A companion's dilemma ch.2

By spurg

The week had gone rather quickly, despite the fact that you had spent more of it than normal with Morrigan; at least most of what you could manage without stealing time from her and her mother. You would sleep in, make breakfast, and send her off to spend time with her mom each morning; something she hadn’t been pleased with to start with, but seemed to eventually warm to it as you pushed and prodded on it. You knew she wasn’t actually angry, just ruffled, and a good amount of time together would help smooth things over.

After she’d leave, you’d go to your place and do some minor editing of footage you had to upload. Afterwards you’d head back to her house, a place that you hoped would eventually begin to feel like home, and would begin working on making something for dinner. From there the two of you would simply spend time together before bed, discussing various things that neither of you had bothered to discuss before. The issues that might come up with the others, what the two of you should do about living arrangements, and even how the two of you would deal with the discrepancies some of her friends and coworkers were privy to. The biggest issue of such being that after everything was ended, that the two of you should just ‘date’ more properly for a time to make things seem as if everything had been on the up and up from the get go; how the two of you would ‘pay off’ her mother to never mention anything involved was another matter. Maybe you could promise to try and knock up Morrigan as fast as you could?

“If… I’m here for...y’know.” she had said, looking at you sadly before pulling on your hair roughly and forcing you to kiss her. “If anything….,” she had paused, biting her bottom lip while debating something. “Y-you have my number if anything… y'know.” you had hugged her tightly, acknowledged it, and spent an inordinate amount of time reminding her not to worry and that by the end of the month you’d be outside her door waiting for her. Something that had gifted you with the sight of Morrigan doing an impression of a lobster.

Afterwards you had gone home and despite knowing that everything would work out, it still hurt. Even more when you realized what you hadn’t said before leaving and the lack of those three words bit at you. You should have said something, you should have said them. A deep pain followed you in your gut as you had gone about your weekend and cleaning routine. In the moment it had been easier to rationalize, but could you really say goodbye to the other girls? You did want Morrigan, but could you do this? Would the others even be accepting of it? Biyu’s Mother and Nina definitely wouldn’t, but what about Lyris or Karla? While you didn’t expect a full on confrontation, it likely wouldn’t be pretty.

Lyris was a kind of fearsome looking insect Mamono, something you had never bothered to ask about in specific as it was painfully clear it was a very sore subject. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t beautiful in her own right, but you could certainly understand why others might be intimidated by her; and in more than one way. Then there was Karla, and while she didn’t take her position in life poorly you could immediately understand when you had first met her. You had recognized what she was instantaneously, despite not knowing what she should be called and it was only later when she cheerfully informed you that she was a fleshgait. Both had resorted to you because they were lonely and had issues approaching anyone, Karla seeming almost agoraphobic in terms of things. Even though they needed you less and you weren’t quite as taken, you couldn’t deny there was something there with each of the girls, something deep and emotional.

While Morrigan had broken through your wall of professionalism, egging you on further and further in so many things, even holding hands; the others had gotten to you in different ways. Biyu could melt down your barriers and stern exterior and get you to agree to anything. Nina was… well Nina, an almost endearing and slightly frightening example of the odd backwards sexism of this world; your shameful, never mentioned, blossoming femdom kink definitely had nothing to do with any of it. Maybe. Lyris, despite her exterior and armor made you feel protective as if she was soft and needed you. And Lastly Karla, despite her slightly terrifying appearance just felt right, like coming home to your old house. A deep, haunting sensation of comfort that you didn't want to escape from.

All you could do was sigh and bury your thoughts as you went about preparing for the start of Biyu’s week. Biyu would likely be very upset upon learning this would likely be the last time she could see you and you didn’t even want to consider what Mrs. Fong’s reaction would be. Originally Mrs. Fong had apparently found you, somehow, after allegedly going through several ‘resumes’ she had obtained also somehow. You had been handpicked after an extensive process, interviewed, and examined. The dental examination though had been rather offputting. If anything her mother was more invested in having you around moreso than Biyu, not that Biyu wasn’t warm or unappreciative of you.

