A Paladin's Promise (Dragon)

By edfstrategichq

 A Paladin’s Promise

(Tags: Dragongirl, Gentle femdom, Light bondage)

The two eyes of a boy opened as he had wished he could keep them closed.

A near painful tiredness urged him to stay on the barren, dirty earth as he arose with great effort.

His armor a burden, his countenance full of struggle.

“Di-Did we win?” The thought occupied his mind as the strange, purple-red sky remained, brightly casting down all around the war-torn land.

He managed to bring his torso up, he looked around.

He couldn’t feel his legs.

He looked down, they were but in the brook in front of him. He moved his legs out of it with some more effort, they too felt like they were so strangely tired.

He supposed he should have been thankful he had not made into the brook in time. Otherwise he supposed he might have even drowned in it.

He laughed, crazed and confused.

Had he and his fellows not been burned alive by dragonfire?

The memory had flashed in his head of Bruno yelling to jump into the river to hide from it all.

What seemed like a thousand dragons that had flown above them, scorching the land as they went again and again.

Bruno, where was Bruno!?

The young soldier shot up to his feet as he stood over.

His left foot was on a tattered flag of a half sun.

He stared at the broken flag of the Empire of York.

They had lost, hadn’t they?

He found his musket lying next to it, at the very least he thought it was his, there was no body, nobody around as he noticed it.

“Where is everyone?” A desperate thought entered him as he picked it up.

He couldn’t be alone, not now.

He had to find Bruno, he’d know how to get out of here, he’d know how to survive.

He began to walk, aimlessly ad-midst broken spears, swords, shields, bows, muskets, and flags.

He halted.

The roars of dragons were in the skies.

He looked up, hopelessly.

The Dragonians ruled the skies.

The Dragonian Empire, or as Bruno had told him was as what they called themselves the ‘Reich der Drachenie’.

Bruno had told him it all, at least as much a sergeant like him could have known.

The name of the endless hordes of scaled monsters that came across the mountains and began a conquest, not once were the Empire of York capable to cross over it and fight them on their own terms in just but eight years of fighting.

Where Dragons flew was always followed up by the other lizards incapable of it, but so terribly strong and unrelenting.

The sergeant himself had said there was ever but a slight victory against them. He seemed troubled whenever asked of it any further, all he ever stated was that it led to disaster for man. The best they could ever do was hold.

The boy himself was also but a conscript, but the sergeant took a favorable liking to him.

He’d no idea why, all he had ever done was offer to help so much and had talked and talked, not once doing anything special. He lacked in that.

He stumbled onwards, still in mere shock of it all.

He looked up and his dirtied countenance turned surprised.

There was someone lying face first on the ground.

The young soldier got into a sprint to the fallen comrade.

Pulling him over, the soldier realized it was nobody else but his own sergeant.

“Bruno! Bruno! Please get up!” He cried as he shook him violently.

Bruno, who showed him such kindness even if he were but a mere fool.

He had to live, just like him.

“Bruno!” He yelled.

But Bruno was content to lay, with but only a peaceful expression.

The conscript however, grew ever more pained.

“I-I I I……...” He muttered, before he slumped.

“Not you too…..”

Tears fell from his face onto the sergeant’s breastplate.

The sounds of more roars were over-head, they sounded so close.

He felt the slightest thud on the ground as he heard the voice of his sergeant speak.

“If you ever feel the thud, they’ve landed.”

Horrified, he shook.

“No! No! No! No! No!” He repeated loudly and frantically.

“If it ever gets bad you must run. Don’t worry about what happens to any of us, alright?” The same voice of his sergeant replayed in his head.


Fear took him, knowing that the Dragonians must be searching for survivors.


He had to live.

“I have to leave you, I have to go. I….”

He tore at his own helm in frustration.

He would have wanted him to go.

It felt wrong to leave someone behind.

Wordless as sweat poured from his forehead, he grabbed his musket.

He’d follow the brook and get as far away as he could. There had to be someone that could get out and tell the tale of what happened.

Of the entire army being annihilated in only two hours.

He sprinted off.

For what felt like a minute he found himself forced to pause as he caught his breath, cursing multiple things beneath his breath as he held his gun close to him.

As he ran and made his next break he took a moment to rest.

The long, creeping thought of finally running away came to him.

It was only him left, he fully realized.

He laughed wildly once more.

He could go home, at least try to.

The soldier stared out as his breathing normalized.

He closed his eyes.

Getting to his feet once more, he ran.

There was a shrine he could stay at, something the Dragonians wouldn’t know of.

He prayed that much at least.

There he would plan to make it home, to make it there no matter what come another hell or worse, he had to, he promised he could.

It would be his final hope.

As he made it to the entrance he pulled his musket and aimed forward as he entered in, sweat pouring from his forehead as adrenaline kept him up.

The laterns were but all lit.

Eventually he found not a remaining soul, they had all but packed up what they could and had left. Their fate was out of his speculation now.

Finishing his search, he sighed, somewhat disappointed, all the more worried however.

He had truly wished to find at least someone even if they were not one of his squadmates.

In the end, he was alone again.

As his panic wore off, he pondered as he sat on a cot.

His eyes stuck the ground, it hurt to keep them open.

Rubbing his eyes he felt like sobbing again but he suppressed it.

One last comfort came for him something that both always made him hope and yet always destroyed his soul.

A sweet, hopeful, loving voice.

“Please wait for me, Robin. I shall return some day when this war is over and the dread skies end. I will render up my all, stay safe for me Robin. Our tears may fall but never lose hope.”

How much he had felt so hollow in those four years since that felt like decades.

A childhood forever ruined. One became a woman, the other forced to become a man.

Robin sighed, but a smile broke across his face.

He’d make it all the way back to that town of theirs, and he’d wait for as long as it took.

She’d win this war, she would one way or a hundred others. He trusted in that.

It was but his last hope, no matter how delusional or possible it could be.

He closed his eyes, everything would be fine when he would awake.

The Dragonians would be gone, and he’d go and take Bruno somewhere and he’d make his way home.

He’d live for the sergeant who pitied him, and for the girl who left to become a Paladin.






“Well you two certainly took your time!” A demon announced as several armored figures approached.

Two dragons, eight salamanders.

Her irritation and gesture faded as they gave her a bow.

“Apologies, Miss Lillia.” Stated the elder one of the pair as the Salamanders fanned out.

The Demon giggled.

“I only partly jest. It’s your turns now for your picks. I can personally confirm they are still where they lay, save for one.” She informed, her eyes locked onto the bowed form of the younger dragon.

Her helm hid her troubled expression, she remained calm nonetheless.

She felt a reassuring pat on her right shoulder.

“Have no worries Frieda, we all shall get what we want today.” Said the very woman that helped her become who she was today, Elaria.

“I know, thank you Elaria.” She replied.

In truth Frieda couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Lillia drew their attention with a noticeable cough.

She gave a toothy smile as the two refocused and arose.

