scarred prey 5

By primitivo

Your eyelids flutter. A wondrous softness is embracing you, while you gently wake from a deep, seemingly eternal slumber. God heavens, this is something that must be reserved only for royalty. Big hands are holding you close to a cozy body. You rub yourself more into them, exhale a peaceful breath and take in the calming warmth, as you listen to a strong heart beating rhythmically next to you. You feel no pain and you realize, that your left arm is wrapped up in something cool and snug. There is no more numbness in it and you give your muscles a reluctant flex, fearing the pain would flare up again. You sigh once more in relief and your hand strokes the soft fur next to you. Fur?

You finally open your eyes and meet the gaze of a monster woman staring down on you. Her crimson, burning eyes are piercing your soul and you freeze into a pillar of salt. She ends the hug, gently puts you down and places your head on her thighs. Clawed paws are slowly tracing patterns across your bare chest and reach up to your cheeks. Her face comes closer, her lips softly part and you see the pearl white fangs. The reptile part of your brain takes the wheel again in response to death inching closer and you jump up out of her careless grip. She looks after you with a pained expression and her ears drop, but you don't register any of it. The adrenaline and fear is surging through you once more.

Your starved body is struggling. You don't know how many hours have passed since you faltered in the meadow before, but it must've been quite some time and your stomach and intestines growl at you. The heat of the monster in front of you makes you sweat again. It's the hellspawn. Your thoughts are racing and her fangs and claws and pain dominate your mind, as you look around panic-stricken. Surprisingly you find yourself in your own dingy bedroom, wearing only slacks. The grey, smelly, bedsheets you used for more than 4 weeks are still there. You stand on the fluffy round carpet in front of your bed. The last time your bedroom has seen a vacuum cleaner must've been months ago and a few crumbles, probably from snacks are poking into your naked feet. Goddamn, why is she radiating so much heat. Her blood red eyes are still staring holes into you and her ocular flames are dancing in anticipation. Why are you gawking at her in response you moron? You finally force yourself to break eye contact and look to your left side with a glimmer of hope, only to feel it vanish into nothing at the sight of another huge monster-woman guarding the door. This one is red and almost as big and buff as the burning, ashen one.

Okay then, the window on your right it is. Some merciful entity or more likely, careless demon has left it wide open. The evening sun is casting vibrant rays of light through it and you can see the familiar, old tree trunk of the beech and its branches idly swinging in the air. Your apartment is on the second floor and the lawn isn't too far away. If you land with a good roll, you might actually get out of here without broken angles or something. No worries. That one parkour video you watched on youtube back in 2006 with the Rise Against BGM prepared you for this.

You take a first, unsure step towards the window, but you can't help yourself and look back to your bed. The hellspawns eyes are following you, like the attentive big brother out of 1984. You gasp for air and start to sprint, but you feel movement behind you, a pair of strong arms grab you and pick you off the floor, which elicits a very manly, panicked squeak out of you. You twist your neck and try to get a glimpse of your captor. She looks mostly human, but her skin is deep red and two protruding horns are growing out of her head, poking through an asian flat straw hat. The red one grabbed you. You struggle, flail your limbs, pound at the red arms clasping you, doing everything to get out of her grasp. The red monster simply turns you around in her arms, like she is handling a moody pet and smothers you, giving you a hug. You are engulved in red, soft tissue and hard as nails muscle.

A strong, coarse and deadpan, but definitely feminine voice reaches your ears "Easy there. No one is going to hurt you."

You've heard your fair share of false promises and lies in your life and the helldog disaster comes to mind, as you start to struggle and flail even more, all to no avail. The iron maiden made of red flesh has you safely entombed. She rubs your face into her skin and so you take the opportunity to open your mouth and bite down on it with all your strength. You hear a yelp and the red arms retract from your body, dropping you on the floor. You waste no second and rush towards the window, but as you are about to jump, ready to break out into freedom, you feel something grab your left calve and pull. The wooden floor knocks the wind out of you and you struggle to breathe for a moment. You feel yourself getting dragged back and you turn your head to look at who caught you. There are the ever burning, sanguine eyes again and a clawed paw holding on to your leg. A big, fleshy toungue worms out itself of her mouth and she licks her lips. You grab at the wooden floorboards and try to squirm out of her grasp fruitlessly. The red demon steps over and squats down in front of you.