You weren’t explicitly sure, but Biyu’s was either some kind of royal or just absurdly rich. You tended to lean towards the royal assumption most times. Mostly due how her mother tended to behave, but also the kinds of odd behaviors Biyu herself tended to have. While Mrs. Fong was more akin to someone who wasn’t accustomed to not getting their way, Biyu was the very personality of an overly kind and sweet storybook princess. How would you tell her everything had to suddenly stop? Had you made a mistake?

As you neared the overly ornate Zipangu styled door of her house, you held your breath as you knocked. You couldn’t help but stew a bit as you waited for her to answer, and grabbing at your phone suddenly and checking it you noticed that Morrigan had messaged you.

<Are you doing okay?

Morrigan usually didn’t text you, at least not often unless she wanted to let you know about things she may or may not have planned. You couldn’t help but smile, warmth spreading through you as you eyed your phone, thumbs already working on your answer.

>I’m alright, don’t worry.

>Mostly just not sure how to explain things

You finished and fumbled with your phone as you heard something from beyond the door. Immediately you shoved it into your pocket and nervously swiped at your hair as you heard the door creak in it’s usual manner as Biyu opened it. Just as the first time you had seen her, you found yourself holding your breath at the sight of her. You usually did whenever you’d first see her, something about her just made you do it. It wasn’t as if she was a supermodel or even some kind of goddess, but you knew you were looking at something incredibly special.

Biyu was a Ren Xiongmao, but not in any usual manner. The first and most noticeable thing was her fur, usually it should have been black and white was instead a soft blonde and silver. Then there were her eyes, which were blue softer than anything you had ever seen, which remained forever unfocused. Her nose wrinkled, twitched as she moved her head slightly while at the door while sniffing at the air.

“Anon.” She states as more of a declaration than anything, a grin breaking out on her face. “There you are.” One large paw came out of the doorway and touched gently at you, her claws grazing at your arm for a moment before fully touching at you and slowly beginning to pull you into the house. “Are you well? I’ve missed you, you know?” a lump formed in your throat and you swallowed, guilt blooming in you. It wasn’t as if any of them didn’t know about the others on an existential level, it had come up on occasion, but this tied to needing to break things off stung at you. Morrigan, like all of them, did need you.

“S-sorry. It's just… things.” you felt glum, trying to bury it at least for her sake. You’d have to tell her, you knew it, but it could wait till near the end of the week couldn’t it? It wasn’t as if she was as needful as Morrigan or Nina. You’d have to just do your best to make this as worthwhile for her as possible before everything had to come to an end. You could do it, couldn’t you? You found yourself in the anteroom of the house and almost robotically you began to kick off your shoes.

“I know.” she stated with a tone that made your head spin as your mouth felt drier than a fistful of sand. What did she know? Gently you pushed your shoes aside with a foot, butting them against the wall.

“Y-you do?” you fight from choking nervously, muscles throughout your body bunching up tightly as you felt as if you had been punched in the stomach.

“Oh yes. You didn’t think you could hide it forever could you?” her voice is sweet and carries the accusation in a way that hurts, your face twisting into an easy expression of pain with sweat begins to bead on you.

“I-I’m sorry, I just wasn’t sure h-how to expl-”

“You didn’t have to hide that you were famous from me,” she interrupts while pulling you into a deep hug, her eyes boring into your face the whole time. You felt as if you could faint, all of your muscles melting and making you feel as if you were made of wet noodles. “I don’t mind, but it would have been nice to know that I could listen to you whenever I wanted.” Biyu put on a rather exaggerated scowl for a moment as she pulled away, her glimmering eyes staring into you.

“I uh… I try to keep things separated. I wasn’t sure if your moth-”

“I’m not her Anon, whatever we do is between us.” paws grasped at your face, her forehead touching at yours as she pressed close. “I don’t mind ‘dishonoraber’ things, you know that.” you snorted at her mocking of her mother’s usual thick accent. “Now come on, you owe me.” your face burned brightly as you realized what was going to come next as one of her large arms wrapped in yours as she pulled you away.

The last hour was a haze as sweat dripped from you, your body aching and feeling completely spent. Various scratch marks from Biyu’s claws marred your back, legs, and even your arms. Pressure mounted on you, causing you to bleat out a moan loudly as she pressed down with all the force she could safely muster. Heat and slickness asailled you, making you tremble as she worked you over ruthlessly, her muscles clamping down hard onto you as if to wring you of everything inside you.