“Perfect! Without any further ado, you two shall find your bedwarmers alongside the creek not far from here. Like I said, I sense that the one Frieda wants has moved. I’ve no exact clue of where but do not fret, he is still in the area.” The Demoness stated coolly as she summoned a chalice.

“We will be proceeding with our hunt then. Lillia, I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for us.” Said Freida as she spoke up.

Lillia smiled, revealing her serrated teeth once more.

“It is but only something I enjoy, I shall look forward to the further amount of lovemaking that shall be occurring soon once all have returned.” She beamed as she took a chug from her chalice and savored it.

“May the world be as the Empress wishes it, farewell friends, may they praise your scales.”

Lillia blew a kiss towards them.

With a wink and a dark flash of magic, the friendly demoness vanished.

The entire group of Dragonians burst out into their own laughters at her abrupt departure.

Frieda remained stoic in her overall self, only giving a slight chuckle as erred on by her comrades.

It was funny, but a couple years ago she had tried to slay that demon.

“And there goes our enigmatic benefactor…..are you alright Frieda?” Asked Elaria as she turned to face her, it was but them and their own bodyguards now.

Frieda nodded.

“I am, I was just thinking of way back when.” She admitted.

“When you left your home?” Her dearest friend asked.

“Partly, I was mainly thinking of when I met you and Lillia for the first time.”

“May we start walking?” Frieda then asked.

Elaria giggled.

“Of course. You know, I cannot help but think of when you almost had killed Lillia and wounded I in that first meeting.” She finished with a grin.

Frieda blushed.

“Do not speak so.”

The Salamanders with their Halberds were in a single file to their left and right respectively, in relative disciplined silence.

“You did splendid even if in the end we were the best for you, do not dance around that, good Frieda.”

Elaria knew best how to take away the tension from her friend.

However, there was one thing at hand for the both of them.

“After this we are to spend some days by our lonesome with our beloveds, I shan’t see you for three weeks.” Reminded Elaria.

Three weeks of mating it were supposed to be.

“I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time Frieda, you have as well.”

Upon hearing no audible response Elaria continued.

“I remember when mine own scurried away from me about…..four months ago it was, oh how it was all but too fun, yet even more coincidental.”

“Your Robin needed someone to reign him in did he not?” She asked.

“In truth he should have always been with me.” Frieda finally replied. Smoke seeped from her nostrils as her rage became apparent.

“Yet, the Empire deluded me and separated me from him when the truth is that they sacrificed our mothers and fathers and sent so many to slaughter themselves against one another when they bicker over worthless thrones.” She spat.

“They can no longer send anyone to die, that much we have accomplished before we do more. Our truth, our greatness shall be shown through our fires. And all those souls avenged and brought to peace!” Declared Frieda.

Elaria giggled a response.

“You speak with the passion and honesty that our Wing Lord speaks of. I would ask you save the rest of it for your mate. Your hate and love, and pour it into him when you hold him in your claws and arms.” The Elder Dragoness assured her, Freida’s bright red eyes burned brightly.

“As contradictory as it is…..Do not get ahead of yourself. He’s no doubt frightened and scared even if tired due to our flames. Be careful, I’d not want to see you get hurt.” She warned.

Frieda gave no response, her mind focused on her approach.

Coming into the Creek, Elaria let out delight.

“Well this did not take long at all.” She purred as she nearly skipped over to the resting form of a man.

The Salamanders formed a circle around the three, keeping an eye out.

Freida’s friend crouched.

“His name is Bruno.” Elaria swooned, her orange hair cascaded over him as she held up his head with her dark red scaled hand.

She planted a kiss on his forehead.

“Such a wonderful scent…...” She trailed as she drank her mate in.

“The same as what I remembered. How so beautiful.” She then sniffed once more.

Frieda uknowingly bit on her lip.

“How long has it truly been, Robin?” Frieda stopped herself the moment she felt some pain, quietly shocked at her own action.

“Say, I can smell him.” Stated Elaria.

Frieda stared with wide eyes.

“He must have come and tried to take him. Take a sniff of it.” Beckoned the knight.

Frieda kneeled, and inhaled at the spot Elaria highlighted.

Frieda pulled back, and the wind showed her the way.

“He followed along the creek I think.” Noted the Paladin.

Elaria took the downed sergeant up upon her shoulder.

“Need you any assistance?” Asked Elaria.

Frieda shook her head.

She closed the sallet of her helm.

“Nay. I thank you so deeply Elaria, for everything. Until we meet again in three weeks.” She stated as she prepared to move off.

She was stopped when she heard Elaria unsheath her Poleaxe.

She held it out in the air, and then Frieda realized.

Their usual parting.

Her hand went for her sword.

Pulling it out, she crossed it with Elaria.

Beneath the two helms, they exchanged one smile.

“Until then. Do not forget, ravish and reward yourself well.” Parted Elaria as she stowed her weapon.

Frieda brought her shield out and faced in the direction of her destined mate.

“Hela, Einse, Unza, Unoz, with me!” She ordered her Salamanders. She started to march her way.

“Aye lord!” Replied one as they came to her sides.

She knew the one place one could ever take shelter along here was that small shrine just in a cave.

Her own senses and knowledge of this land told her that much.

She quickly found an obvious trail.

Her heart thumped some.

How much fear, panic, and suffering must have been in him.

How he must have tried to save his friend, only to be scared off.

Her monster instincts increased her frustration and need.

“Let us pick up the pace!” She issued as the trail remained hot.

Soon, soon all of those years of pain would be over.






Robin woke up to the sound of loud clanking armor outside.

Alarmed, he quickly rose of out the cot and made his way to the entrance, musket in hand.

The sounds grew more ominous as he rushed his way, it didn’t seem right at all to him.

It couldn’t be reinforcements, it could only be them.

His fears were confirmed the moment he stared out the rickety doors.

His timing was so terrible as always, five heavily armored Dragonians were coming just to where he was.

They were all so terrifying.

They were moving too quickly to make an escape.

Cursing everything.

Robin ran back into the shrine.

He put his back up against a wall and readied his musket.

He wouldn’t die a coward.

“Ich habe ihn gesehen, er ist hier!” A low yet still markedly female voice excitedly spoke in an unrecognizable language.

(“I've seen him, he's here!”)

“Herrin, erlaube mir zuerst zu gehen.” Another called out.

(“Mistress, allow me to go first.”)

There was some silence for some moments.

“Unza, Unoz, hingehen.”

(“Unza, Unoz, go forth.”)

And then two pairs of footsteps approached.

Robin’s heart was beating out of his chest as he stared on petrified.

He saw two halberds first, and then two of the lizards appear.

At least they seemed like Lizards, before one of their tails burned.

“Warum, bist du süß!” The Salamander stated, leaning forwards a bit.

(“Why, you are cute!”)

She was seemingly unfazed by the gun being aimed at her chest as Robin struggled amongst himself.

