Sera the Dragon and the first date(2)

By spurged

You groaned as you hefted the tiny dragon, Sera clearly weighing more than she looked. You frowned as Edith struggled with the keys in her large hands, something that sparked of a wonder about her own living arrangements. Did she simply not have a lock on her door, or were her keys extra large to make things far more manageable for her? You couldn’t help but figure it as the former since her primary mode of transportation was the Centaur pulled carriage-taxi .

“Sorry,” the large Troll woman offered, casting you a sympathetic glance as her fingers struggled with ticking over the various keys and other attachments you had. How you had even let her talk you into this was a wonder, but then again that was the true nefarious nature of Mamono. It wasn’t that they were plotting anything, typically anyways, but that once they snagged you you’d find yourself completely enrapt and at their whims. It wasn’t all bad, the obsession would go both ways. But still: why had you agreed to this? “I can’t quite… M-my fingers,” She muttered out in a somewhat defeated tone in the dark of your porch. Slowly you reached out, worry blooming in you at the prospect of this being some kind of trick. You were about to give a Mamono access to your house, one who only some time earlier in the night had been trying, nervously, to hold hands with you. Gently, you grasped at the right key for her.

Even before handing it back, you knew you were in some kind of trouble. The three of you had taken a taxi back to your place, your car seemingly abandoned in the parking lot of the school. Was she planning on sleeping over? Or even more terrifyingly, not sleeping at all? It wasn’t all bad, she was nowhere near as intrusive or pushy as Ms. Morrin had been and so far the entire ‘date’ was quite pleasant.

You frowned as she gently and carefully inserted the key before opening the door. Moment of truth, or rather, intention. It wasn’t as if you’d mind suddenly being married, but were you ready for that? Was Sera? You had never really had a serious relationship before and the prospect of simply falling into one made you a touch nervous. It wasn’t as if Mamono pairings ever went bad, but still...

Slowly, the three of you made your ways inside. Edith immediately heading for the kitchen and flicking on a few lights as you headed off with the tiny dragon to place her in her bed. Posters adorned the walls while toys littered an area of the floor exclusively used for such, all of which were the end result of begging that made you feel weirdly nostalgic as your own memories of the exact same items and shows bubbled up. Power rangers, Pokemon, Star Trek, though you weren’t a fan of the remake of the mamono based street sharks. As quietly as possible you laid the tiny girl down, quickly tucked her blanket around her and shut the bedroom door as you went to discover your fate.

A rather large glass of wine was handed to you, only for a worried and terrified look to play out over the Troll-woman’s face. The problem and the cause clear and apparent to you, without thinking she had forgotten your size, much like you had in regards to your car. But you could work with this.

“So is this part of the plan?” you asked flatly, eyeing the drink only for the large woman to wilt. Her tail rapidly swishing back and forth behind her as her face twisted into a look of worry.

“I-I was just… the glasses a-and,” she started in worry only for you to let out a bit of snort and give her a grin. Immediately the concerned melted from her face, only to be replaced with a look of annoyance as her face began to burn. “Oh! You. Is that how it’s going to be?”

“Maybe,” you offered through a grin as you took a sip of your glass of wine. Edith’s eyes seemed to shine a bit before shooting you her own grin as she took a much larger sip of her own glass. “Is that a problem?”

“N-no.” The large woman offered out softly while refusing to look at you. Her tail peeking out from around behind her rhythmically. Slowly though, Edith began to look at you. The two of you sat there, regarding each other awkwardly with glassfuls of wine in your dimly lit kitchen. “I-I can handle a bit of teasing.” A smirk played out on her face.

“So…,” you started as you became infinitely aware of her eyes as they began to rove over you. Nothing too pushy, but you couldn’t help but feel it and blush as she stared hard at you that while it was a rather typical Mamono thing you couldn’t help but also feel that she was actually looking at you. Not just looking, but seeing. You weren’t just a slab of cock, you were a guy that she wanted to date. Maybe.

“Tour?” Edith ventured and you found yourself choking on your drink. Her eyes met yours and then the two of you stopped and looked towards Sera’s room and then back to the opposite of end of the house and the lone door that stood there; yours. Slowly the two of you met eyes again, Edith’s face having turning a dark red while you were sure yours was much the same. “M-maybe not…N-not that you aren’t, w-what I mean is-”

“I-I’m fine with something slow.” you blurted out quickly, hoping to stem the issue to a degree and guess where she was going. Your stomach bloomed in the sensation of nervousness. And why were you nervous? Despite her odd planning of the night, such as abandoning your car at the school and coming to your house, it wasn’t like you were going to be ‘married’ tonight. Was the prospect from going from a kissless weirdo in his late twenties to having a girlfriend just after a conversation and movie? Maybe.

“I am too,” she sputtered out just as quickly, as she began to fidget nervously. “M-maybe we should just talk…?” She ventured as she began to move out of your kitchen and into the modest living-room you had. Gently and as carefully as she could, she sat down on your couch before giving you a smile and a look that wanted you to come join her. “C’mon, please?”

You weren’t sure how she had managed it, but somehow she had convinced you after only a few minutes of conversation over the drinks. It wasn’t as if you were some touch-starved idiot, or even so easily romanced or even drunk, but you had quickly found yourself on her lap. Her large hands and thick fingers running through your hair as she held you close on the couch and occasionally shot you looks that seemed as if she was desperate to try and kiss you, though she never did; instead, simply letting her face burn as her emerald eyes glinted at you. Maybe it was her second full glass of wine.

Your conversation had ranged from what the two of you liked, plans for the future, and so many other things. Through all of it she would occasionally squeeze you in her arms, eyeing you with a sly grin between bouts of seeming anxious. Then there was the moments where she would simply pat at your head; something you knew in regards to Mamono was quite a big deal.

“E-edith,” you started, only to waiver as her chest pressed against you causing your breath to hitch in your throat as you shivered and hoped she wouldn’t happen to glance anywhere near your crotch. Even if she was reasonably controlled right now, she might not be after seeing how you were quietly reacting. “Sera could… w-we.. m-maybe we should… I-” You were cut off as the large woman shushed you.

“W-well,” Her face was ruddy and flushed as she eyed you, “W-we’ll stop but… I… I do have to know something first.” Aw fuck, here we go. There was going to be some kind of a trick, some kind of a gotcha and then she’d carry you off to your room and fuck your brains out. And to think, you were actually looking forward to actually having a girlfriend for once, not that a wife would be so terrible, but you wanted to truly experience what you had missed out on growing up. Just being awkward and enjoying time with a girl who liked you and daydreaming about eventually getting married. “H-how about we make it a game then?” You knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t help it.

“Okay,” you answered out shortly, face burning. What the hell were you doing? You weren’t even drunk. What even was Edith after, besides the obvious?

“So here’s how this is going to work,” An overly saccharine grin played out over the Troll-woman’s face as her large elfin ears twitched excitedly.

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