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(An Incorporated Marriage comprising Co-Wives Miyuki of the Golden Abyss Clan, Yuria of the Silver Castle Clan, and Minori of the Jewelled Tanuki Clan in eternal vow together with their Husband)


令愛二十三年五月一日 / of the First Day, Fifth Month, Twenty Third Year of the Reiai Era

Physical Affection (Miyuki) DR 20 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Yuria) DR 20 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Minori) DR 20 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) CR 60 cuddle-minutes

[I report our morning embrace. Our hard-working husband's new cuddle pile technique is proving very efficient; sixty minutes yield from a mere twenty minutes of clock time. ~Miyuki]

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) DR 32,850 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Revenue (Miyuki) CR 10,950 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Revenue (Yuria) CR 10,950 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Revenue (Minori) CR 10,950 cuddle-minutes

[It's time for… the quarterly! Interest! On! Husband's! Cuddle! Nooooote! There'll be no escape in cuddle bankruptcy, darling, so keep working hard to pay off your debt! We'll cheer you on for the rest of your life! ~Yuria]

Spirit Energy (Minori) DR 114 hedons

Spirit Energy Capital Contributions (Husband) CR 114 hedons

[I report that the cuddle pile lead to other things. Terribly indecent things… I witnessed the whole filthy transaction from under Minori and can report that Husband came so hard and so much into her that his balls nearly jumped. The latest "extras" I've been slipping into his food suit him well. ~Miyuki]

Spirit Energy (Miyuki) DR 38 hedons

Spirit Energy (Yuria) DR 38 hedons

Spirit Energy (Minori) CR 76 hedons

[Did you think I'd not check the journal to make sure you thieving brush-tailed bitches accounted for your LARCENY? You might at least have given me a moment to bask before you lapped your shares back out like low beasts… (whom I both love xoxo) ~Minori]

Interest Receivable DR 93,532g

Cash DR 67,800g

Interest Revenue CR 161,332g

[Posted from morning processing of Notes Journal! Much-appreciated liquidity injection from the Eastern Forest Cooperative paying bang on time, as usual (but still not as good as Husband's liquidity injections, hurrhurr)! Some receivables on the ledger are ageing, but nothing out of the ordinary yet. ~Yuria]

Notes Receivable DR 400,000g

Losses on Option Trades DR 150,000g

Cash CR 100,000g

Mineral Options CR 450,000g

[I report that I have executed the agreed-upon transfer of thaumic mineral options to Her Grace's War Cabinet. The Chancellor agreed to a sweeter-than-usual interest rate in return for our giving up that creamy delta. (Also in consideration for our not releasing word of his… what was it? I have quite forgotten.) I shall head out now to see what mean comforts we, Her Grace's ever-faithful subjects, might be able to scrape together from her second-hand favour. ~Miyuki]

Salary Expense DR 3,000g

Bonus Expense DR 5,000g

Transport Expense DR 50g

Cash CR 8,050g

[Sieger's condition has worsened, so his wife dropped by to pick up his back pay; poor thing was in enough of a rush that she couldn't wait until evening–you both know how she hates the sun. I padded the packet with an early bonus and sent her back in a covered carriage, regarding this as a small investment in kindness that will pay dividends in time, and neither of you LOWLY CURS shall question my wisdom in doing so, understood? ~Minori]

Spirit Energy (Yuria) DR 61 hedons

Spirit Energy (Minori) DR 43 hedons

Spirit Energy Capital Contributions (Husband) CR 104 hedons

Physical Affection (Yuria) DR 5 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Minori) DR 5 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) CR 10 cuddle-minutes

[Minori was looking more upset than usual, so I took her to raise a little capital! Intense oral negotiations culminated in our accepting Husband's contribution of three squirts into my mouth and two into hers. ~Yuria]

Victory Bonds Receivable DR 1,654,433g

Uncollectible Debt Expense CR 1,654,433g

[I report that Her Grace's Exchequer has seen fit, for reasons that quite outclass this lowly merchant, to allow our little concern to recover its stolen principal (without interest) from Cascadia's treasury "once their perfidious and uninvited belligerence has been thoroughly expunged from this mortal coil" (my words, not theirs, but don't tell them that). ~Miyuki]