“G-Go! Please go away!” He cried.

“We cannot.” Said the other Salamander, speaking perfectly in the tongue of man.

Their expressions all but hidden beneath those helms.

There were loud, slow footsteps coming from behind them.

The two salamanders made spacing, their halberds slightly pointed at him as they still faced him.

The towering form of a winged woman appeared in front of him, all fully clad in an imposing armor that served to scare the young conscript moreso.

It was all like a horrid nightmare.

The dragon merely stood where she was and stared at him, he aimed his rifle at her.

She started to step to him slowly, dropping her sword onto the floor.

“I don’t wanna die!” He begged.

The dragon stopped herself, and dropped her shield.

He did not realize what she was doing, nor her intent however.

She took another step forwards.

He pulled the trigger.

The Dragon froze.

That was right, he had already fired it in the battle before.

He fell forward.

A spell had been cast on him.

The Dragon caught him in her arms.

He had been put to sleep.

“Are you alright Frieda?” Asked Unoz. As calmly as she ever was.

Tears fell from the dragon’s face.

“I am.”

She held him in both of her arms now, a clawed hand went for his face as she brushed a still remaining tear from them.

“I have what I missed for so long, just were it not like so.” She stated as she turned around.

“Poor cutie. His tears were not meant for his face.” Remarked Unza, who kept a hopeful smile to her.

“Quite so. They were never meant to, nor should have. Had I not been so weak before.”

“Let us return, I have much to think about before he wakes.” She stated.

She had reunited with her half, she merely had to heal it.






The wind blew Frieda’s blonde hair wildly as she sat at the edge of her house. She stared out across the skies and onto the other mountains away from them as her own thoughts consumed her.

She had taken Robin to a “Sky home” as it were called. She much liked this one but it was neither her true home nor meant to be permanent.

It was a vacation/rehabilitation home for lovers.

Frieda leaned back, her legs sticking out into the skies as she lay comfortably.

She’d still been gathering but a clue to do with Robin who was currently in her bed, still asleep due to the effects of her spell and was additionally bound by the hands to the bedpost.

She had time.

She was only afraid how he would take it all in.

Perhaps he would not upon seeing her.

She let out a discontented sigh.

“Perhaps I overthink.” She said to her own self.

Sighing one more time she formed a small, sad smile as she held a memory from what felt a long time ago.




She had laid much like this on a hill amongst shined by a setting sun.

Robin laid next to her.

She wore a happy smile as he glanced over at her with that shy, happy smile of his. As she recalled.

It was so truly pure.

“I will miss this.” Stated Robin as he turned back to face the sky once more.

Her smile faded some.

It was only a month until she had to leave, she would graduate from her training and become a full fledged Paladin.

“I will too.” She replied

The two were silent as they stared up at the clouds.

Robin always openly wondered what it would like to be among them.

“Robin…...When I go…..What do you think of doing?” She asked.

Robin was quiet for some moments, he blinked as he stared at the sky.

“Master Bertrand is getting too old, I think I may have to step in for him at the Library, it should keep me busy for a while.” Replied Robin.

“I see, that sounds wonderful. Er, not Bertrand getting too old I mean.”

Robin laughed a bit at that.

“I would not want to see you leave here Robin.” She added as she turned to look at him.

His lip curved downwards.

“I want to learn to fight, at least use something. I cannot let you be out there alone.” He said.

There was not many people left for that the Empire could take from their town anymore.

She was one of the last few that could go, for now.

“I want to keep you safe, everyone safe.” Came Frieda’s voice as Robin met her concern filled eyes.

“…….I know.” He replied, his voice sounded terribly down.

Just as she spoke there was a large crack in the sky.

The sky became a noticeable wild red and orange as strange streaks took place all through in but a subtle, unceremonious matter.

A dread sky as it was called, a curse of the Dragonians.

Yet, there was nothing to accompany it this day.

Her expression grew to that of anger.

As she had nearly stood up from it she heard the sound of light sobbing.

“Robin!?” She exclaimed.

She remembered it, the first time these skies appeared was the day he heard of his parent’s deaths.

She was still fortunate to have hers, but…..It was not the true reason he was crying, she knew that.

She did not quite know what possessed her.

She rolled onto the top of him.

He stopped it the moment she did.

A hand reached from her left and she wiped his tears as she remained over him, remaining wordless as Robin was taken completely aback.

“S-Sorry…..” He said.

She smiled, and pressed down on him, eliciting a suppressed gasp from him as her head rested against his left cheek.

His own heart beat was much faster in comparison to the one he felt from her.

“Hey Robin?” She asked, some more than a whisper.

“Wh-What is it?” He responded.

“Please stay with me a little longer.” She requested softly.

One of her hands went to interlock with one of his.

He sniffled and managed a smile.

He squeezed her hand.





Frieda formed a wide smile.

If only she had been given the gift of the Mamano magic then, in that moment.

She got up, ascertain of herself.

Frieda strolled on over to the bed where Robin lay, now in his underclothes, as she had quickly done away with the armor he would never need again.

She giggled as the perverted thought of him not needing clothes for the three weeks crossed her own mind.

As she stepped into the bedroom with her flushed cheeks she stood over his sleeping form.

Her sleep spell and magical bounds were still working perfectly, Lillia had taught her well in that.

She did away with the sleep spell, she was ready as she needed to be, allowing her own instincts to boost her confidence now.

She grabbed a chair and placed it down next to the side where he lay.

Her tail moved to wrap tightly around Robin’s legs.

It would serve to secure him, and bring a comfort to him. As Elaria once educated her on before.

Supposedly, boys loved the feeling of scale and skin together. At the very least that’s what Elaria had been told by the other sorts of Dragons who had gotten their husbands.

A wistful sigh of fire escape her mouth.

The spell would be removed quite soon.

“I ought to get you addicted.” She said as revealed a mischievous smirk.

She giggled.

“You’ll be anyways.”

Her hand went to play with his hair.

That appeared to cause him to stir.

Her heart beated with anticipation as he writhed about, as much as he could in his magical bindings.

She was about to say something when his eyes opened, groggy.

Robin awoke to see two bright blue, inhuman eyes staring into his own, there were bright red scales on her cheeks.

His eyes searched up to see near golden-blonde hair that had four decently sized horns noticeably sticking out and pointing backwards.

There lied also the fact that her ears were reptilian.

And he felt something nice around his legs rendering him unable to move.

More pressingly, was that he felt he recognized this woman.

His mind in a haze as he processed her face, a comparison was made but hers was more mature, different with the features of a lizard.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“Good morning, Robin.” She greeted warmly.

There was such a….strong voice with a peculiar inflection to it.

Yet, it sounded much like the voice he always remembered.

He was silent for a moment as he hazily processed, the one name that it could be, but could not be.

“F-Frieda?” He stuttered, his eyes were wide and so full of confusion.

And some hurt.

Frieda gave a bright smile.

Her teeth had become so sharp.

