A hot BBQ

By abeja

>boomer goes to the 2020 trump rally
>"If they want to come to America, there is a perfect and legal way to do it!"
>"All ocelomehs that want to come into our great and wonderful country just need to legally marry"
>"Of course, they need to pass the test first, we only want what is best for our sons!"
>Cheers and applause are all over the place
>He sees a hellhound with a sign, it looks pretty well made, all things considering
>Q predicted this, the boomer nods to himself
>The boomer decides to introduce her to his grandson, all good men need a good women that supports him after all
>Anon just needs a push in the RIGHT direction
>He talks to her parents and they decide for a BBQ, nothing yells freedom like a BBQ on sunday
>A few days pass
>anon is shitposting in a cooking imageboard
>Looks like spices prices have gone up
>"Those damn Danukis!" yells anon in his room
>"Hey, anon! your granpa is here, go help him with that BBQ!"
>Anon goes, since he can’t say no to free food
>His boomer grandad picks him up on an old pickup truck
>"So, anon... got a girlfriend or a girl?"
>"In this economy? Is suicide to get a girlfriend let alone a family, granpa"
>"Back in the good old days, we didn't waste time in the internet… blah blah blah"
>"Yeah, you just let the Danukis take control of everything…"
>"What did you say?"
>"Nothing, granpa"
>They arrive to granpa’s residence, it’s a nice white house with a big ass terrain in the countryside
>On the porch is his granma, a Weresheep, all her body is cover with wool
>She spots anon and walks as fast as she can, but it’s so slow that Anon runs to her, so she doesn’t get too tired
>"Anon!" she hugs him, her fluffy and comfy wool comforts him
>"Thanks for helping with the BBQ, your sauces taste the best, also take this!"
>She hands him a sweater
>"Thanks granma"
>His grandparents are sitting on the porch drinking lemonade while anon is setting the whole BBQ
>It always turn like this, by helping it really means that Anon needs to do everything
>Luckily for Anon, he loves to cook and enjoy his time with them, he has to do it now, since they are not going to be here for long
>A big ass car parks nearby
>"Oh my, is that a salesman? Let me fetch the shotgun"
>"Darling wait! Does are my guests"
>The car doors open and a never ending pack of hellhound come dashing out
>For a person that has never seen such a sight would think its Judgment day
>"Oh my, let me get a fire extinguisher" Granma gets inside the house
>"Mike! Glad you can make it!" Mike has 3 hellhounds running all over him
>"Mr. Robinson, thank you for having us, that is a beautiful house"
>Granpa shakes his hand "Now now Mike, we are practically family now, call me David, please"
>They both present each other wives, the Robinson family has 11 daughters and 1 son
>"After our first boy, we wanted another son, but we decide to stop"
>The parents sat down and to talk about different subjects, while the pack of hellhounds run around the place
>"Hey… you need any help with that?"
>Anon snaps out of his sauce making routine and looks up
>There is a hellhound next to him and doomsday all around him
>"What the…?"
>His granpa yells from the porch "Just invited some friends!"
>Granpa is scheming like a Danuki, Anon thinks
>A small hellhound girl snatches raw meat from his table
>"Hey wait! Don't eat that, it’s still raw!"
>The hellhound next to him puts her paw on his should "It’s, gone, let it go"
>"Fine" Anon continues preparing his sauce
>"So…ah, My name is Samantha, you can call me Sam if you like, what’s your name?"
>Anon stops and turns to face her "It’s anon, also is this yours?"
>He moves his arm up so she can notice a little baby hellhound biting his hand
>"Ah, LULU! stop, I'm so sorry"
>She takes the baby and runs to her mom
>Anon looks at his hand, it has small bite mark on it "Well, at least it was the left one"
>"Anon!" that girl is bugging him again, "Let me cure you!" In her haste all the bandages drop on the floor
>He wonder why is she so nervous
>Anon lets her heal his hand, instead of applying alcohol on his wound she start licking it
>It’s pretty hot, no really her tongue is hot, but Anon says nothing since it would just make thing worse and she will start apologizing again
