Malevolent Dwelling: Homewrecker

By billtremendous

 South America, Asia, Africa. Langley C. Washington has visited all of these continents and more in his quest to view everything exotic! Late in his career, Langley finds himself pursuing his most dangerous voyage yet: traveling and having a good time in Poland. It was a fear only eclipsed by traveling through Baltimore! Not long into his trip, however, does he find himself in a spot of trouble! Wooed by a WOUS (Woman Of Unusual Size) in the spritely town of Zakopane, he finds himself quickly overpowered by the mama Wojtek in the privacy of his hotel room.

 Despite having encountered more potential kidnappers than a rich white girl alone in a foreign country, this situation promised to be trickier than normal. Bound, gagged, and hidden away in a comically large suitcase, he was spirited away to a remote castle in the Polish wilderness in the middle of winter. What was worse, he would soon come to discover that the WOUS was in fact a vampire matron, and of the worst kind. She was a misandrist!

 Hanging on a meat hook by his shirt collar and surrounded by the bloodthirsty matron and her trio of daughters, it seemed to Langley that his fate as a piece of meat was sealed. But he could not let fear overtake him, especially not that he was foolishly left alone by the frightful bloodsuckers! The time was now to escape! Managing to free himself of the meat hook, he convalesced all of his wits for his retreat from this castle. Fear was the mind killer, and he had not but his mind to work with.

 That, and an old revolver that he found placed strangely within a vase he smashed out of frustration.

 Will Langley escape the castle of misandry unscathed?

 Will he be able to salvage the rest of his vacation in the hellscape of Poland?

 Who the hell puts boxes of .357 bullets in vases anyways?!

The answers to these and more! In, MALEVOLENT DWELLING: HOMEWRECKER!


Enter, the living terror…

Langley crept slowly through the dimly lit halls of the castle, candles and the ambient light creeping through windows being his only guidance within. Outside, a storm of snow, ice, and wind howled with bitter fury, battering the brickwork of the castle like a siege, further isolating Langley from the world. The halls were clogged with a myriad of wooden chairs, desks, display cases, and vase tables in a number that no reasonable household would have.

Langley gripped the old, pre-world war revolver tightly as he kept looking all around himself. The WOUS could be anywhere, and her daughters could be around every corner. God, the cold air in the halls mixed with the fear in his nerves was causing him to shake like a tree in a storm. For all he knew they could be sneaking up on him right now, drooling over his shoulder.

 No no, he couldn’t let fear overtake him. Fear is the mind killer, and besides a ruddy, single-action revolver his wits were all he had left. Well, everything that wasn’t back at the hotel but that was beside the point. What mattered was his will to survive. That, and finding a window that wasn’t barred.

 “Why the hell do you even need bars built into the windows?” Langley wondered aloud. “It’s not like you’ll get burglarized out in the middle of nowhere. And why on floors higher than the first?”

 “Mother says it’s in case a gypsy caravan comes through the mountain pass,” came a woman’s, Polish-accented voice just over Langley’s shoulder.

 “SHIT!” Langley shouted. Fear may very well be the mind killer, but a (relatively speaking) mini vampire was just good at killing! Langley abandoned any pretense of sneaking and burst into a sprint down the hall. Looking over his shoulder, he took a brief look at his pursuer.

 She was one of the misandrist, WOUS’s daughters, of a normal build for a woman but still one that bore many inhuman traits. She wore a black, almost Musou dark dress with a darkness that was only lightened by the flat gray skin that peered through the thin fabrics. Under a hood attached to the dress was a fair but crazed-looking face with long, frazzled, auburn hair swinging freely over it. Her most striking feature, visible even beneath blood spatters that decorated her jaw, was a set of beautiful, full lips covered with layers of dark black lipstick. Nevermore Raven black if Langley wasn’t mistaken.

 He let loose a shot from the revolver, the bullet planting itself firmly in a wall before Langley fired another ineffectual shot that zipped down the hallway harmlessly. The Auburn vampire laughed as half her body seemed to disappear in a cloud of flying insects. “Run meat, RUN!” She shouted, cackling madly. “I prefer my Pig blood pumping, and my meat hot!” Langley felt that he could do nothing but oblige, what considering the man-eating vermin at his heels, and the swarm of bugs too for that matter.

 Tipping over hallway desks, chairs, and pots the exploded into plants and various pocket-sized goodies (for whatever reason), Langley tried anything he could to slow down his pursuer, but for to no avail. The vampire hovered over all of the obstacles he laid before her on her cloud of insects. Turning a corner, Langley quickly soon spotted a T-section of halls ahead of him. Thinking quickly, he grits his teeth and sprints down the hall before his pursuer can turn the corner behind him. Turning right at the cross section, he quickly squishes himself against the wall and into the shadows of the hall, hoping his gambit would pay off.

 The Auburn-haired vampire came rushing around the corner, her swarm buzzing and her voice cackling with mad glee. He held his breath as the vampire seemed to pause for a moment, before resuming her chase down the opposite hall from him. “Sprinting won’t save you! It’ll just make you taste better!” She shouted. Langley allowed himself a breath of relief as she disappeared through another turn and off to God knows where. He was in the clear.

 Langley peeled himself off of the wall and continued his search for an escape from this house of malevolence. Other than the infestation of vampires within it, the interior décor was just as malicious. The walls were decorated with gold gilded decorations of various, nondescript portraits and rugs that seemed solely placed to take up wall space, forbidding any eye space from remaining empty. Of the various dead-end rooms that he could actually investigate, the same decoration stratagem applied. Of the doors that weren’t locked away behind indescribable mechanisms or door locks, many of them were cold, dark, and lifeless lounges with couches, unlit fireplaces, and more of that, god awful art. Who the hell needed all of these desks and chairs for a place to sit?!

 Despite the fire hazard level of clutter within the halls, Langley eventually found his way to what seemed like a foyer area, complete with fireplace and an ominously large, metal doorway. The doorway itself seemed large enough to accommodate the WOUS, but it just raised further questions. If the front door of this house was so large as to accommodate that misandrist, then why were all of the doors inside of the actual castle smaller than that? When the WOUS tried to leave Langley to his fate, she had to duck under the doorframe in order to pass through it. Langley’s train of thought was buzzing with activity, trying to decipher the questionable architecture and home design.


 “So tell me, American,” came a voice from above him. Langley turned and beheld another of the daughters floating in the air behind him, lounging on a cloud of those horrid, buzzing insects. She wore the same black clothing as her sisters as well as a similar build, with the exception of a slightly larger bust. Platinum blonde hair flowed from her head, with a set of sharp eyes and an almost killer smile drawing further attention to her face. While her face wasn’t spattered with blood as her sister, her dominant right hand more than made up for it, with black streaks of dried blood trailing from long, red nails. “Is it true that the U.S. army conscripts recruits to fight giant tumbleweeds?”

 “I mean, I don’t think that’s entirely something I can answer…”

 “It’s fine,” she interrupted, seemingly standing to attention in the air, “I’ll be sure to convince Mother to only butcher your legs for dinner tonight. Then you’ll be able to answer SO MANY of my questions! Doesn’t that sound like absolute fun?” Of course. Cannibal vampires.

 “Yeah, well,” Langley stammered, “No thanks, bro.” He quickly sprinted past her and down another direction in the labyrinth of halls within the castle.

 “Yes, run American! This must be what Mother means by ‘get the noggin jogging!’”

 “<What the fuck,>” Langley thought. Either this girl was special in more ways than just being a vampire, or the “Mother” was feeding them bullshit. Either explanation did not bode well. But he had to ponder on it later, the myriad of clutter within the hallway was slowing his flight with chair legs seemingly reaching out to trip him or display cases blocking his route. The platinum vampire was hot on his heels, and the insects of her swarm were practically nipping at whatever flesh he had exposed. Langley could only imagine the little, horrid things stinging or biting at his arms and neck, causing pain warm trickle of blood to seep from wherever they landed.

 Langley needed an escape plan, FAST.

 Quickly turning a corner, Langley’s heart sank when he saw that there was no escape, only a complete dead-end hall with a barred window seemingly mocking him. “Nowhere to run in that direction American! Now you’ll have to answer my questions!” Lord, anything but that. Not all hope was lost, as several doors marked potential escape avenues from the hallway. There might be a chance, just MAYBE…

 Trying the door closest to him, Langley nearly jumped with elation as the handle moved to his whim and opened. He quickly sheltered himself within the space and quietly closed the door behind him, plunging himself into complete darkness. From inside what seemed to be a supply closet, he could hear the erratic buzzing of flies approaching. “So tell me,” the vampire called, her voice trailing off, presumably, from Langley’s disappearance. “Looking to hide? There’s not many places to hide here.” Langley gulped nervously, and took a fearful step back leveling his revolver at the door.

 His heart jumped when his foot collided with some unknown thing in the closet, tilting over what sounded like a pile of soft cover books. He could hear the buzzing slowly growing louder, and louder outside of his hiding spot. “Ah, hiding there I see. You wouldn’t be the first to…hide something there.” A giggle. Langley’s hands shook as he kept the revolver leveled at the door, the handle turning agonizingly slowly on its own.

 “Ready or not,” she teased, “here I-”

 “JAGODA!” The WOUS’s voice rang out, seemingly unmuted despite the door.

 “M-Mother!” The platinum vampire, Jagoda, stammered.

 “Why on Earth are you deigning the supply closet worthy of your time when that American, Manpig is tromping around our halls, destroying our renaissance era vases?”

 “You’re absolutely right Mother, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll get looking immediately!” All at once, the buzzing audibly moved away before ceasing completely. A brief, almost disgusted sigh from the WOUS preceded her departure as her heels clacked loudly away. Langley could only wonder how the hell neither him nor Jagoda (apparently) heard her coming. He had to admit, however, it was awful convenient for her to appear like that.

 Langley let some time pass before deigning it safe to exit his hiding spot. As he stepped out into the hallway, Langley left the door to the closet slightly ajar. With it, he hoped to shed some light on whatever it was that had given him away earlier. It was…not as he expected.

 It was a stack of magazines. A stack of porno magazines from the look of it. Jesus that was a lot of porno mags. It was probably from a previous owner, or likely victim considering this place.

 Langley couldn’t ponder the thought, all at once the buzzing had returned, and a new voice. “Really? Were you here this whole time?” Turning about, Langley found that he was face to face with the last of the trio of vampire sisters he had seen previously. As with the other daughters, she wore the same black dress with the same, average build as the rest. Besides her jet-black hair, the only things that really defined her face was blood spattered lips and eyes covered with eye liner. If the WOUS was the head of the house, she had a poor sense of dress style for her daughters.

 Langley immediately moved to create space between him and his newest pursuer, walking backwards as she seemed to just stand there. He tried a different door closest to him. Locked. He walked further to try another one. No luck, it was also locked.

 “You can’t run,” the Black vampire stated, “and you can’t hide. Every door in this hall has specific keys with specific lock gimmicks that you have no hope to open.” It wasn’t long until Langley had his back to the window at the end of the hall. “And unlike my sisters, Man-Pig, I have no time for chases, or games.” With that statement, she began to advance towards him, the buzzing slowly rising in volume. “I am going to tear your throat out. You’ve been more trouble than you’re worth.”

 “N-no way fag!” Langley shouted as he quickly raised his revolver and fired. The bullet went wide, nowhere near the vampire. He cocked the hammer back and fired in sequence thrice more.


 Another miss. Damn bullet spread!

 The final shot seemed on the mark to hit the vampire, had the portion where he hit not turned immediately into flies. He cocked the hammer once more.

 Click. He was out of ammo.

 Enough to kill anything that moves his ass!

 “Shit,” Langley swore. The vampire was a short distance from him, and the insect horde of hers was beginning to crawl upon his skin. Tiny legs crawled all over him, scratching his skin with the roughness as Langley mustered all of his willpower to not drop everything and jump about flutily at the molesting swarm.

 “This ends now,” the vampire hissed. All at once she lunged at him, her bloody teeth on full display as she leapt to take a bite at his throat. Langley was out of options; the stupid revolver was useless against these things, Langley thrust out his arms in an attempt to stop the vampire out of pure, human instinct. He looked away, subconsciously unwilling to look his own death in the eyes.