“There is nobody else it could be Robin.” She stated.

“I….how? What…..did you?” He asked innocently as he trailed in awe.

“I became a Dragon Robin, as I was meant to be ever since the day I was born.” She stated in pure pride.

She could see that he did not understand.

“I became a monster Robin, I am meant to take a man dear to me. You wish to know the how?”

Robin nodded his head, he formed a shaky smile for only a few seconds. It set her heart aflutter.

“Please, Frieda.” He murmured.

“It was the last year and half from now. When I realized the truth of the whole war and the terrible lives that we lived, the suffering we committed and caused among ourselves all because we merely lacked strength Robin, the strength to do otherwise than kill our own selves.”

“It was but two among many other wonderful souls like me who showed me an unbending and incomparable strength, true freedom to never be oppressed by another, and a warm, kind, life. And a dream more lovely, more possible than any other. To say the least of it all!”

She ran her hand through his hair.

“It was all so horrible without you, but that does not matter anymore.” She declared softly.

Robin’s lips curved upwards just a little.

“I…..I thought….” He trailed.

“Thought what?” She asked.

“That….You might have died. I just never heard anything at all, for all those years. And then the war got worse and I was taken to join it.” He stated, his eyes stared through her.

“That should have never happened, not from I or them. Robin, I could never have sent anything to you…...I shall make up for it, I shall.” She stated, in a moment she was on the verge of tears.

“I know.” He said dryly, but it was so certain as he choked the moment after.

She then realized that, a lack of drink or food must have attributed.

“By chance, are you hungry or thirsty, Robin?” She asked.

He blinked for a moment.

“Thirsty I guess, I haven’t drank in a while I think. My head hurts from it I think.” He stated.

Frieda nodded.

“I see, wait here and I shall bring you something.” She said slowly.

“Okay Frieda.” He said as she let out a giggle in response.

She had already had some ready, prepared for this case as a “beginner” of sorts. Originally meant to replenish the energy of one’s beloved before they start.

She continued to allow her stoic and calm self to fade away somewhat as she decided to go through with a devious idea.

She would put just the smallest amount of her own flames which could supposedly mix in the water to become something of a magical enhancer, she wasn’t too certain of how flames could mix in with water but she had heard it gave a unique property to it, it was like almost an alcohol that warmed one in all ways..

Bringing a mug over, she sat down on her chair again and had him sit up, adjusting his bindings as he did so.

“Frieda? Why am I-”

She pressed the mug up against him.

“Here you go!” She beamed as she pressed it up against his lips.

He took a small chug at a time, it was somewhat awkward with her pouring it to him.

He appeared most replenished by the time the contents were gone.

Frieda’s eyes beamed, most pleased.

“Better?” She asked.

“Yeah, at least I can think clearly now.” He giggled, trying to move his hands.

“Uh Frieda? Why am I tied up?” He asked once more, trying to move the feet he could not see as he looked at his hands.

“It is for the best at the moment, I cannot let your own self be at risk.” She stated.

“Risk of what?” He questioned.

“Of putting yourself in harm as a prisoner.” She stated, telling a half lie to mask her own true perverse feelings, those of which she had to hold off for forever it seemed.

He rested his head.

“I understand why you’d….join them, I just don’t get…..Why I’m alive. I was caught in the flames with everyone else.” He murmured, despite it, he was happy to be with her.

Frieda suppressed a giggle.

“Despite appearances, dragonfire does not harm.” She stated.

He could put two and two together here at least.

“So, nobody…...Died?” He asked as a smile came to his countenance.

“Not any soul.” Frieda stated adamantly.

He let out a chuckle.

“You’re not even kidding.” He stated, he believed in that magic the moment he felt that Bruno was still alive.

“What’s gonna happen to them, to me too?” Asked Robin, staring into the red eyes of whom he’d thought he’d never see again.

“They will be eaten, that is to say that they will never have to suffer again in a horrid land.”

Her eyes glistened with fire as she spoke that, he had never heard her speak in a sultry manner before.

“M-Me too?” He asked.

He was then starting to feel a strange and pleasant rubbing sensation down on his guts.

Her hand lightly rubbed his forehead.

“Do you still trust me?” She responded.

“Y-yeah.” Replied Robin. His eyes were so full of delicious emotion to her.

“Listen well dearest Robin, I became a Dragon because I was too weak and I was unsatisfied with it all along, and that my faith was all misdirected and misused. I left to protect you and everyone at home and now I have more than enough strength to. The powers to do so are now in my being! Look at me, and see how much I grew!”

She emphasized with a flap of her wings.

Frieda’s passion had intensified more than he remembered.

“I feel much better than I ever did before, and I can do what I could never not do before, feel what I could not, be what I could not. More importantly, I remembered what I wanted to do most, what I should have done.”


Frieda smiled.

“Do not worry my cute Robin, I know of what you deserve, of what I deserve. As monsters, my sisters desire a…..mate, treasure, lover. You can understand can you not?” She said as she leaned forward.


He was cut off as her lips pressed against his much to his surprise, and ascension of feeling.

A strange tongue quickly took his, an intoxicating scent took up all of senses as she wrestled control of his mouth. His lips were crushed and nibbled by hers.

His eyes were nearly lidded as he could barely hold her impassioned gaze.

The feeling was too good.

As he collected himself, he did his best to continue, earning a throaty giggle from Frieda.

He was starting to have some issue breathing, but he wanted it to continue.

Then, he felt something strange come from her mouth, it was hard for him to describe other than a mere like mist of a sweet tasting incense, an unnatural sort of feeling.

She pulled herself away, a trail of spit between the two’s mouths before a quick swing of her clawed hand broke it. Her face utterly flushed as she attempted to retain a stoic expression.

“By mother Midsormr, all those years I should have been doing that with you.” She remarked.

“Ahhh, Robin~” She sang, the sound of it caused her boy goosebumps.

“I’m an idiot, Frieda.” Stated Robin.

“F-For what!?” She stammered.

“I always wanted it too, but I never was too brave to have said anything.” He said as he managed a small smile.

“I don’t even know if this is all real, but I will always trust and believe in you Frieda. I’m still sorta scared, I want to stay with you regardless.” He said.

A tear fell from his eye.

Frieda leaned in, and licked it.

“Robin, I want to spend my life with you, I became a monster and with it a woman. I want to feel like one with you, and make you feel like a man.” She said gently.

“That strange feeling you felt in our kiss is meant to ensure you stay with me forever, you took down my flames into yourself.”

She let out a triumphant laugh as she wrapped a wing around his head.

“You are mine now, Robin.”

“I am?” He asked meekly.

“You say that as though to jab at me! You always were. Always.” She beamed.

He felt the bindings around his hands disappear.

“I wish that we spend some time together before night falls. Time, that shall never be forgotten.” She said, motioning him to stand up as her tail unwrapped itself.

He sat himself up, and seemed to examine her.

She took the opportunity to flaunt herself some.

