scarred prey 4

By primitivo

His eyes shoot up, dart around rapidly and then stare right into yours. Your whimper, trembling and tears stop and you look into his perplexed eyes. He is here. Alive. Suddenly his fist drives itself into your jaw and you reel back in confusion, before you can say anything to soothe his fear or pain. Omyan jumps to your side at the violent outburst of the human you both thought surely dead. You look at him violently coughing up some bloody mess and then he proceeds to get on his feet despite the grave injuries, but nonetheless the exertion forces him to get rid of his last meal. His lungs greedily draw in the air with long, strong breaths. You can only open your mouth in awe and stare at his defiance and vitality. His gaze wanders towards his arm.

"Omyan, am I dreaming or is he really on his legs? Despite everything?" you mumble to your friend at your side.

She stays silent, holding onto your arm, equally surprised to see him defying all odds. A disturbed expression lingers on his face, while he nervously takes in the situation. He is still profusely bleeding from one eye and not to mention his arm. Suddenly his head snaps up and looks directly at you terrified. And then you see something you never hoped to see on the face of your man. Existential fear. He wasn't just afraid of your big body, claws, muscles or fangs. He feared your very being from the bottom of his little heart. You are a threat to his life in his alarmed eyes. The shards of your broken heart sear and burn your flesh, but the predator in you still shuffles despite of that. You know of the concept of heartbreak and could barely imagine the pain of it. But you never thought it would happen to you. Twice in the same day no less. You raise a shaking paw, but he stumbles out of the building through the broken wall before you could form any reassuring words. Omyan and you sit there in silence, still processing what just happened. You barely notice Amane returning.

"Hey girls, I found the culprit before she could do any more harm." she chirps and drags some human woman along by the hair. She is wearing some sort of ceremonial white robe and is bleeding profusely from her face. Amane surely did a number on her. A youthful, human couple is trailing behind her, crying and holding each other. They look reliefed and exhausted. Like some long, fraught battle has finally ended and they share fast kisses and longing hugs.

You get up in a fraction of a second, walk to the wall with quiet steps, grab its crumbling brickwork edge and keenly observe your fleeing prize. Your brain doesn't register any words from Amane, because just like your attentive eyes and sensitive ears it is focused on the back of the escaping, injured man, who should be by all means writhing on the ground and screaming in agony. Your pupils dilate and with a snapping crack you crush a brick in your straining paw. You eagerly sniff the heavy air, draw deep breaths and your tail lashes like a whip in excitement.

Omyan walks up to you and your agitated tail starts whacking her flank "Ada? You can't go on like this. Please... You have to learn to control yourself."

It doesn't take long for Amane to understand the development and she draws her weapon.

"Oh sweet, merciful Maou. You promised, Ada..." sighs the oni.

You feel your muscles bulging once more, your bestial instincts taking hold of you again. Omyan tries to grab your hand, but you lean forward and jump into a powerful sprint. You accelerate and reach an astonishing speed you never reached before. Like a black arrow slicing through the air, ready to hit its destined prey. This exquisite feeling of hunting is only amplified by this extraordinary human. You will get him and make him yours. The vigor of this human sparks a seething fire and itching tingling in your spirit, your body and especially in your womanly parts. Fleeting scenarios pop up in your racing mind. Your nightly, lewd activities. You on top, dominating him for hours and his tireless resistance against the world of pleasure. Your and his strong, undefeatable pups defying and towering over every other child around them. He falls to his knees and you yip in excitement, as you draw closer and closer. You can taste his enthralling sweat and relentless fortitude in the summer air. He finally hits the ground and you jump up high, ready to pounce on him. The foaming saliva at your mouth rains droplets behind you and you raise your arms and extend your clawed paws, ready to catch and make him yours. Unfortunately Eros has different plans for you in mind and Amane's kanabo digs into the back of your head. Your vision fades for a moment and you sail over him with the excess energy of the truncheon. You tumble over the soft grass, crushing unlucky flowers and insects and land in a shrub. Amane and Omyan catch up to you, while you shake your swirling head and try to regain your senses.

"Lesson teached... now easy there. He is in no condition for that." Amane says dully and retrieves her club.

You grab your head with your paws, as your vision is still spinning and your ears ringing. Your paws run over the back of your head and you feel a big, throbbing bump growing beneath your hair. It seems like your wild mane has cushioned the blow somewhat, since you don't feel anything wet and you start to rub your temples. The stars slowly fade and the ringing in your ears subsides. Omyan's hand is rubbing your back and she gives the shrugging Amane a furious glare before she actually drags your stumbling hide through the grass towards the human. Everything seems like a foggy blur.

As you come closer you see the weak, hopeless struggle. The humans breath is rasping erratically and a small puddle of his remaining blood grows beneath him. The red stained grass lazily sways in the warm summer breeze. He is hugging himself with his arm and shuddering weakly in a curled up, fetal position. Cold horror freezes your own blood in your veins. Suddenly all strenght leaves your legs and with a soft thud you drop to your knees at his side. The piercing thought of losing him permeates your ego once more. You don't know what to do. A crippling, long forgotten feeling emerges and you settle to rub his sweaty head and hair with a trembling paw, while the pieces of your heart sink into a murky, black abyss.

You try to hold back your tears and only manage to mutter "D-don't go."

Some of the busy monsters next to a portal turn their heads towards you, but they have their hands full trying to keep the portal stable. Omyan kneels down at his other side, extends her arms and tries to close his wounds in vain. His body only winces as the magic flows through him, but nothing else happens. And this is where you lose it all and start to bawl with no restrains. You grab his bloodied clothes and pull him in a hug, while he flops around like a broken doll. Amane steps up from behind and places her big, red hand on your shoulder. You never saw her drop her iron guard, always a immovable, stalwart boulder shrugging off any hits. But now you hear surpressed sniffing coming from her and you feel her hand trembling slightly.