Precious Metals DR 65,411g

Promissory Currency CR 20,748g

Gains on Exchange CR 44,663g

[My illustrious cousins in Ciahnai send tidings to the effect that their city-state has indeed proclaimed a metal swap to shore up confidence after their attempt at a fractional promissory currency ran mysteriously yet irretrievably aground. Since we contributed capital to the campaign to assist (former) oligarchs in dumping the promissory paper on poor half-witted merchants at an outrageously good price, our share of the precious metals soon to line my cousins' vaults may be collected as and when we see fit. I shall accept congratulations at supper this evening. ~Minori]

Spirit Energy (Miyuki) DR 109 hedons

Spirit Energy Capital Contributions (Husband) CR 109 hedons

[I report that Husband lept from the shadows, overpowered me, pushed me down atop my scrivening desk and used me like the common cum-rag I am. If either of you want to know why today's entries in the subsidiary ledgers are smudged, understand that a press of their near-dried ink now decorates my breasts. ~Miyuki]

Physical Affection (Yuria) DR 180 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Miyuki) CR 180 cuddle-minutes

[Found Miyuki draped half-sensate over her writing desk, helpless against the predatory pricing of my unparalleled tail brushing skills! An 1,800% markup was fair compensation for letting her keep all that delicious thick spirit energy to herself - no assembly in the land would convict me! ~Yuria]

Bonds Payable DR 29,500g

Interest Expense DR 800g

Cash CR 31,300

[The illustrious Minori of the Jewelled Tanuki Clan has decided that - miraculously - you two are correct regarding the Red Field Clan. While I don't think they'd be foolish enough to make any moves against us right now, I concur that their quietly buying up our bonds at a premium on the aftermarket is suspicious, and that getting us out of their books is wise. (Husband's suggestion to keep that girl at the Exchange on retainer just keeps on paying for itself, doesn't it?) Invoked the call we built into the original indentures and sent a transfer order to have the balance transferred directly to their vault, as hard cash, so even those lowlifes can have no objections. ~Minori]

Cash DR 5,119g

Transfer Notes Payable CR 4,940g

Transfer Notes Commission Revenue CR 179g

[Posted from Transfer Notes journal up to the usual heart mark! Only one inter-province deposit today from a single(?!) merchant looking to lighten his purse for safety before a trip along the northern cliff highway. My bump must really be starting to show, for he congratulated me and wished me a healthy delivery! Perhaps the black harpies of the Inkwing flock might consider taking information on a strapping, clever young man's planned route through their territory in lieu of cash for their trade intelligence services this month? ~Yuria]

Jewellery and Accessories DR 3,600g

Accounts Payable CR 1,800g

Cash CR 1,800g

[I report that Minori's bespoke order from Brant & Schmitt arrived as I was preparing to leave. I inspected the matched set before I confirmed payment, and will now take back my previous criticism of Minori's judgement. Though I was tempted try mine out early, I will be strong and wait for Husband's birthday, just as we promised between ourselves. I further report that imagining the three of us wearing such beautiful things in… you know… has me soaked, and I shall now have to endure Older Sister's whispered jibes about my scent all through the clan meeting. Minori is a pervert, but she's a pervert with excellent taste. ~Miyuki]

Transport Expense DR 45g

Cash CR 45g

[I report that I have departed in a carriage to my clan's meeting, and hope to return by supper. ~Miyuki]

Food Expense DR 15g

Delivery Expense DR 3g

Cash 18g

[Dispatched a runner to fetch red-lipped mussels cooked in butter, which the baby let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to eat RIGHT NOW! ~Yuria]

Clothing DR 800g

Accounts Payable CR 400g

Prepaid Clothing CR 400g

[Husband's new suit arrived. Thanks to my impeccable eye, he's going to look even more dashing for his birthday party. ~Minori]