“Is it that good this time?” her voice was sultry, almost a whisper and all you could manage as a response was a low moan. “Oh~ More, make more of those sounds for me.” all you could do was tremble, reduced to a sweaty mess under her touch.

“I- I need a break, p-please.” you whimpered out, a deep instinctual fear taking hold that if you didn’t stop you might die; a deep part of you being content with that possibility.

“You're so soft,” she replies in a tone that makes you worry, one paw drawing down your spine which cracked at each vertebrae like an odd bone zipper. You yelped loudly in a mix of pleasure and pain, muscles liquifying under her touch. If she wanted, she could do anything she wanted and you’d be powerless to stop her. “Though, I do suppose you might need one. Don’t want to wear you out too much.” all you could do was moan in relief.

When you had first met Biyu she had hated that her mother had made her learn the ‘traditional’ skill of being a masseuse, but now she seemed to revel in it and use any excuse she could to put her paws on you. It had to be something about the mix of touching you all over and pulling moans out of you as joints popped or knotted muscles melted into nothing. And all of it only started as an awkward conversation and a means to break the ice, or perhaps it was just an excuse by Biyu to touch you even that early on. You didn't mind at all, it wasn't nearly as bad as what the others usually demanded of you.

All you could do was lay there on the massage table, exhausted and feeling like you were made of putty while she headed out of the room to fetch some water. She was only gone for a moment before you feel yourself being peeled from the massage table as a glass is pressed to your mouth and as you begin to drink, you find yourself choking and struggling against the large panda-woman gripping you. Bare flesh practically sears against yours, what could only be breasts pressing fully against your back as a thick furry arm wraps around your core and holds you close and tight. The uncharacteristic action and behavior sending you into an almost animalistic shock as you began trying to thrash and get free.

“Don’t fight, just relax.” she murmurs softly, claws slowly drawing down your chest toward the hem of your pants.

“Biyu, w-wait. D-don-” you start, panic boiling up in you

“Shhh, I know the rules.” A heavy breath rolled across your neck and shoulder as the cup is pulled away and her paw clamps down over your face, the soft pad of it pressing against your mouth and silencing you. Your traitorous body responding positively even as you tried fruitlessly to break away. “I’ll not ruin things, I know you have responsibilities.” You couldn’t help but relax, though part of you protested at it the indignity of it on Morrigan’s part. She had to know on some level that something like this would happen, her own appointments usually devolving it just as much if not worse. She had even allowed the one last time as a bit of a peace offering to the others. But did that mean one last round of ‘not actually sex’ as a send off? Mamono weren’t like human women at all, so it wasn’t inconceivable. Could you even ask or should you just assume that it had to be the case? You couldn’t know without asking and it wasn’t as if you could outrun your conscience. Biyu’s spare paw drew down lower and lower, till her claws pressed down and beneath the hem of your jeans which she experimentally lifted from your body. A heavy sniff filled the air as she breathed deep, lips smacking loudly. “Sometimes I wish I could see it,” she sighed heavily, slipping her paw further and grasping gently at your turgid length. “But this smell…,” She trails off again, licking her lips loudly.

You let out a muffled protest, causing Biyu to squeeze at you before waggling your length almost playfully in her grip as she giggled softly. Hot lips found the side of your neck and you shivered, let out a sound you hadn’t intended. Biyu’s only response is to bite gently at your neck while squeezing at your length roughly, pulling a moan out of you as guilt and want begin to drown you. All you could do was let out a pained moan as her fur covered paw began to pump.

“Shhhh,” she whispered right as something sharp clamped on your earlobe momentarily, only for a rough suction starting and causing you to tremble and groan into her other paw. “Just relax, I-I know this isn’t typical for m-me, us, b-but I want this Anon. Besides, t-this is what mother hired you for.” Lips wrapped around your ear as she chewed carefully between bouts of suction that almost made you shiver with fear. She wouldn’t take this further would she? Even if she didn’t, were you even allowed to give in? This was supposed to be one last go. But you couldn’t, at least not until you got clarification from Morrigan for your conscience’s sake. Not that you still wouldn’t feel guilty or hate yourself to a degree over it.

