scarred prey 2

By primitivo

You retract your fist from the evil womans face, as she hits the ground and you give your fingers a shake to get rid of her blood and teeth. Not hard enough for your liking, but it will do. The true evil still lurks in that strange building this diabolic woman came out of after all. It should have been a joyous event. Finally, after all this time, the portals are stable and big enough to swarm this plane and secure your destined mate. No longer did you have to fight the unreasonable Order and their few controlled territories on your continent for a husband. At long last, mamono don't have to hope for the occasional human man to somehow go astray and cross the border of dimensions or for highly skilled mamono, with huge mana pools and knowledge of the arcane, to send over special rescue squads to secure men. Now everyone, no matter how small or big, weak or strong, dumb or smart has a chance. This day will go down in history of mamonokind, right after the birth of the first demon lord. And yet. As you exited the portal, with your hunting drive kicking higher than it ever kicked before, with the fire in your soul burning brighter than the scorching sun and with your toned body quivering in ecstacy. You smelled something. A stench more vile and nauseating than anything you could've ever imagined. A stench that should not exist. Not now and not in the future.

The Bicorn bends down to pick her up. She looks up to you distressed and says "Don't worry. I'll make sure to teach her and her hubby a thorough lesson."

You give her a quick nod and she storms off into the horizon, no doubt looking for a nice and cozy place. You hoped you would be wrong, but the smell on that woman, her reaction and the Lich's evaluation left no doubt. Whith a huff you turn around and fixate your gaze at the peculiar building the evil woman pointed at. It is surprisingly smooth, with strongly defined corners and painted in a white-grayish tone. Some curious letters adorn a glass covered opening below it. Strange. Who would make doors out of glass. They couldn't stop anything from breaking through.

You eye the windows and you feel your hide shiver. There is a man behind one of the windows staring directly at you. The stench of death is starting to get to you and makes you nauseous. Your heart beats faster and rational thought starts to escape you, as you turn around and pick up the demolished carriage. With your projectile ready to go, you give the figure behind the window one final warning. Your muscles bulge and sent the carriage flying. You can barely control yourself, as you view the carriage crushing the wall and creating a new opening for you and your sisters.

It only takes you one leap to land in the new hole that used to be a window. You glare as you take in the surroundings. The overwhelming stench robbing your mind of your last piece of coherent thought and resoning. You could not grasp, nor understand the motivations behind the concept of killing unborn. The only feeling reeling through your mind is unlimited rage and uncontrollable power through your body. You know that humans are often foolish in their ways, but this goes beyond folly. This should not exist. And by Maou, the sheer limitless strength surging through you leaves no doubt, that it is your god-given task to set an end to this nightmare. You barely register your eyes locking again with the human, as your muscles start to act on their own and lead you closer to him.

"How could you..." escapes your lips silently. The male in front of you crawls back away from you. Your eyes register that he is injured, but your mind is having none of that. You raise your leg and strike down. The table between you two is reduced into firewood and kindling. The boiling, uncontrollable fury of your ancestors and gods clouds your vision and actions. No pain you've ever felt could come close to the absolute agony, that is the knowledge of the purpose of this place and you being here right now. It goes against everything Eros and Maou teaches. The very core of your being and your kind.

"YOU. KILL. UNBORN!?" you howl as you extend your polydactyl paw at him. He goes slump and you take hold of him by his left arm. You roughly pull him up and strengthen your grip, till you hear a sickening crunch and his front arm goes limp in your grasp at a concerning angle. Suddenly your right paw crushing him feels wet as you look at the scarlet droplets hitting the ground. A new smell enters your nose. The essence of life, his blood and the fact that the stench of death is not emitting from him tries to fight its way into your raging consciousness. Your mind slowly tries to return from its journey through the searing void and you gradually try to take in your surroundings and your actions.

"ADA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" you hear a voice to your right scream as a powerful kick sends you flying and you let go of the man. You hit the wall, gasping, as all the air in your lungs has been knocked out. It only takes a second for you to jump back on on your paws and look up to your attacker, baring your fangs with a low growl. The unicorn is down on her knees holding the battered human in her arms, choking back her tears.

"YOU WERE ABOUT TO KILL HIM!" wailed Omyan, pressing the human tighter into her breasts, staining her top with blood.

"I wasn't." you scoff.

Omyan looks at you "YOU DESTROYED HIS ARM!!"

Your muscles bulge and you snarl "It was already broken when I picked him up."

She only gives you wet sniffles and sobs in response.

You edge closer to her as you feel your prey slipping away from you "Omyan, this man is mine."

"S-stay back!" she yells and turns away from you, clinging to the man like a drowning sailor to driftwood.

Another growl escapes you and your muscles in your legs and arms start to twitch as they strain. Droplets of sweat hit the ground from your outstretched arms, your claws scraping against each other.

Holding back is unbearable, but this is Omyan, your friend. The other mamono arrive at the hole and watch as the scene unfolds. Some only peek inside. Your violent outburst quenched the collective blood lust of the group. You feel the atmosphere shifting and it's not shifting in your favour. This was not a simple faux pas. You not only hurt a human male, you broke his actual bone in your fit. Probably traumatised him as well. You know you fucked up big time.