 He felt his hand collide with something and heard the sharp crack of skin on skin. The vampire let a sharp gasp and the buzzing abruptly ceased, the insects withdrawing from him. Looking back, he saw the vampire recoil back down the hall and away from him, her black hair falling in front of her face as her insect horde dissipated. She held a hand up to her face as she slowly turned to look at Langley, still cowering in the corner. Her eyes, god those hazel eyes, held a flame that contained many different emotions. Hate, disdain, and yet…something else.

 Fear? Or was it confusion?

 Langley and the vampire both quickly snapped back to attention at the familiar clacking of heels down the halls, and the indescribable echoes of the WOUS yelling something. The vampire seemed to grimace as she looked back at Langley, before disappearing into a cloud of insects that withdrew from the hall, leaving Langley alone in the darkened dead-end. Looking down at his hand and the smoking gun, he quickly gathered his wits and quickly evacuated the hall before the WOUS could find him, determined to continue his search for a way out.


 Hours seemed to pass for Langley as he wandered the halls. His hope was quickly dwindling as every potential avenue of escape seemed to fail. Many of the doors were locked. The only thing in the vases he broke was either random couch change or boxes of ammo for the revolver that was practically useless. Langley was very quickly considering turning the revolver on himself to spare himself the potential suffering the vampires could inflict on him.

 Langley physically stopped himself in the hallway and exhaled a deep breath as he pushed the thought away with his free hand. “Calm down,” he told himself, “there’s gotta be a way out of here. I just need to find those dumb keys and open doors and find more keys and I’ll be fine.” He looked back at his revolver and realized he had been wandering with it empty ever since he ran into the black-haired vampire. It had been useless, but it’d never hurt to have it loaded regardless.

 He needed to get out of the open and began to search for a side room that he could duck into to reload his firearm. His luck, for once, took a turn, and he found a dark lounge room with scarce furniture besides a couch and fireplace. Perfect for his current needs.

 Closing the door behind him, Langley sighed as he sat down on the couch for the meditative practice of reloading. Ejecting the spent casings one by one from the old-fashioned revolver, he swooned as he cracked open a fresh box of the ammunition he had found. Like at the recreational ranges back home, he savored the feeling of sliding a long, silver bullet into the shockingly, well-greased chamber. It had instilled a new confidence into him and gave him the will to survive for just a little while longer.

 Taking a deep breath in, and out, Langley closed the gate on the revolver and, for fun, spun the cylinder. A faux confidence, perhaps, but the fake stuff was better than nothing. Langley rose to his feet and taking another deep breath, moved to exist the dead-end lounge he had sought refuge in. His confident stride would not last long.

 As he opened to door to the hall, a pale hand shoved the door open, and the visage of the black-haired vampire pushed her way inside. Langley felt his heart jump out of his chest as she pushed him back into the room. He raised his revolver quickly, only to have it smacked out of his hand and into another errant, excessive vase, smashing it to reveal a handful of Polish zloty. She shoved him with inhuman strength further into the room, remaining by the door.

 All at once, she turned and closed the door behind her and, as he stood up, Langley’s heart sank as he heard a deafening CLICK as a lock was turned.

 There was truly no escape now.

 The vampire turned back to him, glaring the whole time as he stood defenseless in the middle of the room. Langley raised his arms in a hopeless surrender. “Don’t kill me.” He pleaded.

 “Before I kill you, I demand some answers.” She replied.

 “I thought questions were your sister’s gimmick.” Langley replied.

 “Don’t confuse me for my over inquisitive sister Jagoda, or that glutton Agata, Man Pig. You WILL give me the answers I’m looking for or I will gut you from neck to groin and feed you your intestines.” She began a slow advance, stopping at a table placed in front of the lounge couch. Langley could feel his lip quivering. Of all the things he’d survived in his travels, this is it. No more daring bets with triads, no more lucky escapes from African Warlords, no more exotic ladies to share a bed with. He was going to be eaten alive by a bunch of vampire cannibals.

“What did you do to me.” She demanded. Langley blinked several times at the question.

“What?” He stammered. The vampire flipped the table out of her path in a fit of rage.

“What country are you from?” She questioned, continuing her advance.


“’What’ is on no map I’ve ever observed. Do you speak English?”

“…What?” Langley quaveringly asked.

“English, Man Pig, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!” She shouted, grabbing Langley by the collar of his shirt.

“Y-Yes!” He stammered. The vampire was inches from his face, and he could smell the dried blood on her breath as her eyes bored into his soul.

“So you can understand me!”


“Then tell me, what it is, you DID. TO. ME!”

“C-could you,” Langley took an empty gulp of air, trying to regain his composure, “could you please elaborate on what exactly you mean?” With a huff, the raven-haired vampire released his collar and turned away from him, taking a few steps away from him.

“Ever since you, you,” she raised a hand to her face, to the location Langley had slapped her earlier. “Ever since you…STRUCK me, from that very moment, there has been some unknown…feeling that had arisen in me. It’s some sort of trembling within me that reeks of excitement, yet it’s not that, it’s…different.”

All at once, Langley’s panic had disappeared, only to be replaced with sheer confusion and slight apprehension. There’s no way she got excited from getting slapped. There was no way. Or was it from getting shot? “I can’t stop thinking about it,” she continued, “there’s some hole in my chest that’s opened because of it. And not only that but…” she lowered her hand from her head, seemingly in disgust, “there’s…some other feeling in me. One I’ve never felt before. Something that makes my legs tremble and my womanhood…” Her hand disappeared in front of her body, as Langley’s own tensed up at the implications. The vampire looked back to him, with equal parts pain and indignation. “What…*urge* did you PUT in me?”

Langley lowered his hands, as his eyebrows raised in horrid realization.

He was going to have to explain the fact she was feeling horny.

“Uhm,” Langley stammered, looking away for a brief moment. “Do you…do you not know what it’s like to be aroused?”

“What are you talking about?” She shot back, “Of course, Mother rouses me and my sisters from our sleep every day.”

“That’s, not what I mean. I mean, this feeling, it’s in your chest and…” Langley paused to find a light way to put it, “and you’ve felt something…lower, down there, right?” The vampire scowled somewhat at his response.


“Ok, so…so, do you know what ‘sex’ is?” The vampire scoffed.

“Of course I do. I was the first to hear of it from Mother.”

“So what did she say it was?”

“She said it was disgusting, and that it was disgusting that a woman had to be brought low enough to have sex with, with a, MAN-PIG.” Langley furrowed his brow at the response.

“So she says that, despite having three daughters?” he asked. The vampire’s visage turned to wrath incredibly fast. “<SHIT.>” Langley thought. The vampire quickly reapproached him and grabbed him by the collar once again.

“What are you trying to say Man-Pig? Are you trying to imply that my mother lowered herself to such depravity?!”

“I mean,” Langley stammered, “I’m not saying that, but I disagree with,”

“Get to your point Man-Pig! What are you saying?!”

“I’m saying that you’re aroused, and you want to have sex.” Langley quickly shot back. Upon seeing her expression worsening, Langley quickly qualified with, “You’re not alone with that kind of feeling, there’s nothing depraved about it at all. But this isn’t something that’ll go away either. You’ll have to deal with it whether you like it or not.”

She simply glared at him as he continued. “This kind of feeling will eat, and eat, and eat at you until there’s nothing left but that feeling and it’ll result in you making horrible decisions because of it. It’s perfectly normal to have to deal with, and there’s nothing at all disgusting about it. But it depends on how you deal with it.” The vampire slowly began to release her tight hold on Langley’s shirt as her expression softened.

“I can help you deal with it.” Langley finished. Langley immediately regretted the offer as the vampire released her grasp and took a few steps back. Her face betrayed a battle of emotion as she considered what he had said. She let out an exasperated growl before reapproaching him.

“Then help me get RID of it. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll let you live so long as you assist me. But if so much as a whisper gets to my sisters about this, I’ll leave you gasping through a torn out throat before you can react.”

Langley just barely stopped his expression from souring. He had just pledged himself to fucking this crazed vampire into relief. “Okay.” He simply replied. He quickly looked around trying to figure out the best way to approach the situation. The vampire in front of him was visibly impatient, and he had absolutely no clue to start with a woman who could turn into a cloud of insects on command.

“Well?” She demanded, “Get rid of it Man Pig!” Langley furrowed his brow and pushed his palms out to calm the situation.

“It’s not that easy, there’s…some steps to it. What’s your name?” He asked. The vampire seemed to relent and rocked back slightly.

“Roczanna Brzęczyszczykiewicz, eldest of the sisters Brzęczyszczykiewicz, and daughter of,”

“Okay, Roczanna’s fine. Now,” Langley motioned to himself, “Your mother may prefer to call me a Man-Pig, but I prefer to be called by my name Langley. I would like to be called Langley. It’ll help make things easier for us. Okay?” Langley kept his tone of voice calm and quiet, to keep the mood calm.

“Fine.” Roczanna replied. “In that case, Langley, get this urge OUT OF ME.”

“I will, but it takes some prep work. Will you help me with it?”

“I will, just, just get on with it already!”

“Okay.” So she’s ready to go, but how to get into it without provoking her ire? “Roczanna, I want you to undress me.” Roczanna’s eyes widened as she took a shocked step backwards.


“It’s a part of the process,” Langley explained, trying desperately to keep his cool. “It’s for both of us.”

“But that’s disgusting, why would- “

“You just said you’d help me with this!” Langley caught his voice from rising and tensed his fingers together. Stay cool… “Help me help you.”

“Fine! I’ve seen enough of you men that I know what to expect anyways.” Roczanna reapproached Langley, and let her eyes wander up and down his body. “Where…where do I start?” Roczanna asked sheepishly.

“The shirt’s fine.” Langley answered. Taking his guidance, Roczanna began to work on the shirt, beginning from the top button and working her way down. Paradoxically, considering her existence as a vampire, she began to breath harder and harder as more of Langley’s chest was exposed to the cold air. Langley could feel excitement beginning to swell in his lower body as Roczanna’s almost panicked gaze moved downward. It was a shockingly fun change in pace.

“This is wrong…” Roczanna almost whispered, “This is wrong…but nobody has to know.” On her own, Roczanna kneeled down to get a better angle on Langley’s pants. Langley took a deep, bated breath as Roczanna finagled with his belt and pant button. After releasing the restraints, Roczanna’s eyes widened even further as she dropped Langley’s pants to his ankles and took a shocked breath as she saw the bulge in his underwear.

“That’s…that’s bigger…that’s not what I’ve…” she muttered. Langly placed a hand on her shoulder, drawing her attention upwards to his face.

“It’s alright, I can take it from here.” Langley wasn’t about to let her mess around with untying his shoes or having to guide him in taking off his pants. Taking her hand, he helped her to stand and said, “I want you to turn around, I’ll be right with you.” Roczanna nodded and slowly turned about giving Langley the brief moment of privacy he needed to finish. Quickly untying his shoes, he discarded everything but his underwear as he reapproached Roczanna. Jesus Christ it was cold. Already he could feel goosebumps popping up on his body. Still, if he could swim in ice cold water with a crazy Dutchman, he could do this. He touched her shoulder again, causing her to jump in surprise as she turned around and saw him naked.

Roczanna was already a veritable mess. Rosy color had come to her pale cheeks, and her cheek muscles were visibly tense. Her arms were drawn in close to her chest, and legs seemed to be in constant motion against each other. “I’m going to undress you now, ok?” Roczanna nodded her head and quietly turned around, showing off the zipper for her dress, and the buttons for her hood. At least her tune had changed now that she was in unfamiliar territory. Working slowly but firmly, He undid the hood and zipper, allowing the dress to be pushed off to the front. Langley could only marvel at the pale, flawless skin of Roczanna’s back, and the fact that besides the dress, she was totally naked.

“<Good enough,>” Langley thought. Despite Roczanna’s nervous compliance, Langley still felt like he was walking on eggshells. But, alas, glory, much less education, was not achieved without struggle. Without a word, Langley reached his hands around Roczanna’s chest and thigh, much to her apparent horror.

“Wh-what are you,” she started, her hands briefly reaching up to try and stop his hands. Langley was quick to reassure her.