Only your struggled attempts to protest and muffled moans filled the air, that and the steady staccato of Biyu’s paw connecting repeatedly with your body as she pumped rapidly. Your hands found her wrist as you continued to struggle, only really succeeding in egging her on as she gripped tighter, pumped faster, and nipped roughly at your neck. You squeezed at her thick, fur covered wrist as you tried to pull her paw away or at least get her to stop as an all too familiar pressure began to build up inside of you.

Cool air met your face as you were suddenly freed, as you gasped for the icy air to ready a demand for her to stop only to feel yourself being thrust down back onto the massage table as you were quickly pinned. Hot, slick pressure enveloped you and you cried out loudly as your hips thrust themselves upwards as something strong and probing swirled around the head of your length. You shuddered, holding your breath as tears welled up in your eyes as Biyu sucked down every drop greedily. It wasn’t until your length stopped throbbing and pulsing that you felt yourself being released from the pin and her mouth. All you could do was lay there, panting while wondering where any of this had come from; Biyu was never like this. The most that had ever happened between the two of you was some mild over the clothes groping and the occasional theft of a kiss from you; something she had been completely hammered for and absurdly embarrassed about for weeks after.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… I- I mean,” paws grabbed you up again, holding you close against her bare body while her face burned bright red. “P-please don’t end things because of this, I can control m-myself, I promise. I just…,” she trailed off, looking troubled.

The two of you laid there on the couch, Biyu refusing to let you alone as she held you tightly against her now clothed body. She had almost been inconsolable, fearing that you’d break off your arrangement over her sudden near-rape, her usual behavior was dramatically different, typically being just doting and overly sweet. The kind of girl that anyone would want to take care of without a concern for themselves. And despite the guilt you felt over it all, the possibility that she might burst into tears again had stopped you from explaining anything, that and the sudden fear that her mother would find out what had just happened. The terms of your employment was clear, at least as far as Mrs. Fong was concerned, merely being a companion in the strictest sense; Just being arm candy to look good and make Biyu look good, all while on occasion providing ‘relief’. Biyu doing anything for you was more or less explicitly forbidden. Being practiced on with her masseuse skills could be argued, but what she had just done was another thing all together.

“Y-you aren’t mad, are you?” she asked, stroking at your hair as her other paw pet at your back. “I-I shouldn’t have just grabbed you like that,” Her rheumy, unfocused eyes peering into yours almost pleadingly. Her explanation for the outburst was something you’d just have to generally accept as another quirk of Mamono. While some were affected by the full moon, Biyu and most of her kind were apparently likewise driven by the new moon and it’s cycles; something that through some strange luck had never been an issue before. A quick check of your phone and previous schedules confirmed the oddity. Somehow in the mix of six week long months and rotating sets of three moon phases a month, you had never been scheduled during such a time with her.

“No, I’m not mad.” you answered, her face turning up into a tentative grin. You sighed heavily, biting at your tongue for a moment as you weighed your options. The guilt inside you feeling like a punch to the gut, even though subsequent texts with Morrigan indicated the only real expectation being that you’d ‘come home unclaimed’, something that had made you blush darkly while causing the guilt to bloom even more. You apologized, promising to call once she was able to answer as emotions roiled inside of you. You had to say something, you couldn’t let this keep up especially with how it made you feel or on the possibility that Biyu might lose control again. She was more than strong enough to pin you down with ease and take whatever she wanted, while you weren’t scared of being raped you certainly were for how Mrs. Fong would react. You weren’t hired for that. “But we need to… I have to talk to you about things.”

“I-I know what you mean.” She answers, giving you a squeeze against herself. “I’ve wanted to talk to you about a few things too.” You couldn’t help but bite your lip nervously, your mind already guessing as to why. She wouldn’t have attacked you if she hadn’t had a very specific thing to say to you. It wasn’t as if you didn’t feel anything for her, you were admittedly attached to all of them, but you couldn’t just abandon Morrigan. “It’s kind of obvious now though but… I’ve uh… I want to keep you.” you choked, turning to look at her as she stared back at you blankly.