"Stop it already, you overgrown, dumb mutt!" a chirping voice beams from the group. You make a mental note to teach that cheeky harpy a lesson sometime later. Your body is strong. A big bundle of raw muscles, sharp fangs, thick fur and deadly claws. But in this group are cunning magic users, other powerful mamono and the few friends you have. You know you can't handle all of them at the same time and your gaze meets the grimace of your friend Amane, a red oni.

"Enough." is all she has to say.

You grind your teeth, as you force your body to relax. The flames of your eyes simmer down and your bushy tail slowly eases and drops. A loud sigh escapes your mouth and you take a few deep breaths, as you stare at the ceiling.

"I'm sorry, that I lost myself. The stench got to me." you mumble defeated and your ears twitch, "My nose is more sensitive than yours."

Tension leaves the room, Amane takes a big drink from her gourd and addresses the rest of the group "Get going girls, we have this."

"Make sure to teach her a lesson!" someone yells back, as most of the mamono leave to continue their hunt for mates.

Amane scratches her head and replies "Maybe. If she stops behaving again."

The lich that helped you to ascertain the purpose of this building earlier speaks up "The portals... something fluctuates. I have to check on them."

She floats away and only Omyan, Amane, the brash harpy and you stay behind.

You've known these girls only for a short time, but you can't picture your life without them already. Well, without Kari maybe. The great Maou made the historical announcement of the portal summoning months in advance and you met in the town of Angkor Wan to prepare for the grand day. To open the portals and keep them stable enough, huge resources of mana were necessary, so it was decided that mamono versed in the arcane arts would only open them in the major cities. Angkor Wan is a great port town close to the border of mamono controlled territory and mainly serves as a hub for trade and resupply. Mamono would stock up before heading off into the contested lands or return from them. Sometimes with a husband.

You all met in one of the many market squares. Amane and Kari were arguing, or rather the harpy was screaming bloody murder at the bored, absent-minded Amane for some reason and continued to poke into the oni's massive tits from down below.


It seems like Kari barely managed to dodge the huge, drunk oni as she was staggering her way through the market, looking for some dinner. You gawk at both of them, waiting for one of them to throw the first punch. Until someone rams into you from behind and hurries past you. You find yourself spinning towards the ground and you barely manage to catch yourself, just before getting dust and dirt all over your fur and skin. You glare up to see who the hell tried to knock you down. A thick unicorn is galloping towards the two and has hit you on her way.

She comes to a grinding halt between the two squabblers and pleads "Please s-stop fighting you two..."

Later on you would figure out, that Omyan despises conflict more than anything, but right now you are out for blood. No one fucks with you and lives to tell the tale, or at least walkes away unscathed, so you turn your ears frontwards and start sprinting to that group, ready to bodycheck that dumb horsewoman into the stalls. But the oni loses her footing, stumbles drunkenly into your way and catches you before you could jump. You both skid across the ground and come to a halt in front of the surprised harpy and the trembling unicorn.

"Whoa girl, you are even bigger than me." you hear her whisper. Amane gives some slurred excuses and steps away from you, but you can see a slight grin forming on her lips from your peripheral view. Kari chirped up loudly "Look what the goblin dragged in! A overgrown fleabag, looking for someone to throw a stick?" you hear her mocking you, "Give her some belly rubs too? Or maybe she looks for some delicious, human male to mount her from behind and take her like the submissive bitch she is, kyahahaha..."

Then oni sobbered up quite quickly, as she tries to hold your lunging body back in place, but Kari flaps her agile wings, soars up into the sky to land on a small building and continues to cackle at you from above. You swear to yourself to pluck her black feathers in the future. A soft hand grasps your paw and you look down to your side. The unicorn holds your paw and the Oni's hand, as two thin rivers flow down her cheeks.

"No more f-fighting. I can't bear to see or hear pain..." she sniffles and drops her long, equine ears.

Your wrangle your paw out of her grip and retort "You almost made me eat dirt you crybaby of peace." as you stare her down with lowered ears and blazing eyes.

"I... I didn't m-mean to... I'm sorry..." you hear her stutter.

The oni's red arm wraps around your shoulders and pulls you back "Pipe down already. It clearly wasn't on purpose." you hear the Oni sneer, "I caused this scene so come on girls, dinner's on me. I am Amane and you?" she shakes a bag high up into the air and you hear heavy, clinking coins, "It's payday!"

The black harpy lands a few meters away from you three and yells "Well it's my fault as well for not seeing your big red ass staggering towards me! You can call me Kari!"

You see her wiping away some drool with her wing and she stretches her legs and feathers, betraying her ulterior motive.

The unicorn starts to talk "My name is Omyan." she wipes her eyes and cheeks with her carrot embroidered handkerchief "I would usually decline such a generous offer..." a deep, rumbling growl emanates from her, "but I feel quite hungry at the moment."

The three girls turn their heads towards you and await your response, but you don't really feel it.