"Poor thing." she says softly and extends her hand.

The huge, red hand closes in and you feel the burning heat of the hellspawn behind you.

Your instincts cry out and you swat the hand away from you "Fuck off!"

You grasp at the limb holding on to your leg, trying to pry open the six paw like fingers. But its like you're trying to tear a heavy, iron chain apart. Anger fills you, as you form a fist with the hand on your good arm and start to beat down on the paw under a litany of quiet curses.

"Let go of him, Ada." you hear the red giant mutter.

With a small whimper the paw retracts from your leg. You jump up and you are on your feet again. The situation is not in your favor. The red demon is now standing in front of the window and the hellspawn is again sitting on the edge of your bed, looking at you with hungry, but also concerned eyes and droopy ears. The door. You flip around and dash to the old, heavy door, desperately working its tinged, brass knob. Nothing happens. It's locked or more likely jammed again. A very familiar someone will get a another heated earful for this moody door, if you somehow make it out here alive. You take a few steps back and try to break through by ramming your right shoulder into it a few times. The adamant door only mocks you over its durable hardwood and you swear you think you can hear it devilishly giggling everytime you try to break through. Your aching bones start to protest.

The uncomfortable fact that your are locked in your dirty bedroom with two huge monsters robs you of your breath. Shivers run down your spine once more and you feel your weak flesh crawl. You hear a low growl and slowly turn around to see the hellspawn trying to break free of big red hands keeping her down. She catches you staring and stops. The red one sighs, slaps the hellspawn across the back of her head and in turn is rewarded with a annoyed gnarl.

You keep the two in view, as you hug the wall with your back and slowly make your way to the righthand corner of the room, away from your inhuman captors. Cold sweat pours down your skin and you almost reach your destination, when your shuffling feet connect with something and an audible ding resonates. Still keeping your back glued to the wall and your eyes on them, you cower down and grab one of the empty booze bottles by its neck. The bottle gives little reassurance, but you raise your fragile weapon nonetheless.

What else can you do. Scream for help? No, judging by how strong these demons are and with the electronics down they've probably secured the area. You also don't know how long you've been out and you don't recall hearing any firearms going off in defense, since this invasion started. The sore muscles in you groan, as you steel yourself to fight in close-quarters. You were never a pious man, but now only god can help you and you offer a silent prayer for strength. You will go down swinging, if nothing else.

The red monster grabs the gourd dangling from her hip, takes a greedy swig, while the hellspawn looks at the floorboards and shifts uncomfortably on your bedsheets, fidgeting with her claws. The flames of her eyes shrink down and the room feels a bit cooler. Your breathing calmes down a bit and you realize they're not rearing up for a fight, or, more worryingly, they don't even see you as threat. Which makes sense, considering you are outnumbered, outmuscled, injured, fatigued and wielding a forlorn weapon. But there is an awkward atmosphere permeating the air in your dirty bedroom. The red woman attaches the gourd back on the belt hugging her shapely hips, crosses her arms in front of her chest and straightens her back. Her eyes meet yours. You grip your weapon tighter in response and glare at her.

"Look, we-" your hear her saying, but her voice breaks off.

She shakes her head, sits down in a relaxed posture next to the hellspawn and tries to look as non-threatening as possible. Your hear the wood of the bedframe snap in a few places, but it somehow manages to heroically carry these two giants, despite its cries for help. Her yellow eyes meet yours again.

"My name is Amane. I am what we call a red oni. A type of mamono." she explains, gauging your reaction.