“It’s okay, this is a part of it. This is called ‘foreplay,’ it’ll help you deal with the urge by making sure it feels good.” Roczanna seemed satisfied, or desperate, and merely let her hands rest on Langley’s forearms. Taking her silence for acceptance, Langley moved a hand to her breast, calmly kneading it in his one hand and softly teasing the nipple with his fingers. Her skin was smooth, though pockmarked with goosebumps, and cold to the touch, like her body temperature was much lower than a normal person’s. It could’ve been possible that she was even colder than Langley was in this frigid hell-house. Roczanna looked over her shoulder towards Langley as he continued to play with her breast, seemingly looking for any sort of advice.

“This…this feels different. It’s getting worse. Langley,”

“Stay calm, you’re doing good. I’m going to keep going, okay? This is just to make sure we get everything out.” Roczanna nodded her head in response and took in a bated breath. Langley needed to push the scope further to keep her off balance. Slowly, he moved his hands towards her inner thighs, something she was more responsive to.

“W-wait!” She stammered, grasping at his wrist. “I use the restroom from there!”

“It’s okay,” Langley whispered, “This is the big thing we need to work on.” Slowly, he let his fingers trail between her legs and to her honeypot, determined to start a war on two fronts. Moving his hand to the other breast, Langley let his fingers trace the entrance to Roczanna’s woman hood, pausing briefly to rub at her clit to help stimulate her. The vampire’s reaction was immediate, as she lost her grip on his arm at her breast and moved her arm to cup Langley’s neck. She was turning into putty before him as her legs visibly struggled to hold her weight. It wasn’t long until a womanly gasp escaped her lips that she held up her free hand to cover it. She was as wet as can be and was like quivering jelly in his hands.

The time has come and, eventually, so would both of them. His nervousness had turned to determination, and he had to continue this lead. “Enh, God,” Roczanna winced, “H-how much longer?”

“None at all. You’re ready.” Langley answered. He ceased his assault and turned Roczanna around to face him. “Lie down on the couch.” He then walked her over and laid her on her back on the couch, her demeanor as nervous as can be. Reflexively, she bent her legs to cover her cleanly shaved pussy from his sight and crossed her arm across her chest to cover her breasts. Langley stood back and slowly, almost teasingly slid his underwear off his pelvis and exposed his erect manhood for Roczanna to see. Her gaze widened once again as his stiff member bounced from its release from the prison of cloth.

“Th-that’s, that’s your, why is it so- ” she stuttered. Langley didn’t bother responding. Throwing his underwear to the rest of his pile of clothes, he slowly made his way onto the couch. Gently coaxing her trembling legs open, his heart raced at the wettened sight before him. His breath was growing ragged, as Roczanna’s own chest had shown signs of with a quick but steady rhythm as she gasped with excitement. Steeling himself, Langley aligned the head of his cock to the vampire’s entrance and prepared himself.

It was entirely possible that he was going to die, quite horribly for that matter. But he didn’t care anymore. In some form or fashion, he was going to have the last laugh in this madhouse.

“Have you ever done something like this before?” He asked. Roczanna shook her head. “Tsk, then this might hurt a little bit.” Bracing himself on the couch, Langley slowly pushed the head of his cock into Roczanna’s pussy, eliciting a soft and constant moan. A short period later, his cock pushed into the hymen and, with a sharp gasp from Roczanna, he pushed past it, taking the one part of her that was objectively pure. Her insides squeezed and pulsed at his intrusion, unintentionally massaging his member

“Gah!” She gasped, “What, what did you just do?”

“That was your hymen, it wasn’t important. It happens to every girl their first time. How do you feel?”

“Despite the pain, I feel…good. Is this normal?”

“It is. I’m going to start moving. Let me know if it hurts.” Per his warning, Langley began to push himself in and out of Roczanna. Her insides were cold, like the rest of her body, but tight and wet as her entrance had promised. It was difficult with her body temperature, but Langley grit his teeth and continued on, dead set on seeing this endeavor through.

Roczanna herself braced against the couch with one arm, while holding up a finger with her other arm to her still bloodstained mouth, attempting to keep herself from moaning from the action. She was doing a good job of remaining silent too, letting only occasional hums or breaths through likely gritted teeth. She looked away from the action as well, choosing instead to look off into an empty corner of the room. What had been a nervous wreck that was willing to endure teasing for the sake of getting off, was now ignoring the entire point of the foreplay. Langley frowned as he could feel his willpower wearing off and his cock going flaccid as it moved in and out of Roczanna’s entrance.

“Hey,” Langley asked. “Is everything alright? Is there something I need to change?”

She hummed an uninterested, “Mmm,” in response.

“Am I going too fast am I too slow? Remember I’m not doing this for my sake, I’m doing it so- are you even paying attention to me?” Roczanna was still looking away, answering his question. Either she wasn’t into it, or she needed encouragement. Langley roughly grabbed Roczanna’s hand away from her mouth and pinned it to the back rest of the couch. “Hey, I’m talking to you! This is a two-way effort, so the least you can do is respond!” It succeeded in getting her attention, as she turned and glared back at him.

“What’s it matter, Man-Pig? You just focus on what you’re doing and leave- “

On equal parts instinct, reflex, and dedicated thought, Langley took his free hand and slapped it across the insubordinate vampire’s face, getting a gasp out of her. Also on reflex, it seemed, Roczanna’s insides squeezed and tightened even more on Langley’s cock, coaxing it to continue on. It would seem that Langley’s theory was proven correct. “I told you to call me Langley!” He retorted, Roczanna recovered from the blow but was now noticeably noisier, and freely moaned, grunted, or squealed from Langley’s movement.

“Eerrggh, Fine. Ah~, Langley, you’re touching place, ngh, places nothing’s touched before. God, it, it feels amazing, how did I not know about this before?” Langley felt his fervor rise in pitch as Roczanna became more responsive, her pinned hand now grasping his own in return. He picked up his pace, hoping to press the advantage and to keep up the pressure. Ramming his rod in and out of her entrance had allowed his own heat into her, something she seemed to notice as well. “Ugh, God it’s so hot! It’s so warm it burns!” she shouted. Despite the newly added heat, she only became easier to enter, with the sound of flesh on flesh getting wetter by the second as the action continued.

“Yeah!” Langley cheered. “Now you’re getting it, right?”

“I am, God!” Roczanna turned her face away and held her free hand over her eyes as if to avert her gaze. “God, this is wrong, what would Mother- “

“<No, uh uh.>” Langley thought. He had to stop this. She was clearly enjoying it and needed to be reminded about it. He gripped her face and turned it back to face him, before moving it downwards to pin her down by her throat. Her undivided attention was now on what was happening, and with her other arm now gripping at Langley’s, her body was free to bounce up and down on the sofa, further stimulating his cock as he pushed as deep as he could, and practically kissing her womb. Her breasts, previously sunken mounds that moved like jelly, were now in full movement, bouncing up with no restraint, showing their true ability to move. “Is it?” Langley asked, “Tell me what you want me to do then Roczanna. What do you want?”

Roczanna’s expression was no longer neutral, or angry, but was quickly rising to a peak of ecstasy. To complete the look, the previously clean eyeliner that she had put on was beginning to run, leaving black streaks of make up running down her face. “Aoh, God! Langley, keep going. Keep wronging me. Ah~! Wrong me, wrong my brains out! Your man-thing’s pushing against me, something’s coming~! I feel something coming from deep inside!” Satisfied with the answer, Langley released his hand to grab at Roczanna’s buttocks to satisfy his own urges. To his satisfaction, Roczanna’s now free hand moved from the sofa to his back, further encouraging him to go even deeper. The timing was perfect, as he was rapidly approaching his own climax as well. But despite his excitement, he had to keep his cool, he needed to make sure he pulled out.

“Yeah, something’s cumming, it’s the release you need. Just let it happen, ride it out.”

As if on que, he felt her legs wrap around his waist and pull him in deeper and her insides spasm as he felt her tense up beneath him. She shouted “God, Fuck! It’s here! It’s come!” as every muscle in her body tightened and her back arched pushing her chest into the air. Despite being the dominant one, Langley was now stuck in a cage of flesh and limbs as Roczanna rode out the waves of what was likely her first orgasm. Langley himself was on the edge, but he forcefully kept himself from going off, remembering the potential disaster of cumming inside.

“Rocz, I need off. Let go for a second.” With some coaxing, and desperate prying of Roczanna’s legs, Langley managed to free himself from her grip. He had an idea of how to do it, but he needed her to remain cooperative. “Here, get up.” Helping Roczanna to a sitting position, he stood above her and held her head in his hand as he rapidly brought himself to completion with his free hand. Her face was a mess, tears make-up and blood mixed together as she started up lustfully at him.

“Pl-please,” she muttered, “Keep wronging me, it feels too good. Please just a little more.”

“<Good enough,>” Langley thought, “Then open your mouth. Open that dirty little mouth of yours.” He commanded. Obediently, the vampire opened her bloodstained mouth, as Langley left caution to the wind and brought himself to completion. Without regret, he let string after string of his seed land in her mouth as he maintained a grip on her hair, wordlessly commanding that she keep her mouth open. She winced at the initial impact and taste of his seed, but seemed determined to complete what was commanded of her. Even as Langley looked up, groaning in relief of his release, he could still hear the sound of furious, wet moment from Roczanna’s lower body as her arm vibrated without restraint. Evidently, she’s accepted the situation.

 Langley looked back down to Roczanna’s tongue covered in his semen, with some errant strings having landed elsewhere on her face. “Now,” Langley gasped, moving his hand from her hair to her jaw, “swallow it.” With only a slight delay, Roczanna withdrew her tongue and, with a loud gulp, obeyed what she was told, showing off her loyalty with a clean tongue. “Good. But God your mouth is filthy.” Once more, with bravado, he pulled his hand back and let it crack against her cheek, receiving a quieter grunt in response. She slowly looked back upwards towards him, as if expecting more rough treatment her way. Langley almost felt proud at his work, but he knew he wasn’t quite done yet.

 If he stopped there, he’d probably leave a bad impression with all of this once she came down for her high. It was also technically his fault that things got to the point where they were. “Ar- are we finished?” Roczanna asked quietly.

 “Almost, there’s one more thing we need to do.”

 “Wha- How much more is there?!” She asked indignantly. Taking the lead, he sat her down on the couch as he quickly looked about the room for something to help clean her off. Spotting a lace doily on a desk in the room, he grabbed the impromptu towel and sat back down on the couch and beckoned for Roczanna.

 “Come here,” he requested, patting his lap. Reluctantly, Roczanna moved over and sat on Langley’s lap, giving him ample access to her face. It was practically a miracle that she was still obeying him, despite the less than amicable terms she was calling him earlier. Dabbing gently, he removed the remaining droplets of cum and runny make up from her face as her ass shifted slightly in his lap, stirring bits of excitement in Langley’s now flaccid member. “There, much better,” he declared tossing away the now soiled doily. Wordlessly, he took Roczanna into an embrace as she tensed up, her hands stiffly pushing against his chest as he brought her close.

 Her skin was still frigid and was now even clammy to the touch, though her pelvis was now a hub of warmth that he felt on his thighs. Silently, Langley began to softly kiss at her chest, collar and rubbing his hands up and down her back, hoping to calm her down after their fling. Eventually, Roczanna relaxed in his grip and wrapped her arms around Langley’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder, her breath slowing down as the excitement wore off. Eventually, she would return the displayed affection with her own, giving a shy kiss or two to Langley’s collar as he paused his own. He had to admit, despite everything else that was happening, this felt nice. He didn’t recall ever having something like this with any other woman he had sex with.

Looking back up from his treatment and through her black hair, Langley focused on her ear and silently asked, “So, how’d it feel? Did you like it?”

 Roczanna remained silent for a bit, just sitting in his lap and seemingly content to remain in the position. “Yes.” She whispered back. Her hug tightened around Langley’s neck as she seemed to draw in closer to him. “You seemed to read me so well: what’s wrong with me?”

 Langley raised a worried brow. “Wrong with you? Didn’t we talk about this?”

 “I shouldn’t have liked that. Mother’s explained that no one should like that, being treated like, like such a doll. To be controlled or struck like that.”

 “There’s nothing wrong with it at all, you just have a kink, a fetish, or a preference to have a guy in control with that sort of thing. Certainly, you like a bit rough but it’s nothing unusual.” Roczanna lifted herself off from Langley’s shoulder and looked into his eyes, a startlingly difficult thing considering how sharp and shockingly full her gaze was.

 “’Nothing unusual?’ You mean, there are others like me?”