“Notice something?” She asked as though to tease.

“You’re taller.” He replied as his eyes scanned.

She flashed her teeth in a grin and stood up.

“Quite so!” She agreed.

He blushed quite heavily.

Before they had been equal height, he was not sure if four years had done or her monsterization had made her like that but she was certainly a foot over him now.

She smirked.

“Come with me.” She said.

She thrust out one of her hands.

He took it, and he was helped up by her.

“Uh...” He said before he was stopped by her old, familiar giggle.

He knew then to shut up.

She led him forth out onto the front of the house.

Robin blinked twice to confirm what he was seeing.

An endless sky.

It was really beautiful.

His mouth was slightly agape by it all.

“My! I’ve never really gone with you anywhere to see such a beautiful sight before!” She remarked as she halted and turned to face him as she stood at the edge.

She took his other hand.

“I feel so much comfortable taking these hands more than ever.” She said.

He let himself fall into her, she was quick to embrace him.

“I pray you feel the same Robin.” She concerned.

“I’m just happy to be with you again.” He replied simply, his eyes glistened.

“Hehe, you’re always so honest. You’re a true man, Robin.”

She then beckoned for a hug.

He was quick to accept the embrace.

A single thought ran through her mind.

‘Oh how you urge the Monster that was always in me to take you mercilessly.’ The thought hummed in her mind as she wrapped her two arms around him tightly.

They basked in the sunlight.

“I remember the days when you told me you wished you could fly in the skies, a time just before….all the wars started.” She said as her hand went to pat his head.

He buried his head into her chest.

“You remembered.” He said.

“There is not a single thing I do not remember between us my dear treasure.” She stated, introducing a teasing nickname.

“Treasure? Hey…….I don’t want to be gold.” He joked as his head were in her chest.

“Were you not always?”

There was something fun she wanted to do.

“Hey Robin, hold tightly to me. I wish for you to see something.”

“Sure, I can.” He replied, looking up at her as he held tightly synchronized with her own tightness.

She planted a deep kiss onto him.

It was as though this was what she had meant by being eaten.

The wonderful feeling of Frieda greedily nibbling on his lips as her tongue taught his how to move.

Frieda flapped her wings.

Robin felt noticeably lighter.

“Woah woah woah!” He exclaimed as his eyes went as wide as moons.

She merely giggled as he desperately held on.

“Have no fear, should you fall I shall always catch you.” She said as she soared.

“I know, thank you Frieda.” He said as he slightly calmed himself, still quite fraught with emotion.

He was excited as much as he was frightened.

Robin stared in amazement as she flew him near effortlessly through the sky.


“What is it Robin?” She managed to glance at him as she focused her flying.

“Is this hurting you any?” He asked.

She grinned. Her most dearest thing’s concern was most wonderful.

“Not in the slightest. I trained long and hard for this, if you think you weigh me down you should see me in my armor once more doing the same! I’d like to fly with you and it on someday, I shall be strong for that day soon!” She bragged, in her full pride.

“That’s amazing!” Robin wanted to say, had she not interrupted by kissing him again whilst she was full flight.

She did it more passionately than the other two times before.

He felt more of that wonderful breath of hers sneak in with the use of her tongue, her own saliva kept mixing with his own, it tasted much like a honeyed fragrance, and it almost more than intoxicating.

Her claws seemed to dig into his back somewhat, almost causing a yelp from Robin.

She pulled away, her hand remained, clutching his cheek.

She dove into the clouds, her face was obscured for a moment as Robin felt some panic in his heart.

She seemed to feel it, and ran her hand through his hair once more.

Frieda ascended out of the clouds, her two great wings flapping some as she gained height.

Robin was feeling a mixture of strange emotions as he stared at all around them, he mainly wanted to keep staring at Frieda’s face. He felt compelled to.

“You know…..I could never forget that day you told me you wished to fly, do you not remember? Just the days before the first dread sky.” She whispered.

“Y-You did!” The boy trilled, it was something that had grown to be a near forlorn, muddied memory.

Her expression grew wide in a manner that drew out something inside of him that caused his loins to stir, he couldn’t put much to words of it, other than it being overpowering to his will in a sense, causing him to look directly into her chest.

She put a hand on his chin.

She cupped it and lifted it up to meet her eyes.

“And how does that make you feel?” She asked. Her draconic eyes bore into his.

What a strange tone she took that caused him to shiver, even the cool air wasn’t capable of that.

“Good.” He murmured.

She knew that he was getting close to feeling helpless with lust, yet this was a genuine moment she wanted to share longer with him.

“That makes me very happy.”

She paused for a moment.

“Do you want to continue flying with me?”

He smiled.


“Even better.”

Her own excitement increased.

She had to only be her gentle self only a bit longer, and let the wildfire that raged within her out on him soon.






Night came to the sky not long after.

It had been a peaceful flight, she had merely flown aimlessly for a while.

And now Frieda’s own heart pounded away at herself as she dwelled over her final, and most important matter.

“Hey Frieda? I want to do that again someday.” Chirped Robin.

He seemed as though he were in heaven.

She smiled.

Of course that one instinct of hers was right.

Each moment they spent together was a heaven of it’s own.

It served to give her the encouragement to make the final breakthrough in her declaration of ultimate love.

“I want to as well Robin, and next time I promise we’ll go farther….And see more.”

Her wings flapped some as she lightly had him in a hug.

“I’d love it.” Was his reply.

“I shall make sure you will then.” She giggled.

The stared into each other’s eyes some more.

Frieda could see that there was something he wanted to say.

“Do not be afraid to voice anything to me, especially now.” She urged with a smile.

“Do you…love me?” He barely managed to speak, it was almost quieter than a whisper.

For the slightest second she was left stunned, but the answer came to her at the same moment.

“I would not have kissed you so deeply if I did not! I always have, the old me did not know how to express it. But I do not want to think of that self of mine for being incapable of such.”

“Tell me. Do you?” Frieda questioned softly.

His cheeks went ever more blushing.

“I wanted to….kiss you. Wh-When you came back, or when I saw you next.”

“I guess.” He finished nervously.

He looked downwards. The sadness and nervousness he felt made her feel so protective.

“Yeah, I do…...Love you I-I mean. I almost thought we were not going to see each other again, and I always-always held hope that-”

He was cutoff by a light shake on both of his hands, of which she had seized.

Her claws dug into his skin.

He brought his gaze up to her own.

She had a menacing look unlike anything he had seen before.

“You shouldn’t have been made to wait.” Her statement was like that of a growl.

“I will make it so you have to not think such horrid things about our past ever again, and I shall kiss you again and again.”

Her eyes seemed to burn even more as she spoke.

She seemed to be lightly forcing him backwards, he unconsciously took steps backwards.

“Robin. I am going to show you how to express love, our love that we’ve held for so long but were too shy to realize. I am brave and strong enough to help you, you are strong as well.” She breathed.