>Once his hand is patch up, he continuous setting up the BBQ
>"Do you need any help?" She persists on lending on a paw
>"Fine… Could you, I don't know stop your sisters from stealing the meat and DO NOT let them touch my sauce?"
>She brightens up "Leave it to me, anon!"
>She goes running to her car and brings some stuff over
>'What the hell is she doing' Thinks anon
>"And done"
>It looks like she has put a plate on all the meat with a sign that says 'Vegetables' it even has a cute drawings of a carrot and onions on it
>"You think THAT would work?"
>"It always work"
>After finishing up some work, it’s time to turn on the grill
>"Well, time to light up this bad boy!"
>"Anon, let me help you with that"
>She is eager to help him to ignite the carbon
>"Are you sure about this, Sam?"
>She put up airs "Meat taste best with hellhound breath fire"
>Sam sounds like a commercial for grills
>"Alright go ahead"
>Sam lights the carbon with her fire breath, to Anon surprise nothing went horrible wrong
>"Everything looks good, thanks Sam" He pats her head
>"I will light your grill now and forever, anon" She whispers
>"Did you say something, Sam?"
>After finishing up everything by himself with a little bit of help from Sam, Anon sets up the table
>Everyone sit downs and he start serving them meat
>There is a strange looking hellhound, her hair color is different, he puts a plate with meat in front of her
>She looks at it with disgust "Meat is murder!" and pushes it away
>"Oh my!" says his granma "Is something wrong with her?" she ask Mike
>"Well, she is a vegan…"
>"Oh goodness, I hope she gets better"
>The hellhound mother responds "Oh, don't worry, its just a phase"
>If it just a phase I hope it’s over soon, she is not going to last long without meat
>Anon sits down and by coincidence Sam is right next to him
>They all have a nice a nice meal together
>Once finish they all help on cleaning up the table
>"Anon, take the grill to the basement, please"
>"Ok, granpa"
>"Ah let me help too!" Sam runs at him
>"Fine, pick up those tools"
>Anon and Sam go to the basement and put everything in their place
>"Sam… the meat actually taste better, thanks for the help" Anon says while dusting his pants off
>"Really!" She brightness up, her tail is wagging "Eh… OH! Thanks for hiding little pieces of meat in my sister vegetables, it really helped mum a lot"
>"So, is the offer still on the table, Sam?" there is a smile on Anon’s face
>"What?" Sam is confuse
>Anon puts his hand against the wall, right next to Sam head
>"The one about igniting my grill forever…"
>"…" Sam is speechless
>He guides her chin with his hand and plants a kiss
>They keep on kissing more sensually
>"There…is no… turning back now…Anon"
>"Bring it on, Sam"
>They both undress each other, Anon, who doesn't know anything about sex is playing by ear, same goes for Sam
>Every time they do something wrong they laugh it out and continue
>"Looks like the temperature is ready, do you want me to put in the meat?"
>Sam opens up her legs, she is ready
>He trusts his meat inside her, little by little, they moan together
>Anon meat is burning up inside her, is this normal? He is not sure, but he keeps thrusting
>Sam is digging her claws on his back, it’s a little painful for Anon, but he continues anyway
>"Here comes the sauce!"
>They both yell each other names
>After pumping everything he got, Anon cuddles with her
>He tries to pull it off but can’t
>"Eh? Why cant I pull it out?"
>"Give it an hour or two...I think"
>Anon and Sam sleep in the basement
>After they wake up, they realize they slept together the whole night
>They get out of the basement running
>There is no one home, everyone is gone
>A note is on the dinning table
>It says "It’s time to take responsibility and man up, the ceremony is tomorrow and this house is now for the both of you, Good Luck!"
>That was his plan all along!
>"That damn old geezer played me like a bloody puppet!"
>Anon sits down
>Sam is on his lap and cuddles on his chest
>"I don't really mind… do you?"
>"Well, I guess we got this house, but it’s too big for the both of us"
>"Anon, we can work on that with good time"
>He pat her head "Yeah, I agree"

The End

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