 “I mean, I don’t know anyone else who can turn into a swarm of insects, but I know of plenty of people who’d like a bit of rougher play. Guys included.” Roczanna broke her gaze first, looking away in dejection.

 “…Mother always said that men only ever take advantage of others, and that American men especially only ever care about themselves.”

 “Well, that’s not entirely wrong.” Langley admitted. “Of course, there’s assholes that only think of themselves but there’s plenty of better people than that. Said assholes are typically specific individuals versus an entire group. Not to mention that the existence of things like aftercare help disprove that.” Roczanna’s gaze drifted back up to Langley’s face.

 “What’s aftercare?” She asked.

 “Well we’re doing it right now, though I wish I had more resources at my disposal to use for it.”

 “That doesn’t explain it.”

 “Ehh,” Langley looked off in space looking for an exact explanation. “Aftercare is, for sex, the period after the actual sex where the guy and the girl get close to one another and generally relax after the fact. But for…something like what we did aftercare gets to be more important so that both people generally reassure each other that the experience was pleasant and that there wasn’t any lasting damage from the scene.”

 “A scene?”

 “It’s the sex but that’s not important. Basically, it’s just making sure that we both had a good time and that it was amicable.”

 “And…and that’s normal in America?”

 “It’s generally considered good manners to have it with a woman, yes.” Roczanna’s eyes lit up for a breath moment before darkening as she slumped her head against Langley’s chest.

 “So that means Mother’s lied about that this whole time. That there are no good men in the world.”

 “Sounds to me like your mother’s a bit prejudiced.” Roczanna didn’t immediately respond, and only tightened her hold on Langley.

 “She’ll never let you live. She’ll tell me that you made all of this up, she might even disown me from the family if I say what happened. And for as old as they are, Jagoda and Agata need me.”

 “’Need?’ What is it?”

 “Need means to require, something that is necessary for something to exist but that’s not important.” Roczanna answered. “They’re still too immature to get far without me.”

 “Well that sounds like a conundrum,” Langley replied. “Maybe you can talk to them and try to convince them. I know that at least Jagoda is curious about American culture.”

 “She’s inquisitive about everything. If you were to tell her that some sort of device would allow her to peruse most of the world’s knowledge at her whim she’d devour the opportunity to use it.”

 Huh. “Well, actually, there kind of is. It’s called a computer.”


 “…I can hear your heart beating strongly Langley,” Roczanna started. “I want to keep it that way.” The vampire pulled herself up from Langley’s chest and locked eyes with him once again.

 “I take it you have a plan?” Langley asked.

 “I can’t tell you.”

 “Of course you can tell me, at this point we’re friends, right?”

 “No, I mean I don’t have a plan yet.”

 “Oh, then when do you think you’ll have one?”

 “I’ll need some time. And,” Roczanna looked away embarrassed. “I need to clean myself up.”

 “Yeah,” Langley admitted, “you should probably do that.” With Langley’s affirmation, Roczanna stood up from his lap and quickly gathered her dress and clothes up into her arms. The swarm of insects and their buzz reappeared and seemed to engulf Roczanna’s body.

 “I’ll be back shortly. Just stay here and I’ll think of how to approach my sisters about this. Just don’t make a sound.” With a final nod, Roczanna disappeared fully in the cloud, which immediately disappeared underneath the door to the hallway, leaving Langley naked, cold, and alone.

 Honestly, this all worked out well for him. His eyes slowly began to droop as he yawned in exhaustion. It had been a long day of creeping that ended with an intense session of lovemaking. He’d just close his eyes for a couple of minutes, maybe even catch his breath.

 It’d just be a couple of minutes…and god this couch was comfortable.


 The returning buzz of insects and the click of the lounge door’s jostled Langley out of his nap. Neither of these things worried worry him, nor did the lack of any spoken voice worry him either. If it was one of her sisters they’d likely jump on him without any sense of subtlety. Thus, it had to be Roczanna. He heard the insects dissipate and footsteps slowly but surely approach him on the carpeted floor.

 Suddenly, a pair of cold, frigid hands began to explore his thighs and near his member, coaxing his legs to spread with a mere touch. “<Rocz wanting seconds it seems.>” Langley thought. The nails on one of the hands traced the skin on his thigh firmly, and somewhat uncomfortably towards his member before detouring to his balls, which were then massaged in much the same manner. “<Wait, Rocz was never this handy.>” A second pair of hands descended upon his shoulders, as something wet dragged itself over the skin of his neck.

 “Mmmm,” a familiar voice over his shoulder mewed, “he tastes of salted meat.”

 AND THAT DEFINITELY WASN’T ROCZANNA! Langley’s eyes snapped open as he tried to fervently jump from the couch, only to be held down by the same two hands on his shoulders. Between his legs was the platinum haired vampire, Jagoda, and likely the auburn vampire, Agata, was the one restraining Langley against the couch. It was only when Agata leaned over the back of the couch and blocked his view with that blood-spattered mouth, that auburn ginger hair and those luscious full lips was the guess proven true.

 “Oh look sister, the meat’s woken up.” Agata teased, her breath smelling of blood.

 “I had no need to see when I could feel him struggle in my grip.” Jagoda replied.

 “But if only I could see him from where you’re sitting sister. The view must be so delectable!”

 “Feel free to join me down here, it’s not like he’ll be going anywhere~.” Looking down, Langley saw that Jagoda, the platinum-blonde vampire, was kneeled down between his legs, her nailed hand cupping his balls and the other hand resting on his thigh. “So tell me, American, is it true that men can survive losing their brain?”

 “I,” Langley stuttered, “I don’t think that’s true at all.”

 Jagoda’s expression brightened at the response. “Really? Because Mother says that American men do nothing but think with whatever’s in their pants. She’s even proven it with one of last few dinners she’s brought home.”

 “Then why are you asking me?”

 “Because I just HAVE to get it from the source and,” Jagoda tightened her grip on Langley’s family jewels, causing him to wince in pain, “If you don’t stay still, I’ll be more than happy to experiment myself on the matter~.” Seeing no choice, Langley forced himself to relax, despite the discomfort in his lower regions. Agata was quick to leave her post behind the couch to join her sister at Langley’s nether regions.

 Both seemed interested in the state of Langley’s cock, still flaccid yet slowly rising back to attention. Agata seemed the most smitten at the sight and was eyeing his manhood up and down. “Ah,” Agata cooed, “I can still smell Roczanna on him.”

 “You really must’ve been thorough with ‘teaching’ her huh?” Jagoda questioned.

 “Wh-whatever do you mean?” Langley asked.

 Agata gave a throaty giggle at Langley’s lie. “Don’t act like you didn’t indulge her at all, meat.”

 “We heard eve~ry~thing~” Jagoda chided. Jagoda’s free hand slowly traveled down his stomach and towards his manhood. “But I could care less as to what you did with my dearest, elder sister because we’ve got you exactly where we want you~.”

 “What are you planning to do to me?” Langley asked.

 “Simple,” Jagoda answered, grabbing his cock with her free hand, “we’re going to try out some things we read, and you are going to indulge our curiosity.”

 “Read? Like what?”

 “Like a couple of magazines we found from a certain piece of meat from the past.” Agata replied. “You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this~” Langley grimaced with equal parts discomfort and hope from the revelation. On one hand this might make it a whole lot easier to convince them to spare him, but on the other hand Roczanna was probably going to be PISSED.

 “Hey,” Langley stammered as his Jagoda began to pump his manhood, “Shouldn’t you talk to Rocz before this? She might have a thin- “

 Agata pushed a finger to his lips, leveling herself with his face. She whispered, “Sssshhh. She’s already had her fun meat. Now we’re going to have ours.”

 “Sister,” Jagoda interrupted, “would you mind assisting me first before you have your fun~?” Looking back down, Agata gave Langley a quick peck on the cheek with those full, lips before dropping back down to his now half chub dick. Letting Jagoda handle the meat and potatoes, Agata was content to simply rub her cheeks against Langley’s member. Up and down, the conflicting firmness of Jagoda’s hand and the soft, teasing feel of Agata’s face brought a special kind of feeling that were only possible to the extremely lucky. As crude as it was, Langley would be lying if he said it wasn’t enjoyable. Between Agata’s more than hungry looking stare and Jagoda’s smug demeanor, they were mostly competent in what they were doing.

 “But what about your mother? What if she shows up? Rocz says she’ll kill me if she finds me!” Langley questioned.

 “You don’t have to worry a single thing about that,” Jagoda replied, “at this point she’s usually well into her blood bath and her personal wine time. We’ll have you all to ourselves for a while~.” With Langley’s rapidly hardening member, Jagoda was quick to notice and similarly quick take advantage of it. “Sister, would you like to have the first taste?” She asked holding up the cock like a fresh sausage.

 “Oh sister, you shouldn’t have!” Pushing some of her auburn hair out of the way, Agata took a grip on Langley’s rod and spread her plump, black lips to lick the head of his cock. Even in such dire circumstances, Langley couldn’t stop looking at those wonderfully full things. The way she seemed to savor the taste of his cock head by continuously licking it top to bottom was intoxicating. But when she finally let her lips pass over the head of the cock and dragged them back and forth over it like a lollipop, Langley couldn’t keep his already less than stoic composure from breaking.

 “Ah! Look sister!” Jagoda beamed, “Looks like he’s enjoying your massage!”

 “I’d be lying, shit,” Langley blurted out, “if I said that you weren’t good at this.” Agata soon released his head from her mouth with a loud POP as she kissed the tip of his head. Even with the tip of his cock already covered with a layer of Agata’s lipstick and emerging from a likely blood-soaked nightmare, his cock seemed to bounce in an effort for more attention. Agata smiled, at him, giving another round of giggling.

 “Thank you, meat~. You taste absolutely wonderful with how you mix with Roczanna. I can’t wait to taste every single inch of you.”

 “Thank you sister, I’ll take it from here.” Jagoda proclaimed. Agata immediately took advantage of her liberty and began fulfilling her promise in earnest, by beginning to lick everywhere she could on Langley’s body. Starting at the inner thighs, she worked her way up his body, planting kisses on his stomach and chest as she advanced ever upward, seemingly determined to reach the top.

 Jagoda immediately began to have her own fun, releasing his balls from her prisonous grip as she began to pump him in earnest with her clawed hand. Rapidly switching between a slow, twisting grip, and hard and fast pumping, Jagoda was clearly adept at her treatment of Langley’s rod. All the while she let her free hand roam all around his body, from rubbing and massages his inner thigh to raking the nails of her free hand slowly and firmly across his chest, contrasting Agata’s caressing kisses.

 But, god, how she talked to him. It was so dirty, but yet so close to being clueless that it was honestly endearing “So tell me, American, how does it feel to be so unrestrained and yet so utterly powerless? To have your Man-Pig, cock milked by a stranger?”

 “I mean, fuh,” Langley stammered between ragged breaths, Agata kissing and licking at his neck all the while. “Your hand is fantastic, it’s like a silky-smooth glove is covering my shaft.”

 “Amazing! To actually like being treated like this by a stranger, and just after making Roczanna your little pet. You must really be a freak~.”

 “Not really, I honestly look at this entire scenario as a huge win.”

 “Then tell me, American, how does it feel when I do this?” On que, Jagoda began to furiously pump Langley’s rod, gripping him with the strength of a vice. Langley gritted his teeth and tightened his muscles at the sudden onslaught, with a change in demeanor that gave Agata pause to her own assault on his body. “No, don’t say anything, I can already tell. I’ve seen that exact expression in the magazines. You’re getting close, aren’t you?” Struck by waves of unrelenting pleasure, nodding his head was all Langley could do. “Ah, I knew it, I knew it!” Jagoda beamed. “But I really hope you don’t expect this to be the end~.”

 Frustratingly, just as suddenly as she had started, Jagoda stopped in her assault, releasing his dick from her vice grip. “Ah! Now now, can’t have the fun ending just quite as soon~.”

 Thankfully, the fun did end quite soon, as no sooner had Jagoda said that did Agata, with a hungry gaze, throw herself fully back to Langley’s cock, engulfing it fully. Her lips practically touching the base of his cock, Langley found himself suddenly pushed over the edge of control, shouting “Fuck!” as he gripped whatever he could of the couch cushions. As he shot rope after rope of his seed to the back of Agata’s throat, legs shaking from how tense they were, Jagoda was audibly indignant and pouty. “AGATA! I was going to keep him going like what we read! How could you do this to your sister during the one time we get to try this!”

