Anon and the Plant Manager

By gisy

>grew up on the bad side of town

>Dad was a lineman, used to send his cheques home at least

>he wasn't around much, but when he was he was fucked on skreetch

>Mom did her honest best, drag me to school everyday before heading to work

>always told that using your brain was the only way out

>by some miracle made it into college

>worked Irvings at night to make rent and eat

>managed to land a job at a plant planning maintenance

>never fit in with the millwrights, but didn't wear a suit either

>learned to keep my mouth shut in the management meetings

>left alone for the most part, even the monsters forgot I existed

>plant manager was a succubus, always followed around by a little gaggle of sycophants

>as long as keep my head down I'm not a threat to them

>technically she's my supervisor

>don't really talk

>crews come and go

>little emperors come and go

>years pass like this

>only constant is the succubus and I

>we nod at each other every once in a while

>starting to get some white in the beard

>paid off a small house on a shorefront lot looking over the ocean

>made it to 42 years old today

>one year longer than the old man

>don't drink mutch, but tonight's an exception

>walk into the local pub, grab beer and a menu, head to a table

>almost missed my boss sitting in the corner booth staring at a girly drink

>figure she's probably waiting for someone

>woman like her probably has three incubi waiting on her at home

>evening starts getting longer

>pub starts filling up

>succubus is still sitting alone

>tray worth of glasses cover my table before I get enough courage to say hello

>best be leaving my table for another customer anyway

>she's half a dozen drinks in and poking at her ice

>slide in opposite her before she notices

>her suprise causes her to jump, nearly tipping her drink before she catches it

>anger flashes before recognition dawns across her face

>explain that it's my birthday and since we're both alone I should buy us a round

>she already knows it's my birthday since it's the one time a year I go drinking

>ask her a few semi-personal questions and get polite but evasive answers

>few more rounds and she's tipping over

>time to make sure she gets home

>settle tab and got her arm over my shoulder

>ask her where home is as we stumble to a cab

>get a bitter reply that she doesn't have a home only a place to live

>pay buddy to get her home safe after we stop at the end of my driveway

>the walk is sobering, but the house doesn't feel as warm as it usually does

>next morning

>sitting in another meeting called by yet another sycophant trying to curry favor with the boss

>notice that the boss is a touch lighter blue today

>she looks as tired as you feel

>our eyes meet for split second before going back to our respective notes

>came back from lunch to find the boss and Personal Assistant "A" waiting my office

>drug and alcohol spot check

>pass every year

>unfazed until I saw the half bottle of whiskey on the desk

>I've seen this trick before when the little emperor's off each other

>stash a bottle or bag of something in your office and call a drug inspection

>curious that the boss herself is here for this though

>a slight curl on the assistant's lips betrays the culprit

>the succubus asks whether I got anthing to say for myself

>there's nothing to say

>she asks the assistant to leave the room

>close the door behind her

>boss knows that I have a perfect record

>she asks why

>tell her that I've never once drank on the job

>I know this is how people are "let go"

>if she simply asked, I'd have quit

>my actions at the bar were innocent, but I was sorry if they offended

>silence falls over us as she stares that the floor

>we both know that she has to let me go

>she asks if I'll be ok

>I'll live, didn't get this far being too stupid

>she calls the assistant in

>the smug bitch can hardly keep a straight face

>get told that my employment is terminated for violating company policy

>she turns to her assistant

>asks the assistant to explain why she felt compelled to frame "her best and most loyal employee"

>boss' red eyes are starting to glow a bit, wings are starting to spread, the odd fang peaks through

>girl done fucked up and she's starting to realize it

>I gently squeeze the succubus' shoulder and the anger breaks instantly

>turn to the assistant and explain that my job was to keep my guys safe

>my last act was to keep her alive

>the girl flees from the office in terror

>boss watches me load the box with my personal things and escorts me to the gate for the last time

>as we both faced the rows of cars she asked me if I was going to be ok

>that's a question for me, but seems like she's asking herself

>as I step away I tell her that we'll be fine

>one particular Saturday morning dawns to the blubber of the percolator and a knock on the door

>an opened door finds my (former) boss bundled against the cold

>she's pretty happy to wrap those slender fingers around a cup of joe

>give her the penny tour

>get some compliments about the home and view

>it's "cozy" as she puts it

>laugh and tell her that it lacks a woman's touch, but I do my best

>her last day was yesterday, decided to quit and leave all the bullshit behind

>all her 'friends' wouldn't even talk to her when she announced it

>jokes on them apperently, head office is sending a danuki to be the acting PM

>she gets suddenly serious

>she asks if it's too late for an old succubus like her to pick up where she left off

>don't know much about succubi to be honest

>after peeling myself out of the seat to refill our coffees, I add a drop of irish cream to each

>handing her cup back, I tell her as much

>also tell her it's a shame that the old house hasn't had a woman's touch

>from the smile behind her cup I got a feeling that I'll be taking orders from the new boss in no time

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