You give a small wave and as you turn around you hear the oni speak up "Oh, food is only on me if we all go, by the way."

A pair of smooth hands seizes your right paw, followed suit by a pair of feathery wings wrapping around your left thigh. You groan and look up at the sky, as the hands and wings give you a squeeze before they let go.

"Pleeeeease?" you hear Omyan and Kari begging in unison.

You turn around to muster their faces and see big, pleading eyes meeting yours. They remind you of your younger sisters and you feel a slight sting burning in your chest.

"The name's Ada." you finally give in and return to them, listening to their heated discussion about dinner. You don't even feel your tail wagging behind you.

An awkward silence fills the air only interrupted by Omyans sobs.

Amane is the first to speak up "You got him Omyan? Can you heal him?"

"I t-think so." she replies, still shuddering and hugging the man into her chest.

"Well Ada, you sure left a lasting impression on that poor guy." snickers the harpy.

Your ears and left eye twitch, as you snap your head towards her and you scowl at her wide, smug grin, giving a cheshire a run for her money.

The oni shifts her weight from one leg to her other "Shut it Kari and fly off already. Look for a husband. Not like you could be of any help here right now."

Kari takes off and yells back "Fine by me! But make sure that dumbass dog doesn't hurt the poor guy any more, than she already has! Or I am gonna relieve myself in the sky above her head again!"

A few black feathers are left behind in Karis wake and your eyes follow them till they hit the ground. Amane shoves the chairs off the overweight, crying woman, grabs her by the neck, like a cat grabs its kitten and glares in her distorted, snot coated face. Their noses almost touching.

She stares her down and whispers in a somber voice "You try to kill the child in your belly one more time and I will shove my big, metal rod all the way up yer ass. Maybe break a leg or two as well"

Amane pointed with a finger at the kanabo at her hip, not breaking eye contact.

"Do you understand?" she emphasizes dryly.

This elicited a squeak and hurried noding from the piggy woman. Amane tries to kicks the front door open, but the glass breaks instead and its pieces hit the ground in surrender. She walkes a few paces and drops her ass first on the smooth, black road.

"Stupid woman, trying to kill her child..." she mumbles to no one in particular, as she returns back inside.

A faint, amber glowing atmosphere surrounds the human and Omyan and you feel the tranquil serenity of healing magic radiating from them. Your ears twitch again as a new smell finds its way into your nose and you sniff the air in a rush.

"Amane." you mutter.

The oni looks at you and reaches for her weapon, worrying about you falling back into your predators rage again.

"I smell an unborn still alive in here."

The oni huffs, as she draws her kanabo "You got yourself under control?" she asks and eyes you, barely able to hold herself back from storming off.

"I'm good, promise." you reply "Omyan takes care of the human. Go."

Amane wastes no more time and bursts through the door next to a sad pile of wooden pieces and chairs deeper into the building.

"I c-can't focus! I've never seen s-such gruesome wounds!" Omyan shouts with panic and tears saturating her voice, the faint glow engulfing her pulsating and shrinking. Big tears stream out of her eyes and rain down on the man. You step up to her, rest a paw on her shaking shoulder and look down on the human. Unlimited fury and rage were blinding you before, but now you see him with a clear mind and the view shatters your heart into countless, sharp pieces. He is still unconscious and his breath is irregular, short and raspy. His face is coated in scarlet, with fresh blood pulsating out of his left eye and a thin trickle out of the corner of his mouth and nose.

"Oh Maou p-please!" cries Omyan, still trying to heal him, her hands trembling.

His left shoulder and arm are maimed, distorted and alabaster coloured bone pokes through the pale, scarred skin in two places. Your vision starts to spin and hot tears swell in your eyes. You wince and gasp for air, as you see his blood starting to dry brown in your right paw. Suddenly you feel very small. Like a hapless puppy all alone in this unforgiving, dark world and your big ears drop. You extend your left paw and wiggle it below his head, slightly raising it. He feels so fragile in your hand. A most precious treasure made out of finest glass, that you gave a huge crack to, if not shattering it completely.

You slowly bring your face closer to his, your big tears now rivaling Omyan's. The overwhelming smell of dead unborns weighing even heavier on your spirit. You fear him joining that repugnant stench.

"I am s-sorry." you mewl, choking on your tears.

A huge lump grows in your throat and you struggle with breathing. You try to hold his head as steady as possible, despite your body shaking, like a dead leaf in freezing wind.

"I'm sor-ry-y." you cry, "Please f-forg-ive me."

He is so horribly thin and the few bits of uncovered skin you see are riddled in old scars. He has no physique of a warrior or a fighter, but one of a survivor.

"O-pen y-your eyes, please..." you whisper while rocking your own jittery body back and forth.

Your tail trembles between your legs, hugging your belly. You try to clean his face of the still flowing blood with the back of your right paw, but you only manage to smear it around. His hot blood on your fur shocks your very being, reaching into the tips of your hair and fur. You tremble more and more, as your tears mix with his blood on you. This is real. You lost control. This is all your fault. Again.

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