 Slowly but surely, Agata raised herself off of Langley’s rod, separating from his rapidly deflating manhood with another satisfying POP. “I’m shorry shister,” she said, “but I couln’t resist getting a taste of this white seed.” Exhausted, Langley brought his hand up to his face and rubbed at his forehead. These girls were so curious, and yet so utterly clueless that it made for a horrific parody of what first time sex seemed like for newcomers. “Ugh, it’s so thick and waam. I’ve never had anything thish unique~.”

 Jagoda let out an exasperated sigh as Agata seemed to enjoy the feeling of Langley’s semen in her mouth. “Well, at least ONE of us is satisfied from this endeavor.”

 “I’d say two of us,” Langley piped in, slowly catching his breath. “God, those lips are amazing.”

If only he had known the horror such a compliment would unleash.

Agata quickly looked back up to Langley, smiling mischievously as she took in the opinions on her work. “Mother says I’ve lips that match my appetite~.” She replied. “But my dear younger sister has the right of you two. One of us *is* satisfied.” Agata slowly crept back up onto the couch and leveled her face with Langley’s. “But I’m not even close to satisfied.”

All at once, a flood of the fear Langley had felt earlier in the day came rushing back like a deluge. Agata’s expression, somewhat crazed before, looked totally feral with wide eyes and a gaping maw, revealing a mess of a bloodstained gullet, now equally stained with streaks of white baby batter. As she spoke, the scent of blood and iron returned in force as she breathed heavily in his face. “I haven’t even gotten to see how your mouth tastes yet, meat.”

“<Oh no,>” Langley panicked, “<No no no no no no!>”

“Wait, wait, wait wait, WAIT.” Langley panickily blurted out. He attempted to scramble away, no longer in mortal fear for his life, but out of mortal fear of being forced to snowball his own load. Agata pounced on him and pinned him to the couch, like a cat immobilizing a mouse.

“Don’t worry,” She teased, practically unaware of the torture she was going to inflict, “I’ve seen this in some of those magazines. Didn’t they say something before doing it, sister?”

“They did,” Jagoda replied. Almost sensing her own sister’s desire, Jagoda assisted in restraining Langley further, gripping his head in both hands and forcing his lips to pucker. “They said something like, ‘Give me a kiss, lover.’”

“No, I think the first part was something different,” Agata replied. Her tongue lolled out as she seemed to savor the air itself. “I think it was,” Agata paused to grab Langley’s cheeks with one of her hands, releasing one of Langley’s hands in the process. “’Give me some sugar, baby.’” She then, much to Langley’s horror, began to lean in for a kiss.

Quickly raising a hand to feebly keep the horrid looking mouth away from his, Langley began to shout, “WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!” as sheer terror overtook him. He tried to look elsewhere for some, faint hope of escape from his current predicament. At this point he didn’t care if he was to be flayed alive by the WOUS, he’d prefer any fate to being kissed in such a disgusting manner.

But then, a light of hope in the darkness. Looking at the miraculously open lounge door, he spotted Roczanna, that black-haired angel of deliverance walking down the hall. Her gaze though neutral, briefly fell upon the inside of Langley being pinned by her sisters. Horrifyingly though, she instead seemed to act as if she was looking into an empty room on impulse and simply walked past the door. Langley’s heart sunk, for a split second, as it seemed his fate was sealed. His hope reignited, however, as it seemed that Roczanna came to her senses as she slid back into view, furious at the defilement taking place.

“VISHTAI!” Roczanna shouted, her voice confidence. Agata and Jagoda froze in their endeavor, as both seemed to jump in shock at being caught. “Solari!” Sheepishly, both of them scuttled away from Langley at her sister’s foreign command. Langley sighed a breath of relief that his mouth was no longer in peril, and rather his life was all that was in danger.


Not thinking further on the moment, Langley took the opportunity to quickly gather his clothes together to change while the attention away from him. Having mastered the art of the quick change from previous escapades, he was quickly back in his full dress, and thankfully no worse for wear from his flings. Roczanna and her sisters were grouped together, the younger ones bowing their heads in obvious shame as Roczanna scolded them.

“Agata, what do you have in your mouth?” Roczanna questioned. Agata, like a dog chewing on something it shouldn’t, looked away and tried to swallow what she had stolen from Langley’s member. Roczanna quickly responded by manually opening her sister’s mouth with her own hands to spy the contraband. “Wha-, Why, YOU!” She blustered, releasing her sister’s jaw from her grasp.

“S-sister!” Jagoda bleated, “You don’t get to say anything in regard to what we did! You did it first!”

“And much more depreciatingly too.” Agata added.

“What, both of you,” Roczanna shot a glare at Langley, who raised his hands in denial.

“Hey, don’t look at me, they heard it.” Langley deflected.

“You EAVESDROPPED?!” Roczanna shouted. The conversation only spiraled out of control from there, as the three sisters soon devolved into squabbling with one another. Despite Roczanna’s dominating presence, the younger two sisters still pouted or whined in their defense. At the pace the conversation was going, Langley could only pick up some bits of the argument:

“It wasn’t my idea! Jagoda was the one that said we should try out what we saw in them!”

“Agata! You’re the elder of the two of you! Yet when you should be the one practicing restraint, you’re the one that’s the most gluttonous!”

“Leave her alone Roczanna! You can’t say she should be practicing restraint when you’re the one that does it first!”

“Oh like you’d know what I was dealing with Jagoda…”

And it continued in a circle with the sisters yelling at each other over, and over, and over, and over again. Roczanna asserted her authority as the eldest, meanwhile Agata and Jagoda whined about how things weren’t fair and blah blah blah. Having grown up with three other sisters (two of which who would later adopt cats and name them horrific names like “Albert Whiskers,”) Langley’s patience quickly wore thin at this tired game that he’d seen play out time and time again, where no actual conclusion would ever actually be reached because of the circular discussion.

“Arrggh, Look, enough you three!” Langley butted in. All of the sisters stopped with their squabble and fixed their ire solely on him. Langley found himself hesitating for a moment, but quickly steeled himself to continue on. He’d been getting run about this entire time by these shockingly immature vampires and he was going to put his foot down. “As it stands, you’re ALL right. All three of you have caught each other doing something that each of you, in some form or fashion, was getting curious about. You two,” He motioned to Jagoda and Agata, “wanted to try out some things, no matter how wrong they might be, from some dirty mags that I cannot imagine how you found. And Rocz…” Langley motioned to Roczanna, only stopping himself when that embarrassed look returned and, more importantly, noticed that her mouth was not as messy as he remembered.

“Ooh…you. The point is, you need to get over it, fast. You’ve got a much bigger question you need to be asking each other, and that’s ‘what the hell to do with me.’” Langley concluded.

Unnerved by the somewhat varied glances from fury to what seemed like hunger, Langley quickly qualified his point. “As it stands, I think each of you want something from me, and I think Roczanna,” he motioned with his hand, “might be the best one to explain the situation.”

Roczanna recoiled slightly from being put front stage, but quickly regained her composer as she began to speak. “The…Langley, is right. As much as it…pains me to say this, all of us want something out of him. And as we can all guess of her, Mother absolutely will not let him live in any fashion in this house, no matter how much any of us beg or plead with her.” Both of the younger sisters seemed to shuffle in their spot as they realized the implication. “Jagoda, I know you’ve so many questions to ask of Langley, and, Agata…” Roczanna paused as she looked at her more gourmand focused sister, “You…want him in a manner similar to Jagoda. And if Mother finds out what we did…” Roczanna trailed off as she visibly shuddered at whatever thought came to her mind.

Agata spoke up. “…But she’s taught us so much, and cared for us…”

“…And we need her.” Jagoda added.

“Well…” Langley responded, “it would seem that she’s potentially lied to you about a lot of things because of her own prejudice, to the point where it’s hurting you.” Jagoda looked up from her place on the ground at Langley.

“Even if she is, American, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s the one that brings us flesh and blood; food. I can already feel hunger pangs and I can’t imagine how terribly Agata is suffering with her appetite.”

Agata looked to the ground in thought before eyes widened with some revelation. “I actually feel full.” Agata admitted. The room sat in dumbstruck silence as they tried to comprehend what had been said.

“…Me too, actually.” Roczanna added. Jagoda visibly switched moods from contemplative to pouty in an instant.

“Wha- I’m hungry! Have you two been sneaking food from the larder without me?!”

“Maybe I’m just not hungry today Jagoda!” Roczanna replied. Langley rolled his eyes at the carousel that was about to go around again.

“But I haven’t,” Agata tried to start, before Langley interrupted.

“Look, whatever needs to happen to make sure you guys get fed, I’ll help. I usually figure out things like that easy. Just like that time I split bread at the dinner table.” Another awkward silence.

“Hm,” Roczanna muttered. “Well, whatever comes up, Langley should be able to help us. I can’t imagine what resources he might have available but he’s very…” For a brief moment, her eyes locked with Langley’s before she forced herself to look away. “knowledgeable. Besides that we’re in the same oven if Mother finds out what’s happened. Agreed?” The younger sisters shifted in place before nodding their heads in union. “Then it’s settled: we help Langley. But first…” Roczanna’s presence changed from an equal on similar grounding, to a dominant presence amongst the sisters. “Both of you, go wash up. You’re filthy.”

“Why?!” Both of them shouted.

“Because it’s rude manners to be disgraceful in the presence of guests! Go!” Roczanna shooed both of the younger sisters away, both of them calling out as they disappeared into clouds of insects and out of the room.

“But we haven’t even had dinner yet…!” Agata whined. As she left, she paused at the door and looked directly at Langley. “I WILL eat you up, meat!” Agata declared, before disappearing down the hall.

“Wha- Ooooh! I hate using the toothbrush after Agata! Oh, American!” Jagoda quickly turned and looked back into the lounge at Langley. “Is it true that American cities suffer from having too many people to share the village toothbrush- “ Roczanna quickly shut the door to the hallway, cutting off her sister and leaving herself and a stupefied Langley alone. Like previously, she quickly dropped her composure, her shoulders slumping as she seemed to drop a mask.

“What is WRONG with your mother?” Langley asked.

“I don’t know.” Roczanna replied, her voice lacking her previous authority. “Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“Oh, no, not at all. Some things aside they were polite company.”

“It seemed a little bit more than polite.” Roczanna’s eyes quickly darted to Langley’s face, which he realized still probably had that lipstick mark on his face. “I told them to clean up so we had some space to think on what to do.”

“Yeah…” Langley replied, his confidence now similarly fleeting, “I don’t think either of them would be much help in such matters.”

“I apologize for not being back earlier. I took a minute to wash my mouth, it was just…”

“Oh it’s fine, but why would,” Langley’s eyes widened as a pit seemed to open in his chest. “Oh, oh! No, Rocz, what I said wasn’t anything serious it was just, uh that line, uh specifically, it was just, uhm dirty talk! Yeah, dirty talk, it was to help the mood!”

“…It didn’t seem like it.”

Crap, she had him there. “Well, duhm, either way, you look good.” Silence. Langley put a hand in his pocket and looked towards the ground, trying to find something to say to reset the conversation.

Roczanna muttered something, just barely inaudible for Langley to hear. “…like to seal them.”

“What?” Langley snapped back into attention.

“Isaidwouldyouliketofeelthem.” Roczanna quickly sputtered, as if trying to cover up a previous flub.

Langley cocked his head quizzically, trying to regain his footing in the conversation. “I’m sorry, ‘feel?’” Roczanna sheepishly looked away as Langley processed what was said. A lightness in his chest, Langley slowly raised a hand to cup Roczanna’s face and essentially forced her gaze back to his. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Langley maneuvered his thumb to the vampire’s pale lips and, with practically with no force, managed to open the vampire’s mouth wide for display.

She was true to her word, her mouth was in a much cleaner state than previously, with the stained teeth now your average, non-supermodel bone grey. Letting his thumb explore the oral cavern, Langley ran it over Roczanna’s incisor edges, the shockingly normal canine points, all the way back to her molars, forcing her to open even wider for him. Roczanna’s chest heaved in obvious excitement as she exhaled copious amounts of steamy breath that helped to moisten his thumb in addition to the saliva that was present in her mouth. Fidgeting in place, Roczanna let excitement creep into her breath as she exhaled and inhaled, emotion or lust creeping in via little squeals or whistles. On her breath, while a slight smell of iron remained, it seemed that she had taken steps to address it, firstly by removing whatever material she could, as well as covering it up with what smelled like sage, likely from a chewed-up leaf or two.