“What about y-”

“W-we can run away,” She spits out rapidly, her thick paws touching at your face carefully as she usually would. Her unfocused eyes seeming to bore into yours as her face lit up in a bright cherry red. “I have enough holdings and I-I have some associates who can keep a secret. W-we’d have to go back to Zipangu but it…. That is,” she paused, trailing off before sighing heavily and letting go of your face. “I know it’s a dumb plan. I don’t know. I just… I want to take care of you and just get away from a-”

“Your mom,” you state glumly, stomach knotting itself in half. Ordinarily, you might have been thrilled at hearing a girl confess to you and while there was a touch of elation, you couldn’t help how it kind of hurt. You had to tell her, there’d be no escaping it. While Morrigan had issues with her Mom, it had been more of an issue of distance after her father had passed but Biyu’s problems were different. Most Ren Xiongmao didn’t tend to have many children, at least by Mamono standards, and in Mrs. Fong’s case Biyu was all she had; this coupled with their background as either being absurdly rich or some kind of royals and Biyu being as unique as she was had lead to so many issues and all of them from her mother being unable to just relax about anything. Mrs. Fong was basically unapproachable and came off as the epitome of a deranged career woman, whatever she wanted or thought being defacto law.

“She wouldn’t look for us in Zipangu and we’d be able to settle down somewhere,” one of her claws gently tapped at your chin, as her tone turned wistful. “We’d have to live kind of frugally, but it’s not as if I get much out of all this.” she motioned to the room, clearly meaning the house in general. Most of it was overly ornate in a typical Zipangu motif throughout the entire thing. Jade tiles for flooring, hand carved wood works in other rooms, various paintings and more on the walls, and all of it finished off with all of the most modern appliances. None of it held any appeal for Biyu, it’s not as if she could see any of it. All of it a prepared and needless vanity provided like most things she had by her mother as a constant reminder of where they had come from. “A-and don’t feel bad about it, I don’t need any of this stuff it’s j-”

“Biyu,” you cut her off, eyes starting to well up as your voice threatened to crack. “I…. we can’t.”

“I don’t care if she doesn’t approve,” she countered, voice taking on an almost pleading tone as if the only real issue was to convince you that her overbearing and overprotective mother wouldn’t be an issue. “I know what I want and I want you. I know the other girls might no-” something inside you snapped and all you could was slowly set your head on her shoulder and let out a low sob as your eyes spilled over with tears. “Anon?! What’s wrong?” alarm rang out in her voice as she grasped at you, almost subconsciously checking you for any kind of injuries.

“Just... ,” you sighed, pulling away as you wiped at your face absently, sniffling. “I… I need a minute, okay? I’ll be right back, I just… I’m going to use the restroom.” mechanically you stood up, marching off for her bathroom as you fought yourself to try and bury how you felt or at the very least not cry. As you shut the sliding door behind yourself, you caught your own eyes in the mirror and anger bloomed inside yourself. Not for the circumstances, or even the inconvenience of it all, but just that you had done this to yourself. Maybe you should have just thrown your job hopes out the window and settled for being some Mamono’s mail order husband long before any of this had started. All you could do was hate yourself now, even more so knowing that what you had to tell Biyu would likely break her heart. You couldn’t do this.

Your hands fumbled with the faucet, throwing on the water as you began cleaning your face. All the while your eyes caught themselves in the mirror and the blooming loathing for yourself came back. Grabbing a handful of toilet paper, you blew your nose roughly and tossed it into the toilet before settling down on it before planting your head into your hands. Of course something like this would happen. You sighed deeply, realizing you should message Morrigan as things had become immediately more complicated, in particular with the only client you couldn’t properly say no to. As your hands patted at your pockets and found nothing, you realized you may have left it back in the masseuses’ room; you had emptied your pockets before she had started in on you. Most of your worries and loathing melted away, instead simply feeling like an absurd moron. Why had you even started doing this? The extra money, a deep seated hope that you’d been whisked away by one of your clients, or perhaps something else that you’d dare not even consider thinking.

“H-hey Biyu,” you had called out as you moved through the house, having just checked the masseuse's room and come up with nothing. You had to have set it down somewhere, either that or had it escape your pants when you had been sitting on the couch. “Do you mind if I-” your voice caught in your throat as she turned to face you, the cell in hand and pressed comically against her head to align with one of her small round ears that crowned her head.

