Smol Bogey

By tipper

>Be me


>Be wage cuck who works 50 hours a week

>That was until the regional danuki found out the manager was skimming our pay and gave everyone a weeks vacation so she could find a new person to hire

>Still had to finish out the week first though

>Ended up have to pull a double and staying for 3 days

>On my way home thinking about my bogey wife

>Her big soft hands

>Her squishy body

>Her huggable nature

>I practically relax just thinking about her

>Finally get home and walk through the door

>Wife runs up to me as soon as I put my suitcase down

>Tells me off for working so much, and as per usual demands I quit my job because she "makes triple my pay anyway"

>She then demands her hug which makes me smile

>I take off my shoes, bend down, and pick her up, carrying the 3ft plushie with me to the couch

>There she makes me lay down so she can properly rest my head on her chest while cuddles me and pats it till I fall asleep

>I continue to hug her as I fall asleep, much to her dismay because she's "supposed to be the one doing the cuddling"

>Finally fall asleep after she gives me a kiss on the forehead


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