Langley found himself hypnotized by the display in front of him. From Roczanna’s obvious excitement to the sensation of his thumb exploring such a place, he felt practically enthralled by the vista in front of him. It was a wonder in that moment that vampires seduced or hypnotized mortals with their eyes when it seemed they could do just as easily with their mouth. Roczanna’s tongue slowly moved over to caress his thumb, adding further sensation to the experience. Despite the activity of today, Langley felt his bones practically jumping at the opportunity to play with this clay form of a doll in front of him.

The approaching sound of Agata and Jagoda’s bickering from down the hall snapped the duo from their mutual trance. Langley swore under his breath as he withdrew from Roczanna’s mouth and wiped the evidence off on his trousers. Roczanna was quick to wipe the offending spit trail from her mouth, sharing Langley’s frustration.

“We need a plan,” Roczanna spoke up, with a hint of desperation, “we need to look like we were doing something.”

“Alright, look your mother’s never going to live me or her prejudices down so she needs to go, right?” A nod. “And obviously that dumb revolver’s not going to cut it, it’ll just make her mad. We need something bigger.”

“Like what?” Roczanna asked.

“I don’t know! Do you have anything, large, like an elephant gun?”


“How about extremely toxic, like a syringe of hemlock?”

“Hemlock doesn’t grow in Poland.”

Langley rolled his eyes in frustration. “Alright fine, what about something like a comically large knife with a comically dangerous poison in the blade?” Roczanna tilted her head in thought.

“No…but there is the comically large crate of dynamite mother keeps on hand in the basement.”

“That’ll do.” Langley’s expression soured when he realized what the option was. “Wait, are you sure about this? It could be horrifically dangerous, or destructive.”

Roczanna took a deep breath as she prepared her answer. “I know, but whatever happens might be worth the price.”

“Surely, you can’t be serious. This place is your home.”

“I’m serious. And don’t call me Shirley.” Langley went to clarify but quickly bit his tongue. There wasn’t any time for semantics. With chaotic return of Agata and Jagoda, Roczanna quickly set them to various tasks around the house, spoken in such a flurry that Langley couldn’t catch a single part of the plan as he retrieved his revolver and pocketed the odd Polish zloty lying around. As quickly as they arrived, they departed as Roczanna took Langley’s hand and pulled him into the hall, assuming that his legs were OK from before.

“We need to get the box out into the courtyard, there should be a service lift we can use.” She explained.

“Isn’t your mother going to finish with her bath or something? And what about getting there? Most of the doors I’ve tried in this place need keys, have puzzle gimmicks, and are generally locked.”

“Don’t worry about her, she should be nursing a bottle of wine for a few more hours. I’ll get some of the keys from the little hidey places Jagoda keeps all around the house. And you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the slide puzzles either they’re not that hard.”

“Got it.” Langley affirmed. “Wait, slide puzzles?”


Many, many, many obtuse puzzles, waiting puzzles, hidden items, horrifically placed death traps, and one large and epic action scene later…

Langley’s nerves twitched uncontrollably as he lay on the ground, the shockwave from the dynamite thoroughly shaking him up. The ruined scene in front of him, and the remains of the WOUS slowly brought him to comfort at current circumstances.

The plan worked; the dumb, stupid plan actually managed to work!

Langley quietly stood up and dusted himself off, still in a state of disbelief as he observed the ruins in front of him. The dynamite had done the trick, and in the most profound way possible. “Langley! Are you alright!?” Roczanna’s voice came from her and her sisters’ perch in the nearby tower.

“Y-yeah!” Langley replied. “I think I’m in one piece!” The sisters quickly descended from their overview of the now messy courtyard. Now level with Langley, the sisters were in various states of shock as they joined Langley in observing the carnage they had caused.

“She’s…she’s gone.” Roczanna stated.

“It’s so hard to believe…” Agata added.

“I told you it would be heavy enough.” Jagoda boasted. “An unstoppable force can certainly get stopped when an immovable object falls on it, after all.” And she was right, as far as Langley could see. The WOUS looked more like a pancake than a misandrist beneath the ruined crate of dynamite. Though that doesn’t change certain other, questionable elements of the plan.

“Yeah,” Langley started, “good thinking on that. But why the see saw?”

“It was in case you needed some airtime!” Jagoda explained. “Do you have any idea how heavy she was? The force of her forcing the other end downwards probably would’ve sent you flying!”

“That’s dumb, and…” Langley looked above him, to the large, metallic object that leaned precariously on the edge of the sisters’ lookout. “Why the bell too?”

“It was in case the dynamite missed.” Answered Jagoda.

“Then shouldn’t you make sure that doesn’t fall down now? It could really hurt somebody.”

“Well, we might still need it.”

“But she’s dead!” Langley argued.

“I mean,” Agata responded, creeping up behind Langley. “Shouldn’t there be more of a splatter with crushing something? It looks so dry…” Looking back at the impact, Langley did note a distinct lack of blood. Though even with that, he’s seen the liveleak videos. That kind of thing has blood looking chunkier than rather than a tomato getting smashed, not to mention a lot of it getting covered up in dust and whatever have you.

As Langley turned to try and explain his case with videos on liveleak, an ominous rumble emerged from behind him, from the collapsed crate of undetonated dynamite. The sisters, actually looking at the origin, all took steps backward in abject horror. As Langley slowly turned, the rumbling was more than just an idle noise, but rather the rumbling of things to come. As the remains of the box of dynamite began to shift and rise, Langley felt his heart sink into his chest as horror welled up in his throat. “Bell!” The sisters all shout in unison.

All at once, the sisters had disappeared with a rapidly quieting buzz as the outline of shoulders began to rise out of the rubble. A feminine, but butterfaced head peered out with pure, unfiltered, hatred at Langley. He was totally, utterly, alone with what seemed to be a bear ready to pounce. The wind blew with terrifying force, as if the WOUS had summoned the storm itself out of anger.

He was a bug, about to be squashed. Agata was right.


 Sheer panic. Her sisters’ swarms were in utter disarray as they fled inside to try and get to the bell as quickly as they could. Mother was still alive, Langley, and all of them, for that matter, were in mortal danger. Roczanna herself could barely hold herself together as they flew in each other’s way trying to get up to the belltower.

 The bell, the bell was the only other thing they had. There was no other way. Oh dearest lord Langley was going to die. They were going to die; Mother was going to-

 The panic was interrupted with a sudden sequence of loud and strange noises that elapsed in a split second. The first, the mighty, resonating *GONG* of something hollow and metallic impacting the ground. The next could best be described as a sickening *POP*, not unlike a cork being popped on a bottle of champagne. Finally, there was a mighty *SPLASH* of a truly torrential amount of liquid on surroundings outside and in the courtyard

 The sisters paused where they were, before slowly exiting the vents they used to traverse the house often. Returning to their corporeal forms, they stood in the front lobby, unsure of what to do. “Langley?” Roczanna called out. No response. The utter silence that usually dominated the castle was now unbearable. Roczanna and her sisters slowly approached the front door, now shut from the now silent gales of wind that howled outside.

 Roczanna reached out and, with equal parts apprehension and curiosity, pushed the door open to what would have been a truly wasteful sight in previous days. A huge splatter of fresh blood painted the front walk of the house. Whatever happened had thrown the tremendous volume with such great force that it painted the wall opposite of wherever it had come from. Besides the force of the splatter, the most curious thing about it was the totally clean middle section that formed a silhouette of a head and arms. Walking outside to investigate with her sisters, they saw the cause for such a strange pattern.

 Langley himself, his back to the sisters, facing the origin of the spill; the now blood-soaked bell which had crushed Mother like an overripe fruit.

“Langley?” Roczanna asked, “Are you alright?” Langley didn’t answer, and instead slowly turned about, his hands trembling as he revealed the entire front of his body was utterly covered in the thick, red, blood of Mother. Feebly, he raised his arms and let the similarly soaked revolver drop from his fingers as he raised the clean part of his shirt to attempt to clean off his mouth. He opened his eyes, the only visible, differently colored part of his body, as he opened his mouth.

 “Ooooh, my, GOD.” Langley quavered. He gestured to the immense splash zone that had surged past him. “There’s so much blood. How? How did she have so much?”

 “She was a large woman. And I think she just ate.” Agata quietly responded. Langley spit an errant trail of blood out of his mouth as he stood in disgusted silence. “Looks like I was right about it being a bit dry.”

 “Good. Good for you.” Langley shot back. The group of conspirators stood in dumb silence as Langley began to pointlessly clean his faculties. The howling winds returned with even greater force, freezing Roczanna to her core.

 “It’s cold out here,” Jagoda pointed out. “And I’m hungry. I’m going inside.”

 “I’m going with her.” Agata awkwardly added. The two then quietly filed inside, leaving Roczanna and Langley alone to deal with the mess. She didn’t know what to say to him. Her entire life had been turned upside down, and she didn’t know what to do in a situation like this. What could she even say?

 “Are,” Roczanna stammered, “Are you okay?” Langley furrowed his bro as he looked directly at her with a look that could only be called annoyance.

 “No, I’m pretty far from being ‘okay,’ Rocz.” Langley let out another spit of blood that had dripped into his mouth. “Please tell me you have hot showers or even just running water.”

 Langley’s chain of expletives, of swears, and curses the likes of which Roczanna had never heard before, echoed throughout the castle and surrounding valley. Mother was certainly right about that trait of Americans.


 Getting Langley to the closest bathing room in the house without trailing large amounts of blood everywhere was a trying process, and a time-consuming one at that. Langley was less than happy, and Roczanna’s reassurance that the blood was helping to keep him warm did nothing to appease him. The only reassurances that did work was the guarantee of Mother’s exsanguination as well as her promise to make sure that her sisters didn’t molest him as he tried to clean himself. Even then such promises did little to improve his mood. Standing outside of the bathroom, Roczanna could hear Langley cursing and swearing as he lit a pile of wood to heat up water for a tub. But even with his colorful language painting the dark hall, it did nothing to distract her from her own, rapidly paced thoughts.

 Mother was gone. She was dead, deceased, crushed like a grape, she was now an ex-Mother. Her blood was all over Langley, she’d assuredly lost too much to ever survive. She was utterly crushed, Roczanna had even investigated it herself. She would never recover. She’d never get up like she was going to with the dynamite.

 The splash of water shook her out of her panic, and she forced herself to shove any doubt or hesitation away. Mother was dead, Langley had helped her and her sisters do it. It was for the best of all of them, and there was no going back because of what Langley had shown her. What he could show her.

 She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes idly listening to the occasional sigh and splash of water from inside the bathroom. That same pleased sigh as when…God. Roczanna thought back to the lounge and the time they spent together, how his hands glid over her body before softly but firmly touching her, driving her wild with his fingers. The way he was able to read her so easily was disgusting, had she really been so open to him, or did he just instinctively know what she wanted?

 The arousal was back, she could feel it pounding out of her chest and tingling in her genitals. No, not here. Not in the hallway. Not when she needed to keep an eye out. Roczanna raised a finger to her mouth to help her control her breath, to bite on to distract her, ANYTHING. There was no use with her mind’s eye open, however, and with Langley still so frustratingly close.

 She saw it in full clarity, what she wanted to do and how to do it. She’d walk in and Langley would be spotless, his body on full display as he looked at her, annoyed but smiling coolly despite everything that’s happened. She’d say something, anything, confidently to calm him down and to let her get close to her. She’d embrace him and start to kiss his neck, and to smell his scent. She’d take the lead by taking that manthing of his in her hand and...

 Roczanna let go of inhibition and let her hand slowly drift down to her womanhood. The dress would make it difficult, but it didn’t have to go in. Slowly, she thought back to what he had done earlier, and found the top of her mound. All he did was rub it, right? A slight jostle with one finger, and her unrestrained whimper confirmed her theory. She could feel her own dampness through her dress and didn’t care anymore for the consequences of being caught.