“Do you not feel that strange feeling in your heart and loins, my Robin? It came from what I breathed into you it came from me and my existence as a beautiful woman. I shall give you more.”

He didn’t resist as she overtook his lips again, she was rough yet simultaneously passionate.

Her breath and tongue brought a taste this time, Robin wasn’t sure if he had tasted it before but now there was a wonderful taste of spice on her tongue that could be only be sensed as addicting.

She pressed her body into him as he felt his legs hit something. She pulled him to her to hold him in place.

Robin felt a clawed hand seize his behind, he jumped as she gave a guttural giggle.

She intensified the kiss as her prize’s mind went blank in her persistence.

She loved the feeling of it all.

Especially that of which that poked into her thigh at this moment.

She pulled away from her kiss wistfully, and looked down at that which poked from his cloth.

Frieda licked her lips, she was quite drawn to it.

“Wha-What-” Managed her love.

She silenced him with a smile.

“Robin, I am going to make you feel even more wonderful. Just listen to what I say, alright~~?” She sang teasingly.

“Yeah.” He acknowledged absent-mindedly.

She gave him a quick squeeze again on his behind.

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful my handsome, brave little Robin.”

He shivered at that.

“I want you to lay down on the bed, can you do that?” She asked.

He was silent as he realized that he had indeed been backed to the bed and awkwardly but eagerly laid himself down for her.

She giggled and formed a wide smile, his eyes were so trusting.

“You’re so cute Robin, I’ve been meaning to say that.” She remarked.

“Now, put your hands together behind your back, please do not have any worry about it.” She urged.

He would have asked “Why?” though her assurance made his heart and head feel warm as he did so.

He realized he couldn’t move them anymore. He found himself feeling it as strangely comfortable.

She raised a hand, her claws were seemingly sharper than before.

It went to grasp the collar of his shirt.

Her smile revealed teeth.

By god did she look as though a demon has possessed her in that moment.

She brought her claw down and raked through his clothes, ripping them effectively to pieces as he moved about, embarrassed and worried.

She kept at it for a few slow moments; going until she was able to pull apart the remnants of clothing away effortlessly.

And she beheld him.

“Magnificent….” She trailed as she analyzed every inch of his body.

She stopped salivating as she came upon his manhood.

“Robin, keep your eyes on me.” She said softly.

He heard a strange noise as he managed to gaze at her.

She had undressed in a moment.

She stood over him, naked, and with a proud countenance.

She had matured, her bare breasts revealed temptation to the binded boy.

“I saw you stare at them earlier, I ought to fix you of your shyness from voicing your likeness.” Voiced Frieda as she teased him.

“I-I guess.” He said as he stared off into them. She would have to fix his confidence this night, of that she was sure enough of.

“You’ll touch them soon enough.” She said as she placed her hand on his thigh.

“First, I wish to taste you, my wonderful Robin.” She said.

The Dragon then chuckled.

“Ah how funny it is to speak like that, it was terrible having to be so courteous without you there to poke fun with it all.”

His Paladin then sighed.

“Nevertheless, it’s time that I eat you.”

With that she slowly took his erectness into her mouth. Her rending teeth lightly grating along it as she took savored the taking in of it.

His eyes went wide with pleasure as he felt her open the skin with only her tongue.

Her beautiful face casted both glee and sheer greediness as she started her work on his tool.

Her tongue wrapped and assaulted him mercilessly, a hand went to massage his balls gently with her claws.

Robin’s own eyes witnessed her slowly bobbing on his member as she glued her eyes to it, she then noticed him staring at her, and thus her eyes stuck to his.

He could feel himself about ready to burst. The person he wished to be like, the person he loved was savoring his taste each time her tongue wrapped around his penis.

The warmth and the softness of her tongue disappeared the moment she pulled away, making a tiny pop sound as his penis was free, twitching in need as she giggled at his face and it.

“You like it, I can see it Robin.” It came out almost like a light taunt.

“Your taste is wonderful, pre is just as great as Lillia said it was.” She giggled as she voiced her pleasure.

She then grasped his balls with one hand, and began to massage them once more.

“If you need to cum, feel free to.” She stated.

She fully took in his length once more.

Robin thought it weird how her normally noble, thoughtful, kind face was so full of aggression, so full of the confidence and passion he once knew as she went down on him, and how it also made him want more from her.

Her razor teeth grated along the very tip of penis, tickling it as her tongue slowly licked it, it’s half-forkedness working to it’s advantage as he felt it on three sides of his penis.

He unintentionally thrust into her mouth as he shifted in his extreme comfort, it earned her own happiness.

It was then did his seed come forth, her tongue was quick to lap up all she could find and taste. It was divine, beyond it. The first time of many thousands she would experience it.

Her mate reeled. His eyes nearly rolled into his head.

Finishing her work, she moved to crawl on top of him.

The heaviness of her body, her wings, her tail, made him worry the bed would collapse on the both of them as she felt herself all along his skin.

“Your first orgasm of many. Did it feel nice?” She asked.

“Y-Yeah.” He replied as he blinked.

She merely beamed.

“I’m so happy. And I’m quite happy that…...”

She then let out a raucous laugh as she grabbed his manhood with a clawed hand.

“This is still ready to go, you do want to go do you not, Robin?” She questioned.

She placed her other on his cheek and made him meet her gaze.

He choked, his heart was soaring.

“I do, Frieda. Thank you.” He blushed, her grin grew wider.

“Robin, I’m going to stick it inside me alright? We’ll finally be one after so long.” She stated, she almost sounded as though she were in a dream.

However, she didn’t make any movements.

“Before I begin….Do not take your eyes away from mine at all, although I would not mind you admiring my….breasts. I want you watch the moment I deflower you, and let this memory be burned into your mind forever.” She beamed, with a most wide grin as she hovered herself over him.

Her anticipation was nearly maddening.

She unknowingly licked her lips once more as her tail secured his legs, and her red wings went to the sides of him.


Her netherlips parted with ease as it took in her lover’s manhood.

She moaned loudly as her claws dug into Robin’s ribs, leaving a strange feeling of warmness on him as much as what he felt of what slowly imprisoned his penis.

He saw her expression of pure glee as her folds greedily took him in, he felt some pressure leave him, but it began building up alongside more pleasure the further she inched. It was as though he was feeling better all around his body just from her mounting him like this.

Some droplets of blood mixed in with something white from her womanhood.

“Y-You came just from that Robin!?” She exclaimed happily as his entirety was now held tightly by her insides.

A puff of smoke came from her, it blew into her love.

“Good, that already makes me feel so much better Robin. And we haven’t even begun.”

“Haven’t even begun!?” Robin retorted mentally, too addled to remember, her smoke made him feel better.

His attempt at realizing that was ruined by her voice.

“And our joining, at last it’s come. You were made for me.” She declared.

With nothing else being said Freida kept the eye lock as she began to gyrate her hips.

Back and forth, up and down she slowly went as his manhood was assaulted by more wild feelings.