A very unpleasant silence fills the room and the self-proclaimed oni wraps one of her big, red arms around the black, jittering hellspawn, giving her a bit of support. The crimson eyes finally look up from the floor again and seize you.

"I'm Ada." she mutters with an anxious, but powerful voice. "I'm a hellhound."

This catches you off-guard. You thought you were about to fight them on the floor, hitting and cutting them with your improvised weapon, till you draw your final breath. Your mind tries to form a response to this sudden development, but a clinking noise coming from the door interrupts your train of thought and Frank's head peeks through.

"Hey Anon, everything all right? I thought I heard some racket in here."

Seeing him fills you with both hope and dread, as he steps into your bedroom. He just entered mortal danger. He doesn't know what these monsters are capable off. Especially the akratic she-wolf.

You fill your lungs with air and try to yell, only to be stopped by your parched throat and the following intense coughing. All eyes in the room fixate you, while you try to catch your breath.

"Go! Run away before they get you! I slow them down!" you manage to wheeze, but your body refuses to move from the save bulwark, that is the dusty corner of your room.

Frank sees your cowering, sweating form, holding an empty bottle above your head, ready to strike. You probably look like a crazy, cave-dwelling hermit, who lived his whole life away from civilization, suddenly teleported into central Tokyo during rush hour. With a big sigh he rubs his eyes with one hand and his shoulders drop.

He looks up to the demons and exhales in defeat "I thought I made it very clear to NOT touch him. Just let him rest till he finally awakes."

The hellhound tries to sheepishly defend herself "But he was stirring so much in his sleep. I thought he had a nightmare and I wanted to calm him down."

"Sorry, Frankypants. You should already know how we are, especially if there is a restless, agitated man nearby." you hear the red one replying.

The oni stands up and your bed groans in relief. She starts to make her way towards him, with a slight spring in her step. Icy sweat runs down your spine. You grip the bottle harder, as you lunge and throw it at her with all your might. Frank steps up, ready to intercept the projectile, but Amane stops him with one of her mighty arms, catches the bottle herself without any issue and passes it to Ada. Now you are unarmed and you form fists once more.

"Jesus Christ, Anon." he speaks up. "Take it easy. Nothing bad is going to happen. We are not in danger."

A few images of your struggle against them flash up in your mind and you open your mouth to inform him that he is sadly very much mistaken, but you are interrupted before you can mutter the first word.

"And before you reply, I heard the story." he continues. "How you were sadly... attacked during work and injured in the process." Ada winces and you hear a soft whine coming from your bed "How you tried to escape and fought with every bit of strength your body could drain from your cells and more. It was all a series of unfortunate events and one lucky event. Very lucky I would say, based on what I heard. I'm glad you are fit enough to defend yourself again. How's your arm doing?"

You try to clear your dry throat once more before you speak again and nervously eye all three occupants of your neglected sanctuary "I'm sorry Frank, but are you fucking retarded? They almost killed me."

The hellhound yips, looks at the floor again and you see a familiar, pained look in Franks eyes.

"It wasn't just..." he mumbles, but breaks off. "Look, she will you give a detailed rundown about what happened." he explains and points with a finger at the so called hellhound.

You muster the bloodthirsty, hellish monster from your save corner. Her big tail is lazily sweeping your bedspread and her sad, big eyes are glued to the ground. She is twiddling her claws, making dry, clacking noises. There is barely any heat radiating from her and the flames of her eyes have shrunk down to candlelight level. You muster her great, intimidating body, or more specifically the iron muscles beneath her skin and your own body shudders. It remembers her touch and the traumatizing pain her paws caused. Her pitiful, heartbroken state almost reaches your heart, while you watch her sad, glum form. But memories you burried deep inside you shuffle. Your instinct overpowers all and quells any virgin springs of emotions.