 Roczanna knew it wouldn’t go like that. She’d walk in, with that little jaunt, and Langley would be in there with that look he had when she was looking away, that annoyance. She’d try to say something, but it’d trail off, or he’d cut her off before approaching her. He’d start at her waist, wrapping her up in those arms of his before trailing a hand up her back and over her chest. He wouldn’t stop, and would get to her neck, gripping tightly as she gasped at his dominance. He’d hike up her dress with the other hand and slip it past her buttocks, before taking his fingers and…

 Roczanna gasped as she increased the intensity of her own massage, just barely stopping herself from shoving her fingers inside, despite her dress. She covered her mouth to keep any sounds from escaping, if only to keep Langley from hearing. She was content to let it out, she just had to be silent. She moved from one finger to her entire hand and furiously touching herself over her dress, a dark spot fading in and gripping at her skin. Two opposing fantasies were clashing into one another, Roczanna’s ability to see the two failing as her breath and tempo quickly increased.

 Langley would take her dress and rip it apart at the chest, destroying it utterly as he roughly grabbed her breast. He’d gently move his hand past her buttocks and into her womanhood, tracing her entrance before slowly inserting his fingers into her. Roczanna slouched against the wall and slide to the floor, hiking her dress up past her knees to give her better access. He’d beckon her towards the tub, smacking her ass as she passed him, leaving a red mark. He’d help her inside before joining himself, maneuvering her that she was facing him, tracing a strand of hair off her head.

 Roczanna raised her hand from her genitals to give them a moment to breath, heaving as she forcefully plunged them inside, sending bolts of lightning racing across her body. She felt her knees beginning to tremble, and her mouth seeking to find anything to hold onto. He’d hold up his manthing for her, and she’d guide it inside of her to the base of his pelvis. Words would be exchanged as she moved up and down on it, letting that thing all the way to her womb as he encouraged her, touching her elsewhere on her body. She’d wrap her arms around his neck, touch her forehead to his, and she’d lean in, opening her mouth and they’d…they’d…

 Roczanna plunged her fingers in as deep as they could go, forcing her insides to spasm and clinch at whatever they could as something exploded within her. From her womanhood, to her head, to her toes, she threw her head up as she screamed silently into her covering hand. Her toes curled and tensed as she bit into her hand, saliva dripping down onto her chest. The image disappeared as she opened her eyes into the dark hall, her breath slowing down as her legs trembled and remained tense.

 What had he awoken within her?

 She closed her eyes and grit her teeth, removing her fingers from her soaked womanhood. Throwing her dress back over her knees, she slowly stood up on shaky knees as she resumed her vigil. Putting her ear to the door, nothing sounded out of the ordinary as Langley kept on his routine. With the presence of newfound clarity, she knew that would never happen. He’d would’ve told her to get out, and because of the promise she made. She put a hand to her chest to try and calm her breathing, and to try and tell her heart to slow down, less it start again.

 The approaching buzz of flies alerted Roczanna to her nosy sisters (and the welcome distraction that would bring) as she moved to block their advance. Their clouds slowed their advance before they materialized in front of her, looking paler than usual. “Before you ask, NO. You can’t taste him right now. I made him a promise that he wouldn’t be interrupted.” Roczanna declared.

 “Sister!” Agata started, “It’s not about Langley! There’s nothing left!” Roczanna’s heart disappeared, creating a newly empty pit in her chest.


 “There’s nothing in the larder.” Jagoda explained, her head hanging in despair. “We’ve checked everywhere. There’s nothing to eat. Langley was supposed to be what held us over until the next time Mother could go to town to get something to eat.”

 “You’re certain you checked everything?”

 “Everywhere. All the barrels are dry. Mother used the last of the things for her bloodbath. There’s nothing left but stains.” Roczanna put a hand on her sister’s shoulder to help reassure her.

 “Stay calm sister, we’ll figure something out. We talk with Langley and he’ll figure out something. I promise.”

 “But I’m so hungry sister. I haven’t eaten anything all day. I’m practically starving.” She whimpered. Roczanna moved to empathize that she was getting hungry too but stopped herself. She wasn’t, in fact, hungry. Looking to Agata, she looked somewhat downtrodden, but she wasn’t in the same depths despair or pain as Jagoda. For that matter, why was Jagoda the one complaining about being hungry?

 Roczanna turned to her more gluttonous sister, Agata. “Agata, are you hungry?” She asked.

 Agata turned her head slightly away in confusion at the question. “No? Which is unusual considering the time. I’m usually famished by now.”

 “Now you two are just making fun of me!” Jagoda whined. “When did you two get something to eat today?!”

 “Sister,” Roczanna answered, “I haven’t had anything to eat since last night.”

 “Me neither,” added Agata. A silence broke out over the bickering group as they laid out the facts. “…the only thing I tasted today came out of Langley’s…”

 A creeping realization came over the sisters, one by one their eyes widening as they looked to one another. “…Me too.” Roczanna sheepishly added. Jagoda’s eyes widened as she looked between her two sisters, back and forth in equal parts shock and envy.

 “Do you mean to say that his…thing can…” The sister’s silence reaffirmed her theory. All at once, Jagoda gathered the most resolve Roczanna has seen in a long time. “I’m going in.” She declared, beginning to push her way towards the bathroom door.

 “Hey! No, NO.” Roczanna immediately moved to block her younger sister from entering, something Agata surprisingly assisted in. “You can’t go in! Jagoda!” She fiercely whispered.

 “I’M HUNGRY!” She protested.

 “I promised him that’d he’d get time to himself to clean up after earlier. He’s very upset with how things of gone and he deserves to rest!” Agata finally managed to pull Jagoda back from Roczanna and the door. Agata then took to hugging her younger sister to help calm her down.

 “It’s no fair!” Jagoda cried out. She pointed a finger at her eldest sister, her face curling into despair and frustration. “You two get him all to yourself, and I don’t get any! I’m hungry and I want food!”

 “Jagoda! You’re acting like a child!” They continued to bicker until the turning click of the bathroom door silenced them. Langley emerged, a towel covering his manhood. He was mostly cleaned from his earlier mess save the occasional, lasting stain, but his expression still totally sour. “L-Langley!” Roczanna stuttered, silently cursing herself at letting her confidence be shaken, once again. “How was your bath? I hope it wasn’t too much trouble to heat up the water!”

 “It was fine, thank you. The wood was a bit wet but nothing that couldn’t…” Langley answered. He looked over the rest of the sisters, practically oblivious to the previous discussion. “Is there something I missed?” Jagoda seemed elated for his arrival, but Roczanna was quick to pre-empt her.

 “Nothing at all! Is there anything you’ll be doing?” Roczanna asked.

 “Honestly? No. I’m hungry, I’m exhausted, I’m cold, and my nice clothes are ruined. I’ve been running around all day, and it’s getting dark. I’ve half a mind to go to sleep, and in the morning, I plan to scavenge the rest of this residence of evil for any scraps of food I can to eat. Then, we’re going to fuck off back to Zakopane to at least have more access to different goods and actual, modern, services.” Langley looked to the sisters, who each looked downtrodden at the plan. “…what?”

 “We can’t leave the castle.” Agata finally admitted.

 “…you can’t leave? What is there a curse or something? This place is awful!”

 “For as cold as you are, Langley, it’s even worse for us. Mother’s told us that because of our thin blood, we were more in danger from freezing to death than someone like you. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

 “Then why thef- “ Langley rolled his eyes and looked away, blowing air from his nose. “Fine, then I’ll go to Zakopane, ALONE, and bring back what I can.”

 “Zakopane? In this weather?” Agata piped up. “But the road to anywhere more populated is bound to be snowbound! And you’ll be weak from not eating!” Langley put a hand to his temple from being reminded of the situation.

 “Look, what other choice do I have? I’m starving, you’re going to be starving, we’re all going to be starving! I’ll look around for odd bits to cover up with, and I’ll see what I can fashion into a pair of skies or something.”

 “But you’ll be going through Polish woods!”

 “I’ve dealt with much worse in my time abroad.” Langley yawned and turned to Roczanna. “I’m going to sleep. I take it your mother’s room will do?”

 “Yes.” Roczanna answered. “You remember where it is, right?”

 “By all the headless, trap statues yes I do. Good night you three.” Without further pomp, Langley shuffled off down the hall towards his new place of rest. Jagoda moved to get Langley’s attention before being stopped by Roczanna’s hand on her shoulder.

 “Come on! It’s he’s done bathing and I’m hungry! You said he’d be free after bathing!” Jagoda whined. Langley looked back over his shoulder, necessitating Roczanna to shoo him away. With a suspicious glare, Langley turned back around and continued his march to a bed.

 “I didn’t promise anything sister. As it stands Langley is going to need every ounce of strength he can get in order to make it to civilization so he can get food. It’ll just be for a little bit, but he’ll be back.” Jagoda’s expression darkened tremendously, and Agata seemed to be getting annoyed herself.

 “Oh, I see how it is Roczanna. I think I finally get it now, from convincing us to help him to now.”

 Roczanna glared at her sister, her challenging tone and questioning demeanor sparking her fury. “I’m thinking for what’s best in this household and the best course is helping Langley however we can. What you think is irrelevant to that reasoning.”

 “Yes of course, it’s always about him, isn’t it?” Roczanna felt the tide of authority shift against her as Jagoda spoke.

 “…What’s that supposed to imply Jagoda?” But she already knew. They all did.

 “You’re jealous. You’ve totally fallen for him.”

 Roczanna physically recoiled at the accusation. “What?! I have not!”

 “…you’re a poor liar sister,” Agata spoke up, “I can smell it on you.”

 “That,” Jagoda added, her eyes trailing downward, “in addition to his little pet name for you and…” Roczanna followed her sisters eyes, and gritted her teeth as she realized that her earlier outburst had left not only a dark spot on her dress, but also a splatter of her own juices on the floor of the hall. Jagoda, holding the upper hand in the situation, sauntered up to her sister. Closing in on her side, Jagoda leaned close to her sister’s ear. “C’mon, you know you want to do more things with him. Don’t you?” She whispered.

 “No, I don’t.” Roczanna denied. “Everything including letting him rest is for the good of all of us, and for him.”

 “And for him.” Agata echoed. Joining her sister Jagoda on Roczanna’s other ear. “Are you sure you’re doing for him, or doing it because you WANT him?”

 “I’m…not doing it because…”

 “Stop lying to us and yourself sister!” Jagoda retorted. “We all know how much you want him. To be able to feel him.”

 “To taste him,” Agata added. “To admire him.”

 “That’s not true…” Roczanna muttered, her confidence quickly fleeting in the face of her sisters’ twin assault.

 “Maybe, but maybe it’s because you want him to be the one feeling you, isn’t it?” The thought raced across Roczanna’s mind, feeling Langley’s hands again on her body. She took a sharp breath as her sisters took delighted notice in her moment of weakness. “But come on, you’ve done it once already, haven’t you? Don’t you want to try something different?”

 “Or do you want him to keep on doing it to you?” Agata whispered, adding to the torture.

 “We could help you do it sister.”

 “Add to it even.”

 “Think about it. We could hold him down,”

 “Hold you down,”

 “And just let you completely ravish him to your heart’s content,”

 “Encourage him with praise and delight as he touches your insides.” Roczanna looked away from both and towards the floor, hoping to block the two out. But for as much as she could try and avoid her sister’s gaze, she could not deny the damp spots on her dress and the hallway floor.

 “N-no,” Roczanna stuttered, “He needs rest.”

 “Exactly,” Jagoda egged on, “now’s your chance. He won’t have anything left to resist.”

 “Anything you want sister~” Agata relayed.

 “We’ll help you, we know a trick or two. To sit on top of him, going at your pace.”

 “How about sitting on his face, and forcing him to lick you? Can you imagine how it would feel?” Agata leaned in even closer as Roczanna felt a bead of sweat trail down her forehead. “His tongue, so ~wet~, and ~flexible~ touching you down there.” The feeling was returning, and Roczanna was grinding her teeth in frustration.

 “And you want to know the best part, sister?” Jagoda leaned in, preparing to deal the final blow. “You can tell him *exactly* what you think of him, and to do ANYTHING~.”

 “…anything?” Roczanna whispered.

 “You could even order him to make you a mother.”

 “To breed you like a whore~.” Agata finished.

 Lord, she could see it already: Langley thrusting his wonderful thing in and out as her sisters held her down, and Langley putting his thumb in her mouth so that she’d keep it open like a good girl. Maybe he’d even lean in, letting her say what he meant to her before putting his lips to hers. Roczanna’s will to resist shattered like a pane of glass before dripping out between her legs as she felt her womb jump at the primal urge that had awoken at her sister’s encouragement. Jagoda smiled like the Cheshire cat as her words had the intended effect as Roczanna recoiled at the thoughts implanted in her mind.