Frieda bore witness to the glory of Robin eye’s rolling back as he grew close to the edge of combusting for the third time this day.

The feeling of her claws on his skin, and that greedy pussy of hers brought him over the edge.

Strangely, instead of feeling pain from his gut, he felt even better.

Lips came upon his own, and her breasts touched him.

A kiss that lasted for what seemed like forever as she increased her pace.

The sound of a \plap’ could be heard each moment she came up and down on him.

He fidgeted both arms and legs as she enjoyed her kiss whilst milking him.

A trail of saliva was split between the two, saliva of which she was making him enjoy as her breath drove him into further need of her relieving.

It was then that Robin noticed that he was completely wrapped up by her, all he could see was her and her wings.

“This is going to be our world for a couple weeks.” She said as she rode him hard to near incoherence just as he recollected himself.

“Just this?” He managed.

“Yep! I’ll be fucking you for two weeks straight without mercy! No need to worry about anything else, I’ve already seen to it that you are able of this. My breath and presence has-”

Robin let a soft, muffled moan as more of his seed was taken by her insatiable womanhood.

He smiled, Frieda truly always did like to talk a lot.

His blissful expression changed as she shifted to lean forwards.

“I want to kiss you more my little love-squire.”

Robin felt a shiver as she uttered that nickname, and he went to reply.

“More.” He said.

Her breath was hot on his face as she twisted into a confident smile.

“More, what?” She teased.

“Y-You.” He said shyly.

“Come now, husband. Tell me you want it rougher.” She jeered as her claws secured him once more.

He felt his hands be freed, he gripped the mattress as hard as he could.

“Rougher….” He let the thought swirl about as he grew a blush.

“You want to me to get even rougher with my dragon pussy, do you not desire it? All you need is but tell me.” She said as she still lightly took in his length.

She wanted it. To break his hips by fucking him in multiple, intense ways she could do it to show him how much she wanted him.

She wanted to see how much he wanted her too though.

He was silent for a few moments as her blonde hair cascaded all over him.

“Frieda? Go r-rough on me as much as you can. I just want to say I love you.”

Such wonderful words.

She paused herself.

She hadn’t actually been expecting to hear him say that so passionately.

Some flame burst from her mouth, a warm blanket for Robin.

“Frieda?” He asked, his eyes searched hers.

“Robin. I am going to give you so many strong children. You deserve it.”

One of her hands went for his neck to hold it as she thrust herself onto his penis.

She emphasized it with sounded like a bestial snarl as her hips started to pound his.

She kissed him deeply and allowed her breasts to press into his chest as her pounding brought her to her own climax.

Her scales lightly grated and tickled along his skin whilst she pressed herself into him, erecting another delightful feeling.

She felt ever increasingly wet since the moment she had him inserted, the loud wet sounds grew increasingly louder through pace and orgasm.

Robin’s hands grabbed into the bed as she ravished him, trying his best to recover from the haze of love and lust that emanated from every one of her actions, and that expression in her eyes.

She shifted.

To a yelp from Robin she rose up away from him as she pulled him to a sit, placing his head well within the between of her bountiful breasts.

He realized he couldn’t move his hands, being bound once again by pink magical chains.

She ran a hand that played with his hair as she whispered into his ear.

“Suck and lick my breasts, dearest Robin.” She purred.

“Suck?” He asked, unsure of her meaning.

“I am pleased you asked.” She stated.

The hand that rubbed through his hair lightly seized the back of his head but gently guided him towards the areola of her right breast. He was quick to understand what to do in that moment.

He was quick to latch onto it, placing a flurry of kisses upon the around of it whilst she let out some of her audible glee and began to move her hips once more.

“Soon my womb will also feel you, as much as you too will feel even more wonderful inside me~” She said, singing as her riding continued.

In all of her dreams had she thought for this day, to break in her beloved.

Her beloved sucked on her breasts as though he worshiped them which aided to her ever increasing confidence throughout this wonderful time in her heaven away from heaven.

She would soon have enough of his seed to cast the spell, a special one that would mark the both of them.

As though she ever needed some physical showing to mark him.

In an instant Robin felt himself and Frieda convulse at the same time, his moan was overpowered by hers as she planted a kiss on his forehead as he continued on her breast.

Pleased, she seized the back of his head lightly and brought him to her other breast.

“Give me more of your love Robin, I need it more than anything else that could exist.” She stated, almost coming out as more of a command.

“I-I think I’m running out Frieda.” He mumbled to her as he pulled away to look at her.

She gave him a comforting, warm smile.

“Do not worry it shall be fixed soon with something I gifted to you, just keep going on as much as you can. I put all of my trust in you my love.”

“I’ll try. I want to.” He breathed into her chest.

She let out a pleased giggle.

“You are too wonderful, I love you.” With such huskiness in her voice he felt himself go into her, simultaneously he thought he felt her do the same as she squeezed harder on him in all meanings of it.

Robin allowed himself to be at the mercy of her rough and frantic riding as he felt his inwards begin to burn more strongly than before

He could not say it was unpleasant yet, it was though as it accentuated everything he did and what she did.

Minutes seemed to pass as he switched from one breast to the other, he felt ever increasingly warm in his chest as she massaged him lightly with her hands.

He soon ceased his worship of her breasts, his head gently fell onto the luxurious pillow

Robin’s eyes closed and opened slowly as he felt ever more tired. Strangely he could keep going down where his hips were but not as far as he had energy to stay awake from it all, at least he thought he felt as much.

“It’s time, dearest Robin.” Her whisper roused him to full attention. She had noticeably ceased her copulating, although she still sat on top of his hips, nude.

“Wasn’t it time earlier?” He asked cutely.

“That was but the time I took you Robin, it has come to where I make it so that we can no longer be separated ever again by anyone else.”

“I am not going to fail you or myself again, I promise that.” She murmured, her beautiful voice was wrought with that particular sort of love, of devotion.

Robin smiled, she always loved to repeat herself.

She was always like this, too much was on her mind.

It was up to him to remind her that she needn’t always tear herself into pieces.

“I know. I love you.”

Her bright eyes betrayed the start of tears.

“H-Here.” She stated as she raised a clawed hand, magic gathered in it.

The magic looked sinister in Robin’s eyes, from the glow itself.

Strangely, he saw what looked like a pink heart shaped symbol in the center of it.

Using her other hand she pushed his face to hers as she mashed her pelvis roughly on his hips.

Out of the corner of his eyes as she kissed him, he saw her other hand go down there, and he felt another warm sensation stronger than ever before.

She pulled away after she enjoyed it as much as she could and tears fell from her eyes.

“Look.” She said, her voice tinged with such gentle happiness.

At her’s and his own, a heart shaped crestlike tattoo was on the above of their pelvis’s.

“Wha-” He stammered out, embarrassed and yet so warmed.