“Oh he's near. I can smell him,” she spouts, casting a look you knew too well as your world began to spin and you as a slight panic gripped you. It was one of annoyance that she tended to give you if you teased too much. “Should I put you on or sh-” she stopped and you struggled to hear as you felt yourself going faint as your vision started to grey out; the voice on the other end being unmistakable though incomprehensible. “Okay, how about I give you a counter offer then?” there’s a pause as something is exchanged between the two, “yeah yeah, but you have to have noticed how sheltered he is as an outworlder, he probably doesn’t even know.” there’s another pause as you hear Morrigan saying something back and Biyu reflexively nods before catching herself. “Yes, right. I can only ask that you consider things and again I’m sorry. This can’t be easy.” there’s more talk from the other side as Biyu lets out an overly pleased hum, reflexively nodding again as she grinned; now fully engrossed in whatever was being discussed. “No, I don’t think I will. But I will make sure to let him know to do that.” tentatively she pulled the phone from her head, and looking in your general direction as she held it out carefully. “Can you turn it off? I’m not sure how this works.” It was true, Biyu only had a wired phone with braille on the keys as anything more would effectively had been an exercise in futility, but somehow she had answered yours. Not as if it would have been too hard to do. Slowly you crossed the divide as your stomach began to sink inside yourself, your hands finding your phone and gently taking it from her.

“So that was… Morrigan?” you asked as a new dread boiled up inside yourself, your world spinning as you felt yourself becoming green around the gills. It had been bad enough that you had to break the news of everything ending, but this was worse in so many other ways.

“Yes it was.” unfocused blue eyes bore down on you as the large panda-woman grabbed at your arm. “You’re in trouble.” she stated flatly as she pulled you closer as her face took on an unreadable look.

“I w-was going to tell you,” you offered up meekly, unsure what was about to happen. What you had more or less gathered about Mamono and the culture of this world told you that infidelity was nonexistent except in the rare human only enclaves, what were the consequences of something alien in concept? You weren't sure, but then again, it wasn't your fault; there was no reason to expect her to attack you at all. "I couldn't k-"

"Not from me. Calm down.” her paw tightened on your arm as she began to guide you steadily towards the couch. “Anon, I need you to relax okay? I can smell the stress on you. Let’s just sit down for a bit and talk this through,” you found yourself being gently made to sit as Biyu nestled down next to you, wrapping an arm around you as an awkward silence took hold.

Eventually the silence became unbearable and the two of you went back to conversing back and forth. The most important thing being the first thing you uttered, Biyu nodding along before doing something unexpected. She smiled at you sweetly and pulled you into her lap, before demanding to know more about Morrigan. You had choked, had your voice crack, and even stuttered a bit at first but eventually the only thing that remained was a slight pain inside you. You knew this couldn’t be easy for Biyu, you were basically just running off and now had you rattling off details about who had taken you from her.

You stopped suddenly, swallowing as a thought occurred to you suddenly. It wasn’t as if Biyu was incapable of doing things that she wanted. Why did she want to know about Morrigan? Was she planning something?


“Yeah?” you shifted in her grip, trying to look back at her.

“Why’d you stop?”

“You aren’t… planning to do anything to Morrigan are you?” you asked as visions of Biyu trying to fight Morrigan filled your mind. The large, sightless bear woman mauling walls and kicking holes in drywall while chasing the smell and sound of the petite little fire-headed goat. She wouldn’t, would she? She certain could if she actually wanted to. And if she didn’t, why was she so okay with it all?

“Oh never.” she answered calmly though with a touch of pain to it, “You know I’m not like that.” she batted gently at your shoulder, to emphasize her dislike of the implication. “You really think I’d do something like that?”

“No,” you admitted shamefully, suddenly feeling foolish. “I just… why do you want to know? Doesn’t it upset you?”

“Only a little, but more at myself than anything. She beat me to you.” She grumbled, squeezing you in her arms. “I should have said something sooner but,” you felt her breath on the back of your neck as she squeezed tightly, her head resting against your shoulder. “It is what it is, or will be."

"Will be?" You asked cautiously, unsure of what she meant. Was she or wasn’t she planning something?

"You still have a lot to learn about our culture, our way of life." she answers, pulling back and burying her face against the back of your neck as she sniffed at your hair. "Besides, what if one of the others claims you in the meantime?" She asks, voice dripping with almost some kind of cruelty to it. You couldn’t help but shudder, Nina coming to the forefront of your mind.