 “But before we help you with that, dear sister, you have to help feed me.”


 They made their way to Mother’s old room, a procession of lust and enticement. Slowly, gently, this is how the prey is taken. They gathered outside of Langley’s bedroom and prepped to strike at Langley like a pack of wolves. They would get as close as they can before he noticed, Agata would go for his face to keep him down while Jagoda and Roczanna would focus on his lower regions to make out with his goods, and to make sure Jagoda got fed. After that, they’ll have some more fun with Langley, get all warmed up, and wait for the storm to blow over.

 Now that was a slice of fried gold of a plan.

 Jagoda, leading the trio, raised three fingers for them to go on three as discussed.

 Three, two, one. The signal was given, they made a push for the door, only for it to not budge an inch. “He must have the lock closed.” Jagoda responded. “I figured this would happen. And thankfully,” She bragged, reaching into her dress, “I have just the thing for it!” With a self-satisfied smile, she pulled out a little strip of metal with a curved, hook like end that she inserted into the handle’s lock. With some quiet finagling, and a soft click, Jagoda withdrew her tool and stowed back from whence it came. She held her fingers up once again.

 Three, two, one. The signal was given, they made a push for the door, only to be stopped by the new immovable object.

Oh right, it was a bedroom.

Three, two, one. The signal was given, they pulled the door open lightly, forcing the great and heavy door to open outwards. The door, great and heavy in part of its size, was also heavy from the blanket tied around its handle and weighed down by rapidly shifting makeup accessories. There was a great clatter of metallic clutter as Langley’s trap served its purpose. “Oh come the fuck on!” Langley shouted from within. Agata was quick to push her way inside, only to be met with a face full of pillow and a pot of a local green herb as Langley began to blindly throw whatever was on hand to defend himself. “HIPPTY HOPPITY! GET OUT OF MY MAKESHIFT PROPERTY!”

This was nothing like how the plan should go! Roczanna and Jagoda threw themselves into the room with reckless abandon, dodging all manner of Mother’s old personal belongings before managing to tackle Langley down to the bed. “God, fucking, damn it! Roczanna!” Agata quickly recovered, her face newly colored in an assortment of make ups and feathers from Langley’s barrage.

“Agata, please,” Roczanna started, “Arms!” Agata took her position at the head of the bed, holding Langley’s arms above him by his wrists. The plan was back on track, despite the hiccup. And, even better, Langley was still undressed, and ripe for the taking.

“God, damn it! Can’t a man’s meat rest at all in this house?!”

“I’m sorry Langley!” Roczanna blubbered as Jagoda took her own position at Langley’s thing. “But this is an emergency!”

“Emergency?! I’ll tell you what’s an emergency! The soreness in my dick! It’s like someone’s cracked it in every way to Sunday! It feels like a tube of sausage that’s been stretched beyond its limits!”

“Langley please! It’s of dire importance! You have to feed Jagoda!”

“What do you, oh god don’t tell me you’ve been playing me this whole time you damn, dick-hungry-

“You need to feed her with your stuff!” Roczanna blurted out. Langley stopped his struggle and looked at her incredulously, obviously not believing his ears. “Your white stuff, for whatever reason, can sustain us. Langley,” Roczanna reached a hand forward and cradled his head. “you have to have sex with my sister.” An awkward silence pervaded the room, save for the scraping of flesh as Jagoda impatiently rubbed and gripped at Langley’s member.

“Can you get hard already?” Jagoda pouted, “I’m starving!” Langley turned his head away, more than slightly annoyed at the situation he found himself in.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered. “First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me till I’m used up.” He spit a glob of saliva off the bed, showing off his dissatisfaction. “Blow.”

“Heey!” Agata pouted, “That’s my gimmick!” Langley’s face quickly changed from that of annoyed disinterest to disbelieving frustration, before disappearing beneath Agata’s dress as she readjusted position. No longer at the head of the bed, Agata was now in the position to straddle Langley’s face. “I’ll make you eat those words,” Agata threatened. With Langley essentially blinded, and Agata’s back to them, Jagoda and Roczanna were essentially left to their own devices.

“Let’s make this quick okay?” Roczanna whispered, “I don’t want to wear him out too much.”

“Oh hush sister,” Jagoda shot back, “I’ll be going at whatever pace I need to go to get his seed.” And she was true to her word, as while Langley was still only half stiff, Jagoda was furiously pumping him as fast as she could, her hands working in tandem to finish him as quickly as possible. Roczanna watched with equal parts envy and hunger as her sister forced her hand up and down, up on down Langley’s length, pausing every so often to tease the underside head with her thumb. All the while, her other hand cradled and rolled his jewels about in her palm, using whatever means necessary to get him off.

Though, no matter how long or how shortly it would last, Roczanna was content to watch, taking in every detail of every motion her sister’s hand performed on the glorious thing. Against the protests of her womanhood, she watched as her sister’s hand slide up and down, twisting and turning to and fro as he seemed to twitch within her grasp. What seemed like painful hours passed, and Jagoda’s already pouty face sunk to the depths of frustration.

“He should have popped by now.” She mused. “Why won’t you pop?”

“I don’t know,” shrugged Agata, raising her hands in the air and oblivious to her sister’s horror, “maybe he’s all out of ammo. I mean he hasn’t done anything up here.” Langley quickly took advantage of his newfound freedom. He shot his hands downward, quickly taking Jagoda’s head in his hands, much to her shock.

“H-hey,” Jagoda stammered, “What’re you MMPH!” Without ceremony, Langley roughly shoved the bratty vampire down onto his rod, hilting it in one swift motion. Jagoda struggled and gagged as the meat rod remained in his gullet. From her position, Roczanna could see Langley’s jewels pulsing as Jagoda cried out, tapping at anything she could to be free. A short moment later, Langley released Jagoda’s head, allowing her to pull herself roughly away from his quickly deflating member. She fell to the floor, coughing and sputtering as she wiped at her mouth. “Gah, COUGH! God, it’s so bitter! Why didn’t you two warn me?! It’s like the old, spicy sausage link Agata gave me all over again!”

Despite the obvious need to assist her coughing and gagging sister, only one thought came to Roczanna mind, fed to her straight from her gut.

“<God, I wish that were me.>”

Everyone remained where they were for a brief moment, each contemplating what to do next. Agata turned on her perch and saw the aftermath of what had happened. “Oh? Is he finished with her? Wonderful!” She cried. She dismounted her perch and laid across Langley’s body as she positioned her head at Langley’s pelvis. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve always been one for seconds!” Before she could attempt to engulf Langley’s member in a repeat fashion, Langley’s hands grabbed her by the hood of her dress, dragging her away from her prize like a dog on a leash.

“No.” Langley piped up. “Nope. Uh uh. We’re done.” With a sudden surge of might, Langley shoved Agata off of him and the bed as his upper torso shot straight up, his posture almost less than human as his eyes burned with fire and fury. “Get OUT!” Roczanna felt chills run to her very core as Langley seemed to channel Mother’s fury and authority. Her sisters quickly regrouped behind her, leaving her at the forefront of Langley’s rage.

“L-Langley,” she started, “we were just-” Langley stomped up towards the trio and looked each in the eye, pausing on each as he delivered his sermon of brimstone.

“No no nonono,” Langley interrupted, “Let me finish what you were about to say; you were just doing what your mother’s taught you to do, which is to be a bloodsucking parasite like so many others of her kind!” Each word was like a knife in Roczanna’s chest, her sister’s support of no assistance as they cowered behind her. “It’s not even been a day and I’ve got a general idea for every single one of you vicious, little brats. You might not be hungry for material wealth, but the premise is the same, just like every single other feminist. All you do is take, and take, and take, until there’s nothing left, and then you take a little more. After that, you toss away the wasted refuse that was a man and move onto the next poor bastard, your damn, bottomless appetites still unsated. You do not exist to create or improve, like so many other people, you exist to suck every bit of life out of something that you can before moving on like a fucking parasite.”

“Now, do me the favor as the man who’s made you aware of this, and leave. Me. Alone.” Silence. “OUT!” Jagoda and Agata quickly scuttled out, leaving Roczanna alone in the room.

“Langley, I’m sorry,” she said, quietly, “But my sisters-”

“Don’t give me the excuse of your sisters Rocz. As far as I’m concerned, you’re no different from them in terms of appetite. Each of you just have a distinct hunger for something, and I think yours happens to be that of punishment!”

“But, it’s not an appetite from some, fetish Langley! I think that-”

“I don’t care what you think! Get out! I don’t want to see you or Jagoda, OR Agata again tonight!” Roczanna took a step back from Langley’s verbal assault and went along as he pushed her out of the room. “I don’t know what your mother taught you that could actually be used, but once I figure out a way to get you to Zakopane, you’re on your own. So get learning.” He slammed the door in her face, causing another nearby vase to fall out and break, revealing a pack of strange, plastic discs from another previous man mother brought home. The click of the door’s locked confirmed Langley’s nightly desire to be left alone.

“I think it’s some other feeling…” Roczanna finished, her sisters standing idly behind her with equally sour expressions. Roczanna put her head to a nearby wall, trying to keep her emotions in control as she felt a lump rising in her throat.

“Parasite, like all the others?” Jagoda questioned.

“I…used to do more than take…” Agata mused.

“I mean, I took from their possessions but it’s not like they needed them!” Jagoda finished. Roczanna choked out a breathy sob, a tear falling to the floor before being joined by several more.

She’d messed up. She’d pushed him away when she lost control. He had spoken with vim and vigor, like Mother, and yet his words seemed to hold so much more weight in comparison, like he spoke with the knowledge of the globe on his back. She felt her sisters quick brush up to her, rubbing her shoulders as they spoke.

“Roczanna,” Jagoda started, having recovered from her earlier starvation, “I’m…I’m sorry.”

“Leave me alone.” Roczanna replied between quiet sobs. “It’s your damn encouragement that made me let this happen.”

“Sister, I didn’t know he’d act so impetuously.”

“No, you should have. We all should have.” Roczanna shot back. Her sisters quickly backed off as she turned back to them, her eyes red with tears and make up running down her face. “This has been building up all day and we were so blinded by our own self-satisfaction that we missed it. He was right, we’ve been acting like parasites, taking, and taking from him all day without giving so much as a ‘thank you’ in return. Mother taught us to have closed off minds and attentions that only extended to ourselves and now that we’re concerned for someone other than ourselves, it’s burnt to the ground.” She turned back to the wall, disgusted just looking at her two sisters. “Do what you want, I don’t care anymore. Just leave him alone, and me as well.”

Not seeing anything else to offer as comfort, the two younger sisters disappeared, their clouds buzzing silently away as Roczanna was left alone in the dark hall, left with nothing but her sorrow and agony.

She had read somewhere in Mother’s library that different kinds of insects could metamorphosize into other forms, with the flea being the only one to go from a scavenger to a parasite. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible for a parasite to metamorphosize into something else.


 Langley locked the door to the room and leaned against the makeup dresser, where his makeshift alarm had worked like a charm. His body screamed in discomfort, from an empty stomach, to a sore crotch, to goosebumps pervading his body from the cold. The girls were…something, but god they lacked in any form of self-control. Was Roczanna serious when she said that Jagoda needed to be fed? Was his jizz really that potent?

 Having vented his frustration and discomfort from the day, Langley felt a pang of regret from how he had yelled at the sisters. They didn’t know any better, after all. They probably didn’t have any other frame of reference outside of this castle. But still, if these girls were going to ever survive, if or when they reached civilization, they needed to learn some semblance of how things really worked. Was it even going to be worth it though? They could either be way too far gone and it might be a complete waste of Langley’s time (and safety) or they could be so enamored with actual, modern life that they just destroy themselves, like so many others.

 Langley seriously doubted he was going to fall asleep anytime soon but forced himself back to the bed regardless. He would need all the rest he could get in preparation for tomorrow. Crawling into the covers and slumping against the soft, downy pillows, he clutched at his stomach and manhood, both equally pained from his exertion.

His feet hurt, he was hungry, and more than anything, he wished he was he was back at the hotel supping down cocktail mixes in th

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