The oni pulls Frank in a big hug with one arm and ruffles his shaggy, graying hair with her other hand. He giggles and carefully caresses the red arm hugging him. You look at the oni and see a dreamy, longing look in her eyes. She... looks like a young maiden in love.

"We'll leave you to it." he finally says.

You gulp audibly "There's no fucking way I stay alone in the same room with that brutal monster."

This elicits a loud whine from the helldog, she looks back at you and you meet her gaze with your own eyes, filled with aversion. She buries her face in her paws and starts mewling dejectedly. The room somehow gets even colder, her tail stops moving and her big ears drop completely. You feel a murderous glare coming from the red one.

Frank pats her arm and she releases him from her iron grip. The oni rushes to the hellhound and quietly consoles her, while rubbing her back and making sure you catch her outraged glances.

He slowly walks over to your corner, clearly in pain just by moving his legs and squats down on the floor in front of you with a strained groan "Look Anon, she isn't a 'brutal monster'. I know how corny this sounds, but they are people like us. Maybe not entirely human, but with similar hopes, dreams and desires. You better get used to them, because you are going to see a whole lot more of them and I need you to listen to her side of the story. Things have gone more than wrong during their arrival and I don't need to explain that to you, but there are always two sides on the same coin. If you don't want to do it for you or for her, then do it for me. Okay?"

You sneer at the words 'people like us', but you trust him and if he says they don't intend to harm you, then you have to believe his words. Even despite their appearance and what has happened.

"What's up with your sudden walking issue?"

He rubs his neck before answering "Amane. Forgive me the bad pun, but she is a monster in bed."

"Frank, what the fuck." you whisper in disbelief.

He frowns at your response "They are not here to skin us alive and eat our heads. Now focus Anon, will you talk to Ada?"

You snort in defiance before you reply "Are you absolutely sure about them?" and stare into his greyish eyes through his glasses.

He replies in an instant "Yes"

"Well, then I don't really have a choice, do I?" you mumble in defeat with a tired, barely noticable smile on your face.

Frank grins in return "Exactly. You don't. And all things considered," he looks back to the two monster women, the hellhound managed to calm down a bit, "it seems like you have to get used to that as well. By the way, she hasn't left your side, while you were knocked out and sleeping. It looked like you weren't having a good time during the first day after the incident. You groaned, churned and trembled in agony and I was very worried, even with the reassurence of her shapely unicorn friend that you would be alright. Ada was a wreck during that particular time. We tried for hours to calm her down and get her to stop wailing over you, but when she burned all her energy lamenting, she fell asleep by your side, like someone knocked her lights out."

He stands up, gives you a reassuring look and walks back to the demons occupying your bed, while your weary brain is trying to digest this new information. You puzzle over a peculiar part he said. Get used to what exactly as well?

Amane makes her way to the door with Frank and says in a somber tone "Alright, we're leaving now. And Ada?", the hellhound looks up to the oni. "You lose it again and I will make a nice hat and boots out of your hide."

Ada replies with a weak smile just like yours. Amane grunts and takes another big gulp from her gourd.

"Oh right! One moment, I'll be back in a second." Frank exclaims and leaves for an agonizing, awkward minute, during the three of you share uncomfortable, silent glances, like the heart of the group glueing acquaintances together just left.

He returns with a paper bag in his hand and starts to retrieve its contents to place them on your bed stand. A flat, jade colored bowl catches your eye. Your uncle opens a small pouch and pours some sort of very dark, fine powder into it. Lastly he pulls out a matchbox, lights one match and enkindles the tip of the powder pile. A light, aromatic smell fills the air and you feel your apprehension and tension slowly melt. Ada sneezes a few times.

Amane worriedly eyes Frank and pulls on his sleeve, but he beams at her "Don't worry, I specifically asked for a soothing and pacifying incense! Nothing, uh, invigorating will happen. She guaranteed!"

"She?" you ask, as you eagerly sniff the aromatic air and slump in your corner. The smell reminds you of something very private and sadly forgotten. Something you haven't smelled in forever.