Food Expense DR 2g

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) DR 360 cuddle-minutes

Food CR 2g

Physical Affection Revenue (Yuria) CR 360 cuddle-minutes

[Husband thought he was being clever by joking that he'd cuddle and brush my tail for a whole afternoon if I managed to bake a single loaf correctly! He laughed, but that was a contract, and so who will be laughing when he comes back from his errands this afternoon to the smell of fresh not-at-all-incinerated bread? Myself and my tail, that is who!!! ~Yuria]

Agricultural Futures DR 26,233g

Brokerage Expense DR 866g

Exchange Settlements Payable CR 13,679g

Brokerage Payable CR 866g

Agricultural Futures Revenue CR 12,554g

[Posted from weekly futures journal sent up from our woman at the White River Junction Exchange since Miyuki's stuck in her clan house this afternoon. Prisoner Fruit contracts rocked back and forth among the exchange rabble, which has been wonderful for our role as minor market makers. We're not carrying more than I'm comfortable with, but I've updated our representative's instructions just in case things take a sudden turn. Miyuki, please feel free to overrule my moves: I trust your judgement on this - and ONLY THIS, mind - more than mine (but you must NEVER let our mothers hear that). ~Minori]

Physical Affection (Yuria) DR 20 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) DR 20 cuddle-minutes

[After eating three slices of bread upon his return, Husband insisted on paying off some of his afternoon of cuddling and tail brushing right away, despite my objections that there was yet work to be done! Naughty naughty husband! ~Yuria]

Furniture DR 1,000g

Gifts Received CR 1,000g

[I report that at the clan meeting, Grandmother finally badgered me into accepting the heirloom cradle my mother and I both suckled in. I asked her afterward if she didn't mind it holding a Silver Castle baby, and she glared at me and said I needed to have more respect for her decisions. I think she might be finally warming up to you, Yuria. ~Miyuki]

Stock DR 250,000g

Cash CR 250,000g

[Posted from Stock journal. I report that at the clan meeting, I finalised our investment into Little Sister's very first venture in return for 250,000 shares of common stock. This is more than enough to put one or two of us on her Board (such as it is) and keep her from lopping her own toes off by accident. She seems delighted to have her doting older sister on her side, which only indicates that she doesn't yet know her newest Directors will not be me but my merciless co-wives. ~Miyuki]

Transport Expenses DR 2,000g

Transport Payable CR 2,000g

Insurance Expenses DR 200g

Insurance Payable CR 200g

Intelligence Expenses DR 200g

Cash CR 200g

[The upcoming liquidity delivery to my illustrious cousins in Ciahnai has been finalised for three days hence with an unobtrusive spot in one of the Molten Claws' convoys, Silver Castle's main concern insuring against the usuals, and our own open ear planted among their protective detail just in case. Contracts were extended to include return delivery of a third of our metals sitting in Ciahnai; we'll arrange to get the rest over here in due course. I'm surprised anything happens in this house without me, honestly. ~Minori]

Food Expense DR 30g

Food CR 30g

[Gods above, but that man can cook! Best hostile acquisition ever! ~Yuria]

Physical Affection (Miyuki) DR 90 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Yuria) DR 90 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection (Minori) DR 90 cuddle-minutes

Physical Affection Receivable (Husband) CR 270 cuddle-minutes

Spirit Energy (Miyuki) DR 167 hedons

Spirit Energy (Yuria) DR 169 hedons

Spirit Energy (Minori) DR 165 hedons

Spirit Energy Capital Contributions (Husband) CR 501 hedons

[I report that Husband's other skills were on full display tonight, and that I have never felt so full or content as I do now. ~Miyuki]

Spirit Energy Consumed (Miyuki) DR 314 hedons

Spirit Energy Consumed (Yuria) DR 268 hedons

Spirit Energy Consumed (Minori) DR 246 hedons

Spirit Energy (Miyuki) CR 314 hedons

Spirit Energy (Yuria) CR 268 hedons

Spirit Energy (Minori) CR 246 hedons

[I report the final adjusting entry before bed. Please look after us tomorrow as well, Husband! We love you, more than anything, more than life itself. ~MYM]

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