Mara the Sorceress

By spurg

>angry red eyes glared at you from across the table, her fingers pinching her nose before sighing and collapsing in the chair across from you

<"okay, lets start at the top."

<"do you know why youre here?"

"Because you suck at your job?"

>the odd looking succubus practically hissed before glaring at you wantingly

>almost as if expecting you to keep going

>instead you simply shrugged

<"Do you know who I am?"

"You're that Alp in charge o-"

<"I am not an Alp! Do you see which way my horns go?!"

>you couldnt help but grin

"Sorry, its just that you have a lot of Alp like features an-"

<"Shut it!"

<"Mr. Incog, look Anon…look. Youre here because the agency has basically lost our patience with you."

<"Its been two years and instead of ending up married youve managed instead to completely maladapt Mara. She's practically the worse case I-"


>you had heard conspiracies about the placement program and agency before

>it being an excuse by Mamono to secure a bigger foothold in this realm and get tons of single guys married off under the claim that it was for "cultural" learning

>like a student exchange program, but oddly only for marriagable aged men and mamono

>but to hear it from someone who worked there was a surprise, though not unexpected

<"Look. This is serious. What the fuck did you do to her?"

"What, did something happen? Is she okay?"

>you couldnt help the slight panic that jumped through you

>sure you fucked with Mara on occasion, but it was in legitimately good fun

>nothing hurtful or coldhearted

>just 24/7 goofing around kind of stuff

>it wasnt your fault she was so gullible

<"She nearly gave me an aneurysm,"

>your face screwed up in confusion

<"Mara is special. She's one of the only sorceresses around that cast tier nine destruction spells on account of… Well you know."

>all you could do was nod, you did know

>despite the stipend for housing her or even loan forgiveness, you were still paying off random property damage and having to fix things that she occasionally broke

<"So when at the recent guild meeting she began to regail my mother with insane claims o- Meredith!"

<"Meredith! What was the particular one again?"

>a intercom above you squawked loudly

That this world used to be in black in white till the invention of color

>you snorted loudly, fighting to contain yourself

>the woman scowled at you, shooting you a look that could kill

>you had told Mara that, and so much more

>it was just good fun

>anything that was actually dangerous you made sure to stress was dangerous

>anything that didnt matter though, that was fair game for fuckery

<"at first I though she was joking but she elaborated, that that was why old television shows were in black and white."

>you nodded sagely

"She's right you know."

<"You know she isnt!"

<"Thats not even the worst part. Everything. Practically everything she knows is wrong."

>for the last two years you had done your finest work

>there had been points where you worried and felt you should stop, but curiosity to see how much further you could go had egged you on

>mankinds greatest space achievement? Landing on the sun of course, but it had to be done at night though

>eat watermelon seeds and they'd sprout inside you

>city sanitation workers were specially trained in anti-crocodile martial arts due to the infestation of them in the sewers

>meterologists? They took wind samples in trash bags every morning to study and determine the weather for the day

>magic smoke is what powered all electronic devices. After the magic smoke escaped one, did it ever work again?

<"Artists were insane which is why they painted in color? I cant believe you've done this!"

>you could help but snigger as a grin broke out across your face

<"why anon?"

"Why not?"

>the succubus simply pinched at her nose again, groaning before throwing herself out of her chair

<"you know what. Whatever. All I want to know is how."

"Well, she is kind of gulli-"

<"No. Not that! I know that, we all know that!"

<"why hasnt she claimed you yet?!"

>her eyes were furious and curious at the same time as she stood before you

"Oh that. I told her I was cursed by an evil witch."

<"okay… And?"

"That it uh… It was stolen."

<"it was stolen?"

>a fearful and confused look played over her face for a moment before mouthing the phrase a few times

<"y-youre the reason she des-"


> it was true. It was your fault

>it had become a bit of problem lately, but had started as a slight annoyance

>she had propositioned you, rather than renege you had given the gullible a silly offhanded answer

>So she had then destroyed a local feminist meetup and proceeded to forcibly expose them to raw demon energy

>then you had been propositioned again

>and much like toad at the end of a particular trying level you had to break the bad news

>"Im sorry Mara, but the evil witch who stole my cock is somewhere else. You'll have to try again."

>So this cycle had gone on for awhile, causing Mara to gain a certain level of political clout for her anti-women views among the Demon faction who competed for the Maou's favor

>the succubus let out an exhausted sigh, burying her face in her hands

<"what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

>you shrugged, leaning back in your chair while she peeled her face from her hands

"What was a supposed to do? Hey lady who just moved into my house by a questionable government who Ive known for less than a week, youre right. I should let you suck my co-"

<"youve been denying her for that long!?"

"I had just met her. What, should I have just dropped my pants and let it happen?"


<"thats… Thats abuse. Youve bee-"

"I have not. That is not abuse! We arent married, she just lives with me okay!? And what, dont lecture me. A week in? Thats not long enough to fall in l- hey, what are you doing?"

>you stop your near rant as you watch the odd succubus begin to wave her hands about as an odd prismatic glow began to take hold

>theres a pop like fingers snapping and everything goes white

<"Are you okay hubby?"

>you could only groan in response to Mara as she attempted to rouse you

>a serious of pulleys and counterweights held your legs at a low angle to help keep pressure off of your hips

>a scaled claw touched at your face tenderly as her face invaded your vision

<"Sorry again."

"You dont have to keep waking me whenever you come to check on me,"

<"I know. I just like hearing your voice and looking into your eyes."

>both of your faces burned as the two of you stared into each others eyes

>had this silly dragon's eyes always been such an alluring deep purple?

<"it sure was nice of that Alp lady to find your bits and defeat that evil woman."

>you couldnt help but grin, the claim that earth side Alps and Lilum had horns reversed from normal had apparently still stuck


<"I love you Anon, sorry about your hips."

"I love you too hun."

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I love it. I want more of these antics.