"You remember the old Misses Wagner on the first floor? She's a nurarihyon now." he replies, while holding Amane's hand and opening the door with the other.

"A nurawhat?"

"Not important. What matters is you two to having a heart-to-heart right now. Ada, don't touch him. You gave your word, remember? You can find us in my apartment, if you need something! Oh and Anon? Don't show her your back, just in case. Bye!"

The door closes, you hear their steps weakening and soon deafening silence hangs in the air, only interrupted by another sneeze from the hellhound. You look at Ada and find her big, red, tired eyes staring at you once more in anticipation and worry. Her tail is softly sweeping your bed again and her ears are pointed at you. You look down on your bandaged, left arm and flex your fingers. A quiet whimper comes from your bed and you look back to see Ada quickly rubbing her eyes with her paws. She is clearly still beat-up over what she did and your hear a sniffle, before she continues to monitor you. Man, somehow you feel a bit like the asshole in this scenario. Damn pretty woman and their charms. It just works, even despite their inhuman parts.

"So, Ada was it?" you try your luck.

A small, girlish squeal escapes her at you saying her name. The apprehension seems to melt away for a second, but her ears drop again and her happy expression crumbles "Anon? I'm sorry for what has happened..."

You furrow your brows.

"For what has happened?" you ask in bewilderment.

"For what I've done." she corrects herself and lowers her gaze at the mangy carpet again. You really need to get that to a cleaner soon. It used to be white at some point.

You relent and try to lift her spirits "Hey it's okay now. I'm all good now, see?" you lift your arm and stretch you fingers a few times "It doesn't even hurt."

At least you could elicit another small smile from her, before it disappears and her tail stops wagging again. She rubs her left arm and stares down on the floor. Her regret painfully visible. Your back starts to hurt from lying like a wet rag in the corner of your bedroom and you rise to your feet. She perks up by your movement and observes you with wet eyes. You walk over to your recliner next to the window to sit more comfortably and surprisingly you don't feel any fear or your instinct kick in. Must be the incense at work, but you still keep facing her, your uncles words about your back in mind. You take a seat, a exhausted sigh escapes you and your body goes limp again. A big, fat steak, garlic bread and a huge, baked potato with flaxseed oil and sour cream would be heavenly right now. Don't forget the coleslaw. And booze, oh yes. Your intestines growl in approval, but it looks like this needs to be taken care of first. You open your eyes to look at Ada again. She is kinda cute in her own way, with her claws fidgeting and she certainly has some dangerously inciting assets you try not to look at.

"Okay. Lets hear it then. About me being put through the grinder, despite my uncles claim that it was all some sort of mistake." you tell her.

Ada takes a deep breath and puffs up her fluffy bits for a moment to steel herself. Her flames grow a bit taller and she looks at you resolutely.


"...and then you suddenly dashed out the building, despite your horrifying condition. In that moment I knew that I needed you more than anything in my life. Like the very reason I was born is to meet you." she states with confidence and continues to stare right into your eyes, while she plays with one of your vodka bottles in her claws making clinking noises.

You feel a blush forming on your face and you rub your cheeks in response. Not to mention the growing tent in your pants, that you try to hide by placing your elbows on your legs and hunching over. Did the ambient temperature climb again? Your eyes are drawn in by her formidable breasts trying to reduce the rough, brown fabric securing them into scraps. The urgent need to knead them to your hearts content only matched by the desire to dig your face into those delicious, strong thighs of hers. Probably hard as steel beneath, but covered by a lovely layer of soft, ashen tissue. The very recent memory of your head resting there is wedging itself into your dazed consciousness and you have to force yourself to look away from those heavenly legs. Your eyes meet hers again. The blood red iris is ensnaring your thoughts and you feel yourself getting caught in this crimson ocean. You feel the worrying and somehow relieving thought of getting lost in that endless, warm, red sea. Letting it capture and drag you to a dark, welcoming abyss, never to be found again. Forever trapped in the heavy, possessive embrace of the burning, deep red.