"Don't you go and leave me!" you scream with every fiber of your sorry being, holding his lifeless body as close as possible to your powerful, fast pounding heart.

Omyan is still trying to grab his mangled bits trying to heal him under both your cries.

"Give me h-im, Ada. I still can-" Omyan pleads and tries to pull him out of your arms.

You can't let go of him. Not now and not in the future. Somewhere deep inside you a weak, fragile part still in denial knows...

"No. I won't..." you cut her off and with a sharp sniff you give him the biggest, warmest bear hug you can muster with your shivering body.

Your fluffy, long tail wraps around one of his wiry legs and your hot tears pour down on his head. You feel his irregular, flat breath against your chest gradually weakening and you nuzzle your face in his hair. He is still holding onto himself with his weak arm. The body in your grasp is so cold. You try to embrace him with all you got and bush up your long tail and lock your muscular legs around his sad frame, as you press his bloodstained head into your ample chest and rest your cheek on his hair. Holding on to this final moment would only prolong his horrible suffering, but you selfishly wish it would never end.

"I'm sorry." you mewl pointlessly. "I am just a big, dumb dog, that can't tame the wild beast in her. I should just die... And follow you. Maybe there I won't be able to hurt you."

You open your wet, weakly burning eyes and look down at the pale, lifeless form in your paws. His pained, erratic breathing has stopped and his arm is pointing lifelessly at the ground. The few remaining crumbles of his life force are disappearing into the void and the world loses its colors, as fine splinters form in your peripheral vision. You break and wail like a abandoned puppy, while you cling to the dead body of your destined partner, mate and husband. Agonizing, black flames of regret encompass your shattered soul. Everything has lost its meaning. There is no more reason to do anything. No reason to eat, no reason to wake up, no reason to breathe. You wish to simply disappear from the nightmare and torture of this reality and the consequences of your blind, uncontrollable actions. But there is no gracious, godly entity to free you from this hell you created. Only infernal despair and the ink-black abyss you find yourself in, sinking deeper and deeper.

Your defeated and hopeless howls and cries overtone the sobs of Omyan and the nervous humming of the portal close to you. You just lost your dearest treasure irretrievably. He is gone because of you. The mamono around the nearest portal who observed this piteous scene, also cry out in compassion and can't help themselves but also drop on the ground and wail. You share a solidary moment of despair, but their focus on the task at hand is gone and soon you are interrupted by a guttural rumble emitting from the purple sphere. The witches and mages freeze in horror and slowly turn their heads. The sphere vibrates even more, pulsates and sends out a powerful wave of force, that hits the surrounding mamono and sweeps them of their feet, tails and claws. Searing flares of bright energy follow up and shoot out like whips. One of them flashes in your direction and a surge of pure, raw mana beyond all measure hits you.

Omyan holds up her hands and whines weakly before she is knocked down and even your unshakeable frame tumbles back for a few meters, your dead mate safely secured in your strong grasp. As the mana force trashes you across the grass you cum hard. Only Amane manages to withstand the surge by ramming her weapon into the ground like an anchor and holding onto it. The birds in the trees have stopped singing after the wave has passed and only the odd, distant cries and groans are interrupting the satisfied humming of the portal every now and then. You have lost all sense of time, while you squint and wheeze heavily, your body burning with desire. Pungent trickles of your love juice wet your longing nether regions and you feel your erect nipples trying to poke through the fabric of your top. Your friends around you also seem to be a bit hot and bothered and you hear a very erotic moan from Omyan.

You sit up and feel... invigorated. The strength in your muscles and spirit rising effervescent. You could reduce a boulder into smithereens with a single punch and tirelessly hunt for weeks. A returning sensation in your big arms makes you gasp. The feeling of warm air rhythmically caressing your skin, gives you goosebumps and the shards in your chest try to slowly piece themselves back together. You gulp and nervously look down only to find him breathing peacefully. He unwraps his shivering arm and gradually hugs you. The flames of your eyes flare up, a stream of garbled nonsense flows out of your mouth in response at both the hug and the fact that he is alive. Your heart roars up in triumph. You feel a heavy blush growing and you rub your face into his hair. He smells a bit funny, but he is back.

You look up, spot the pile of panting horse-woman and yell "Omyan!"

She looks up and her vigorous, resolute gaze meets yours. No words are needed, because you can feel the bestowed, simmering power in her as well. She jumps up and you waste no second and leap to her side. You were never a pious mamono, but now you whisper prayers to Eros and Maou under your eager breath. You eye the body of your broken prey and rub his head, while the energy oozing Omyan gets to work.

Amane joins you two "You got this Omyan." and gives her thick horse back a few pats, or more like tries to rid her hand of some suspicious liquid.

Strong tears of relief subdue tears of pain and a small, hopeful smile spreads on your face. Color returns to his face and the torn veins, muscles and nerves finally grow back together right in front of your eyes.

"He lost so much blood. He needs iron." Omyan informs you, still focused on her healing magic.

Without thinking you bite deeply into the side of your hand, mangle the flesh and then jam it into his dry mouth. He starts sucking weakly, desperate for fluid. There is nothing to ponder about. You will give and sacrifice everything to save him. And even more so after been given this merciful second chance.

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Please continue this, it's really good!


Now that's one hell of a deus ex machina. Still better than most such instances.