“I-I’ll fight,” you muttered, unsure if you really could. Mamono were easily stronger than the average human, though you doubted that they’d honestly continue if you suddenly demanded they stop. If you were even able to that was. Your prior encounter with Biyu suddenly refreshing itself as your face burned hotly. Nina would likely be worse.

“Well, what about the rest of us?” Biyu asked, shifting gears on the conversation. “You’re obviously kind of nuts about her, but… how do you feel about the rest of us?”

“I...uh…,” you started, unsure what to say. What could you say? That in retrospect you didn’t think you could actually cut things off? That you thought you might have cared for each of them more than you had ever bothered to say? That despite wanting to give yourself over to Morrigan, part of you wondered if you should choose one of the others or even suggest something insane such as all six of you running off to where no one knew any of you and quietly living a life that you weren’t entirely sure of the conventions of in this world. Back home you’d be viewed and treated as a war criminal for such.

“That’s an interesting smell,” Biyu said in an offhand way, voice filled with amusement as she gave you a squeeze. “Conflicted?”

“Maybe,” you let out, feeling defeated. “I just… I don’t know what to do.” you sighed exasperatedly, letting yourself go limp against the large woman. “I do love her, I want to just give everything up, drop everything but…,”

“But?” Biyu prodded with an even tone, one large paw moving to pet at your hair as she held you.

“It hurts.” you managed, “I dont… I can’t just drop everyone else though. It’s like… each one of you has hold of me, of my heart, and trying to just end things would just… I mean,” you choked, the feeling of your stomach knotting itself up.

“It’s okay Anon,” she pet at you in a more deliberate manner, sighing against the back of your neck. “Just relax, don’t worry about it for now okay?” you felt her head on your shoulder as she gave another squeeze at you, hugging you against her. “Everything will workout, it’ll be a bit of a mess Im certain of that, but it’ll all work out.”

“How can you say that?” your voice cracked, the ache in your gut twisting deep. “I’ve screwed everything up, there’s no w-”

“Hush.” you were squeezed tightly, all the air being pressed out of you in a moment of panic. Slowly she relaxed her grip, letting you gulp down air before sighing into the nape of your neck. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head over any of it, if I say it's going to be okay, it will be. Okay?” Her tone was more annoyed than anything.

The next several hours you were Biyu’s tentative teddy bear prisoner as the two of you went back and forth on things as you were prodded to continue in regards to each of the other girls. Something deep inside you making you feel dirty and somehow perverse as you went over various details and how each of the others made you feel, but most importantly four felt cathartic. Eventually the two of you ran out of anything to discuss and you found yourself falling asleep in her arms.

Backpain greeted you as you were slowly roused from your sleep by the aromatic smell of something savory cooking. The couch, while good enough in the moment, was a rather sorry bed. You groaned as you sat up, back popping as you moved off the couch. Nearby in the kitchen you could hear something sizzling, something not necessarily unheard of whenever you would come for Biyu's time. When you had first met her it had given you a certain amount of alarm and worry, but by now it was common.

It wasnt as if she would burn down the house. With her sensitive nose she could often tell if something in the fridge had gone off far easier than you could and of course this carried over to cooking; Biyu never burned anything. Everything was always cooked perfectly. As you stood up, your back popped loudly one last time, before you headed off for the kitchen to see what she was up to.

Your sock covered feet slipped slight as you made the transition onto the kitchen tiles, though none of it deterred your curiosity and hunger. Your eyes scanned over the table in the ajoining dining area and finding it bare of plated foods, you turned to where you knew the stove was. Onyx eyes and a mess of fiery red hair framed by twisting horns stared back at you.

“Morning,” you muttered, confusion blooming in you as you stared at Morrigan. Mechanically you did a double take of your environment, checking to make sure of where you were. Everything around you yelled back that you were in Biyu’s house as you began to feel more and more out of place as your mind began to spin. “Morrigan…?” Her only response was a nervous grin while shrugging.

“Oh, there you are Anon.” Biyu called from the living room you had just left, her voice seeming to carry her usual upbeat lit. Methodically she navigated to where you were, sniffing the air all the way till one of her paws contacted your arm and she grasped at it. “Let’s have breakfast, and we can go over any questions you have.”

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