You shake your head to get rid of these thoughts, scratch your neck slowly and stall a bit for time to calm yourself "And then?"

"I was up on my paws, observing and then running after you." she replies, "And then..."

Her resolute face changes into a puzzled visage, clearly trying to recall the events.

"Then... I... I don't know." she quietly says, while rubbing her forehead with a paw, "Next thing I remember is covering you with a, uh, odorous blanket in your bed."

Your cheeks are feeling hot again and you make a mental note to get your apartment in a more respectable state soon. It has been a while since you had any visitors, not including Frank.

"You can't remember?"

She shakes her big head "No. Amane made a joke about hitting me with her club to calm me down, so maybe that's why..."

It doesn't matter. You heard enough.

"So basically it boils down to me being at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"On the contrary. You were exactly right where you needed to be. You are very special. To me." you hear Ada mumbling, while she shifts her gaze back to the bottle in her paws.

You try to change the direction of the conversation "So what's the big issue with abortion?" you ask lost in thought.

"Abortion?" she asks and her confused eyes find your own, still thinking about laundry and dishes.

"The procedure of, uh, removing a fetus."

She continues to stare at you accompanied by the clinking of claws on glass.

You break it down into simpler terms, "Getting rid of an unwanted baby." while pondering about the state of your bathtub and the ring of bodily dirt it bears.

The temperature is rising again and the clinking has stopped. You are forcibly brought back from your worries of cleaning the dirty hole you call home.

Her eyes have flared up again and you see her rising from your bed that elicits another relieved groan. She looks like somebody just spat in her face and insulted her lineage, race and worth as a woman with one sentence. Ada is about to blow up and reduce everything into fine splinters in her vicinity, that probably includes you. Even with the sedating incense filling the air.

You raise both your hands and try to calm to the roaring storm before it unleashes its fury "Calm down down Ada. Just tell me what has set you off and we can-"

It hits you. Frank and Amane pop up in your mind. The enraged, blind state of hers back in your workplace. Her values and talk about the one partner and mate. Defenseless life.

"Ada?" you ask in surrender and stare at her untamable burning eyes and extended claws above you.

Her tail starts wagging and her body relaxes a bit.

"What is the most important thing to your kind? To you?" you ask, already knowing the answer.

Fortunately she looks at you with reason in her furious eyes.

"It's family isn't it?" you calm her down more, "And children. Seeing your sons and daughters growing up into fine, respectable adults."

Her tempting rear connects with your weary bed again and she takes a few more deep breaths. The flames of her eyes gradually, but surely shrink down to, what you assume to be their usual, neutral size.

"You see, things are probably different here compared to your home." you continue and carefully chose your words "The times when people had one faithful other... The love of their life from the very first moment is a thing of the past. Sure you still can find the odd couple, but usually you find people jumping from one to another a few times, with everything that includes."

She continues to monitor you, soaking up the information, like a dying flower soaks up water after a long drought.

"And sometimes, when both parties are foolish enough to not use, eh, protection to prevent creating new life... Then they, or usually she alone comes to places like where I work at to free herself from the burden." you end your short explanation.

Ada grabs the empty bottle again and stares at it lost in thought, like it cointains all the answers she ever needs. A moment of pressing silence fills the room, before the clinking continues.

"I don't think I've ever heard something so vile and disgusting. A baby is never, ever a burden. Not in a thousand years. It's a reason to rejoice, to get together with all your friends and family in excitement. And jumping partners... it makes me want to tear out my eyes and vomit." she menacingly reprimands the Absolut Vodka label.

"Well that's how it is here."

"No." she drops the bottle and it lands on the sorry carpet with a soft thud.

You cross your arms in front of your chest, "No?"

"Not anymore. Those sickening things you mentioned. They're not gonna happen anymore." and she gestures to your window with a paw.

