Sera the Dragon and the first date

By spurged

“You made her cry.” Sera stated impassively as you drove down the road. You bit yourself as you gripped the steering wheel, knuckles blanching out from the pressure and the slow, cool anger you were feeling. You had to calm down, had to bury it down, at the very least for Sera’s sake. She needed stability. “Is she a bad person? Did she deserve that?”

“I…,” you paused, biting your lip again, this time hard enough to draw blood. You needed to drop it, bury it, and at the very least be pragmatically honest. If anything Sera would be with you for at least another twelve years, if not more; no point in hiding things from her. “She used to be, I don’t know. Maybe not, I just… I don’t know kiddo.”

“Oh.” She let out, in a flat tone. Almost like learning something that didn’t matter. It didn’t though, even though it stung.

The rest of the drive was quiet and in a bid to escape that, you turned on the radio and let your local broadcast fill the void of sound to try and distract yourself from your thoughts. And even moreso, distract the tiny Dragon in your backseat from thinking back on the thick tailed Tanuki you had brought to tears for seemingly no reason.

As the sounds of the King filled your car, you couldn’t help it as your mind wandered to the incident and what you remembered of Jennifer. Before she had been lean and stalkish, taller than you and holding a gangly appearance because of it which was finished off with a mop of messy straw hair; not necessarily unattractive, but by the time she had become that woman and made the choices she had, she definitely was more than unattractive to you. She was completely repulsive.

Things had been almost dreamlike in middle school, and foolishly you had thought that you might even had been in love. But the young are stupid and full of worthless imaginings. You bit at your lip again before licking at the aching flesh. You were such an idiot to have ever cared.

By high school something had changed and you were no longer her awkward friend who had a mutual crush, instead you were her punching bag; at least metaphorically for her. Whatever saccharine puppy love had been was now gone and was slowly being replaced with something cruel and unkind. It wasn’t until the near the end of high school that things began to escalate and after physical altercation after another by random ‘boyfriends’ of hers for no reason you could fathom; you had grown to hate her. It had hurt at first, but the pain eventually dulled and all you could get out of it was a cold finality and sinking sensation that made you feel hollow inside. Why was she like this? Why had she changed? Had you done something wrong?

You weren’t truly ‘done’ however until college. You didn’t remember much through that time, other than the long nights of staying up and studying and the constant internal dialogue where you berated yourself for not taking up welding or something sensible; hell, you could barely remember the name of the one professor who had propositioned you in exchange for a good grade. But there was one memory in particular that was clear and sharp. Something you would never forget.

It was a Saturday, sometime around two in the morning and you had stumbled into a waffle house after a late night cram. After placing an order for an entire pot of coffee and a burger, you had gone off to the restroom; and there she was.

She was strung out, eyes unfocused as she stared up at you from the toilet she was perched on. Half dressed, a complete mess, and reeking of God knows what. Recognition played on your sleep deprived mind before you realized who it was and confusion bloomed. You could distinctly remember wondering if you had accidentally enter the women’s restroom before she amble up and grabbed at your hips before half crashing on the floor in front of you.

“Yer here fer…,” she trailed off in a slur, her irises blown out as she stared up at you as her hands futilely tried to work your pants open. “Jus’ gimme the pills an I’ll blow ya.” She gave you a dopey grin and you felt yourself gag, choking not just from the smell of whatever it was that was coming off of her but also of the realization of what was happening.

You ran, causing the order chef to yell at you angrily as you had effectively ordered and dashed. As soon as you hit the parking lot you had vomited while you fought to recover your breath. Eventually the cops came and after it all, you were more or less consumed with disgust as your mind rolled and bounded about as your entire reality involving Jennifer had changed.

And now she had apparently been recycled. You couldn’t really necessarily complain, if anyone needed to have that done to them, it was her. But not as administrative staff at a school, let alone one you were going to be sending your now daughter. Who the hell even approved that decision? At the very least the criminal record should have barred her. As you pulled into your driveway you sighed, realizing that you’d have to likely take time and sort some of this out; not just with yourself, but with the school.

“Can we have nuggets for dinner?” Sera asked and you couldn’t help but grin. As you threw the car into the park you glanced back at the tiny dragon.


The three of you stared at each other as each of you puzzled out your current predicament. Edith stared at you while trying to supress a smirk while Sera was busy burning holes in you, all you could do was offer a meek and apologetic look. One of the three of you should have realized that this would be a problem. A mirthy look took hold of the large Troll’s face as she gave you a look that made you wonder if she had planned this from the beginning.

“W-we can’t go to the movies, can we?” Sera asked in a rather pained tone that made your chest hurt.