“When you sleep and awake you will have changed in the inside of yourself. You are to be able to last endlessly like I now whenever we mate now, and….You shall live as long as I can. I’ve truly marked you.” She concluded with a smirk-like grin.

He gave a nod as his lips parted open.

“Forever?” He asked to which she giggled.


He didn’t know what to think of it, he was elated.

Her hand brushed lightly against his chest.

“I-I will do my best for you too Frieda, I still…...don’t know of much I can do to be a better man but I want to……..” He trailed as he blinked some times, his tiredness was apparent.

“Please rest, you have had a rough day with all that has happened. I will await what you wish to say before I proceed to mate you more.” She smiled.

“You’re so mean, Frieda.”

He slowly fell asleep with her still on top of him, enveloping him in her wings.

“Just you wait until you wake up.” She murmured as he contentedly fell asleep on her.

“Or I, rather.” She said as her gaze grew distant as she stared out into the sky away from their bedroom.

She smiled to herself.

She had nearly gone overboard with herself the entirety of today. In the end, she proved that she was a success to her peers. And more importantly herself.

‘A Dragonian without a husband to have as a wonderful treasure that you may always plunder is a Dragonian that suffers and is without spirit.’ As one of the many sayings of the Empire went, and it was undeniable as to what she felt now.

She would never forget today, and she would only work to improve from it now with how she interacted with her beloved at every moment.

She began to wonder about how Elaria fared at this moment, she must have had her husband run dry and more some……….Or perhaps she was taking it slowly getting him to adjust, she was always the more slow, traditionally romantically inclined in a matter of irony, even Frieda herself had long planned on the total conquest of her mate.

With Robin all it took was for him to recognize her, he was perfect enough to understand and accept her.

Of course, by the end of tomorrow and the rest of her time here, she’d outpace any effort Elaria would have. The thought caused her to puff her chest a tad, which pushed herself more into Robin’s resting face.

She ran a hand through his hair again, something she was addicted to doing ceaselessly now. It made her feel like a dragon and a true woman as she watched over him.

Frieda shook the thought slightly away from her mind, she too had the sleep and when she did she’d tell him of what they would be doing over their time.

Of course, she didn’t want it all to be purely sex yet…….

She sighed as her eyes glanced over their bed to make sure there was nothing her magic did not gather and clean up.

And finally resting her head, she took it to finally sleep for this wild, yet wonderful day.






Frieda awoke to an already awake husband in her still embrace.

“G-Good morning Frieda” He said.

“Why good morning to you too, Robin.” She smiled, smoke came from her mouth as she breathed and into his face.

He gave a cough.

“Sorry.” She said.

Robin giggled.

“It….Tastes nice.” He said.

“I could not imagine it not being perfect for you.” She replied awkwardly as she gave a confident smile.

“Do you mind staying like this?” She asked.

“No, I love it.” He replied as he grew a natural smile.

“Ah, I was worried for a second.” Said Frieda as her gaze grew warmer.

She stared into his eyes for some time.

“I wanted to let you know that we are to stay together here like this for three weeks, started from yesterday.” She mentioned suddenly.

“Three weeks?” He asked.

“Indeed, it’s a nice break for us both after so long…...Is it not?” She asked redundantly.

“More than that for sure Frieda.” He giggled. “I just can’t think of what we can do here.” He stated as he gave a near innocent aura.

“We can watch the skies, fly you around in it, play chess, some other...board-game I think they had, watch the stars….Talk more you know.” She paused.

“Well, I suppose I can continue to…..Enjoy you more, I have more than enough time to teach you and learn from you.” She said, her expression stayed stoic as her cheeks blushed red.

Robin, for his part had a great and vibrant blush.

“Y-Yeah that too. For three weeks straight?” He asked once again.

Her gaze narrowed, she was noticeably growing in pride to his eyes, it was obvious even before but he was falling in love with how proud of herself she was now.

“In a literal manner I can, we can. We can go on until we sleep and awake and continue for each day as time passes by. But I know that is not fully what either of us want.” She said, then with a longing tone.

“Even now, I still want to remember the old days that we spent together, and plan the new.” Her hand played with his hair.

The two seemed to be in silence, staring off into the skies beyond.

“Will you- will they take back home? I think I understand now, that what had happened to everyone before was that they had been saved. I want to save home too, and have everyone back, even if it won’t be the same as it was before all of this.” He asked, it was a touching question, one that she had asked herself many times before.

“We will, it may be months away, but it’ll be done. Whether we find the same homes we once had or not it does not matter, from now on we will share one. We won’t have to suffer loss ever again.” Her hand tightly seized his.

“It’s just us two.”

“And now…..I no longer feel as a weak, uncertain girl who had not much for hope.”

“You make me feel as a man now, I was delusion-ally content in chasing the dream of your love, believing that I would not see you again.” Effused Robin, who placed a hand upon her upper back.

Her soul sang.

A loud, distant roaring sound came.

A Dread Sky appeared.

“I always thought they looked so beautiful.” The two said at once.

Their eyes met, perhaps for the hundredth time over the last two days.

Frieda stood taller, her nude form further beautified by the lighting, her draconic self majestic. Her wings tightly wrapped around him as the two stood near the edge of their home.

She put aside the strong desires of her loins and focused on the feelings of her heart.

“Some day after these three weeks, we’ll go to Dragonia for a short time, I’ll introduce you to everyone that’s been so wonderful to me. I’ve made so many friends for us two, they’ll all like you, I know they will.” She beamed.

“I know.” He replied, repeating her words.

“I will do my best for you for as long as I live. I won’t be a coward anymore, I’ll be strong to be worthy enough to be at your side, Frieda.”

Once again she cupped his chin.

“And I am your Paladin, your Knight, your mate, I shall protect you for as long as we live, you need to only be the man I love to accept and that was always back then, and it shall always be you now, Robin.”

And then in but a moment, a kiss to last an eternity

The two were reborn, the fears and suffering would be a distant memory.

They would embrace the new world that had forced it’s way into their lives, one of hope.

The future, while still wrought with struggle, was a bright and burning one.






The End.

Yet to be continued on later, as part of a small series that I pray won’t take as long as I did with this story here in particular, I feel ashamed for having wasted a massive amount of time and not focusing on it despite some issues I was going through at the time. I really like writing and I really like trying to create something and learn from it. Depression and 70+ hr work weeks are a killer to say the least haha.

I had formerly done a pilot/intro to the story under the name of Panzergrenadier_pzf 2 years ago, but now I have switched names to “EDF Strategic HQ” (As you can probably see), an obvious reference to a favorite series of mine, and I am not much in the phase of the Steel Division 2 days where I had my original name of that.

Apologies for any formatting issues, it depends on site to site where I post but I’ll do what I can about it.

My inspiration is from the MGE book for Dragonia, although with a personal interpretation of it that I plan to explore on some related stories among some future prospects, I want there to be many, quite a number related to Dragons, and quite a number to be related to other Mamano that I quite love.

Thank you!

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