You stand up, make your way over there and start observing the local neighbourhood you used to know, still making sure to have her somewhat away from your back. The sky has changed. It is still mostly blue, but a noticable tinge of unsettling purple has mixed in. Unknown flora has started to bloom. Some of it with quite suggestive leaves and flowers. A couple is walking down the suburb street; a man arm in arm with a monster woman taking a stroll without a care in the world. You hear the fast fluttering of a large insect coming closer, but instead a tiny, petite woman with translucent wings flies up to your window and hovers in front of your face.

"Hello handsome~ I've seen your sad mug peeking out of this window and just had to fly over here to cheer you up and keep you company~" she sings in a impish voice and stretches her back, putting emphasis on her meager chest. She rubs her thighs together and a fruity smell invades your nose.

The tiny woman comes closer to your face, reaches out to your cheeks with her delicate hands "Hmmmm... You smell great. What do you think..." and trails off. She glances past you and spots the source of a rapidly growing Inferno.

Her mouth drops and her big eyes grow wider and reach ridiculous proportions. A low, malicious growl emanates from your bed and the faes hands snap back to her chest.

She suddenly jumps back a meter with a loud "EEEEEP!" and proceeds to bow rapidly, turning her sylphlike hairdo into a mess.

"I'm sorry! I didn't notice you already have someone!" and zips off.

You look after her quickly disappearing form with a bewildered expression and mutter "I don't have anybody.", before you continue to take in the new sight.

The Schwarzhermel couple across the street is cuddling on their porch. Although Ms. Schwarzhermel has acquired some inhuman features as well. Some homes look deserted, judging by the damaged, open front doors barely holding on to their hinges and a few big holes in the walls. Another one is even boarded up, with one monster woman peekin between the wooden boards into the windows and another knocking on the front door. You can actually feel how all colour leaves your face. You take a confused step back from the window and look back at Ada, while trying to not keel over.

"You noticed it." she replies in a somewhat proud and pleased tone and rolls the bottle on the ground from one paw to another, "When we entered your dimension, the most powerful of us also came here. Bringing the demonic mana with them. That ambient mana fills this world and changes it... turns every human woman into one of us. Which brings me to you-"

You interrupt her "Shut up."

She stops her idle play and looks back to you "What?"

"Shut the fuck up." you reply in a more forceful tone, as nausea clouds your thoughts.

You stumble back and grab the windowsill for support "You and your ilk come here, almost kill me and now you take over our species. Shut up and get the fuck out of my home."

Ada looks at you heartstricken and opens her mouth, but you hear nothing. She can't find the right words.

You storm past her, grab the door knob, give it a push and then a mighty pull and the door flings open. But before you can take the first step to leave your bedroom, you feel something looming behind you. Franks words ring in your ears again and you flip around only to get an eyeful of dark, iron abs and huge breasts freezing right in front of your eyes. There was no sound of movement. Ada has positioned herself right behind you, ready to pounce, her eyes focused on you, pupils dilated, with extended, black claws. You look up right into her hungry, wolfish face and notice a bead of sweat running down her throat, dissapearing into her impressive cleavage. She is staring at her favourite snack. A rare, most prized delicacy.

You've had it with this damn beast and unfamiliar confidence is surging through your wiry body, ready to defy this superior creature and you gesture with a finger at her "I'm gonna grab something to eat and when I'm back I'm hoping to find my apartment in its usual state. That means empty, with you gone."

Her wild paw-like hands snap to your shoulders like magnets to iron and she brings her big head slowly closer to yours. You feel her hot, needy breath caressing your face and your reflexes kick in.

A sharp slap resonates in your dingy apartment and Ada's confused face is sligthly pointing away from you. Your palm hurts.

Her paws release your shoulders, she rubs her cheek and starts apologizing, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... wait-" but you walk across the living room, grab a shirt from the dryer, open the front door, kick your shoes past the threshold and leave, making sure to slam the door on your way out.

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