she was the only one in a habit at the cafe

>Her company though, made you pause and blink a few times

>Sitting across from her was a Lillim, who was dressed in a minimalist white and black dress

>You knew exactly who she was, you'd seen her in the news enough

>She was Mariana Cross, and she was one of the few on your side of the world involved with the initial portal opening

>Well, the nun did hire Maeve, so her choice in friends shouldn't surprise you too much

>Said hellhound was already waving at the pair as the two of you approached, and you saw a smile light up the elderly Sister's face

<"Well good morning! Maeve, is this the wonderful Anon I always hear you talk about?"

>You felt your face heat up a bit, followed by your hellhound's paw giving your hand an affectionate squeeze

<"He is! I just got to hear him play some songs last night, you wouldn't believe his voice!~"

>Mariana softly laughed, and sipped her coffee

<"Oh my, my tough little guard dog went and found herself a bard! Congratulations~"

>The Lilim then locked her eyes with you, and smiled warmly

<"I can already tell you two are a good pair! Just make sure to keep your energy for tonight, I don't know how much longer she can hold herself back~"

>Uh, what?

>Maeve squeezed your hand much tighter after that comment, and you saw smoke beginning to smolder from her eyes

>You couldn't help but gulp

>Once Maeve and yourself exchanged farewells with the odd pair, the two of you left the cafe and soon had the hellhound's check cashed

>You then called in to Chubby's and ordered enough wings for the night, opting to pick it up from the store on the way home

>You were also rather curious to see how the restaurant changed since the DOTR

>A while back Kenny had mentioned hiring a few monsters, and one of them had requested renovations, but he didn't go into specifics

>Pulling up to Chubby's parking lot, you were a little surprised to see that not too much had changed

>Sure, the rather large auto sliding doors seemed kinda fancy, but you couldn't see why that was a neccessa-

>A purple centaur with a pizza hot bag strapped to her back came bolting out once the doors opened, making you hit the brakes hard as she leapt over the hood of your car

>Jesus Christ that was close

>An exasperated employee, whom you immediately recognized as Kenny's younger brother Donny, ran out after her, screaming

>"...And for fuck's sake watch out for the customers! Good god...."

>He then noticed your car, and jogged over once you parked

>"Hey Anon! I hope Nadia there didn't give you a heart attack."

"Nah, my brakes need a good jolt now and then...

>You then noticed that Donny looked extremely exhausted, the bags under his eyes looking worse than usual

"...Damn Donny, are you alright? You look like you ran a marathon instead of sleeping last night."

>He merely smirked and glanced back at the restaurant

>"You could say it's something like that, my uh... I guess you could say wives now, surprised me last night..."

>Maeve sniffed the air a couple times, and she gave him a grin

<"Six? And one's a..."

>She sniffed once more, eyes widening

<"...Nurarihyon?! No wonder, you're gonna be tired out for a while!"

>Did you hear that right?

"Six wives?!"

>Donny nodded and sighed

>"It's a long story... but you know where to find me when you wanna hear it."

>The doors to the restaurant slid open, and a raven-haired girl with a large ringed tail leaned out

<"Hey Babe, that wing order is done!"

>Donny waved her back into the restaurant, and turned back to you

>"That would be yours, gimme just a moment."

>He jogged back into the restaurant, and you turned to Maeve

"Six. Seriously?"

>She nodded, and shrugged

<"Some monsters just want to have really big families, and don't mind sharing."

"What about you?"

>She gave you a wide smug smile

<"Oh, I want to have a big family alright, but I am 'not' sharing~"

>One of her ears then twitched, and her smile went from smug to simple joy, as she turned up your radio

<"Oooh, I love this song! Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen..."

>The flames in her eyes got a bit larger while she sang along to The Pointer Sisters, and you briefly thought of how exhausted Donny looked

>Well, at least your one Hellhound won't tire you out like that, right?

>So why do you still have this foreboding feeling?

>It was hours later, and the two of you had demolished most of the wings, and made a pretty good dent into some of your whiskies

>Some of the humor from the comedies you were watching fell flat with the Hellhound, as you had to explain some of the cultural meanings behind it, but you expected that

>She did laugh her ass off at John Candy and Dan Aykroyd trying to rid their cabin of a small bat, so you considered that a win at least

>You did notice though that with each movie you put on, Maeve somehow lost an article of clothing

>By the time you were watching Jeff Bridges make another White Russian, the hellhound was finally topless, and had her tits pressed against your arm, while her paw drew circles on your inner thigh

>You let out a chuckle at The Dude's "He Fixes the Cable" quip, when Maeve squeezed you tighter


>You turned to face her, flames merrily licking from her eyes, and she simply blinked, giving you a sultry smile

>Fuck, that did it

>The movie soon forgotten, Maeve was on top of you, lips locked as your tongues wrestled

>You don't know when you moved from the couch to the bed, but you didn't really care at that point

>You do know you busted one of the legs on your bed frame sometime during the fun, which gave you two enough pause to laugh about it, only to go back at it

>The Hellhound must have taken it as encouragement though, because by morning only one leg was still attached but very warped

>Maeve was finally satisfied well after the birds started chirping, and she dozed with a serene smile on her face, head resting on your chest

>You were barely awake, sleep encroaching on the corners of your vision, but you squeezed your hellhound tighter

>Yeah, this is definitely the good life

Years Later

>"Daaaaad! Annie tossed the Frisbee in the tree again!"

<"What?! No! Daddy, Cash did it!"

>"Did not!"

<"Did too!"

>You just chuckled and shook your head

"I don't think it matters, kids. Marla already snaked it from you two."



>Your son, Bruce-Cassidy, or Cash as he recently liked to be called, darted off towards the backyard tree, with your daughter Rhiannon right on his heels

>Dale and Grace's daughter Marla was sitting on a higher branch, frisbee spinning on her finger while she stuck out her tongue

>Once your kids got to the tree, the young Cheshire tossed the frisbee over their heads, and disappeared in a puff of smoke

>The frisbree soared and landed into the hands Kenny and Beth's daughter, Holly

>The young orc looked absolutely frightened as your twins barreled towards her, the three soon running circles around the yard

>You heard your youngest daughter Patricia grumble in your lap, and you looked down to see her tipping her sippy cup upside down and shaking it

"Outta apple juice, honey?"


>Before you could even call out to your wife, Maeve was already heading over with a new cup in one hand, and another Pharophis black and tan for you in the other

>She did love to spoil you on your birthday after all, and if your friends and all the kids weren't there, you knew she'd be wearing that "One Hot Doggo" apron with nothing else underneath

>At least you know she'll be in something more risqué later tonight

>Patricia reached out to Maeve as she came close, and after setting your drink down, picked her up

>Good timing too, your leg was starting to fall asleep, and you felt like playing a song

>Kenny and Dale, sitting nearby with Beth and Grace at their sides, saw you reach behind your chair for your guitar, and immediately perked up

>"Well hey virtuoso, we were wondering when you were gonna start, got something in mind?"

>Kenny's ribbing made you chuckle, and you smirked

"Of course. F Major, guys."

>Ever since Maeve came into your life and blessed you with three healthy children, and a possible fourth on the way if tonight's fun took hold, your life turned on quite the upswing

>She helped slow your drinking down, encouraged your personal projects, and thanks to her, you now had your own business taking off, a small music shop, but it was a start

>You tapped out the beat for Beth's box drum, and with the orc providing a steady rhythm, began to strum

>Maeve immediately knew what song it was, her tail wagging so fast it was practially a blur

"This is for you, my love... You know I need your love, You've got that hold over me..."

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Very nice. I love seeing miserable guys find some happiness in these stories.