“W-well,” you started, not sure what to do about this. How the hell were you supposed to fit an eight foot tall woman into your lemon? Why hadn’t you even considered this as an issue the previous week? Tiny car, giant woman; how was this supposed to work out?

“We’re taking a taxi,” Edith answered, her own tone being an amused one. “I already called for one.” One large hand touched at your shoulder and gently pulled you closer as she bent down next to your head. “Don’t worry it about it too much,” She whispered softly, “At least it was cute to watch you worry over it.” A smirk played over her face and you couldn’t do anything about how your face burned.

“S-o everything’s okay?” Sera asked curiously as a pout crossed your face.

“Yeah, it’s okay kiddo.” you answered only for the large troll woman to give a chortle, reflexively you reached out and patted your daughter on the head. This was good, but also bad. You knew enough about Mamono to know what the soft bullying meant, as well the fact that this likely wouldn’t be the end of this by a long shot. She was going to keep at this until she carved out a troll shaped hole in your heart. The soft, now far more human looking face of your adopted daughter looked at you curiously as if trying to puzzle out your reaction. Her own expression completely over the top and seemingly exaggerated as she was still trying to get used to the sudden change.

At least you didn’t get people staring as you had before when you were leading around a literal lizard in a dress who was seemingly obsessed with the current iteration of Pokemon. Her Mamonoization ‘molt’ having completed, though a slightly clumsy little girl with too expressive of a face with shock pink hair did seem to pull attention anyways. In particular because of you and how you smelled. Something you had begun to hate, though Edith wasn’t so bad. So far anyways.

“So,” The large Troll cast her eyes and a cheery look to your daughter, her hands finding her knees as she bent down closer. “Do you think you’ll be able to help me keep your daddy awake for the entire double feature?” Immediately you bit yourself to prevent yourself from making a sound, dread building up in you as you recalled how irrate and ridiculous Sera would get if she was over-sleepy from staying up too late. And besides all of that, you knew exactly why Edith wanted her to stay up so late and it had nothing to do with the second movie being the original Godzilla. Though you were rather curious to see what your tiny dragon thought of it.

It had everything to do with her carving out that spot in your heart, or failing that simply ensuring the two of you wouldn’t be interrupted in whatever it was that she wanted later while Sera slept like the dead. Given her size and the usual preoccupation of Mamono, you weren’t entirely sure if you were in trouble or not. At worst, you’d just have to let how screwed you were to be a surprise.

Green eyes locked with yours as she gave you a knowing look, a coy smile playing out on her face while Sera was oblivious, intoning loudly that she could help keep you awake. She knew. And worst of all, she knew that you knew that she knew.

The trip over to the theater was rather quick, though it did give you a touch of worry about whether the weather would be a problem later; but then again, maybe Edith would have a solution for that as well. Anything involving Mamono tended to go smoothly or at the very least have a happy ending. That said, she could have had a family sized umbrella in her backpack sized purse. You weren’t sure what to expect, but the Centaur-owned cart that had brought you would definitely make for an interesting problem with the weather wasn’t on your side, you and Sera would still have to head back to the school for your car. As the three of you piled into the rather short line in front of the theater, you couldn’t help but frown as you overheard the handful of Mamono ahead of you.

Ordinarily you would have assumed them to be cruel or even absurdly rude if they happened to be human women. But that wasn’t the case, these were psuedo-succubi, so by and large they had to be serious. They sounded serious. You weren’t sure to feel bad for them as they began to wax on about how they’d happily seduce the lead actor for the nights primary movie, or laugh. And while you knew Mamono were definitely different about their standards, the odd and immediate devotion for Don Knotts certainly made you even more aware of the fact that Edith had begun to set her hand on your shoulder and had been doing so since before the taxi. Were you in trouble?

The wait for tickets was practically nothing, once the the three of you headed in it was a small matter of figuring out what concessions to get. Edith ended up with a large popcorn and soda, both of which seeming quite tiny in her hands, while Sera demanded a box of raisins which unnerved you to a degree. Were you raising a psychopath? Was this because she wasn’t getting enough of a female influence? Or worst of all, was she just going to be weirdo like you? You hefted your box of licorice and cardboard tray of chicken nuggets as the three of you headed in.

Most of the movie was rather uneventful, you had seen it a good number of times; there wasn’t really anything to surprise you. Meanwhile Sera managed to jump, flinch, and get spooked practically every time there was any call for it. It wasn’t until a rather overly large hand found its way to your knee and your eyes locked with Edith’s in the low light of the theater that you have flinched during the ‘horror’ movie and immediately the troll-woman grinned at you conspiratorially as her eyes shined at you.

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